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 Everyone held back a nervous laughter.

No one had imagined that the Saint Sovereign would actually say such words.

What did he mean by coming again tomorrow to ask?

As the Saint Sovereign of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, shouldn't he be more stern and just take the Saintess with him?

Bu Fang was also mildly surprised. However, in the next moment, he rubbed the side of his lips and stared wordlessly at the middle-aged man in front of him.

Without any further questions, this man intended to take Ni Yan back with him. However... Bu Fang did not want Ni Yan to simply follow the man back.

When Ni Yan was injured, where was he?

When Ni Yan was desperately fighting to protect the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, where exactly was he?

With this man's cultivation rank, those three demons were completely not his match. Ni Yan would have also avoided suffering such heavy injuries and being unconscious.

Bu Fang leaned against the chair and stared expressionlessly at Saint Sovereign Tianji. With one of his hands resting on the table, Bu Fang tapped his finger in anticipation.

"Speak the truth, Ni Yan is currently in my room..." Bu Fang demanded.

The moment his words fell, everyone in the room was stunned. Even Saint Sovereign Tianji squinted both his eyes in surprise.

Chu Changsheng drew back the corners of his mouth and carefully glanced at Bu Fang, thinking, "This guy is really something. He has the courage to take responsibility for his actions. What a man."

Nether King Er Ha's mouth fell open, and he narrowed his eyes at Bu Fang while clicking his tongue.

"Youngsters nowadays really know how to act..."

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples glared at Bu Fang as mixed emotions flashed through their eyes. Their stares appeared lifeless. Yet, beyond that, their faces were full of fear and anger!

"You... How dare you wrong our Saintess?!"

One of the disciples could not contain his rage and immediately stood up. As the aura around him exploded, he pointed a finger accusingly at Bu Fang as fires of fury burned in his eyes.

"I will fight against you!" Another disciple yelled out loudly as he burst out of his seat and pounced toward Bu Fang.


Just as he was about to hit Bu Fang, a large fan-like hand stopped him in his tracks.

The disciple was stunned.

Then, a tearing sound rang out in an instant.

A miserable cry escaped from the disciple's mouth as his clothes were torn apart. Then, his pale white body drew a perfect arc, flying across the room before finally hitting the ground outside the restaurant with a heavy thud.

His butt turned bright red from the impact.

Whitey's eyes flashed brilliantly as it stood at its spot, waving its robotic arm.

"Troublemakers will be stripped in front of everyone..." Whitey sternly warned.

The other disciples who had been infuriated by Bu Fang immediately suppressed their anger. All of them fearfully retreated backward in fear of Whitey's threat.

However, the rage within them was still boiling.

This guy... actually insulted the goddess in their hearts!

A restaurant that loves to strip people so much... How much injustice did the Saintess suffer?

As soon as they thought of this, the onlookers' hearts filled with grudge.

Bu Fang did not seem bothered. He maintained a stoic expression as he stared at the Saint Sovereign.

"She is very good..."

The moment these words were uttered, the Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples in the room raged out and yelled.

What did he mean by 'she is very good?' The Saintess was so pretty, so of course she is good! Had the Saintess been bullied? How could she still be well then?!

This guy looked like an honest and refined young man. No one thought that he had such bad intentions!

If it weren't for that iron puppet, they would have rushed forward and given Bu Fang a beating!

Mo Tianji also quietened down as he furrowed his brows and stared at Bu Fang. He couldn't see a trace of evil in Bu Fang's eyes, so he instantly knew that Bu Fang did not do anything to the Saintess.

"Continue speaking..." said the Saint Sovereign.

"I will not let you take her away. Even if you come again tomorrow, it will be useless. Of course... unless she wakes up and decides to go with you herself," Bu Fang informed the group.

"Wishful thinking! The Saintess is our Saintess! What right do you have to keep her here? Are you even worthy?"

With their faces turning red with anger, a group of Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples yelled out angrily as they stiffened their necks.


Once again, a tearing sound formed as pieces of ragged clothing flew through the air.

Another disciple flew out of the restaurant in a perfect arc. Landing heavily on the ground outside, a sharp pain shot through his butt.

Whitey's robotic eyes once again flashed as it scanned through the group of Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples, threatening them if they even dared to let out a fart.

My god... Did it really have to strip someone without giving a second chance?

Mo Tianji's mouth twitched. This iron puppet was an interesting character.

"Furthermore... you guys wouldn't even be able to save her if I let you take her back," added Bu Fang.

"Hm? What is wrong with the Saintess?" Mo Tianji asked.

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed, and he deeply furrowed his brows, saying, "The Saintess' wellbeing is linked to the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. Under normal circumstances, the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk being destroyed would cause the Saintess to sustain heavy injuries and die as a result. Even if I bring her back, it would be of no use."

"If she wants to recover, she has to rely on herself... Otherwise, no one can help her. As to whether she will return to your holy land, let's wait for her to wake up first," Bu Fang said. Then, he stretched his waist lazily, feeling his exhaustion catch up to him.

The sky outside was darkening slowly, while the outside temperature was becoming lower and lower.

Mo Tianji turned silent.

At the same time, the Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples were staring at the Saint Sovereign with their eyes wide open. They had to bring the Saintess back! If she remained here, who knew what that dude would do to her! The Saintess was so pretty!

