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 Mo Ye's vertical eye immediately released a blazing radiance. It was torn, becoming a space crack. A gruesome claw thrust out of the crack, and it seemed like something really horrible was about to crawl out.

As soon as Mo Ye's body had been ripped apart, his crazed laughter ceased and turned into an agonized roar.

Everybody in the Valley of Gluttony had their hearts shook once, and they had to take a deep breath of cold air.

That horrible image was all over their imagination. They had never seen such a terrifying image before.

Not only that that man was torn apart, becoming a space crack, but another more intimidating creature was crawling out of that crack.

Lord Dog laid on his belly on the ground. The dog's eyes rose, looking at the horrible existence crawling out of the fissure created by Mo Ye's body. His mouth twitched, mumbling something.

It seemed the dog paid no attention to the horrible thing that was coming out of the space crack. It even had a gleam of disdain on its face.

Nether King Er Ha's face turned a little darker. His sleek, black hair fluttered in the air, pulled and struck the void.

He exhaled gently as he took out another Spicy Strip. Opening his mouth, he bit it. He clasped his hands as he stood there in the void. The fissure wasn't far from him, and it was slowly torn apart.

Nether King Er Ha was a little enraged because Mo Ye had tricked him, making him somewhat embarrassed.

He wanted to see what Mo Ye wanted to play further. Being the Lord of the Netherworld, Nether King Er Ha had his own pride as well.

No matter what horrible fellow appeared, it would receive his formidable attack.

Boom! Boom!

Right now, the Great Path's Principle of the Hidden Dragon Continent was about to collapse. After the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was broken, the intact, perfect Great Path's Principle began to have a hole. Some experts then started to attack that hole in an attempt to tear the Hidden Dragon Continent's Great Path's Principle completely.

At first, the Hidden Dragon Continent's Great Path's Principle wasn't really strong. And now, with a hole, it became weaker.

Rattle! Rattle!

The void was torn open, and a giant monster wormed out of the crack.

It was a dark blue monster that resembled a wild lion. This lion had an open mouth in its head, which had a revolving eyeball inside.

After the three-eyed demon lion got out of the crack, it hovered arrogantly in the sky. Its claws hit the void, shaking and breaking it.


The lion's roar echoed everywhere.

Everybody felt their hearts shiver.

That lion roar seemed to sound right in their minds, making their soft bodies quiver continuously.

It was an intimidating lion roar that came with a mountain-like pressure, suppressing people's chest and suffocating them.

"Demon Eye Clan of Ruin Prison... Three-Eyed Wild Lion? A spirit beast at the Heavenly Ethereal Realm?"

Nether King Er Ha indifferently, looking at that Three-Eyed Wild Lion. With a Spicy Strip in his mouth, his face was cold and heedless.

"If you're the Three-Eyed Wild Lion, you should be following some expert from the Demon Eye Clan?"

The Nether King's eyes were cold, but they appeared to experience all that life had offered. Because of Mo Ye, Nether King Er Ha had no good feeling for the entire Demon Eye Clan.

Indeed, behind the Three-Eyed Wild Lion, a figure slowly walked out of the space crack. He was wearing jet-black armor, and he had two curved horns on his head.

Mighty and terrifying-this was the first impression that that figure gave others.

However, Nether King Er Ha and Lord Dog didn't really mind that figure at all.

As soon as that figure appeared, he mounted the Three-Eyed Wild Lion. The dark blue lion had an intimidating aura that could subdue the whole region.

"Finally, the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was broken. Now that the Great Path's Principle has weakened, no one can stop our Ruin Prison!" that expert said as he sneered.

A moment later, his eyes scanned the area. The first one he saw was the one who stood nearest to him, Nether King Er Ha.

Mo Ye was dead. This expert knew that. He felt a little regretful because no matter what, Mo Ye was from the powerful later generation of the Demon Eye Clan.

"Who killed our Demon Eye Clan's genius? Come here... and receive your death!"

Riding on the Three-Eyed Wild Lion, that expert had his aura expanded everywhere as he talked coldly.

Nether King Er Ha looked at him in amusement. The Spicy Strip in his mouth rose when he made an evil but handsome smile, which made the expert shiver unknowingly.


Mo Ye's soul floated up from the mess of his body and hovered by that expert.

The expert was a little happy as Mo Ye's soul remnant hadn't scattered yet. Since Mo Ye had burned his demon marks, his divine soul would be burned down altogether.

As long as his soul existed, he could have a chance to resurrect. With the Ruin Prison's ability, there was a chance for him to do something like that.

Mo Ye's soul was a little blurred. All of a sudden, he opened his eyes wide when he saw the Three-Eyed Wild Lion and the Demon Eye Clan's expert.

However, from a distance, Mo Ye was so frightened when he met Nether King Er Ha's eyes, which were filled with murderous intent.

He had tricked the Nether King and seized the chance to destroy the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. Of course, the Nether King would get angry. The expert's prestige shouldn't be offended, let alone tricking the Lord of the Netherworld who had happened to stay in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

He must report this to his superior.

Mo Ye opened his mouth, his face full of fear. He looked at the expert of the Demon Eye clan, attempting to say something.

However, Nether King Er Ha, with a Spicy Strip in his mouth, raised his finger and pointed at Mo Ye's soul.

An invisible wave expanded, immobilizing Mo Ye's soul at his spot. He couldn't say anything else.

