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 Everyone stood frozen in place as their eyes widened and their jaws dropped open.

Utter shock.

They were really shocked at the scene before their eyes. What is going on?

How could such a horrific thing happen...

Nether King Er Ha raised his arm off Saint Sovereign Tianji's shoulder and then lightly tapped it on his forehead.

An indestructible force gushed out and instantly entered Mo Tianji's body. As the force flowed through his skin, it instantly caused every clothing and accessory that Mo Tianji wore to explode.

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Pieces of torn clothing flew up and rained down through the air.

A cold wind blew and shrouded Mo Tianji's body.

He painstakingly rubbed his head as he witnessed personally how his clothes had been torn apart...

"You..." Mo Tianji's heart jumped as he whipped his head around to glare fiercely at Nether King Er Ha, rage boiling up in him.

He had not imagined that his clothes would be so easily ripped apart by the other party without any warning.

That lad had just tapped on his forehead once!

It was really a finger that stripped clothes-a finger and a stripping of clothes.

Was he an expert in stripping clothes?


A wave of true energy instantly gushed out from the Saint Sovereign. At the same time, as his clothes were ripped apart, he released true energy to block his bare skin from the onlookers' stares.

However, he was too slow. Everyone had already seen his naked body.

Cold breaths were sucked in by the spectators as their faces were full of disbelief.

"What... What did I just see?"

"Was that his bare butt?"

"Tch! Our Saint Sovereign had actually been... stripped naked?!"

Chaos engulfed the Heavenly Secret Holy Lands disciples as they felt enraged. The highly esteemed Saint Sovereign had just had all his clothes explode into pieces by a finger from a teenager.

The Saint Sovereign had been stripped!

Although this stripping of clothes wasn't too violent, and that iron puppet did not do it, it was.... still a stripping.

A fully naked body... How embarrassing!

The moment Mo Tianji thought of that, he glared fiercely at Nether King Er Ha with bloodshot eyes!

Nether King Er Ha laughed gleefully as his eyes squinted into narrow slits...

He had not used the Nether King Clothes Stripping Finger for a very long time, and he did not think that he was still so proficient at using it.

After stripping the Saint Sovereign, the next step would simply be to throw him out of the restaurant.

"Young man, just relax. I will be very kind to you." Nether King Er Ha chuckled.

In the next instant, two hands stretched out.

Mo Tianji was completely furious.

He stretched out his hands as a dense layer of true energy surged out to cover his arms. Then, he clapped both his hands together as a clapping sound rang through the air.

Nether King Er Ha grasped both of Mo Tianji's hands and violently threw it backward.

In the midst of the impact, true energy spurted out in all four directions.

The two parties' hands rapidly collided with each other in mid-air as they tried to take control and gain the upper hand in the fight with every exchange.

"Hehe! You are quite fast yourself!" Nether King Er Ha was slightly taken aback as he looked at Mo Tianji.

Mo Tianji's eyes were icy cold. He had traveled across the entire Hidden Dragon Continent, ventured out of the continent on multiple occasions, and even met the Black Dragon King of the Endless Sea. He had seen everything possible in his lifetime.

Would a mere striping of clothes waver his heart?

This brat was... too young and inexperienced!

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

The two parties' hands continuously struck against each other.

The speed of Nether King Er Ha's attacks were increasing, so it was hard for the onlookers to keep up with their exchange of blows with their eyes!

Beads of sweat unknowingly formed on Mo Tianji's head.

He was actually feeling challenged, to the extent that he felt that he could not keep up with the Nether King's speed.

Damn it!

Where... did this brat come from?



A loud, snapping sound rang through the restaurant.

Everyone was stunned, and their mouths flung open in the next instant.

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples were shocked!

In the midst of Nether King Er Ha and Saint Sovereign Mo Tianji's exchange of blows, a hand suddenly smacked on Mo Tianji's head, causing everyone to shift their gazes only to see Mo Tianji stagger in front of them.


