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 Chapter 84: Cooking Red Braised Meat with True Energy Culinary

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Bu Fang did not expect the Red Braised Meat to be the dish unlocked this time. He still remembered the taste of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's Braised Spirit Pork. Even though Bu Fang found many flaws in the end, he had to admit the taste was pretty good.

As a chef, it was impossible for Bu Fang to not have tasted Red Braised Meat before and he was quite familiar with its cooking method as well. However, he did not immediately get started as the system's Red Braised Meat might have a different cooking method.

Bu Fang called out the system's description of the Red Braised Meat.

"Cooking method of Red Braised Meat: The use of true energy culinary is required during the cooking process. It tests the host's control over true energy as well as the handling of ingredients. The meat used is from the fifth grade spirit beast, Heavenly Punishment Deer, from the Wildlands. The meat has a rich aroma, but easily spoils and becomes inedible if the host makes a mistake during the handling process."

The cooking method provided by the system for the Red Braised Meat was indeed different from the ordinary method. Bu Fang was somewhat surprised that true energy culinary was actually required during the cooking process. Would all of the dishes unlocked in the future require the use of true energy culinary?

Furthermore, the meat used for this dish was actually venison instead of pork, which was the traditional ingredient for this dish. This was also greatly out of Bu Fang's expectations.

Bu Fang stopped in front of the cupboard and opened it. A chunk of reddish venison was placed inside. It might be due to the fact that this venison was from another world, but its subcutaneous fat was slightly thicker than other venison that Bu Fang had seen before and was somewhat similar to pork. However, there would definitely be a difference in the tenderness of the two kinds of meat.

A strange fragrance was emanating from the venison. It was a type of fragrance that did not evoke a person's appetite, but would induce them to smell the aroma.

Bu Fang took out the venison and carefully placed it on the chopping board. As he exerted his will, the pitch-black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand.

The kitchen knife spun around in his hand for a while, then Bu Fang scraped the surface of the venison and removed a layer of miscellaneous fat. Next, he brought out some spring water and soaked the venison for a while.

After hitting the venison with the back of the knife, Bu Fang expressionlessly lifted up the kitchen knife.

There was only one thing to note when handling the Heavenly Punishment Deer, it was being fast while ensuring the smoothness of the slices. This would allow the fragrance and the spirit energy within the venison to coexist in harmony and prevent the meat from becoming astringent.

This was the first time that Bu Fang used the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, but there was no sense of ineptness in the slightest. The speed of his hands were very fast as he sliced the meat. With his Level One Meteor Cutting Technique close to culmination, this was not difficult for him.

Ton ton ton ton!

The clear sound of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife making contact with the chopping board resounded inside the kitchen. Within a short while, the chunk of venison was sliced into pieces. Each piece was smoothly cut and the handling was almost perfect.

Bu Fang poured the boiling spring water into a bowl with the venison. The pieces of venison were completely immersed in hot water.

Then Bu Fang began the preparation for other matters. This time, he did not fill the wok with oil since he could use the venison's grease. If he added oil, the different smell of the oil would affect the taste of the dish.

Letting the wok heat up, Bu Fang waited until the temperature was just enough to scald his hand. He then removed the venison that was blanched in hot water, and extracted the moisture from each piece of venison using true energy before throwing them into the wok.

As these pieces of venison entered the wok, a sizzling sound rang out and a rich fragrance continued to exude from the venison.

Bu Fang was not bewitched by the aroma. He took out a block of brown sugar prepared by the system, crushed it into powder form and turned his attention to the wok.

When grease started seeping out from the venison, Bu Fang poured the brown sugar into the wok and started stir-frying with a wok spatula.

There was a certain rhythm with Bu Fang's stir-frying. This was from his experiences as a chef.

Once the brown sugar melted into syrup form and enveloped each piece of venison, the venison that was originally whitish turned bright red in color. The meat was emanating a rich fragrance without restraint, which had completely enveloped the kitchen.

