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 The terrifying phantom seemed to cover the entire sky.

Nether King Er Ha wore an indifferent expression, looking cold and arrogant. Deep in his eyes was a chill that could freeze people's hearts.

This was a completely different Nether King Er Ha, which was a complete opposite of his usual hilarious form.

At this moment, the Nether King had finally shown Bu Fang the aura of the Lord of the Netherworld.

Lord Dog raised his head, looking at Nether King Er Ha for a while. His mouth couldn't help but twitch.

This fellow wanted to raise a storm here? If the Hidden Dragon Continent's Great Path's Principle was here, would he be reckless and act cool like this?

The Lightning Punishment would strike him to death!

Different from the others, Mo Ye felt fear the most. The formidable aura from that phantom made him feel like he had just returned to the Netherworld.

Facing the real peerless existence of the Netherworld...

This feeling... is simply too terrifying!

That phantom... That aura... Such a feeling had reminded him of a tremendous existence.

There were so many intimidating existences in Earth Prison. However, the real peerless and famous ones were just several.

That black dog was one, and the man in front of Mo Ye had reminded him of another intimidating existence.

They were the high-echelon creatures of the Netherworld. No matter if it was in the Ruin Prison, the Earth Prison, or the Nether Prison, they were all infamous overlords of the whole region.

The ten-meter phantom had made Mo Ye, who had burned his demon marks and gone on a rampage, completely stunned.

"Nether.... Netherworld's King?!"

He lifted his head to look at the demon phantom. The phantom had subdued him, making him shiver in fear. The flame on his body also dimmed a lot.

At this moment, he had only three words he wanted to say, "What the frick!"

He suffered from that dog from Earth Prison, and now, it was that supreme, lofty Lord of the Netherworld...

Did he step on dog's sh*t today? Ah no, cat sh*t. From now on, every topic related to dogs was taboo.

Mo Ye's mouth was trembling. Under Nether King Er Ha's prestige, his mind quivered and was about to collapse.

Actually, he had already collapsed.

He inhaled then exhaled.

Mo Ye kneeled down one more time, right in front of Nether King Er Ha. Not long after, bean-sized teardrops rolled down his face.

His heart was in so much pain, his mind sorrowful...

This time, he sobbed sincerely and wholeheartedly.

He did want to cry. Thinking about this experience, he felt he had suffered from the most brutal and inhumane misfortune.

A black dog had ravaged him, and a hilarious moron had ravaged him as well.

Inside the burning black flame, Mo Ye cried and screamed his heart out. His sobbing was especially loud this time.

Teardrops awfully squeezed out, crossing the corners of his eyes, falling.

Tap. Tap.

His tears were like beads falling from a broken necklace. He was so sad that he found it hard to breathe.

Nether King Er Ha nonchalantly looked at Mo Ye, who was kneeling and sobbing on the ground. He cocked his head to one side, then gently exhaled.

The aura on his body slowly scattered.

The horrible phantom disappeared, and the frightening pressure that had immobilized Mo Ye also dispersed.

Nether King Er Ha scratched his head and smoothed his hair. He wanted to make that young man cry. And now that the young man was crying, he felt ashamed if he continued to beat him.

He still got a soft heart after all.

Mo Ye felt the pressure applied on him disappear, and he couldn't help but lift his head. His face, which was covered in the black flame, had a gleam of joy.

He slowly got up, approaching Nether King Er Ha.

"Sir... You are from the Netherworld, sir? You are the supreme Lord of the Netherworld?"

Mo Ye's face was so fascinated when he looked at Nether King Er Ha. His voice trembled, as if he was so thrilled yet full of respect at the same time.

Nether King Er Ha felt satisfied hearing that.

Right, it's him. It's him, definitely him.

The supreme existence of the Netherworld. He was the Lord of the Netherworld... Er Ha!

"Young man, you're not bad... You recognized this king. Tsk tsk tsk... You will have a bright future." Nether King Er Ha's mouth curved. He smoothed his hair, then let strands of his hair fan.

"I didn't recognize you earlier. I hope you won't..."

Nether King Er Ha squinted. This Mo Ye's talking pleased him.

All of a sudden...

The moment Nether King Er Ha raised his brows, and when Mo Ye was near to him, the latter suddenly moved.

In just a split second, he dashed away. A light shadow appeared in the void, tearing it.

Tens of thousands of black flames rose and surged.

Mo Ye plunged, arriving right at the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk above the Heavenly Secret Saintess's head.

This series of moves happened in just a glimpse of time, shocking everyone.

A moment later, everyone took in a breath of cold air.

Nether King Er Ha pulled himself together. Looking at Mo Ye, who had disappeared in front of him and now reappeared at the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, he was enraged in an instant.

He had been tricked!

That evil handsome bastard had sweet-talked him in order to trick him... His real target was actually to attack the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk!

So, all the words of that fellow were just to deceive this king?!


A gleam of frenzy sparked in Mo Ye's eyes. Indeed, his real target was the thing hovering above the Heavenly Secret Saintess' head all this time, the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk!

As long as he destroyed the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, his mission was accomplished. Even if he were beaten to crying twice by a dog and a man, if he broke the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, he wouldn't bear any loss!


He had burned all of his demon marks. Once the demon marks were burned, it meant he was actually burning his vitality. Although he could receive tremendous power afterward, his longevity would be shortened, and he would face death earlier.

