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 Heavenly Spring Holy Land

Amethyst Elder stood in front of a bright sacrificial altar with his hands clasped behind him. His fluttering purple hair stabbed the air, as though it was filled with needles.

Each strand of his purple hair was as sharp as the long sword, which looked as though it could slice earth and heaven apart. His eyes were deep and profound like black holes that could devour everything surrounding him.

Amethyst Elder was tall and beefy. His bulging muscles stretched his clothes out, making them seem ready to explode.

Streams of air were sucked into his nostrils, and they resembled snakes.

A beautiful woman slowly emerged from an area close to the sacrificial altar. She looked at Amethyst Elder with a complicated expression, and her eyes contained both grief and sorrow.

"Amethyst Elder... Do you really want to do that?"

The beautiful woman looked calm and graceful, but her eyes were filled with sadness.

Standing against the strong wind, with his hands clasped behind his back, Amethyst Elder looked lonely.

He slowly turned around and looked at the beautiful woman. He exhaled gently, but his breath tore through the air like a sharp sword.

"I don't have a choice..." Amethyst Elder replied, pain evident in his eyes. He pulled himself together almost immediately, however, and a resolute glow flickered in his eyes.

His gaze shifted back to the beautiful woman.

She shook her head sideways with an expression of disbelief on her face.

"You don't need to worry about it. Just support me, okay?"

Saying so, Amethyst Elder's body flashed, jumping down from the altar, and he landed beside the beautiful woman almost immediately. He reached out and caressed her face.

"Why did you do that... How could I support you? You killed the Holy Saint!"

The beautiful woman's eyes looked scared, and her voluptuous body trembled.

Amethyst Elder's gaze was deep and cold. He gently pulled the beautiful woman close, making her head lean on his shoulder.

"I have my reasons for doing that... Please, trust me, alright? I want to give you and Zi Yun a better future."

After a moment's pause, he added, "I didn't kill the Holy Saint. How could I kill the Holy Saint with my cultivation base?!"

Boom! Boom!

The space above the bright altar in the sky began to twist.

The beautiful woman looked up in fright.

"Go home. You just need to trust me. I won't hurt you and Zi Yun."

Amethyst Elder said seriously before gently patting the beautiful woman's shoulder. A moment later, Amethyst Elder teleported to the altar.

A fissure appeared in the turbulent space above the sacrificial altar. Suddenly, the length of the fissure increased, and black smoke surged from within the tear.

Boom! Boom!

It was Nether energy-an extremely terrifying wave of Nether energy.

The surging Nether energy condensed into a gruesome, gigantic face. It was the face of a demon, who had sharp fangs and a horn on its forehead. The terrifying aura emanating from it caused the air to tremble. Overall, it was a very frightening sight.

Amethyst Elder trembled a little bit under that pressure. After letting out a breath, he squinted.

The giant devil face watched Amethyst Elder for a moment, and then it began to cackle loudly.

"Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Amethyst Elder. Since you've prepared well, come here!"


Valley of Gluttony

The blood snow had become heavier. The rushing winds howled, giving rise to a storm.

In front of the Taotie Restaurant in the Valley of Gluttony, the disciples from the Heavenly Secret Holy Land were so excited as they watched their Saint Sovereign, who had his hands clasped behind him, stand in front of the restaurant.

His body was glowing as he emitted a mysterious aura, making his skin resemble jade.

He stared fixedly at Bu Fang while emitting an intense pressure.

The onlookers held their breaths as the invisible pressure weighed down on their hearts.

What a formidable existence!

Bu Fang only expressionlessly looked back at him.

After staring at each other for a long time, Saint Sovereign Mo Tianji's expression changed, and his lips curled up into a grin.

In the blink of an eye, the world seemed to glow.

"Worthy of being the man Granny Mo appreciates. Exceptional, indeed. You dared to face me, and you did it without fear. You do have something, after all," Mo Tianji said with a smile.

"Since your restaurant is already open, can I get in?" Mo Tianji asked. However, before he finished asking, he had entered the restaurant already.

Chu Changsheng was shaken and had to make way for Mo Tianji.

Although Chu Changsheng had ignited the divine flame, standing in front of Mo Tianji was akin to standing before a majestic mountain. In front of Mo Tianji, he felt his divine flame flicker.

This Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign seemed much stronger. The aura that emanated from him was too frightening.

The people from Heavenly Secret Holy Land gawked. They had not expected this turn of developments. Saint Sovereign had not asked to take the Heavenly Secret Saintess back, and instead, he chose to enter Bu Fang's restaurant to eat?

The Saint Sovereign... had never worked with common logic.

Bu Fang watched Mo Tianji skeptically. He thought the Saint Sovereign had come to cause trouble for him, but it turned out that he only came to eat.

It was not a problem if he wanted to eat. After all, this was the restaurant's business hours.

"Come in and take a seat, then check the menu and tell the waiter what you want to order," Bu Fang said. Then, he turned around and headed to the kitchen.

Mo Tianji had donned a white cloak, making him look really holy. He took a seat at a table.

Many disciples of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land followed him into the restaurant and sat down as well. Seeing as there were not enough seats in the restaurant for them, some disciples had to stand by the door. They were sure that the Saint Sovereign would bring the Heavenly Secret Saintess back.