"You dared to play with this king... No need to say anything. I'm going to deliver you to Earth Prison, so you can have a good... transmigration," Nether King Er Ha said casually.

A moment later, his body shot out a terrifying aura.

Behind Mo Ye, a void was torn open. A horrible suction force arose, sucking Mo Ye's soul into it.

Mo Ye was frightened and tried to wiggle out, but he couldn't do anything to resist.

The void closed, and Mo Ye's soul disappeared completely...

People didn't know what kind of torment the so-called transmigration was. All they know was that Mo Ye was terrified of it.

The Demon Eye Clan's expert hadn't expected to see Nether King Er Ha shouting in front of him.

He was riding the Three-Eyed Wild Lion, and that man still dared to take action. The space crack behind him was unexpected.

As the soul was devoured, it meant Mo Ye was utterly dead.

No one could save him.

A genius of the Demon Eye Clan died right in front of him. The Demon Eye Clan's expert was more enraged.

The two vertical eyes on his forehead opened, releasing dazzling light.

"You... should die!"

It seemed that Mo Ye wanted to tell him something. However, he couldn't finish before that man had interfered. The Demon Eye Clan's expert's flame of anger arose.


The Demon Eye Clan's expert stepped on the Three-Eyed Wild Lion. Immediately, the Three-Eyed Wild Lion roared angrily. Its body crossed the sky, dashing toward Nether King Er Ha.

Its mouth opened, releasing a powerful bestial howl, which was so ear-piercing that it made people's minds shiver.

Nether King Er Ha watched everything indifferently. His eyes were cold, and his face was emotionless.

Demon Eye Clan... Harrumph!

His body shook.

A ten-meter phantom arose behind Nether King Er Ha. It was the phantom of a true Demogorgon. Its pressure was enough to make the Demon Eye Clan's expert numb.

The fierce, savage Three-Eyed Wild Lion had become a soft kitten at that moment. It crouched in the void.

Under that pressure... the beast didn't dare to move.

What was going on?

The Demon Eye Clan's expert was bewildered.

What the hell was that?

Wasn't he in the Hidden Dragon Continent? Why did such an existence appear in this place?

Nether King Er Ha looked at him coldly. A moment later, he raised his hand, slowly patting.

Nether energy twirled in the sky. Shortly, it became a giant palm that pressed the Demon Eye Clan's expert down.


The Demon Eye Clan's expert was terrified and unwilling. Facing Nether King Er Ha's wrath, he couldn't do anything to resist.


He became... dust under Nether King Er Ha's palm.

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion crouched on the ground, shivering. It didn't dare to move. Its majestic, imposing appearance had gone.

That Demon Eye Clan's expert was what the Demon Eye Clan's High Priest had prepared in case Mo Ye's team failed. He would be summoned and destroy the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

As soon as Mo Ye was killed, he would be summoned instantly.

Even the High Priest had never thought that his arrangement would cause the death of both of his men.

Nether King Er Ha walked slowly. With a Spicy Strip in his mouth, he strolled toward the Three-Eyed Wild Lion.

He raised his hand, patting the beast. Eyeing the Three-Eyed Wild Lion, he curled his mouth into a smile.

"Little lion, this king's Spicy Strips, whether I can have them or not... I have to count on you."

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion was so scared its lion mane deflated, sticking on its body.

The wind came howling, fluttering Nether King Er Ha's hair. He smiled tenderly, rubbing the lion.

Mo Ye was dead.

The Valley of Gluttony's disaster this time seemed to end here. The Valley of Gluttony was protected.

People looked at the black clouds scattering in the sky, and slowly, the sunlight shot through the layer of clouds. Their faces appeared happy, as if their burden had been lifted away. However, they could feel something different in the sky.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. The Demon Eye Clan's expert was smashed to death by the angry Nether King Er Ha without a second to wiggle. However, Bu Fang didn't care about that.

His eyes fell on the Heavenly Secret Saintess, or Ni Yan, from a distance.

He walked forward, approaching Ni Yan.

Whitey's eyes sparkled as it followed behind Bu Fang.

Ni Yan's face was ashen, and blood trickled down the corners of her mouth. Her aura was weakening, and her vitality was draining.

If her body hadn't had the starlight that flashed from time to time, Heavenly Secret Saintess Ni Yan would have died already.

"It's you again..."

Bu Fang's eyes were a little complicated. He hadn't expected to meet someone he knew from the Light Wind Empire.

"System... can she be saved?" Bu Fang frowned, asking the system inwardly.

The system didn't answer him immediately. After a long time, its serious voice arose.

"There is no way to predict something like this. Life and death depend on one's will. If they live, they will possess endless chances. If they die... there's nothing much to say about it."

Bu Fang was speechless. It was no different from saying nothing at all.

Since they were acquaintances, Bu Fang wanted to find a way to save Ni Yan. However, the system seemed to be unwilling to provide a method.

"Bu Fang...?"

Someone called him.

Nether King Er Ha rode the giant Three-Eyed Wild Lion, landing from the sky.

He forced a smile, looking at Bu Fang. He patted the giant Three-Eyed Wild Lion and said, "Bu Fang young man, look what this king brought you. The best, top-quality cooking ingredient..."

Bu Fang glanced at the Nether King, his eyes indifferent. It made the latter shiver inwardly...