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 "You... You are that dog from the Earth Prison?!"

Mo Ye was frightened, looking at Lord Dog. After getting hit several times by the dog's paw, he had finally pulled himself together.

Although he came from the Demon Eye Clan in the Ruin Prison, he knew many things about the Earth Prison. Among the three Prisons of the Netherworld, the Nether Prison was the most mysterious that not many people knew about it. But the Earth Prison was different. It was really intimidating, much more than the Ruin Prison. And, the formidable existences there were too many to be counted.

If Mo Ye's memory weren't wrong, that dog... should be an extraordinarily terrifying lord of a whole area in the Earth Prison.

How could that sort of existence appear on this Hidden Dragon Continent?

Why in the world did it appear in the Valley of Gluttony in the Hidden Dragon Continent?

Was this a joke?

At this moment, Mo Ye shivered inwardly. He really wanted to cry as he thought he would see the tragedy of his life in the next moment.

There was nothing more to say.

Nether energy shot out from Mo Ye's body. His foot fiercely stomped the ground. His body sprang, zooming like a lightning strike toward the far area, trying to escape.

He didn't want to die. Facing that dog, he must try to escape and hide...

Even if he risked his life, he would have no chance against him!

It seemed as though Lord Dog had calculated that Mo Ye would run away. Thus, he didn't bat an eye. The dog's paw rose as he gracefully walked his feline gait.

A moment later, the dog disappeared and reappeared right in front of Mo Ye, who was running away.

Mo Ye's four eyes all opened wide. He felt a chill expanding from his feet to his entire body.


Mo Ye cursed under his breath, his flying body halting.

And, welcoming him was a giant, towering black energy dog's paw that covered even the sky.

The dog's paw had some sort of black energy circulating around it, which was so familiar to Mo Ye. It was the aura of creatures from the Earth Prison...

That sort of aura helped him confirm the black dog's identity.


After a loud boom, Lord Dog had pounded Mo Ye's body from the sky to the ground. The ground was dented in a dog's paw shape.

Fine cracks appeared at the edges of the dent, reaching further to all directions.

From a far distance, Nether King Er Ha sucked a Spicy Strip, watching the scene amusedly.

"That fellow seems to recognize the mangy dog. Maybe... Oh, well. He scares people," commented Nether King Er Ha as he sucked and pulled a Spicy Strip, shaking his head.

Recognized Lord Dog's identity?

Bu Fang's eyes also brightened. He was actually curious about the lazy dog's identity. Not long after he had settled in the Light Wind Empire, that lazy dog had arrived and stayed until now.

Of course, he would be lying if he were to say that he wasn't curious. Bu Fang just couldn't believe that Lord Dog was really mighty and mysterious.

This should be a dog with some old stories.

Rubbing his chin, Bu Fang thought that he should find a chance to dig for Lord Dog's history from the Nether King or from Lord Dog himself. No matter what, with Spicy Strips and Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, he wasn't afraid that these two wouldn't say a word.

"Anyway, we said that we should hit him till he cries. Why hasn't he cried yet? You mangy dog... weak chicken," the Nether King said.

Flowery lifted her head, excitedly watching Lord Dog. Her big eyes sparkled when the Tri-Flower Snake Eyes moved with some mysterious energy. Her fists were held tight as she swung them from time to time.

Bu Fang glanced at Flowery. That little girl wasn't an ordinary and law-abiding person. It was clear that she got tyrannical genes in her bone. When she was beaten, she knew she should hug Lord Dog's thigh to get her back to the field.

Kids these days... You shouldn't provoke them.

From the ruin, Mo Ye staggered, trying to climb up.

He spurted blood, his face pale. Without a word, he turned around and continued to run away.

Just thinking about that black dog's identity, Mo Ye felt his legs turn to jelly.

He hated it!

That black dog ate until he was full, and he got nothing to do but to run to that damn restaurant in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

How did this place even match Lord Dog's status?

Rumble! Rumble!

