Nether King Er Ha brought the Three-Eyed Wild Lion to Bu Fang, trying to force a smile as he was somewhat embarrassed.

Bu Fang cast Nether King Er Ha a sidelong glance. He knew the Nether King's intention. This fellow felt embarrassed because the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was broken due to his carelessness.

He was afraid that Bu Fang would deduct his Spicy Strip, so he had to bring a top-quality cooking ingredient to make up for his mistake.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion was a Heavenly Ethereal Realm spirit beast. Of course, it wasn't ordinary at all. Its meat texture would be absolutely extraordinary. Although it couldn't be compared to the Taotie's Heart, it was much better than the normal Divine Soul Realm or even some Divine Spirit Realm spirit beast.

However, this time, the Nether King was wrong. Bu Fang didn't plan to deduct Little Ha's Spicy Strips.

Bu Fang was clear that it wasn't Nether King Er Ha's mistake.

Mo Ye's sudden move was beyond anyone's estimation. No one had thought that Mo Ye would burn himself to destroy the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

Anyway, Bu Fang had a headache as he looked at Heavenly Secret Saintess Ni Yan, who was lying on the ground, dying.

Ni Yan was someone he knew. If Bu Fang hadn't known her before, he wouldn't have cared. However, he knew Ni Yan so he wouldn't just let her lie there and do nothing.

Thus... Bu Fang had to find a way to save Ni Yan.

However, the system said that if Ni Yan wanted to live, she had to depend on her fate and fortune.

Bu Fang relatively believed in the system's words. No matter what, since he was in the Light Wind Empire, although the system would trap him sometimes, most of the time, it was serious and meticulous.

If the system mentioned fate, it wouldn't be solved with a dish.

Bu Fang walked to Ni Yan. Looking at the dying Ni Yan, who was covered in starlight, his brows slammed together as he was really begrudging.

"Whitey, scoop her up. We'll get back to the restaurant." Bu Fang turned and talked to Whitey standing next to him.

Whitey retrieved the War God Stick, its eyes twinkling. A moment later, it strode forward, gently extending the leaf-like hands.

Carefully, it scooped up Ni Yan's body, which was still covered in starlight.

Ni Yan's beautiful face looked pitiful and entirely ashen.

Her long hair hung like a silky black waterfall.

Bu Fang clasped his hands, walking toward the restaurant.

Chu Changsheng and the others caught up with him.

Nether King Er Ha scratched his head and smoothed his hair. Then, he raised his hand, patting at the Three-Eyed Wild Lion that was standing not far from him before heading to the restaurant.

Shortly, they entered the restaurant.

By the restaurant's gate, Mo Liuji, whose face was filled with despair, was leaning against the door frame, his eyes like ash.

The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was destroyed, and the Saintess was wounded and dying...

Granny Mo had died in vain.

No, it should be like that...

Granny Mo's deduction was meticulous. How could she make a fatal mistake like that?

Granny Mo had said that if the Saintess stayed in this restaurant, she wouldn't be in danger, and they could protect the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, too.


Everything was just a lie. The Saintess Her Highness was about to die, and the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was already shattered...

Everything headed in the wrong direction.

No... He wanted to take Saintess Her Highness back to the Heavenly Secret Holy Land. When the Saint Sovereign comes back, he'll definitely have some method to save her..."

Mo Liuji's eyes sparkled as he got an idea.

A gleam of light flashed in his eyes. Mo Liuji stood up, looking at Bu Fang.

"Hand Saintess Her Highness to me..." Mo Liuji's eyes looked hopeful when he looked at Bu Fang, pulling the latter's Vermillion Robe.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, looking at Mo Liuji who was covered in blood.

"You can't save her," said Bu Fang.

"Give me the Heavenly Secret Saintess... The Saint Sovereign will definitely save her! Even when the Saint Sovereign can't, the Holy Saint surely has some method!" Mo Liuji's eyes turned a little frantic as he shouted at Bu Fang.

His mind was somewhat chaotic.

The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was shattered. As he had promised Granny Mo to take care of the Saintess, he felt so bitter and sorrowful.

He blamed himself. He was so unwilling... He hated his weak cultivation base!

He was actually too weak...

Why wouldn't he be a little stronger?!

"Listen to me... You guys can't save her. No one can save her." Bu Fang frowned, talking unquestionably.

Slowly, he lifted the Heavenly Secret Saintess from Whitey's hands. The soft sensation made Bu Fang's brows arch.

The star radiance expanded, covering Ni Yan's body, looking a little mysterious and magical.

"Whitey... ask him to leave," Bu Fang said. He didn't turn his head back, walking inside the restaurant. Shortly, he disappeared from Mo Liuji's sight.

Mo Liuji immediately moved. At this moment, bringing the Saintess back to the Heavenly Secret Holy Land was the only thing he should do. Thus, he must take her back there... Even if he had to seize her... He had to!


However, as soon as he slightly moved, Whitey's leaf-like hand had palmed his face.

"Move! Let me go!"

Mo Liuji was enraged!

His true energy released. Although he was hurt severely, even if he had to risk his life by burning his cultivation base, he would have to do that to get back the Saintess.


