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 "Are you ready... to be beaten up until you cry again?"

Nether King Er Ha's voice sounded somewhat lazy. His sleek, black hair fluttered, accentuating his wickedly handsome face. Decorated with a Spicy Strip at the corner of his mouth, he looked somehow gloomy but beautiful.

However, his words made Mo Ye's speechless and dumbstruck.

They really said it again. So, everybody wanted to beat him until he cried now?

Let alone that dog. No matter what, that dog's identity was frightening. Anyway, how did the man in front of him get the guts to say the same words? Did he think that it would be easy to bully Mo Ye?

No matter what, he was an expert from the Demon Eye Clan in Ruin Prison. The Demon Eye Clan was a big clan in the Ruin Prison with countless experts. Besides that black dog, who did Mo Ye fear?

"Get lost! Anyone who stops me will die!"

Mo Ye got angry. The vertical eyes on his forehead opened, and thick energy gathered in them. Shortly, it became a black energy ball. His aura increased rapidly.

He was so resentful and furious. The flame of anger burned in his body as if it wanted to tear his chest to get out.

He was afraid and subdued by Lord Dog. Thus, he wanted to run away even though his original plan was to destroy this Gluttony God City entirely, eliminating all creatures living here.

He would destroy the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk altogether.

However, that dog appeared and interfered with his plan. It was totally out of his expectations.

A dog had beaten him up until he cried. It was so humiliating. No... Actually, he didn't really lose his face when he was beaten up by a dog. He lost his face when he was beaten up by a dog while being watched by so many people.

Thus, Mo Ye's wrath had reached its pinnacle.

At this moment, someone didn't treasure his life and came to stand in his way. He courted death himself.

The energy on those vertical eyes became thicker. Since he didn't use this attack on Lord Dog, this time, he must carry it on completely.

He must show everybody that he, Mo Ye... wasn't weak!

He was only weak in front of that dog!

Boom! Boom!

Clusters of clouds rolled, gathering above Mo Ye's head. They looked even blacker, entangling with darkness.

A moment later, Mo Ye opened his mouth, roaring and shouting. His voice reached the nine-tiered sky.


A low sound reverberated.

His roaring stopped.

Mo Ye went stiff at his spot. A chill was sent down his spine.

The young man in front of him had disappeared before his eyes could catch his shadow. Then, he reappeared right in front of him. One of his fingers rose, pointing at the black energy ball at his glabella.

"Young men these days are so tyrannical... Dared to yell at this king. Too mischievous."

Nether King Er Ha's face was indifferent. One of his fingers touched the energy ball in front of Mo Ye's vertical eye.

The energy ball was about to blast. However, at this moment, it couldn't even wiggle. It was suppressed, and it couldn't explode.

That aggrieved feeling made Mo Ye so upset that he wanted to cry. It felt like a long-time fermented feces... a constipated feeling that people couldn't ignore.

"You..." Mo Ye's face twisted. He suddenly felt so cold.

That fellow... could stop his attack with only one finger?

It was a little terrifying...

"Seems you aren't ready to be beaten until you cry yet... Too bad, this king won't give you time to prepare. Cry now. If you cry, you don't have to suffer much," said Nether King Er Ha.

After a moment, a wisp of Nether energy wound around his finger.

Seeing the Nether energy, Mo Ye's eyes shrank. He felt a familiar aura from that wisp of energy.

That aura... was similar to the aura from that black dog.

Similar... Similar?

What the f*ck?!

The man in front of him came from Earth Prison, too?

What the h*ck?!


The Nether energy shot out. Waves of terrifying energy exploded instantly.

Mo Ye's energy ball, which he had condensed for a long time, exploded right in front of his forehead. His entire body helplessly fell from the sky to the ground like a falling cannonball.

Dust rose from the ground.

Black smoke and energy still rolled in the sky.

Nether King Er Ha held a Spicy Strip. When his mouth moved, the strip also rose.

"You young man dared to yell at this king... Harrumph."

Nether King Er Ha whipped his long hair. Strands of his hair fanned, revealing his charming face as his body slowly descended to the ground.

The crushed stones on the ruin rattled for a while. A body covered in black blood crawled out of it.

Mo Ye panted. He seemed to be wounded hard. His body looked shattered with so many wounds.

The energy he had gathered for a long time burst out in an instant, and it had almost exploded him to death.

Luckily for him, he didn't die.

The vertical eyes on his forehead twitched. A moment later, they opened.

It was also his fortune that his two vertical eyes weren't affected in such a short-distance explosion.

The Demon Eye Clan always protected their vertical eyes since they were their pride and their main attacking tools.

"Who... Who are you? I, Mo Ye... Do I hold any grudge against you?" Mo Ye lifted his head, showing his indignant face. He coldly said through his gritted teeth.

Nether King Er Ha clasped his hands, squinting. His mouth slightly moved, and the Spicy Strip was drawn in a little further.

"No grudge. To receive a Spicy Strip, I have to help him eliminate the disaster," answered the Nether King said.

Hearing that, Mo Ye was so angry he had almost vomited blood. What the heck was a Spicy Strip?!

So, Mo Ye couldn't be compared with some damn Spicy Strip?

He was madly infuriated!

"You're also from the Netherworld... Why would we destroy each other? After the Heaven Pass Tribulation, the Netherworld will invade the Hidden Dragon Continent. Since you and I are clearly from the same side, why don't we talk nicely first?" said Mo Ye.

