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In just a blink of an eye, the Hidden Dragon Continent changed.

The bright sky became dark and gloomy, and rumbling noises reverberated. Across that dark and gloomy sky, blood-red dots could be seen.

In just a wink, the weather turned into winter. The air became bitter-cold and bleak.

Lightning strikes rolled in the dark sky, grumbling and howling.

Snow fell.

From the sky, the blood snowflakes fell, gently swaying as they floated and fluttered.

It didn't happen only in this area. Every corner of the continent had changed as the great blood snow fell.

Someone stood in a daze, raising their hands to catch the blood snowflakes. That tender feeling when a snowflake landed on their palms mesmerized them.

However, when the snowflakes melted, they turned into a red-colored liquid, which had a strong smell of blood, causing the entire continent to reek of slaughter.

Many people panicked. They wondered what they had done that had provoked Heaven's anger.

Thus, they began to offer great sacrifices. They kowtowed to the sky, begging for Heaven's mercy.

Some thought that the continent's apocalypse had come. They became crazy, going here and there to take revenge, wreaking havoc.

In short, a heavy blood snow had almost destroyed the order in the entire Hidden Dragon Continent.

The weak and fearful people showed their characteristics pretty well at this moment.

Mayhem swept across the entire continent.

The powerful forces had crazily subdued the raiders. However, they couldn't do that in some areas. Chaos happened, and some had sought the busybodies to incite trouble...

In just a blink, crying and protests flooded the area.

Also, in the Hidden Dragon Royal Court...

Everybody was dumbfounded, watching the heavy snow that covered the entire continent. They had expressions of disbelief on their faces.

This heavy blood snow was a strange phenomenon from the sky. It meant a great change was coming...

Riots began to happen in the holy lands.


Heavenly Secret Holy Land

A figure covered in a long, white robe stood silently on the Heavenly Secret Peak. His long robe's hems were inlaid with gold, which made him look calm and traditional.

This figure had deep and profound eyes, his long hair fluttering in the wind.

The Heavenly Secret Peak was really tall with rugged, strange-shaped stones. Many of those fearful-looking stones were arranged in formations, making the place mysterious.

That figure looked at a far distance, watching the thunder clouds and the heavy blood snow in the sky.

He couldn't help but sigh.

"A Holy Saint... is gone."

When a Holy Saint died, the earth and heaven would change. The blood snow melted into blood, and the entire sky was filled with sorrow.

When an expert had reached the pinnacle, he would become interlinked with the earth and heaven. Once he died, the earth and heaven would mourn for him, creating this strange phenomenon.

In the Hidden Dragon Continent, the Holy Saint of each holy land was a top expert, and they were connected to the Great Path of this world. That was why when a Holy Saint died, the Hidden Dragon Continent's Great Path's Principle would react by sending the fluttering blood snowflakes.

The man on the Heavenly Secret Peak had deep eyes, but his face was full of grief.

A Holy Saint died, and the earth and heaven were mourning him.

Until now, what could kill the expert at the Holy Saint level was just that distant Heaven Pass Tribulation.

The Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass had an outburst of a great, terrifying war-a war between the Hidden Dragon Continent and the intruders.

The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was broken, and the Great Path's Principle was insufficient.

The peerless experts had interfered, tearing the Great Path, weakening it so it couldn't stop the Netherworld's experts from invading the place.

The holy lands' Holy Saints had protected the Heaven Pass for a long time. Of course, they had to put their best to protect this world, fighting bloodily until they died.

Sighing one more time, the man's eyes looked helpless.

All of a sudden, the man's eyes moved, his line of sight falling to the place under the Heavenly Secret Peak. There, he saw the resolute-faced Mo Liuji, who was climbing to the peak of the mountain.

Boom! Boom!

A thunderclap crossed the sky. It lit up the area for a moment.

Mo Liuji lifted his head and saw the figure standing on the Heavenly Sacred Peak, who was briefly illuminated by the lightning.

"Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign..."

Mo Liuji's eyes were complicated. The Saint Sovereign, who had gone for a long time without any word of news, had returned.

However, he hadn't brought the Saintess back with him.

Granny Mo didn't survive.

With grief in his heart, Mo Liuji didn't use his power. He was like a mortal, climbing step after step toward the Heavenly Secret Peak.

It was so dangerous and difficult. However, it helped Mo Liuji's heart rest and settle a little bit.

Eventually, Mo Liuji reached the peak, standing in front of the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign.

The image in his vague memory had finally become clear, and the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign's face became more familiar in his eyes.

"Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign... Mo Tianji, you finally gave up and came back?" said Mo Liuji in a nonchalant voice. He looked at the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign with an indifferent expression.

This strange but familiar face touched him. However, this man had left home for dozens of years. It had turned Mo Liuji's sentimental emotion into ice.

Mo Tianji looked at Mo Liuji, his eyes complicated. He eyed the latter, who had grown up resembling him, and sighed.

"Son, your father is back."

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign had gone to the Endless Sea. He went there to search for information for the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, spending dozens of years doing so. Mo Liuji had become a good-looking man from a three-year-old toddler.

