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 "Bu Fang, I am hungry..."

Ni Yan's voice was soft and melodic as it entered everyone's ears, causing goosebumps to appear on their skin.

However, everyone quickly regained their senses.

What was going on?

The Saintess was hungry?

The first that the Saintess said after she walked out from the kitchen was that she was hungry? All of them had spent so much effort to find the Saintess, and yet, the first thing the Saintess said was she was hungry.

Was she disregarding their efforts?

Why were they working so hard to try and bring the Saintess back with them from the restaurant boss' hands?

Many people were stripped by that iron puppet while trying to save the Saintess... What was the reason for all of their efforts?

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples couldn't help feeling wronged.

Bu Fang and Saint Sovereign Tianji were both shocked, and they stared curiously at Ni Yan.

An awkward expression was plastered on Saint Sovereign Tianji's face as he was almost certain that the Saintess would not wake up within such a short time. However...

The words she said after she regained consciousness wasn't a greeting to him. He was, after all, the Saint Sovereign of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land.

On the other hand, Bu Fang did not think too much over the Saintess' first words after she woke up. Looking at her, his eyes brightened.

Ni Yan was awake now. Did this mean that there was a chance that the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk could be fixed?

Although the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk had been shattered apart, Ni Yan, whose spiritual soul was linked to it, was not dead. Could the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk be fixed then?

Rubbing his chin, Bu Fang carefully looked at Ni Yan. Then, he turned and walked into the kitchen without bothering about Mo Tianji.

"Sit here and wait," Bu Fang instructed the Saintess.

The moment Bu Fang walked into the kitchen, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared in his hands. First, he lit the fire to heat up the wok. Then, he began to cook.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Not long later, a rich aroma wafted out from the kitchen.

As the two individual fragrant smells of eggs and rice mixed together, they condensed to become a divine aroma.

Bu Fang flipped the wok and expertly emptied the contents of it into a porcelain plate.

He straightened his robe before he carried the warm and fragrant egg fried rice out of the kitchen.

"Here's an Egg Fried Rice. Eat it while it is still hot."

As Bu Fang placed the Egg Fried Rice in front of Ni Yan, he couldn't help feeling a bit sentimental. It felt nostalgic looking at her familiar face.

Bu Fang did not expect that he would meet a familiar face from the Light Wind Empire. It had been a long time since he returned to the Light Wind Empire, and he missed the past.

Ni Yan sucked in a deep breath of air. This familiar smell caused her face to brighten up instantly as joy tugged at the corner of her lips, revealing a beautiful smile.

She picked up the porcelain spoon and looked at Bu Fang, saying, "Boss Bu Fang's dishes really leave a deep impression."

With that, Ni Yan scooped up a spoon of Egg Fried Rice. As the dish was attacked, hot plumes of steam rose into the air. Following the motion of the porcelain spoon, the gold-colored rice grains rolled across the porcelain plate and into the spoon, leaving a slim trail of egg sauce behind it.

Bu Fang's Egg Fried Rice was extremely fragrant, and this one scoop of rice filled the entire restaurant with its aroma.


Ni Yan's lips parted as she shoved the spoon into her mouth and slowly chewed the rice.

Her pale face flushed red from the temperature of the Egg Fried Rice.

Ni Yan ate faster and faster as her spoon attacked the Egg Fried Rice at an even faster pace.

Perhaps, the Saintess was really hungry as she completely emptied the plate of Egg-Fried Rice in an instant.

Even the porcelain plate was not spared. Ni Yan stuck out her tongue and licked the plate clean in a full circle.

Lowering the plate, Ni Yan softly let out a burp before she rubbed her tummy. The emptiness in her stomach was finally filled, and she gleefully leaned back on the chair.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples who witnessed this scene stared at the Saintess with their mouths agape. Their eyes bulged out of their sockets as they exchanged incredulous looks among themselves.

This was the first time the Saintess revealed her bare face at them, and she truly was beautiful without the veil covering her face.

However... the Saintess didn't normally act like that. The Saintess was so elegant and refined-she was like a goddess in their eyes. When did she ever show this side of her? Eating like a starved ghost?

This... Was she really their Saintess?

Mo Tianji was also suspicious, and he pulled his chair to sit beside Ni Yan, carefully validating her identity.

"What luck and blessings! It is really a great thing that the Saintess isn't injured. Since the Saintess is awake, would you like to return with me to the Heavenly Secret Holy Land?" Saint Sovereign Tianji asked.

Bu Fang dried his hands and sat opposite Ni Yan, carefully observing her reaction.

All the people of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land were also highly anticipating Ni Yan's reply.

However, Ni Yan's next response stunned everyone.

Ni Yan scratched her head in confusion and furrowed her perfectly shaped brows as she stared at Mo Tianji. With her lips pursed tightly together, she questioned, "Who are you? Why should I follow you back to wherever you belong?"


Everyone was stunned.

What was the Saintess saying? How could she not recognize the Saint Sovereign?!

How could she talk to the Saint Sovereign in such a rude manner?

This must be a fake Saintess!

Mo Tianji's brows furrowed, and his face instantly turned black. A deep and hostile gaze appeared in his eyes as he stared at Ni Yan.

Suddenly, his eyes squinted. He realized from Ni Yan's eyes that she was not lying to him. Ni Yan really did not recognize him anymore.


"Do you know who you are?" Mo Tianji rested a hand on the table and lighted tapped a finger as he asked.

Ni Yan looked at Mo Tianji and seemed to be pondering to herself.