It was the same when Granny Mo detonated her Divine Altar. With the same principle, burning the demon marks was similar to bursting the Divine Flame.

Everybody was bewildered. They did not expect to see Mo Ye, who was sobbing and asking for mercy earlier, to attack the wounded Heavenly Secret Saintess.

He wanted to eradicate her?

"Heavenly Star Catcher Disk! Break for me!"

Mo Ye's body shot energy, and a terrifying flame appeared, shooting up into the sky. His body became blurry.

A punch came violently. Instantly, flames sparked everywhere in the sky.

The flame at his glabella exploded, and the two vertical eyes on his forehead immediately merged into one.

Frightening energy waves rippled from his vertical eye.

The flame and the rippling energy blended, bursting. It seemed strong enough to shatter even the void.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess hadn't foreseen Mo Ye's move. At this moment, her heart contracted tightly.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess lifted her head. Under the pressure from the formidable flames and energy, her hair fluttered, flying.

Her blood-dyed veil was lifted, flying away as well.

It was just a glimpse of time, but everybody had their eyes on her...

Since the veil was gone, the Heavenly Secret Saintess's face was revealed. It was an exquisite and beautiful face that made people gawk and drop their jaws.

Her beauty... mesmerized people.

Her jade-like nose was straight with a high bridge. Her skin was porcelain white like a carved gem. Her two eyes were like bright stars in the sky. With soft, succulent, red lips, her facial features blended together to form a beautiful picture. In spite of her being in pain, people would sink into it at first glance.

Beautiful. Too beautiful to behold...


The Heavenly Secret Saintess's eyes shrank. She was so frightened as she had never thought that Mo Ye's target was her Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

Granny Mo had sent her here to protect the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. If the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was broken, it wasn't different from wasting Granny Mo's effort, was it?

The Heavenly Secret Saintess wanted to stop him, but she had no strength to do that.

Her cultivation base was too weak.

No, actually, her cultivation base wasn't weak. It was just that her enemy's cultivation base was too powerful.

Bu Fang was stunned when he saw the Heavenly Secret Saintess' face exposed.

The moment the veil was lifted away, he recognized that the Heavenly Secret Saintess was an acquaintance of his.

That extremely beautiful face emerged in his memory...

Bu Fang's mouth moved, and he couldn't help but mumble, "It's her..."

The Heavenly Secret Saintess was the Celestial Arcanum Sect's Seventh Elder, the beautiful, gluttonous woman called Ni Yan.

And now, Ni Yan's appearance has greatly changed, and so was her cultivation base. Her appearance was now somewhat aloof and out of the ordinary.

Anyway, her eyes didn't change much.

Another acquaintance.


The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk sensed dangers, spinning rapidly. That terrifying revolving movement made people inhale deeply.

Ripples of powerful energy expanded, booming and reverberating in the sky.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

Everybody was bewildered. In their eyes, so many energy stars were moving.

The starlight beams fell, making people's eyes blurred.

However, Mo Ye's eyes were still frantic. He hadn't restrained any bit of his power, throwing all he got to the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

The light blue Heavenly Star Catcher Disk moved rapidly. Then, all of a sudden, it came to a halt...

People's eyes shrank to the size of a bean when they saw that fine cracks had appeared on the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.


A loud explosion echoed.

The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk blasted apart instantly!

Ptui! Ptui!

As her soul was linked with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, Ni Yan spurted blood. She looked like a withered flower when her eyes went blank and she fell on the ground.

Blood flowers scattered in the sky. They became blood mist, slowly dispersing.

The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was broken.

At this moment, Nether King Er Ha and Lord Dog were baffled.

Nether King Er Ha lifted his head to look at the sky.

Lord Dog's nose twitched as he looked up at a distance.

Boom! Boom!

Dark clouds gathered rapidly in the sky, rising like thunder-lightning dragons.

All of a sudden, an invisible hand reached the sky. It brutally smashed the dark clouds, drawing the lightning dragons and squeezing them broken...

Everything happened fast in flashes of electric lights.

A moment later, everybody got their minds back, and many people were utterly confused.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess seemed to die the moment the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk broke?

From the restaurant, Mo Liuji, who was covered in blood, limped out. Blankly watching this scene, he tightened his fists and pounded the ground. His face was filled with disbelief and resentment.

In the end... The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was destroyed!

Countless starlight beams fell, shining on the pitiful yet beautiful body of the Heavenly Secret Saintess.

In the Gluttony Square, all the people sighed in regret.

Nether King Er Ha's teeth bit off a Spicy Strip, his brows knitted together.

The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was destroyed... and it's all because of him. If he hadn't been careless, that Mo Ye couldn't have destroyed it!

Thus, Nether King was enraged. That Mo Ye's respectful and sweet words had fooled him and made him let down his guard.

His form disappeared in just a flash then reappeared in the sky above Mo Ye.

Mo Ye was laughing crazily even though the demon flame was burning him.

He laughed with abandon, as if he wanted to make up for all the pain he had endured.

Finally, the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was destroyed!

Boom! Boom!

A moment later, the vertical eye on Mo Ye's forehead burst open. His body directly cracked into two halves as a void fissure appeared right there.

A massive claw reached out of that fissure.

The horrible aura slowly expanded, and a figure could be seen crawling out of the space crack on Mo Ye's forehead...