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An immense amount of smoke started to rise.

After a while, the sound of the water rolling around disappeared. The bathroom's door opened, and a burst of steam emerged.

Bu Fang used a white towel to dry his wet hair and draped a blue robe over his body. A light belt secured his blue robe, gently falling to the side.

He walked out of the bathroom, exhaling. He shook his head, sending droplets of water everywhere.

Tilting his head to one side, he looked at Ni Yan, who was still sleeping peacefully on his bed.

Bu Fang stood in a daze for a while. He dried beads of water on his body then hung the towel on the racket.

Walking to the window, he leaned against the window frame, watching the fluttering blood-colored snowflakes in the sky through his glass window. His eyes looked slightly empty.

Looking at Ni Yan, Bu Fang couldn't help but think of the Light Wind Empire.

Bu Fang had a restaurant in Light Wind Empire. It was also where his dream began.

He had a lot of memories back there. He had left the Light Wind Empire for a long time. He wondered how that restaurant had developed and how his two chef apprentices were doing.

Rubbing his damp hair, he let them hang down from his head.

Bu Fang's eyes were blurred. He contemplated for a while before stepping away from the window.

Looking at the sleeping Ni Yan once again, Bu Fang sighed before leaving the room.

While this woman was sleeping, Bu Fang would stay in the kitchen.

At that moment, Chu Changsheng had just walked out of his room. His upper body was bare, and there were still beads of water dripping from his hair. An amused expression appeared on his face when he saw Bu Fang.

"Owner Bu, you want to stay in the kitchen through the quiet night again?" asked Chu Changsheng with a mischievous smile.

Bu Fang glanced at Chu Changsheng and rolled his eyes.

Ignoring Chu Changsheng's jibe at him, Bu Fang walked into the kitchen.

Whitey was standing at the restaurant's gate. As for Shrimpy, who used to sleep on Whitey's head, it was nowhere to be seen.

Bu Fang raked his eyes through the place. He suddenly walked out of the kitchen and into the restaurant, where he saw Shrimpy sleeping on Flowery's head.

Shrimpy's body had a gold hue, but now, that gold hue was tinged with some specks.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched. He turned around and walked back into the kitchen.

He arrived at the front of the stove.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin. Since he had to spend such a long night alone, Bu Fang felt as though he had to find something to do.

For example, he could do some research on new dishes, such as the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

Bu Fang journeyed to the Netherworld's Earth Prison to pluck some Yellow Spring Grass and the Flower of Helplessness. They were different from the Yellow Spring Grass and the Flower of Helplessness the system had provided before.

The one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass, which grew near the source of Yellow Spring River, possessed much denser spirit energy compared to regular Yellow Spring Grass.

The Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine was the next dish Bu Fang wanted to study.

He slowly became calm as he read the recipe of the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine given to him by the system.

"Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine: Use a one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass that grows near the source of the Yellow Spring and a Flower of Helplessness from the Bridge of Helplessness as the main ingredient. The ingredients should be fermented with Scattered Star Wine. To make the wine, use mental energy to nourish the wine for eighty-one nights continuously."

The system's serious voice resounded in Bu Fang's head.

Bu Fang was a little dumbstruck.

It was the first time Bu Fang read the steps required to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine. He actually needed to learn a new way of making wine!

What the heck was that Scattered Star Wine?

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. A moment later, his mind calmed down, and he started to think about how he should go about preparing the wine.

A moment later, he couldn't help but raise his head.

Looking at the ceiling, Bu Fang instantly knew that his room was located right above him. Ni Yan was also lying on his bed right now...

As for the method of making the Scattered Star Wine, he needed Ni Yan's Heavenly Star Catcher Disk...

Bu Fang's face was emotionless.

The important point here was... Since Mo Ye had destroyed the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, how could he make the Scattered Star Wine?

Bu Fang rubbed his head, which was still damp, with a depressed expression on his face. Breathing out, he was helpless and somewhat speechless.

It seemed as though he needed to figure out an alternative way to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.


In the dimly-lit room, the dazzling stars were moving. Those stars weren't just starlight. They were actual stars. They floated in the air like round beads.

If someone was in the room and reached out to touch those glowing beads, they would feel that the beads were real.

It seemed like those beads were real stars.

Ni Yan laid in the bed. Although her face was ashen, she was breathing steadily.

The aura of death on her face quickly vanished. It was as though her vitality was slowly returning to her.

Beams of starlight covered Ni Yan entirely and her surroundings. It gave her a holy and sacred look.

All of a sudden...

Her motionless face suddenly changed. Her eyelashes slightly twitched.

The twinkling stars rapidly entered her head.

If Bu Fang was here, he would be extremely shocked.

This woman... It seemed like she was going to wake up soon.


Heavenly Spring Holy Land

The entire Heavenly Spring Holy Land was covered in an air of death.

Every disciple looked so mournful. Not because of anything else, but because their Saint Sovereign died...

The change of the Hidden Dragon Continent sent the blood snowflakes flying everywhere. The snowflakes fell, landing on their palms. It filled the area with a dense stench of blood.

