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 The blood-colored snowflakes falling from the sky seemed to thin out.

The sky gradually brightened. After a night of blood snow falling from the heavens, the entire earth was covered in a layer of cotton-like blood snow. This layer was thick and chilly, and the air was freezing.

Stepping on the layer of snow, one could feel their feet sink into the ice, and some squishy sound would resound in the air. It was actually a pleasant sound.

The black clouds looked hazy, and the faint smell of blood diffused into the surroundings. The sun seemed to be covered entirely. Not even a single beam of sunlight managed to pierce through the dark clouds.

After snowing for an entire night, it seemed as though the snow was about to stop falling.

Finally, the snowstorm thinned out.


The restaurants on the two sides of the Valley of Gluttony's long street began to open for business.

Some waiters walked out of their restaurants, beginning to shovel the snow in front of their restaurants.

As it snowed for the entire night, all of the restaurants were blocked. When the doors opened, snow poured in.

Chu Changsheng got up. His white hair was all over the place, and it looked just like the nest of a chicken. Rubbing his head, he walked down the stairs.

The temperature dropped fast. However, to a cultivator like him, it was nothing. Thus, Chu Changsheng still wore silk pajamas that bared his chest.

He walked down into the restaurant.

At that moment, Bu Fang, who was wearing his Vermillion Robe, walked out of the kitchen as he held a broomstick in his hand. As soon as he saw Chu Changsheng, he threw the broom to him.

Chu Changsheng caught it instinctively.

"You're awake now? Go clean the restaurant and get rid of the snow," Bu Fang said.

"What do you mean get rid of the snow? I'm just a waiter here. I'm not your janitor..." Chu Changsheng pulled a chair, sitting askew. With one hand supporting his chin, he looked at Bu Fang with blurry eyes.

Bu Fang glanced at him, the corners of his mouth curling upwards.

"So you want me to clean?" Bu Fang asked casually. He then turned around and walked back into the kitchen.

He wanted to cook for Lord Dog and Nethery.

Chu Changsheng didn't know what to feel... Looking at Bu Fang, who had turned around and left, he could only force a smile and shake his head.

Owner Bu was definitely jealous of his handsome face.

Picking up the broom, Chu Changsheng walked to the entrance of the restaurant. The wooden doors squeaked when he opened them.

Instantly, thick snow that piled up outside their door poured into the restaurant. It covered Chu Changsheng and almost buried him alive.

Chu Changsheng craned his neck to lift his head out of the snow. There was a wronged expression on his face.

No wonder Bu Fang asked him to get rid of the snow. If they didn't, the diners couldn't get into the restaurant at all.

Rattle. Rattle.

In the end, Chu Changsheng started to shovel the snow out of the restaurant.

Before long, he cleaned out a large area in front of the restaurant.

Several waiters were also getting rid of the snow in front of the Phoenix Pavilion. Those waiters were working hard.

Chu Changsheng glanced at the Phoenix Pavilion, then at his Taotie Restaurant.

Really shabby. He, as the waiter, had to clean the snow himself. It was really quite tragic.

"Hey, what a coincidence. You are cleaning the snow too."

However, Chu Changsheng had been dispirited just for a moment. He started to shovel more snow, and he even had the time to raise his head to greet the waiters on the other side of the street.

Of course, those waiters knew Chu Changsheng. No matter what, Chu Changsheng showed his might in a bitter fight for the Valley. Everyone had a deep impression of him.

Thus, those waiters solemnly grabbed their broomsticks, and they respectfully greeted Chu Changsheng.

A smile bloomed on Chu Changsheng's face. He grabbed the broomstick with one hand while he waved with the other.

"You young people are so vigorous. Yeah, right, our Valley of Gluttony's future depends on you. Work hard and shovel away all the snow!"

In the restaurant, an intense fragrance came out of the kitchen.

Bu Fang walked out, holding a plate of piping-hot Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

Leaning against the Path-Understanding Tree to rest, Lord Dog opened his eyes wide as soon as he caught the smell of the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. He rushed to the table, placing both paws on the table as he stuck out his tongue in excitement.