Suddenly, a starry burst of light shot through her eyes, and an excruciating pain once again pierced her.

Ni Yan gasped, her face turning as pale as a sheet. Then, she clutched her head in pain.

Ni Yan only raised her head again after a long while and stared at Mo Tianji...

Her eyes seemed to carry a wave of tiredness and exhaustion in them.

"I am Ni Yan, the seventh elder of the Celestial Arcanum Sect. I really do not recognize you. Just because this old lady here is pretty, do you think you can try and get close with me?" Ni Yan's wave of hair fell down her back gracefully as she lifted her hand and touched the middle of her brows as she accused Mo Tianji.

Bu Fang, who was seated at the opposite side, was instantly surprised. The seventh elder of the Celestial Arcanum Sect... this was such an old identity of Ni Yan.

Ni Yan lifted her gaze and looked at Bu Fang. Then, she appeared to have recalled something as she pointed her finger at Bu Fang, saying, "This is Owner Bu. I frequently dine at his restaurant, so he can verify my identity!"

Bu Fang looked right back at Ni Yan.

Lifting her hand, a gold-colored ray of light shot out of her finger and turned into a star chart.

Bu Fang sighed in relief.

It was a lucky thing that Ni Yan did not die. The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was destroyed, but its powers had merged with Ni Yan.

That was the power of the Hidden Dragon Continent, and it was very terrifying.

Once it merged, Ni Yan's current abilities could not withstand the forces, so it naturally sealed itself. This sealing process had also caused Ni Yan to lose half of her memories.

Currently, Ni Yan's memories stopped when she arrived at the Heavenly Secret Holy Land. Hence, she only remembered what happened before that. She knew Bu Fang beforehand, and therefore, she recognized him.

No one had imagined that something like this would happen...

Even Mo Tianji had not imagined this situation.

However, this could also be considered the best possible outcome. Ni Yan did not die, and the forces of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk had merged with her. In other words, Ni Yan was almost like the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk itself.

As long as she could understand and control the forces of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, it would be considered a benefit gained from a calamity.

Bu Fang looked at the familiar Ni Yan and twisted his lips. Indeed, Ni Yan had always been a glutton, and she also loved to call herself an old lady at times.

This girl just slept once and returned to her old state instantly.

However, honestly speaking, the way Ni Yan acted now caused Bu Fang to feel nostalgic.

All of a sudden, the system's previous reminder rang through Bu Fang's mind.

This reminder made Bu Fang's face look weird. As he stared at Ni Yan, he wondered whether this woman before him was the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk? Would he have to rely on this woman to brew his Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine?

"Owner Bu, thank you for taking care of the Saintess these past few days. Since she has woken up, I will bring her back to the Heavenly Secret Holy Land," said Mo Tianji, wearing a serious expression on his face as he stood up from his chair.

Bu Fang was shocked. She was going to leave just like that? His Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine still needed Ni Yan's help to brew.

Ni Yan's face shifted drastically upon hearing Mo Tianji's words, and she immediately shot up and hid behind Bu Fang.

"This old lady here will definitely not go with you to return to your Heavenly Secret Holy Land," Ni Yan declared.

"Saintess, please don't create any further ruckus. Merging with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk has transformed your body. Your body is no longer like what it was before," Mo Tianji solemnly said.

"I can't be bothered about what has happened to me! Owner Bu can give me whatever I want to eat here. What can your holy land offer me?" Ni Yan's mouth twisted as she threw a sideward glance at the Saint Sovereign.

Mo Tianji was shocked to the point that he was at a loss for words.

Their holy land wasn't some simple restaurant...

The Saintess had really changed into a whole new person. She has turned into a glutton. The previous her would never act like this.

The other disciples were also shocked. They weren't even sure what was going on right now and was just staring dumbly at the changed Saintess standing before them.

Did the Saintess lose her memories? Did she not recognize them and the Heavenly Secret Holy Land?

"Saintess, do not cause a commotion here! How can you face Granny Mo who holds you in such high regard with your current behavior? Come back with us to the holy land!"

A look of disappointment appeared on a disciple's face as he sincerely pleaded the Saintess.

Granny Mo...

A flash of realization seemed to pass through Ni Yan's face. However, in the next instant, a starry glow of light shot through her eyes once again, giving her a piercing pain through her head.

"I will just stay at this restaurant. I don't recognize any of you, so why should I follow you? Don't even think of getting close to me!" Ni Yan massaged her temples and yelled.

The Saintess cannot be left here...

Mo Tianji's face darkened as he felt rage simmering within him with regards to Ni Yan's unsightly behavior. A terrifying pressure escaped from his body, causing the disciples around to start sweating cold sweat.

"From this day onwards, you are the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk and not some Heavenly Secret Holy Land Saintess. You must return to the holy land with me! If you are assassinated by the Netherworld demons, the entire continent will definitely fall with you to the Netherworld!

"This tiny restaurant cannot protect you!

"So... it is not up to you whether you want to leave or not!"

Mo Tianji's voice was ice-cold, and he dared Ni Yan to defy him with his tone. Everyone else did not even dare to breathe under such circumstances.

Ni Yan was also shocked by Mo Tianji's words as she stared blankly at him.

All of a sudden, Bu Fang suddenly moved from his chair.

Bu Fang slowly raised himself and stood in the middle of Mo Tianji and Ni Yan, blocking Mo Tianji's line of sight to Ni Yan.

"Excuse me for cutting into your conversation, but who gave you the courage to say that my restaurant cannot protect Ni Yan?"

Bu Fang tilted his head up, looking expressionlessly at Mo Tianji.