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 "Excuse me for cutting into your conversation, but who gave you the courage to say that my restaurant cannot protect Ni Yan?" Bu Fang asked Mo Tianji expressionlessly, tilting his head up while doing so.

He was questioning Mo Tianji.

No one had thought that Bu Fang would actually stand up against Mo Tianji so boldly. Was there something wrong with what Mo Tianji said?

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples around Mo Tianji were shocked. Squinting their eyes into a narrow line, they clasped their hands behind their backs and carefully stared at Bu Fang.

"Granny Mo previously thought that this small restaurant can protect the Saintess. However, the eventual outcome was that the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was destroyed, and the Saintess was heavily injured. Owner Bu, it isn't that I don't have trust in you. It is just that... the Saintess cannot suffer any more injuries," said Saint Sovereign Tianji.

Bu Fang waved his hand dismissively. He didn't believe a single word of the Saint Sovereign's white lies.

"Rest assured that as a responsible man, I can assure you that there is no other place that is safer than my restaurant. Even the Heavenly Secret Holy Land cannot compare to my restaurant... If you don't believe this, you can try.

"Anyway, Ni Yan doesn't want to leave. She wants to stay right here."

Upon hearing Bu Fang's words, Ni Yan laughed. It seems that the boss was indeed supportive of her.

The amused Ni Yan lifted her hand and casually smacked Bu Fang's shoulder. This smack caused Bu Fang's body to jerk sharply from the impact.

A sharp pain shot through his shoulder, and Bu Fang whipped his head around to look at Ni Yan.

This woman... Does she have a problem?! Was she trying to kill him with that smack?

"Sorry... Sorry... That was a bit too hard..."

Ni Yan was flushed red with embarrassment. It seemed as though she didn't realize that her arm strength had increased to such a great extent.

"I said before, Ni Yan isn't an average person now. She has merged with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. Do you know what power the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk holds? It is the power that enables the Hidden Dragon Continent to connect with the heavens! It controls the entire existence of the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass! However, she cannot control its powers now."

A hint of excitement appeared in Saint Sovereign Tianji's bright eyes.

"So what? How dare you say that I cannot protect Ni Yan?"

Even after hearing the Saint Sovereign's long explanation, Bu Fang was still focused on this one point. Bu Fang wasn't happy with Mo Tianji's arrogant way of speaking.

Mo Tianji was naturally aware of Bu Fang's restaurant's mysterious capabilities.

He couldn't even see through the lazy dog sleeping at the entrance. With this dog around, the restaurant was capable of protecting Ni Yan.


That dog was a Netherworld creature!

Now that the Netherworld creatures were trying to destroy the Hidden Dragon Continent, could the Saint Sovereign be comfortable in letting a Netherworld creature protect Ni Yan?

This would be the biggest joke in the entire continent, and Mo Tianji could not risk that.

"Owner Bu, do you know what the consequences are if you continue to stop us from bringing back the Saintess? All the Netherworld creatures who enter the Hidden Dragon Continent would aim to kill Ni Yan. Your restaurant will meet an endless stream of assassination attempts by those Netherworld creatures. Furthermore, the assassination attempts will become even more challenging in the future."

Saint Sovereign Tianji stared intently at Bu Fang.

"So what? What makes you say that I can't protect Ni Yan?" Bu Fang maintained his stoic expression and questioned accusingly.

Mo Tianji felt like he was being suffocated.

This lad... why was he as smelly as shit? Why couldn't Bu Fang just understand what he was saying?!

"What will your restaurant rely on to protect Ni Yan? That dog? Do you know... that dog is actually a Netherworld creature?" Saint Sovereign Tianji coldly exclaimed.

No matter what, he needed to bring Ni Yan back today. Even if he had to fight, he would forcefully take her away.

He just wanted to see that dog's abilities.

Nether King Er Ha instantly turned serious. He was being ignored. Why did that guy only look at that lazy dog? Was that guy ignoring him, Nether King Er Ha?

He could also protect that lady for his Spicy Strips! He was also the main protection of this small restaurant!

"Young brat, you really just don't understand it, do you? The young lady already said that she will not return with you, then what are you arguing for? And what about the Netherworld creatures? Do you think that every Netherworld creature wants to destroy the Hidden Dragon Continent?" said Nether King Er Ha. He lifted his leg up and rested it on a chair as he cooly stared at Saint Sovereign Tianji.

Zi Yun's beautiful eyes widened from where she was seated.

My Brother Ha, this is the Saint Sovereign Tianji, a person that even father is afraid of. Can you speak in a more polite manner?

Don't just call him a young brat...

"Furthermore, do you know how big the Netherworld is?"

Nether King Er Ha's condescending tone caused Saint Sovereign Tianji to raise his brows.

It was true that many people didn't know how big the Netherworld was. Even if he was a Saint Sovereign, he only knew about it from reading ancient books. Also, he had never personally seen it.

However, the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was intimately related to the future of the Hidden Dragon Continent. How could he leave the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk in such a dangerous position just because of a single creature's threat?

"No matter what... I must bring the Saintess back today! Who dares to stop me?"

Mo Tianji did not speak any more useless words as the long robe on him started to float in the air. Since reasoning with the people at this restaurant didn't work, then he had to rely on his fists.

Whoever was stronger, whoever was reasonable!

Tumultuous energy escaped from Saint Sovereign Tianji.

These crushing energy caused the other Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples to start shivering at their spots. Some disciples couldn't even withstand the pressure and rushed out of the restaurant.