After pouring spring water into the wok, Bu Fang placed a lid over the wok. At that moment, he became serious as well since the true energy culinary portion of the cooking process was up next.

He circulated the true energy vortex residing within his dantian and directed his true energy into the wok to enclose each piece of venison.

The bubbling sauce within the wok was causing the pieces of venison to wobble, and the subcutaneous fat of the venison was glistening like jade. The venison was continuously releasing a meaty aroma along with a rich fragrance.

Once the sauce within the wok had mostly evaporated, Bu Fang withdrew his true energy. He removed the lid of the wok and began stir-frying. The sauce that was much thicker than before completely enveloped each piece of venison.

After adding salt and soy sauce, the meaty aroma finally stabilized. The meaty aroma was accompanied with a rich fragrance while intertwined with a sweet scent... Just by smelling this aroma, Bu Fang felt a sense of hunger and was salivating.

Taking out a blue and white porcelain plate, Bu Fang poured the Red Braised Meat onto the plate. The new dish was successfully completed.

Even though true energy was needed during the cooking process, Bu Fang was far more proficient compared to the previous time when he cooked the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup. It might have something to do with his breakthrough.

As Bu Fang carried the plate of Red Braised Meat out of the kitchen and into the dining area, he was suddenly startled.

The reason was Blacky was already sitting at one of the tables with blinking eyes as it stared in Bu Fang's direction... More precisely, at the plate of Red Braised Meat in Bu Fang's hands while letting its tongue hang out.

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth twitched. "This lazy dog, it's already eager to eat from smelling the aroma of meat. However, the fragrance of the Red Braised Meat is indeed extremely enticing. It's even superior than the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs."

Bu Fang took out another plate and placed it in front of Blacky before he started scrutinizing the plate of Red Braised Meat. Or perhaps calling it Red Braised Venison might be more appropriate.

White steam was rising above the Red Braised Meat. The rind of the venison was rosy. The next layer of fat was white and not greasy. The final layer of lean meat was crystal clear and beautiful.

After giving one piece to Blacky, Bu Fang picked up another piece of Red Braised Venison and put it in his mouth.

The flavor of this dish was very unique. Once the meat passed through his lips, the faint sweetness of the sauce blossomed in his mouth. Immediately, he subconsciously bit down on the venison's rind. The flavor of the meat exploded like a bomb and instantly enveloped his mouth and taste buds. With a slurp, the entire piece of venison slithered down his throat. However, an urge to eat another piece immediately sprouted within his heart.

In this manner, Bu Fang consecutively ate half the plate of venison, but he was still unsatisfied and completely unable to stop himself. It was as if he could not taste the flavor of the meat each time and he wanted to try once more.

Blacky was also gobbling down the meat with narrowed eyes filled with satisfaction. And so, the man and the dog soon finished off the entire plate of meat.

Satisfiedly curled up on a chair, Bu Fang breathed out a mouthful of hot air.

Blacky returned to its position at the entrance and cozily went back to sleep. Sleeping immediately after eating... That was indeed Blacky's style.

"After using true energy culinary, the taste of the venison was simply too good to describe! The Heavenly Punishment Deer's scent and the aroma of the meat had completely fused together! This flavor created a sort of uncontrollable and completely unstoppable feeling!" When Bu Fang recalled the taste of the Red Braised Meat, he could not help but stick out his tongue and lick his lips.

After resting for a while, Bu Fang placed the plate into the automatic dishwasher and headed for his room with a satisfied mood.

It was undeniable that sleeping after eating was sometimes a type of happiness.

However, just as Bu Fang reached the door to his room, the system's voice resounded within his mind once more.

Abrupt Mission: Would the host please get ready to proceed with your first ingredient capture by tomorrow. The ingredient capturing teleportation will take place the day after tomorrow.

(How would you see a rainbow without experiencing a thunderstorm? Young man, use your kitchen knife to subdue all ingredients.)

System reward: Rice Noodle Roll Cooking Technique