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 Troublemakers will be stripped as an example to others!

It seemed as though this line was Whitey's catchphrase.

When Nethery and the others heard Whitey's words, the corners of their mouths couldn't help but curl upwards. They looked at the disciples of the Heavenly Spring Holy Land in excitement.

A cold light flashed past the eyes of the sect master level existence.

Whitey's body started to change. Spikes emerged from the surface of its smooth skin, making Whitey look extremely terrifying.

Whitey's eyes locked at the God Slaying weapons in the hands of the disciples of the Heavenly Spring Holy Land.

However, those God Slaying weapons weren't really attractive to Whitey anymore. Compared to the God Slaying weapons Whitey had devoured recently, the level of the weapons in their hands wasn't high enough.

Hence, Whitey completely ignored their God Slaying weapons.

With a single step, Whitey's body flashed like a shadow.

After advancing at such a high level, Whitey became so powerful that it could be compared to an existence at the Divine Spirit Realm. Ordinary sect master level existences were not able to challenge Whitey at all.

One of the enraged disciples grabbed his lance and charged forward.

The flame of anger burned in his eyes as his lance aimed at Bu Fang's back. He felt as though he had to kill anyone who would stand in their way. He would kill anyone who stopped him from killing Netherworld creatures.

Bu Fang was someone who tried to stop them. As such, Bu Fang had to die!

The berserk aura coming from his body was so dense that it was able to cause the spectators to shiver.

However, that lance was stopped by a leaf-shaped palm before it could reach Bu Fang.

Bu Fang slowly turned around as he looked at the person who tried to attack him.

Some cracking noise resounded.

Black dots swirled in Whitey's pupils. With a squeeze of its palm, the lance broke.


A terrifying pressure suddenly started to spread out, and the disciples of Heavenly Spring Holy Land immediately felt the horrible pressure descend on them.

The clothes on that disciple's body burst off, turning into ragged pieces of cloth fluttering in the sky. He flew in a curve across the sky, landing outside the restaurant.

The disciples of the holy lands jumped in shock. With a loud gasp, they quickly ran away from the big hole.

As they looked at the people who were sent flying out of the restaurant naked, their pupils shrunk involuntarily.

"Nonsense! You dare?!" roared the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's sect master level existence. Terrifying energy surged out from his body.

Bu Fang turned around, indifferently looking at the sect master level existence. "Want to cause trouble in my place?"

Bu Fang cocked his head to one side, and the corner of his mouth curled upwards.

The sect master level existence rolled his eyes.

His body dashed forward, and terrifying waves of air and pressure surged forth.

The sound of Whitey's metal wings unfurling sounded in the air. In the next instant, its wings opened.

The leaf-shaped hand rose into the air, colliding with that sect master level existence.

An invisible energy wave started to spread out, which caused people's minds to shiver.

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land sect master level existence took several steps backward. There was a look of fear in his eyes when he looked at Whitey. No one thought that a puppet could be so terrifyingly strong!


Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled.

A moment later, its stomach started to revolve, and a black hole appeared. In an instant, a red-colored stick with many intricate lines carved on it emerged.

Whitey's aura changed when it held the War God Stick. The stick ruthlessly shot out.

The sect master level existence screamed as he raised his sword upwards. The sword energy surged forth and smashed against the War God Stick.

It was a God Slaying Sword with superb power, and it parried the War God Stick right away.

Terrifying pressure filled the area.

However, shortly after, the sect master level existence felt his heart shake.

The War God Stick released a formidable force, and he couldn't resist it at all. In the blink of an eye, he flew backward.


The sect master level existence was sent flying out of the restaurant.

However, Whitey's War God Stick swept across as it shot forward as well.

A leaf-like palm aimed at his head, and Whitey slapped downwards.

The sect master level expert roared, raising his hand to resist Whitey's attack. However, Whitey's close combat ability was so terrifying that the expert wasn't able to save himself.

Whitey exerted a little bit of strength as he grabbed the expert. In the next instant, Whitey shoved him into the ground.

Whitey held the War God Stick and pressed it against the waist of the sect master level expert.

"Let me go! All of you deserve to die for protecting the Netherworld creatures! The Netherworld creatures are invading the continent and bringing disaster upon the world! Even the Saint Sovereign is gone, yet you still want to protect them?!"

The sect master level existence raged so hard the veins on his forehead started to bulge. Rolling his eyes, he added, screaming, "Amethyst Elder would never spare you!"

"Whitey, fan him." Bu Fang curled his lips upwards as he spoke


Hearing him, Whitey didn't hesitate. Its palm instantly moved.

That sect master level existence was pounded to the ground.

The ground in the restaurant was extremely sturdy. With the expert's fleshy body, his face was smashed instead of the ground.

Fresh blood started to flow.

That sect master level existence was so angry that he lost it. He struggled endlessly and started to scream.

However... Whitey was too strong, so he wasn't able to budge an inch.

Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled. A moment later, it placed its palm on the expert's body.


Everybody gawked, their jaws dropping in shock. In the distance, all the naked disciples started to crawl to their feet. They looked like they were about to cry.

Indeed... That insane iron puppet didn't even spare their sect master level expert!


Another ripping sound filled the air!

Immediately, the sect master level existence felt as though there was a cool breeze blowing against his lower body...

It was too damn cold!

"What the hell? Let me go!"


Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled. Another palm came slapping down, and the sect master level expert got his head shoved into the ground again. The entire ground started to shake, and blood continued to flow.

Why was the ground so damn hard? There was definitely something wrong with this place!