"Alright, I will wait until the Saintess is awake..." Saint Sovereign Tianji laughed lightly as he stared warmly at Bu Fang.

He felt that Bu Fang's words made sense. Furthermore, he didn't think that Bu Fang was a person who would do such malicious acts.

Hence... there should be no problems leaving the Saintess in Bu Fang's care.

Of course, this wasn't the most important reason. He had also made the decision after carefully considering other circumstances.

The destruction of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was equivalent to the Saintess' mind being destroyed. For a cultivator, this was the detriment of one's state of mind.

The moment a cultivator's mind was crushed, there was virtually almost no hope for one to remain alive.

Even if the cultivator managed to live by some lucky chance, the cultivator would remain as someone who would live without meaning for the rest of their life.

That was not much different from simply dying off...

Saint Sovereign Tianji leaned on his chair and sighed heavily.

"Oh, right. You must be the Saint Sovereign of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, right? Can I ask... Do you still have another Heavenly Star Catcher Disk with you?"

Bu Fang thought for a while before he asked Mo Tianji.

Mo Tianji was stunned by this request. Then, he threw a suspicious glance at Bu Fang and answered, "The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk is from the Hidden Dragon Pass. There is only one piece in the entire continent. Originally, it was kept by our leader. However, our leader had embarked on an expedition to the Hidden Dragon Sky World, and hence handed the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk over to the Saintess to protect and merge with it. Who knew that those demons would actually deceive everyone and sneak into the continent to destroy the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk?" Mo Tianji sighed exasperatedly as his eyes brimmed with a mixture of emotions.

Bu Fang was disappointed.

The Scattered Star Wine Skill of the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine needed the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk to be brewed. Without the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, it would be very hard to successfully brew the wine.

Rubbing his chin, Bu Fang could only place all his hope on Ni Yan.


Meanwhile, in Bu Fang's room on the second floor, a soft starry light suddenly glowed from the room as a few starry constellations seemed to have flown into Ni Yan's brows.

Ni Yan's pale face suddenly flushed red as her aura and life force slowly strengthened.

Once the starry light flowed into Ni Yan's body, the entire room instantly darkened.

An even and soft breathing slowly filled Bu Fang's room.

Then, a soft coughing sound broke the silence and peace as Ni Yan, who was lying on the bed, opened her mouth and coughed.

Ni Yan's body shivered slightly. Her long eyelashes fluttered, and in the next moment, she slowly opened her eyes.

The white-colored ceiling seemed to spin continuously around her....

Ni Yan painstakingly lifted herself to sit upright in the bed. Her head felt so heavy, as though it was stuffed completely with some thick paste.

With that, she carefully turned her head to scan her surroundings as confusion swept across her face.

Where was she, who was she...

Sharp pangs of pain attacked her head mercilessly, causing a pained expression to appear on her delicate face.

She wrapped her head with her hands and bent her back to lie on the bed again.

Eventually, the waves of pain in her head stopped after a long agonizing wait.

Then, Ni Yan tore the blanket off her and stepped off the bed.

Wearing a perplexed look, she walked to the window and took a glance outside it. Startled by the dazzling light that entered her eyes, she involuntarily stepped a few steps backward.

She couldn't remember anything. Her name, her identity, where she came from... Everything seemed to have disappeared into nothingness.

As soon as she tried hard to remember, an excruciating pain once again shot through her mind.

Giving up, Ni Yan followed the corridors of the house and walked down slowly.

There seemed to be a kitchen on the left side of the house, and Ni Yan felt a special attraction towards it.

She took a step and prepared to head towards the kitchen. Lifting her finger up...

Tsk tsk!

A purple bolt of thunder suddenly appeared across the air.

Ni Yan's heart jumped in surprise, and she quickly withdrew her finger on impulse. She did this so fast that she wasn't even sure of her actual action...

Fearfully glancing around the kitchen, the confused Ni Yan turned around and headed for the dining area.

The light was so blinding, and Ni Yan had to hold back a few tears in her eyes.

As she used her hands to block the light, she walked into the dining area in a daze.

Saint Sovereign Tianji, Bu Fang, Nether King Er Ha... and all the other people in the room stared blankly at the lady who just walked out from the kitchen.

That lady's beautiful features caused everyone's heart to start pounding against their chests.

However, after they recovered their senses, a confused look swept their faces.

This... wasn't this the Saintess of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land that everyone was just talking about?

So... she woke up?

Saint Sovereign's Tianji's face was like a blank sheet of paper.

He had convinced himself just now that the Saintess would have to live like a walking dead for the rest of her life. In the end, the Saintess actually walked out of the kitchen, and it seemed as though she was completely unharmed.

He felt like he had been slapped across the face.

As a Saint Sovereign, he ought to have better predictions...

However... it was for the best that the Saintess was alive and well.

Bu Fang blinked his eyes in disbelief.

Has Ni Yan been revived? Then, if their relationship was good... could this lady help restore the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk?

Ni Yan had not imagined that the dining area would be filled with so many people.

So many... strangers.

Aside from Bu Fang, she did not recognize any face in front of her.


Suddenly, a thunderous rumble sounded.

The dining area quickly turned dead silent.

Everyone curiously stared at the Heavenly Secret Holy Land Saintess, who was standing by the door.

The Saintess clutched her tummy, and after scanning through the crowd, her eyes landed on Bu Fang.

"Bu Fang... I am hungry."