The Heaven Pass Tribulation had started. This time, the Ruin Prison was really confident that they could break the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass. Then, the experts from the Ruin Prison would carry out a mass-scale invasion to occupy the Hidden Dragon Continent completely.

At that time, the Demon Eye Clan would send some experts to establish a base here. It wasn't too late to finish this Gluttony God City.

Anyway, before that, he had to find a chance to break the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

When Mo Ye thought about the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, his eyes flashed as he exhaled gently.

His line of sight crossed Nether King Er Ha, falling to a place not far from him.

The pale Heavenly Secret Saintess was sitting cross-legged there. Above her head was a giant, spinning star compass that was releasing beams of radiance.

That was the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, the one he wanted to find a chance to destroy.

Mo Ye was bewildered.

When he pulled himself together, he found the other had approached him.

Nether King Er Ha indifferently looked at Mo Ye. Holding a Spicy Strip in his mouth, he said, "You shouldn't talk. You should cry instead."

Cry your sister!

I had been beaten until I cried, and you actually want me to cry again? What is wrong with this world?

Mo Ye's eyes shrank. He was enraged one more time.



He parted his lips, wanted to talk more. However, a palm had interrupted him before he could spit anything.

That palm patted Mo Ye's head, making him stagger backward.

Dumbstruck. Completely dumbstruck!

When Mo Ye could get a hold of himself again, he was madly enraged. The flames burned in his four eyes.

"You dared to hit me?" Mo Ye furiously looked at Nether King Er Ha.

The Nether King's mouth moved a little bit. The Spicy Strip was shifted to the other corner as he threw Mo Ye a glance.

What did that fella mean? The mangy dog could beat him, but this king couldn't?

What did he get to appreciate the mangy dog and disdain the Nether King?


Carelessly, Nether King Er Ha threw another palm.

His hand slapped Mo Ye's head. It wasn't hard, but it was enough to make Mo Ye stagger several steps backward.

Mo Ye was shaking. He raised his hand, pointing at Nether King Er Ha.


His hand was slapped swollen.

Mo Ye was so furious.

Nether King Er Ha slowly walked forward. His aura condensed to a terrifying level.

That aura was enough to subdue Mo Ye's aura, causing it to dwindle.

While retreating, Mo Ye had attempted to say something. However, every time he opened his mouth, he was interrupted by a slap on his head.

He was so aggrieved. He didn't know why he had a feeling like he was a little kid being bullied by a bigger kid.

"Will you cry or not?"

Nether King Er Ha's palm came again. Mo Ye's head had almost swollen. He retreated and tumbled on the ground on his butt.

"Ah! I'll risk it! You are really taking it too far!"

Mo Ye was madly furious that his chest almost exploded. His vertical eyes opened to the largest extent. His body shot up from the ground.

Nether energy coiled around his fists as he attacked Nether King Er Ha.

Facing this attack, Nether King Er Ha looked absent-minded.

At first, he was afraid of the Great Path's Principle. After all, he got struck by lightning many times.

However, Mo Ye and his partners in crime had blindfolded the Great Path to come to the Hidden Dragon Continent. Thus, the Nether King could use all of his power without worrying about getting lighting strikes.

Since Nether King Er Ha could use his power as he pleased, why would he be afraid of Mo Ye?

Just a slap and Mo Ye's fists were pushed back. His hand flipped and patted Mo Ye's head one more time.

Mo Ye got hurt. He tumbled several steps back, covering his head.

He was so angry his tears almost overflowed his eyes.

Turning around, he began to stride and run away.

Since he couldn't resist, why shouldn't he run away?

However, he couldn't get rid of Nether King Er Ha. He was caught, and his head was slapped crazily again...

The entire surroundings quieted down...

Everybody was so baffled watching this scene, and their mouths couldn't help but twitch.

It was actually a serious combat, but now, it became a comedy.

Everybody felt sorry for Mo Ye for a second.


After a loud attacking sound, Mo Ye was sent to the ground by Nether King Er Ha one more time.

"Why don't you cry? Are this king's hits too light for you?" Nether King Er Ha yelled as he hit him.

Far from them, Bu Fang glanced at the Nether King, while Lord Dog mumbled and shook his head.

That moron...

Mo Ye was so madly infuriated. He could be killed, but he refused to be insulted...


Another horrible energy shot out from him. Instantly, as Nether King Er Ha wasn't vigilant, he was blown away by the airwave.

His body flew, falling far away.

Mo Ye's face turned sinister and ferocious. His skin now had a cyan hue. The two mysterious yet fierce marks were dancing.

That demon marks seemed to ignite, burning. Mo Ye's aura rocketed instantly.

"Even if I have to die today... I will drag you damn creature to my grave with me!" Mo Ye roared furiously.

Because of Nether King Er Ha's suppression, he must protest. Where there was suppression, there would be protests.

Nether King Er Ha frowned, holding the Spicy Strip. He gently exhaled.

"And you haven't cried yet..."


The demon marks were burning to the utmost, sparking with a black light. This flame had an extremely high temperature, and it covered Mo Ye's body completely!

Nether King Er Ha just looked indifferently.

He raised one hand and shoved the Spicy Strip he was sucking into his mouth, slowly chewing.


After swallowing the Spicy Strip...

Nether King Er Ha lifted his head. His eyes turned dark and profound. Behind him, a giant, black phantom arose.

That phantom was around ten meters high, diffusing sky-devouring Nether energy. A moment later, the phantom opened its eyes. It seemed the earth and heaven here had just been torn.

Mo Ye's burning body shook instantly. His flame somewhat dimmed out.

"That... That phantom... That pressure... Is it..."