He wanted to resist, but he couldn't. He could only shed tears of humiliation.

In the end, Whitey's War God Stick flickered once, and he was hurled in a graceful curve, landing naked on the ground.


Blood snow filled the sky.

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land disciples were stunned. There was a fearful look in their eyes.

They tried to move their rigid necks as they looked at Bu Fang and Whitey.

Whitey wielded the War God Stick and raised its leaf-shaped palm. With popping sounds, Whitey formed a fist.

The disciples felt a chill in their hearts. Turning around, they tried to escape.

However, Whitey's body flashed, and it instantly appeared in front of them.


Pieces of torn clothes flew everywhere.

The ground was littered with torn clothes...

The disciples screamed and cried out. Tears of fear and humiliation fell from their faces, wetting the ground.

A body was stacked on top of another body. Eventually, there were so many people that they formed a shocking hill when stacked up.

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples stood outside the restaurant. They watched as white shadows flew out of it. They couldn't help but gawk, drop their jaws, and gulp down a mouthful of saliva.

They suddenly felt lucky because they weren't the ones who had entered the restaurant first.

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land sect master level expert also wore a dumbfounded face...

Holy sh*t... All of them were stripped...

It was lucky they only screamed once outside the restaurant. They felt fortunate they were not the ones who entered the restaurant to kick up a fuss.

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land sect master level expert wasn't weaker than him. However, he was hurled out of the place like a pitiful dog. Not only that, but all of his clothes were ripped. He looked as though he experienced something terrifying.

Thinking about it, he felt a trace of fear in his heart.

That's right, he felt extremely terrified!

With that thought, the sect master level expert felt more reluctant.

It wasn't just him... All the Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples were panic-stricken as well.

If those male disciples had to endure such a terrifying fate of being stripped, what in the world happened to their Saintess? Their Saintess was being held hostage in such a terrifying restaurant whose owner liked to strip people! What did their Saintess actually experience?

They had to report it to their Saint Sovereign, so he could save their Saintess!

As for themselves...

It seemed as though they couldn't rescue the Saintess even if they gave their all... Thus, they shouldn't act rashly.

The God Slaying weapons were collected one after another.

Whitey held the War God Stick, standing in front of the restaurant.

The black hole appeared on its belly again, and it shoved the confiscated God Slaying weapons into its belly one by one.

The crackling, rattling noises made people shudder.

Those God Slaying weapons twisted and broke. Before long, they became shards.

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land disciples paled in fright, crawling up from the ground while covering their crotches. Not only did that iron puppet like to strip people, it even liked to eat weapons!

How could such an unusual existence exist in this world?!

"Protecting the Netherworld creatures... You will regret this sooner or later!" screamed the Heavenly Spring Holy Land sect master level existence.

However, he quickly shut his mouth.

The War God Stick extended and stopped in front of the expert's face. Gales were swept up, and he felt his pores constrict.

Swish! Swish!

Screeching, the disciple that had attacked Bu Fang had both of his hands smashed into blood mist by the War God Stick.


After punishing that disciple, Bu Fang waved his hands in dismissal.

The restaurant was still open for business. Those naked people lying in front of the restaurant would definitely affect his business.

As they couldn't defeat the other party, the Heavenly Spring Holy Land disciples felt so aggrieved.

They threw the Taotie Restaurant a hateful glance before running away dispiritedly.

After the Heavenly Spring Holy Land disciples left, Bu Fang returned to his restaurant.

However, before he left, he turned around to look at those Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples, who were standing in front of the restaurant with dumbfounded expressions.

All of them shuddered. There was a look of fear on their faces.

Did he want to strip them too?!

All of a sudden, snow swirled in the sky.

The wind howled, and the light blood snow seemed to grow thicker and more furious at this moment.

Gusts of wind blew against them as snow started to fall.


Bu Fang froze even though he wanted to return to the kitchen.

He turned around and checked. He only saw a shadow charging through the snowstorm as it moved toward him.

The sleeves of the figure billowed, his body glowing with a blinding radiance.

An invisible force surrounded him, so all the fluttering snowflakes melted before they could touch his body. Moreover, he didn't leave footprints as he traveled through the soft snow.

Clasping his hands, he walked toward the restaurant.

That figure had a pair of eyes that seemed to hold tens of thousands of stars in the sky. The starlight in his eyes could enchant many people.

In just a blink of an eye, the Heavenly Secret Holy Land members were stirred up!

"It's the Saint Sovereign!"

"The Saint Sovereign came to take back our Saintess?!"

"The Saint Sovereign's here! Our Saintess will be saved! She can finally escape the devil's clutches!"

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples were so joyful that they all wore an excited face.

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land Saint Sovereign and Holy Saint were their mental pillars. The Holy Saint's cultivation base ranked first in the Royal Court, and the Saint Sovereign wasn't weak...

The two of them had held up the entire Heavenly Secret Holy Land. They were the ones who struck fear in the members of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Since the legendary existence holding up their holy land appeared, all the disciples were thrilled!

Crazy clothes stripping demon?

Harrumph... You dare to strip people in front of the Saint Sovereign? That iron puppet was definitely going to die!

In front of the Saint Sovereign, besides the Holy Saint, everybody else was just trash!

Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign Mo Tianji clasped his hands as he walked through the snow. Not long after, he arrived at the restaurant.

It seemed as though the entire world stopped moving in that instant.

Mo Tianji wore an indifferent face as he looked at Bu Fang.

At the same time, Bu Fang looked at him with an emotionless face.

At that moment, the world fell silent.