Nethery and Flowery acted the same. They leaned on the table, waiting for Bu Fang's food.

"Blacky, time to eat. Here comes your Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs."

Bu Fang placed the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in front of Blacky. Its thick fragrance filled the air, making Lord Dog narrow his eyes in awe.

Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs... This boy Bu Fang really kept his words.

Munch munch...

After giving Bu Fang a look of satisfaction, Lord Dog grabbed the porcelain plate, digging in. The fats on his body started to jiggle as he wagged his tail.

Bu Fang turned around to get back to the kitchen. A moment later, he walked out again.

This time, he came with two dishes. One was Nethery's Dragon Blood Rice, and the other was for Flowery.

Both of their eyes lit up as they started to eat to their heart's content. They behaved just like Blacky.

Chu Changsheng was still outside, mumbling and shoveling snow with his bustling aura. Sometimes, he chatted with the waiters, who were also shoveling snow, on the opposite side of the street. He emphasized how they were the future of the Valley of Gluttony.

Everything looked so calm and peaceful.

All of a sudden...

Outside the Valley of Gluttony, trouble started to brew as it became noisy.

Shadows frantically flooded the Gluttony God City's long street.

They were the disciples of all the holy lands. The Valley of Gluttony's guards couldn't stop them.

As soon as they entered the Gluttony God City, they headed toward the Taotie Restaurant.

Snow on the long street was trampled, and many footprints were left behind.

Those people were from two groups. One wore the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's cloaks, their faces full of resentment.

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land's members weren't happy when they found out that a restaurant owner had captured their Saintess. The Saintess was the symbol of their holy land. How could they let a man take her away?

Thus, the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's disciples came with rage, wanting their Saintess back.

The other group looked different as they were from the Heavenly Spring Holy Land. Thick murderous aura came from them. Their goal was to eliminate all the Netherworld creatures on the Hidden Dragon Continent. They wanted to take revenge for their Saint Sovereign.

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Saint Sovereign was killed by the Netherworld creatures in the Heaven Pass Tribulation, and it made the disciples frantic. Even the heaven and earth mourned his death. One crazy distraught man was enough to turn the whole situation chaotic.

At this moment, Amethyst Elder had called for them to annihilate all Netherworld creatures. It was coincidentally what they wanted to do in their heart. They wanted to vent all their anger on the Netherworld creatures, so they charged out of their territory with the desire to kill.

Many Netherworld creatures were living on this continent. Calamity befell them.

Some of them just wanted to live quietly. However, those disciples came and slaughtered them.

Some of them didn't look any different from human beings. However, many holy land disciples besieged and murdered them all the same.

Amethyst Elder had built his team sweeping through all the Netherworld creatures with murderous intent.

Tragic scenes were happening everywhere on the continent.

In the Valley of Gluttony, the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's disciples gathered. All of them were extremely crazy at the moment.

The Taotie Restaurant sheltered a Netherworld creature. All of them knew the fact, but they also knew that the creature was extremely powerful. It was strong to the point where even Half Step Divine Spirit Realm experts were not able to subdue it.

It meant that the Netherworld creature could be an existence at the Great Void Realm!

If it was actually an existence at the Great Void Realm... they would be really damned!

In the end, all the sect master level existences of the Heavenly Spring Holy Land grabbed their God Slaying weapons as they marched to the Valley of Gluttony.

Eventually, the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's team and Heavenly Secret Holy Land's team met outside the Valley of Gluttony. They didn't expect that. In the end, they didn't get into any conflict as they had the same goal.

When Chu Changsheng finished shoveling the snow, all the blood-colored snow formed two small hills at both sides of the entrance.

Chu Changsheng quickly cleared out an area in front of the restaurant.

All of a sudden...

A low thud echoed, and the hill of snow exploded all of a sudden. It fell from the sky and covered the entrance of the restaurant again.

Having returned to the restaurant to taste Bu Fang's dishes, Chu Changsheng stared at the scene outside the restaurant and stood rooted to the spot.

He really wanted to yell at the people who would do something so immoral.