The Saint Sovereign had a faint smile on his face. He did not look the slightest bit hurried.

He shifted his gaze to the menu. After studying it for a while, he ordered the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.

After placing his order, he said nothing more and quietly looked around the interior of the restaurant.

The disciples of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land who were able to get seats took a leaf from the Saint Sovereign and placed their orders.

Chu Changsheng grinned. He hadn't expected business to be so good today.

After a while, Chu Changsheng hurried to tell Bu Fang what the customers had ordered.

In the kitchen, Bu Fang was holding the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. The roar of a dragon rang out from the knife before he began to process the ingredients for the next dish.

Chop. Chop. Chop.

The kitchen knife flew. The cooking ingredients were minced, then arranged in porcelain bowls.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Moments later, a rich fragrance began to waft out of the kitchen.

The fascinating fragrance surged into the warm restaurant, captivating those within.

There was an uproar outside the restaurant. Moments later, Nether King Er Ha pushed his way in, accompanied by a lady wearing a purple dress.

Mo Tianji's eyes shifted to the woman, and his gaze deepened.

"Oh... Amethyst Elder's daughter," Mo Tianji calmly said in observation.

Nether King Er Ha squinted. He had not expected to see so much activity in the restaurant today. However, the atmosphere seemed awkward.

He looked around and realized that the only free seats were near Mo Tianji.

Nether King Er Ha pulled a chair, helping himself to sit down.

"Yo, you recognized her. This is my attendant," Nether King Er Ha said with a palm on his face.

He then took out a Spicy Strip and put it in his mouth. Currently, Nether King Er Ha had a sufficient supply of Spicy Strips, and he seemed to be showing off at the moment.

He made sure to keep a Spicy Strip between his lips regularly. He could suck on one for a whole day.

It seemed Nether King Er Ha had figured out a way to obtain a steady supply of Spicy Strips, and this kept him relaxed and happy.

Saintess Zi Yun, on the other hand, was slightly afraid of Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign.

As the Amethyst Elder's daughter, she had had chances to meet the legendary Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign was mysterious. He was like a dragon, a creature so big that only its head could be seen. Her father seemed really afraid of him.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign tapped the table with his fingers. The tapping sounds echoed around the restaurant, making the other customers discreetly frightened.

Mo Tianji did not pay much attention to Saintess Zi Yun. Instead, he studied Nether King Er Ha.

He couldn't see through the man.

The man's body was entirely shrouded by a layer of mist, which seemed capable of concealing all secrets.

Hence, even with his Heavenly Secret Technique, Mo Tianji couldn't see anything.

This feature was not just limited to Nether King Er Ha. Many others in the restaurant had their secrets concealed.

First, it was Bu Fang, and then it was Nether King Er Ha. The black dog and the little girl by the Path-Understanding Tree were also unfathomable.

However, he recognized the Netherworld woman. Her curse seemed to have weakened by a lot.

Such a mysterious restaurant. No wonder Granny Mo had sent the Saintess here to avoid the disaster.

Unfortunately, for some reason, Granny Mo's deduction was wrong. This restaurant could not protect their Saintess.

"Here's your food!" Chu Changsheng said, approaching the table with a steaming hot dish in his hand.

It was the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup, which was placed in a porcelain jar.

Chu Changsheng placed the jar in front of the Saint Sovereign. The Buddha on the soup jar had a ruddy face, which was filled with joy.

Water vapor slowly slid from the top of the jar.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign smiled in interest.

The instant he removed the lid, a radiant beam shot out of the jar and illuminated the restaurant. The rich fragrance that followed made the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign squint, after which he breathed in deeply.

It smelled so good!

He couldn't stifle the sigh that followed.

Mo Tianji picked up the fancy blue-and-white spoon and scooped up a spoonful of soup. When the spoon entered his mouth, the fragrant soup slid down his throat, and he could not help exhaling before smacking his lips.

"So delicious..."

The jaws of the disciples from the Heavenly Secret Holy Land dropped.


Saint Sovereign actually came here just to eat?

What about taking the Saintess Her Highness back?!

However, the lingering aroma made them forget about their shock immediately. They could not help breathing in the fragrant aromas. Soon, the dishes they ordered were served, and clouds of steam filled the restaurant.

As soon as they began eating their meals, they forgot about everything else.

Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen, using a clean, white cloth to wipe his wet hands. After that, he pulled out a chair, sat in it, and relaxed.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign soon finished his Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.

His table manners were really elegant.

"Really delicious. Such a delightful taste." Mo Tianji praised, thoroughly satisfied.

He put down his spoon and chopsticks, then turned to face Bu Fang. At that moment, his gaze turned solemn.

"Buddy, come here. Time to talk seriously."


The customers who had been wolfing down their dishes stiffened. They all turned to look at the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign with a serious expression.

Does the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign finally want to talk business?

Bu Fang raised his brows and glanced at the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign.

"You can talk."

The corners of Mo Tianji's mouth twitched once.

"Erm... Can I ask when you will return the Saintess to us? If it's not today, I will come tomorrow and ask again."


Those who were listening were stunned speechless. Their jaws dropped, dumbfounded.

What? What did the Saint Sovereign mean?

He would actually come back and ask again tomorrow?!