Mo Ye placed both of his hands on the ground to support his body. His mouth distorted as he looked at the fat dog in the distance, shivering.

Lord Dog cocked its head to one side, indifferently looking at Mo Ye in the eyes. His magnetic voice reverberated in the air as he said, "Tell me... Do you want to cry?"

Cry your sister!

Mo Ye was so aggrieved. He was so upset he could even vomit blood. That black dog shouldn't humiliate people even when it got superb power.

You would get lightning struck with that pose!

Mo Ye cursed under his breath. The Nether energy shot out from his body once again. He turned, trying to escape.


Indeed, he hadn't made even two steps before Lord Dog patted him into the ground one more time.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

After an uncountable amount of hits, the ground was shaking and cracking unceasingly.

The onlookers were numb and speechless. Everybody in the Gluttony Square wore a dumbfounded face, their eyes blank.

The invincible, swaggering demon was patted and didn't even have the guts to counterattack. Were they dizzy? How could such a terrifying situation happen?

Bu Fang and Nether King Er Ha sat down cross-legged as they looked at Mo Ye with disinterest.

"That fellow is so tenacious. He hasn't cried although Lord Dog's slapped him to that appearance... Just cry a little bit and it's done, will you? Well... really naughty!"

Nether King Er Ha hated it, so he had to bite his Spicy Strip once.

Every time Lord Dog swung his paw, Nether King Er Ha's heart would twist and bounce as he was afraid that Lord Dog couldn't control his force well and kill that fellow.

Once he was killed, he wouldn't have a chance to ask for Bu Fang's Spicy Strip, would he? That would be unacceptable!

"You should cry now..." Nether King was angry.

Actually, Mo Ye wanted to cry now. He, Mo Ye, had never been in such an embarrassing situation. A dog was playing with him. Although it wasn't any ordinary dog, it was still a damn dog!

Cough. Cough. Cough.

He coughed dryly, fuming dust from his mouth. He crawled out of the ruins one more time. This time, he didn't run away.

Turning around, he looked at Lord Dog, the black dog with shaking rolls of fat, floating in the air. Flames of anger burned in his eyes.


The vertical black eye opened. Tens of thousands of energy wisps were gathering fast.

Mo Ye's energy gushed. He became so terrifying. In front of his vertical eye, a black energy ball hovered with the furious energy that could tear the void.

"I won't hide! I will risk my life with you!"

Mo Ye was so enraged. He wiped the black blood on his mouth, talking indignantly.

The energy in his body gathered entirely as he was planning for a suicidal attack. No matter what, he couldn't escape. Even if he had to die... He would die full of power and grandeur!

As he could have a great battle against the legendary existence of the Earth Prison, it was enough for Mo Ye to die!

"Come, you black dog of the Earth Prison! Let me enlighten you..."


The energy gathered shortly. A beam of energy condensed as if it was about to tear the space.

Mo Ye's aura surged at this moment.

However, the moment his energy reached its pinnacle...

A dog's paw came from the sky.

He was pounded into the ground one more time, and the energy he had condensed was broken by that paw...


He spat a mouthful of black blood.

Mo Ye felt he could never love this life again.

Lying on the ground, he didn't even want to move... Why wouldn't he just die like this? Where did that torment come from...

Anyway, Mo Ye hadn't died yet. His body convulsed, and rocks rolled down from him as he crawled out of the ruin.

Mo Ye looked at the indifferent-faced, fat-shaking Lord Dog. An unknown sadness churned inside him, making his nose wrinkle.

Lord Dog looked at him.

The magnetic voice echoed. "Are you about to cry now?"

Mo Ye rolled his eyes at Lord Dog and said, "Brother dog... You won. Can you just let me do what I want? You can kill me, but you can't humiliate me!"

Mo Ye felt his eyes reddening. However, he tried to hold back his tears.

"Seems it's not enough... Here comes another paw."

A moment later, Lord Dog raised his exquisite paw. In the air, energy gathered into a giant dog's paw.

That dog's paw hovered above Mo Ye's head. Energy moved violently, making Mo Ye not feel attached to this life anymore.