It was the law of the Great Path to mourn the Saint Sovereign's death.

The Heavenly Spring Saint Sovereign was gone. He died at the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass.

No one had ever thought that an existence at the Saint Sovereign's level would actually die... It was really too terrifying!

Were the Netherworld creatures going to start a large scale invasion in the Hidden Dragon Continent? Was it true that the Hidden Dragon Continent's apocalypse was here?

Many disciples were shivering as fear flooded their hearts. They were extremely fearful for their future.

However, many people had both grief and indignation in their hearts. It was a great, horrible shock to the entire holy land when their Saint Sovereign fell.

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Saint Sovereign was one of the main reasons that the Heavenly Spring Holy Land was one of the pillars of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Without their Saint Sovereign, they didn't have the strength to compete against the other holy lands.

In the end, they would decline... Just like the Valley of Gluttony.

Once they started to fall, they would turn into a huge chunk of meat that would definitely be divided up and shared among the other holy lands.

Amethyst Elder was finally back!

He returned with wounds on his entire body. Amethyst Elder wasn't the Holy Saint, but he wasn't weaker than the Holy Saint. As the Saint Sovereign was dead and the Holy Saint wasn't here, Amethyst Elder had to come back early.

It seemed as though everything was going south, so many people started to shiver in fear.

However, as soon as Amethyst Elder got back, his first order was to ask the Heavenly Spring Holy Lands' disciples to clear out the Netherworld creatures on the continent.

It surprised many people as they didn't expect Amethyst Elder to make a decision like this.

The disciples didn't reject the order. The death of their Saint Sovereign had pushed their hatred for the Netherworld creatures to the maximum.

They needed to vent their anger, and they would vent it out on the Netherworld creatures.

In the underground prison of the Heavenly Spring Holy Land, many disciples were squeezing and pushing to have a spot. Immediately, the dungeon was packed.

Those holy land disciples were so angry that their eyes turned red.

The cells in this dungeon confined a lot of Netherworld creatures. They glared at those creatures who were trapped in the cells.

The holy lands had always searched and captured Netherworld creatures throughout recent years. Except for the ones they had killed on the spot, they captured many Netherworld creatures in their dungeons.

Amethyst Elder wasn't here. However, the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's disciples had rushed in with their flames of anger.

A disciple held a long lance. When he saw a Netherworld creature, he cried indignantly. His lance stabbed forward, thrusting through the creature.

After just a split second, all the disciples began to violently attack the Netherworld creatures in the dungeon.

The shrills and screeches reverberated through the entire Heavenly Spring Holy Land as the disciples vented their anger on the Netherworld creatures, making people's scalp numb.

At dawn, those holy land disciples walked out of the dungeon with bloodstains all over their bodies. All the Netherworld creatures in the dungeon were slaughtered. There was a deranged expression on the faces of those disciples. When they felt the blood-colored snowflakes falling on them gently, they cried out and roared crazily.

"Slaughter all the Netherworld creatures! Those filthy Netherworld creatures should die!"

Amethyst Elder stood on a building, clasping his hands. His indifferent eyes looked into the distance as his purple robe fluttered in the wind.

He looked at the horde of frantic disciples, his eyes turned strange.

It seemed like a dam had burst open when the streams of Heavenly Spring Holy Lands' disciples charged out of their territory. They were led by a sect master level existence as they charged to the other parts of the continent.

Some went to the dungeons of the other holy lands.

Some maniacs attacked the areas with traces of Netherworld creatures.

A wave of terrifying slaughter came.

"The Valley of Gluttony also has some Netherworld creatures! Those animals all deserve to die! Kill them! Take revenge for our Saint Sovereign! The blood-colored snow is here to remind us... We can't remain weak and spiritless!"

Those disciples roared crazily, dashing in every direction.

Many disciples looked frenzied as they headed toward the Valley of Gluttony.

The information that some Netherworld creatures were staying in the Valley of Gluttony had long been known by everyone in the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

Since many experts had already retreated from the Valley of Gluttony after failing in their attacks, not to mention the fact that the calamity at the Heaven Pass was nearing, many people lost their interest in the Netherworld creatures in the Valley of Gluttony.

Actually, there were many Netherworld creatures living in the continent among the humans.

They didn't have different habits and customs compared to human beings.

However, as they were too powerful and the holy lands were not strong enough to defeat them, the holy lands could only turn a blind eye and allow them to stay. Of course, they only allowed it as long as they didn't harm the people.

However, because a Saint Sovereign was killed in the Heaven Pass, the entire Heavenly Spring Holy Land turned insane.

They began to massacre the Netherworld creatures as a sacrifice for their Saint Sovereign.

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land erupted, and the disciples marched through the night.


Outside the Valley of Gluttony

Many disciples of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land came in rage.

Their Saintess was captured and imprisoned in this Valley of Gluttony, so the Heavenly Secret Holy Lands' disciples came to take her back.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's disciples also headed toward the Valley of Gluttony with a thick murderous aura.

They wanted to slaughter the Netherworld creatures in the Valley of Gluttony.

Once again, another storm was sweeping toward the Valley of Gluttony!