Whitey's eyes flashed.

Mo Liuji couldn't get rid of the puppet's power. No matter how fierce he had shot his true energy, he couldn't do anything.


Whitey's hand moved. Then, Mo Liuji staggered backward for several steps.

Bu Fang walked toward the stairs. Cocking his head to one side, his indifferent voice reverberated as he said, "You should leave... If you want to take Ni Yan away, ask your holy land's Saint Sovereign or Holy Saint to come here. The Saintess is hurt badly. What do they want to do with her?"

Bu Fang's voice had a tinge of anger.

Hearing him, Mo Liuji was dumbfounded. He could never imagine Bu Fang would say such words.

Ni Yan? Who was Ni Yan? The Saintess Her Highness?

Oh, so the Saintess Her Highness was called Ni Yan...

Wait a minute!

How did Owner Bu know the Saintess's real name? Even he didn't know Her Highness' real name?!

And... What did Owner Bu mean? Ask the Holy Saint or Saint Sovereign to come and pick her up?

Mo Liuji's eyes shrank. He was a little bewildered as he considered it.

A moment later, he found himself flying across the air. Making a curve, he landed outside the restaurant.

He felt coldness brush against his skin, causing him to shudder. Instinctively, he checked his body, and his eyes shrank instantly.

Because... he found his clothes were all blasted away...


Why... Why was he stripped naked? Where the f*ck are his clothes?

Pulling himself together, Mo Liuji's face reddened.

Bu Fang's words had awakened him. It looked like Owner Bu and the Saintess knew each other. Otherwise, he wouldn't call her name.

If they knew each other, it meant the Saintess would be safe staying at Owner Bu's.

Actually, Mo Liuji was a little indignant, but he agreed with Owner Bu's words as well.

The Saintess had to endure such damage, and Granny Mo was killed by the devils... Everything was related to the Saint Sovereign and the Holy Saint. If they had stayed and guarded the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, those demons would not attempt to attack them!

Thus, Bu Fang's words made Mo Liuji feel like he was filled with wisdom. He covered his lower body, looking at the restaurant. However, he couldn't see anyone at the entrance.

He turned around and staggered, limping away.

Bu Fang held Ni Yan as he slowly climbed the stairs. Standing at the corridor, he was hesitant where he should take Ni Yan to.

Thinking for a while, Bu Fang opened the door of his own room.

After entering, he placed Ni Yan, who was still covered in starlight, on his soft bed.

Looking at her pale face and her weak breathing, Bu Fang sighed.

"Die or live, it's predestined. Richness and honor depend on Heaven's will. Whether it's good fortune or calamity, it depends on yourself..." said Bu Fang.

He pulled and tucked the blanket on her, then turned around, leaving the room. He went downstairs back to the restaurant.

At the moment, many people were in the restaurant.

Lord Dog had already laid under the shade of the Path-Understanding Tree, squinting as if it was sleepy.

Flowery was contentedly sitting cross-legged by Lord Dog. Her energy was surging continuously, and her aura rose as if she was about to change.

Nether King Er Ha took his seat on a table with the Three-Eyed Wild Lion crouching by his feet. It was shivering in fright.

Chu Changsheng had changed into his waiter uniform. His body had so many bruises. After the fight, his entire body was covered in wounds.

Even with his fast recovery speed, some wounds couldn't be healed that fast.

When Bu Fang descended the stairs, people's eyes turned to him.

Bu Fang was indifferent. Under their gaze, he didn't feel uncomfortable at all.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes brightened. He seized the time and waved at Bu Fang.

"Bu Fang young man, this cooking ingredient... Do you like it?" Nether King Er Ha smiled.

Saintess Zi Yun was sitting next to him. Nether King Er Ha was really reluctant to face this woman.

He couldn't control himself that much.

Bu Fang curiously looked at the Three-Eyed Wild Lion. The corners of his mouth rose.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion was afraid of the Nether King but not Bu Fang. As that little human was observing it, the Three-Eyed Wild Lion immediately stood up, opened the mouth to roar.

Terrifying pressure shot out from the Three-Eyed Wild Lion.


Bu Fang didn't even bat an eye on it.

Nether King Er Ha raised his hand, slapping the Three-Eyed Wild Lion in the head.

"Why did you bark?! Lie down," ordered Nether King Er Ha.

Three-Eyed Wild Lion immediately laid back down on the floor, shivering hard.

Being a smart spirit beast, Three-Eyed Wild Lion's sensitivity was clear. It could feel the murderous aura from the Nether King. If it didn't obey, the Nether King could kill it single-handedly.

It didn't want to die. Thus, it obeyed.

"Not a bad ingredient. I'll take it. I'll use five Spicy Strips to exchange for it," said Bu Fang.

Nether King Er Ha was bewildered. A moment later, he faced the sky, laughing. One of his hands covered one side of his face.


Nether King Er Ha slapped the table, saying, "Deal!"

A glint flashed across his eyes. It seemed he had just figured out a good way to exchange for Spicy Strips...

It turned out he could work that way. Why did he find it too late like this?

Meanwhile, the sky outside began to change...

The Hidden Dragon Continent... was changing!