Anyway... This time, when Mo Tianji came back, the entire world had changed.

"You're not my father. You're just the Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign..." Mo Liuji said with a cold face. He added, "Granny Mo is gone. The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk is destroyed. And... the Heavenly Secret Saintess is wounded really bad. She's dying... As a matter of fact, she almost died."

Mo Tianji clasped his hands, calmly listening to Mo Liuji.

Compared to Mo Liuji, he looked more mature. He had experienced years of vicissitudes.

"I know... Everything you said had been predicted by Granny Mo. In the past, she protected the Heavenly Secret Holy Land and sent the Heavenly Secret Saintess away to protect the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. Anyway, Granny Mo was old. There were many things she couldn't see clearly..." said Mo Tianji.

Granny Mo wanted to die, and now Mo Tianji told Mo Liuji that Granny Mo's death was meaningful.

Granny Mo had brought up Mo Liuji. At this moment, the grief in his heart burst out. He kneeled, sobbing.

He hated his weak cultivation base. He hated himself for being useless.

Mo Tianji sighed. He walked forward and raised his hand to rub Mo Liuji's head.

"It's alright... Dad's home. As long as I still have one breath left, those filthy animals from the Netherworld can't touch the Heavenly Secret Holy Land.

"I will go there to pick up the Saintess. We must take her back. Don't cry, child. You've done a good job."

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign talked gently, his words soothing the other's soul.

Mo Liuji was really tired. Immediately, his eyelids felt heavy. He couldn't help but close his eyes and lie on the ground, breathing steadily.

Mo Tianji hugged Mo Liuji's body, hushing and snuggling him like a sleeping baby.

After a while, he stepped forward. His body floated up, slowly flying toward the Heavenly Secret Main Hall.


Bu Fang gently exhaled. He actually fumed white smoke.

He balled his body on the chair, watching the big snowflakes fluttering in the sky. The heavy snow had a blood-red color that amazed him.

The temperature suddenly declined. It was wintertime.

Bu Fang wore a velvet robe. Curling up on his chair, he felt warm and cozy.

It was warm inside the restaurant. Under the Path-Understanding Tree, Lord Dog was fast asleep. Nethery was holding a glass of Sour Plum Juice, drinking contentedly.

Flowery, who was sitting beside Nethery on the deck of the Netherworld Ship, was also holding a glass of Sour Plum Juice. Both of them dangled their fine, white legs as they sipped on their drinks.

Chu Changsheng drew a chair, sitting next to Bu Fang. His long, white hair fanned, which made him look really handsome.

"Today... It actually changed so fast. Owner Bu, it's so cold today. Should we end our business hours early?" Chu Changsheng turned to Bu Fang, talking with a smile.

Bu Fang cast Chu Changsheng a sidelong glance, saying nothing.

Chu Changsheng laughed loudly.

The snowflakes fell, piling in front of their door. The blood snow made people's hearts even colder.

The Valley of Gluttony had begun to repair itself. Although the damage was serious, the recovery this time went well and orderly. As they had experienced it already, the recovery was really smooth.

The long street of the Valley of Gluttony was repaired. The restaurants and inns on both sides were rebuilt as well.

The Phoenix Pavilion, which was opposite to the Taotie Restaurant, had completely recovered. Anyway, they didn't have many customers.

Because of that incident and the heavy blood snow, their business had turned so awful.

Many restaurants had closed early, and their staff gathered around braziers to warm themselves.

Mu Chen wrapped herself in a thick fur coat. However, she wore a short dress, which exposed her sexy and creamy thighs.

She marched, hurriedly heading to Owner Bu's Taotie Restaurant.

Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng clasped his hands as he walked forward.

Many chefs were about to visit Bu Fang's restaurant for a little chat.

These days, because their business wasn't really good, they were kind of free. As they didn't have many things to do, they gathered to chat.

They came to the restaurant, ordering the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine and some dishes to enjoy while talking to each other.

Wenren Shang had put his bamboo flask aside to run to Bu Fang's restaurant. Making a comparison, he found the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine tasted better.

A long time later...

Today's business hours were over.

Bu Fang asked the others to leave. Stretching his sore back, he opened his fur coat and slowly walked out of the kitchen.

He pulled the wooden door, which squeaked as it had a tinge of old age, and climbed the stairs. With creaking sounds, he walked to the corridor.

He pushed his door.

In his room, starlight was twinkling.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess Ni Yan laid on his bed. Starlight enhanced her exquisite, beautiful appearance, which was pretty but somehow pitiful.

This pitiful beauty actually looked calm.

This woman... was she still unconscious?

Bu Fang frowned, walking to the bed. His slender, white finger pulled Ni Yan's eyelids apart. He stared at her eyes for a while.

Although Bu Fang made a gentle nod, he didn't actually know when this woman would wake up.

Bu Fang exhaled.

He took off his velvet coat and hung it on the clothes rack at the corner of the room.

He rubbed his hair, then headed to the bathroom. A moment later, the sound of water echoed from the bathroom.