However, he didn't scold them. It seemed as though he didn't have the time to open his mouth.

A group of people squeezed and pushed their way to the entrance of the restaurant. They occupied the area in front such that not even a single drop of water would be able to flow through.

The people who just appeared were split into two groups. They left Chu Changsheng dumbfounded.

"Disciples of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land and Heavenly Spring Holy Land... What do you want?" Chu Changsheng frowned for a moment before asking them with a nonchalant expression.

The groups from both the Heavenly Secret Holy Land and the Heavenly Spring Holy Land had a sect master level existence leading them. They were emitting the pressure of an expert at the Divine Spirit Realm, causing the expression on many people's faces to change. They became terrified when they sensed the power of the two experts.

"Hey... It's really lively today. Are you all here to have a meal?"

Chu Changsheng held the broomstick, and a smile appeared on his face.

The sect master level expert swept his cold eyes across Chu Changsheng. "Eat? I'll be damned if I eat here! Bring out our Saintess out here! You actually dare to kidnap our Heavenly Secret Saintess... I'm sure all of you have bad intentions!"

The sect master level expert of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land really wanted to rescue the Saintess. In the previous battle, he wasn't strong enough to save Granny Mo.

Now, when he heard that the Saintess, who was extremely favored by Granny Mo, was imprisoned in this place, he knew he had to save her. This was also the reason why he charged to the Taotie Restaurant in rage.

The experts from the Heavenly Spring Holy Land were even more direct.

"Hand over the Netherworld creature! All of you deserve to die a thousand times over for hiding them!

All the Heavenly Spring Holy Land disciples screamed in unison. The expressions of many people changed slightly.

Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen, using a clean white cloth to wipe away the water droplets on his hand. As usual, he had an indifferent expression on his face.

Walking to the entrance of the restaurant, he pulled a chair and made himself comfortable. He swept his gaze through the two groups of people and said, "Go back to where you came from. Since you are not here to eat, you should leave. Otherwise, you'll be seen as troublemakers."

Whitey, who had been standing idly by the kitchen door, suddenly moved. It walked toward Bu Fang, and its robotic sound resounded in the air, saying, "Troublemakers will be stripped as an example to others."

"Strip?! Let's see who dares to strip me! There are so many of us here! You're the retard getting stripped!"

The expert at the sect master level had red eyes. He felt as though the people in Bu Fang's restaurant went too far!

How could it be their fault when they only wanted to bring their Saintess Back? The Heavenly Secret Saintess originally belonged to the Heavenly Secret Holy Land!

Blacky and Nethery were quite calm.

After finishing all the food on their plate, they exhaled a breath of white smoke. They tilted their heads and looked at the bunch of disciples outside the restaurant who were making a fuss, especially at the disciples of the Heavenly Spring Holy Land, who were screaming about how they wanted to eliminate all the Netherworld creatures.

Lord Dog didn't bother about those people at all. He gently walked back to the Path-Understanding Tree and continued to take a nap.

Flowery squinted, leaning against Lord Dog's body.

Nethery held a glass of Sour Plum Juice as she sipped on it. She looked at the group of Heavenly Spring Holy Land disciples outside the restaurant as if she was looking at retards.

"Kill! Kill the Netherworld creatures! We must take revenge for our Saint Sovereign!" A man waved a God Slaying weapon in his hand around as he bellowed.

In the next instant, the disciples of the Heavenly Spring Holy Land exploded with rage. They tried to charge into the restaurant.

Their faces were maniacal as they raised their weapons.

The people from the Heavenly Secret Holy Land became afraid as they quickly retreated.

The disciples from the Heavenly Spring Holy Land were too terrifying!

Sitting on his chair, Bu Fang stared at the disciples of the Heavenly Spring Holy Land, who had towering killing intent. A trace of anger flashed past his face.

"Bunch of people who can't be reasoned with... Whitey, strip them all and throw them out."


As soon as Bu Fang finished speaking, Whitey's mechanical eyes changed. Instantly, a dazzling light burst out of his eye sockets.

"Troublemakers... will be stripped and thrown out as an example to others!"