Thump. Thump.

Mo Ye kneeled on the ground, facing Lord Dog. A moment later, he covered his face and bawled loudly. Bean-sized drops of tears rolled from his eyes.

To survive, he had to cry out loud.

As his aggrievance had reached its peak, Mo Ye had no solution. If he wanted to live, he had to cry.

However, Mo Ye had crossed his heart to wash this disgrace away later.

Thirty years in the east bank, thirty years in the west bank... (*)

(*) A proverb used to describe the ups and downs in one's life. Historically, the Yellow River has been diverted several times, which had made the villages on the east river bank turn into the west river bank.

He was really upset.

Mo Ye had planned to fake his crying for a while. However, as soon as he did that, his grievance burst out. It seemed Mo Ye had been badly damaged mentally and physically, as if he was a dog's toy.

Thus, as he started to cry, he couldn't stop.

He was crying miserably, looking really pathetic as he did so.

Lord Dog felt a little awkward... The dog's nose twitched for a while.

From a far distance, Flowery excitedly wielded her little fists when she saw Mo Ye crying loudly.

That fellow had bullied her, making her cry. And now, he had the experience of being beaten up until he cried.

Loli's revenge wouldn't be late even after ten years! It wasn't that she didn't take revenge-her time hadn't come yet!

Everybody exchanged looks. They all felt awkward as they didn't know what to say.

That mighty demon was crouching on the ground, crying his heart out. He seemed to collapse inwardly.

Mo Ye had tears rolling and his nose running. He had cried a lot, and he had to gasp for his breath.

Bu Fang felt odd. He didn't know whether he should cry or laugh.

Sitting by Bu Fang, Nether King Er Ha shot up from the ground. His eyes bloomed with bright light.

His hair fluttered in the wind. His bangs hung, covering half of his face. He held one hand to cover that half of his face. A Spicy Strip protruded from the corner of his mouth.

"Finally, it's my time to shine... Bu Fang young man, remember the Spicy Strip you've promised this king. I also want to beat him till he cries."

Mo Ye cried. Eventually, he was subdued by Lord Dog's paw.

Lord Dog wasn't interested in this. His mouth twitched as he glanced at Mo Ye, who was crouching and crying on the ground. He wagged his tail as he walked with a feline gait back to Flowery.

"He's beaten up and crying. Are you pleased now?" Lord Dog looked at Flowery, asking casually.

Flowery was so excited. Her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes moved as she smiled.

Mo Ye didn't expect to see that terrifying dog walk away like that... Did it spare his life?

Wiping tears on his face, Mo Ye's heart had hope.

Since he wasn't killed, he should flee fast!

Thus, Mo Ye soared up from the ground all of a sudden. The thick Nether energy wound around him...


He wanted to tear the void, aiming to run far away to escape.

However, he had just flown up and dashed for several meters when a shadow stood in his way.

It was a charmingly handsome face that even the women had to be jealous of.

His sleek hair draped, outlining his sad but handsome face. With a Spicy Strip in his mouth, he looked even sadder...

Mo Ye's eyes focused. A moment later, his flame of anger burst out!

Someone wanted to stop him!

"Don't mess with me! Get lost!"

He was furious, and he just wanted to run away. That black dog had frightened him, making him too miserable. He felt as though he had to escape and report to the High Priest about this.

The mighty existence from the Earth Prison was staying in the Hidden Dragon Continent...

Once this news was sent, everyone would tremble with shock.

Nether King Er Ha covered half of his face with one hand. He leaned, raising his head as he glanced at Mo Ye, still sucking the Spicy Strip.

His mouth twitched, and in a muffled voice, he asked, "Who asked you to get lost?! That mangy dog beat you until you cried. And now... It's this king's turn."

Mo Ye was bewildered.

A moment later, Nether King Er Ha raised his finger, pointing at Mo Ye. His mouth moved, shifting the Spicy Strip to the other corner.

"Are you ready... To be beaten up until you cry again?"