A pure fire started to burn in Mo Tianji's heart.

He felt wronged and betrayed...

What happened to the kindness that was agreed upon?

The exchange of palms seemed to have been mutually agreed upon, so what about the sudden sneak attack to his head?

Mo Tianji's mind was in turmoil, but in the next moment, Nether King Er Ha started to attack Mo Tianji with his hands again.

How could the confused Mo Tianji possibly keep up with Nether King Er Ha's momentum again? Desperately moving his hand to block the Nether King's hands, he was eventually overcome by the latter. In the end, his body was captured by the Nether King with a pop.

A massive wave of force rushed out from Nether King Er Ha's hands.

In the next instant, everyone had their eyes bulging out of their sockets.

Saint Sovereign Mo Tianji's body drew a lovely arc as he was thrown out of the door.

The true energy that was covering Mo Tianji's body also dispersed spontaneously.

Some people's mouths instantly flew wide open. They had seen Mo Tianji's smooth skin and also his... white and chubby butt!

As expected of the Saint Sovereign's butt...


Pain shot through the Saint Sovereign's body from the impact.

The onlookers quickly regained their senses as they sucked in a cold breath of air.

Nether King Er Ha gleefully clapped his hands together, feeling very pleased with himself with this battle.

He had completely shown his dominance in this battle, and he had perfectly thrown the Saint Sovereign onto the ground.

This was a flawless execution of him stripping another person's clothes.

"So young and lousy, but you still dare to act arrogantly in front of me... Don't you think that you are just a shabby dog? Then you better open your eyes and take a good look at whether I am strong or not."

Nether King Er Ha laughed. He used a single hand to cover half his face as he allowed his fringe to fall down on it.

Looking around him, the holy land disciples were all so scared that they took a few steps backward in fear.

This man is so vicious. He actually stripped the Saint Sovereign!

The Saint Sovereign will surely become furious and retaliate later. This small restaurant will instantly become a pile of dust.

Infuriating a top expert of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land wasn't a very smart move.

Tch, tch, tch...

Pieces of cloth floated in the air as Mo Tianji crawled up from the ground. He wore his clothes again after he fell.

Glaring coldly at Nether King Er Ha, Mo Tianji's eyes were filled with a deep sense of hatred.

He gathered his aura and controlled it, not appearing as scary as he was before. However, his eyes were still ridden with a suppressive aura.

"Owner Bu, are you intent on keeping the Heavenly Secret Holy Land Saintess with you here?" Mo Tianji coldly asked.

Bu Fang walked out slowly to the entrance. The snow outside had piled up to a thick layer already.

Folding his hands, Bu Fang stared down at Mo Tianji.

"I respect Ni Yan's decision. Since she wants to stay at the restaurant, then let her be," Bu Fang answered.

Mo Tianji laughed, and he took a quick scan at Bu Fang.

"Since that is the case, then I will leave now. I only hope that Owner Bu's restaurant will continue to be successful in the future. Don't regret what you have done today," Mo Tianji lightly informed Bu Fang.

With that, Mo Tianji turned around swiftly and threaded through the thick snow.

He left no footprints in the snow as his control of true energy had already reached a level that he could control even the minuteness threads of energy.

A swirling storm of pure white snow fell down from the sky.

Mo Tianji's body was as firm as a stone, and he didn't even sway from the ferocious wind.

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples also turned and followed the Saint Sovereign out of the Valley of Gluttony.

However, not everyone left. Under the command of their leaders, a few disciples remained in other inns. They were tasked with keeping a close eye on Owner Bu, just in case he did anything with the Saintess.

With the small restaurant's habit of stripping people, the likelihood of such a malicious act seemed high.

Although Mo Tianji did leave rather abruptly, he had made perfect arrangements for the disciples with regards to this matter.

Despite not being able to take the Saintess back, the inns around the Taotie Restaurant were virtually all filled with the Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples.