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes at Saint Sovereign Tianji, who was currently engulfed in terrifying waves of aura.

It seems that the Saint Sovereign was going to fight...

Since that was the case... then it was time to let the Saint Sovereign realize just how capable the restaurant is at protecting someone!

"Little Ha, three Spicy Strips in exchange for you to strip him and throw him out..."

Bu Fang sighed a heavy breath as he looked at Nether King Er Ha, who was currently wearing a smirk on his face.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes brightened.

Three Spicy Strips?!

Hehe! Who would have thought this young brat would be worth three Spicy Strips? Free Spicy Strips shouldn't be let go freely!

Without hesitation, Nether King Er Ha raised his arm and gave a thumbs up at Bu Fang before he licked his lips.

"Bu Fang young man, do you mean what you said?"

No one was concerned about Nether King Er Ha's actions. Instead, they were all focused on Bu Fang's reply.

Strip the Saint Sovereign and throw him out?

It was the Saint Sovereign and not some random cat or dog! Where did this restaurant's owner get his courage from? To let that mad young man strip the Saint Sovereign?

Did he really think that the Saint Sovereign was so weak?

Mo Tianji scoffed. Bu Fang's actions really infuriated him.

No one had ever humiliated him, Mo Tianji. To strip and then throw him out... This guy was really insane!


Right at that instant, Mo Tianji did not control the aura on his body anymore. Terrifying auras instantly exploded out, shrouding the entire restaurant.

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes and sighed heavily. This Mo Tianji's aura was actually pretty strong to the point that it was slightly terrifying.


Bu Fang was confident in Nether King Er Ha.

Under the shade of the large tree, Lord Dog slowly opened his eyes and gleefully watched the scene.

Nethery held the Sour Plum Juice to her mouth and carefully sipped it.

Nether King Er Ha turned his head around slowly. With Bu Fang's affirmation, his heart instantly started to pump with adrenaline.

Three Spicy Strips! Hehehe! What a good bargain!

Since that was the case, then he would let this brat who looked down on him be stripped and thrown outside.

"Young brat, watch carefully. This move... is called the Nether King Clothes Stripping Finger!" Nether King Er Ha gleefully announced to Saint Sovereign Tianji.

In the next instant, Nether King Er Ha, who was still leaning against his chair, pointed a finger at Saint Sovereign Tianji.

"You must be mad!" Mo Tianji fumed with rage.

This lad... was thinking of using a single finger to defeat him?!

Dots of starry light appeared around Mo Tianji as the aura around him became even sharper and more terrifying.

A star compass appeared in his hand as starry lights circulated in it.

Streaks of lights blinked brilliantly around his body.

"Celestial Skill, Expel the Demon!"

Mo Tianji rose up into the air as his long robe floated behind him, continuously humming with energy flowing through it.

He lifted his hand and slightly raised it before him. Instantly, the heaven and the earth seemed to have been crushed together as a thousand large stones flung toward Nether King Er Ha.

Nether King Er Ha, who was leisurely resting in a chair, turned serious, and the smile across his face gradually disappeared.

Cling! Cling! Cling! Cling!

Mo Tianji attacks caused the air around him to shatter apart.

With a single finger pointed out, the space crumbled.

Jet-black air streams rapidly gathered at a single spot and transformed into a finger that pointed away from Nether King Er Ha.

The creases and folds on the finger were very livid.


The star compass flew outwards and heavily collided against Nether King Er Ha's finger.

In an instant, a massive explosion occurred.

"You must be mad! The Saint Sovereign is so much more superior than you! You think you can strip him just by saying that?"

"You actually want to strip the Saint Sovereign! It is the Saint Sovereign after all!"

"Let's watch and see this brat get crushed by the Saint Sovereign!"

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples all had vivid fires burning in their eyes as they were spurred on by the scene in front of them.

The Saint Sovereign was the second strongest person in the Heavenly Secret Holy Land. While he was weaker than the leader, he was much stronger than the rest of the members.

The star compass and the finger that was made of thin air collided.

However, this collision was soundless.

The star compass of the Saint Sovereign was instantly overpowered by the dark light. Nether King Er Ha's finger slowly disintegrated its starry light. Then, explosive sounds boomed through the air as cracks appeared on the star compass.

In the end, it did not manage to block the finger from Nether King Er Ha...

Mo Tianji narrowed his eyes. He had not expected that his star compass would shatter just like that!

He lifted his head to look at the young man before him.

The young man's eyes were as deep as the universe as dense auras exuded from his body. Such mysterious vibes caused Mo Tianji's heart to tighten.

This young man was terrifying!


With the star compass destroyed, the jet-black forces around the finger flew forward to hit the temples of Mo Tianji.

This action forced Mo Tianji backward.

Mo Tianji desperately tried to stable his breathing as he glared at the finger.


Mo Tianji's eyes narrowed.

Everyone felt like everything before their eyes was a blur, as though a hundred thousand shadows had appeared before them.

Nether King Er Ha appeared beside Mo Tianji in a flash. Lifting his hand, he rested it on Mo Tianji's shoulder and said, "Youngsters nowadays are so high-spirited. You still want to resist even when captured?"

Nether King Er Ha's finger... tapped once on Mo Tianji's forehead.

In the next instant, a tearing sound reverberated throughout the restaurant!

Everyone's eyes widened in surprise. Their mouths hung agape as they stared at the scene before them!