Now that Ni Yan had merged with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, she was no longer the same person as she was before. Her status had become even higher.


Taotie Restaurant in the Valley of Gluttony

Ni Yan began to stuff her mouth with food as everyone around her silently watched her gobble her food down like a starving dog.

After a long while, Ni Yan finally wiped away the stains from her mouth.

Then, she lightly yawned and emptied a cup of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine into her mouth. A churning sound sounded as the warm wine flowed through her mouth and smoothly went down her throat.

"A familiar taste indeed! However, it seems like Owner Bu's skills have improved vastly from the last time!" Ni Yan smiled as she complimented Bu Fang.

After a moment's pause, she added, "I have claimed that there wasn't a single wine that could be better than the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine, but in the end, Owner Bu has outdone himself and created the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew. Owner Bu really can surprise people."

Because of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, Ni Yan's memories of the Light Wind Empire had become even clearer.

Bu Fang pulled a chair and sat opposite Ni Yan, his face completely serious.

"You, this woman... Did you really lose your memories?" Bu Fang asked.

Ni Yan wore a blank look as she stared at Bu Fang and said, "As soon as I try to recall whatever happened after I left the Light Wind Empire, my head starts to hurt so much. It feels like it's going to explode. That's why I don't dare to think about it. My mind will really explode. I am not lying to you, alright? It really will."

Ni Yan was completely serious about this. The pain she felt was real.

This made Bu Fang's head start to hurt.

With a portion of Ni Yan's memories sealed away, if he wanted to get the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk to work again, he would have to unlock the sealed portion of Ni Yan's memories...

However, how would he unlock her memories? Bu Fang had no idea.

Without the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, Bu Fang would have no way to use the Scattered Star Wine to brew the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin and looked at Ni Yan, his gaze empty.


Heavenly Spring Holy Lands

Dark clouds sprawled across the sky, gradually rolling away.

In the next moment, a colorful altar peaked out from the ground.

Before, this altar was completely pristine and perfect, but now, it is full of cracks.

It was not known what terrifying thing had happened.

A young man, whose upper body was bare, lay on top of the altar.

Purple-colored hair grew from this young man's head, and as he slowly sat up from the ground, his eyes held a bewildered look.

"What are you confused about? This is your own decision..." Suddenly, a sharp but hoarse voice rang through the air.

Amethyst Elder's eyes widened in surprise, and he lifted his arm to reveal numerous demonic marks. His palm was split in the middle, and a dark pearl was circulating in the hole of his palm.

Thick dark energy seeped out of the pearl.

"This is the demon eye of my Demon Eye Clan. I will merge with your body, and in the future, anything that you need in the Hidden Dragon Continent can be obtained if you just listen to me..." said the hoarse but sharp voice coming from the demon eye.

"Right now, you are already considered half a Netherworld creature."

"I don't want..." Amethyst Elder tried to argue back.

"Hehehe... That isn't up to you!"

The demon eye continued, "The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk has been destroyed, and the continent has been weakened. However, it seems like the continent is slowly recovering from the incident. This can only mean that the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk has not been completely destroyed. So now, your task is to find out the reason why this has happened. Once that is done, destroy the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk completely. That... is the only way for the army in the Ruin Prison to completely infiltrate the Hidden Dragon Continent..."

Amethyst Elder sat on the ground with his purple hair curled down his face. He glanced at the jewel in his palm and sighed heavily.

"Remember what you promised me... Otherwise, don't even think of making me work for you!"

"Hehehe... Definitely, definitely!"

The demon eye laughed.


The avalanche of purple locks on Amethyst Elder's swayed in the wind. His mind was jolted awake as mystifying energy rushed through it.

He lifted his head and looked towards the Valley of Gluttony, sighing deeply once again.

"The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk's aura is in that direction... That place is the recently bustling Valley of Gluttony. It seems like that kid Zi Yun is also in there..."