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 "Let Lord Dog beat hit him up until he cries."

A manly voice resounded in everyone's eyes. Surprised, they looked in the direction of the restaurant, seeing a plump black dog striding forward as though it was a cat.

As it walked, the excess fat on its body jiggled. The fact that it was a dog walking like a cat made the onlookers' jaws drop.

The way it wagged its tail was somewhat mesmerizing.

Behind the plump dog was a little girl.

The little girl had blood all over her, and her eyes were wet with tears. As she followed the dog from behind, she looked up in anger at Mo Ye, who was hovering in the air.

That fellow had beaten her up until she cried. At first, she didn't want to cry because she had to maintain the dignity of a divine beast. However, she was just a little girl, and she had never been bullied that way before. Thus, she cried. And now, Lord Dog sought to take revenge for her.

Lord Dog's words drained the excitement from Nether King Er Ha.

What the heck? What did this mangy dog mean?

Nether King Er Ha tried to pull himself together, but he was really upset. He bit his Spicy Strip and sucked on it harder, then he sent a piercing glare at Lord Dog.

"You mangy dog, what do you want to do? You're not sincere. You're stealing someone else's deal, you know. In ancient times, that is enough to get you locked up in a pig's cage before being drowned to death. Do you know that?" Nether King Er Ha yelled unhappily. With both hands on his waist, he glared at the dog, who was still walking like a cat.

He had already agreed on a price with Bu Fang, but that mangy dog had stuck his paw in the deal. This meddling was surely intentional.

The Nether King was enraged. The consequences of this would be serious!

Lord Dog's body fat jiggled as he strode forward gracefully, not paying Nether King Er Ha any mind. He walked past him without batting an eye.

Nether King was even more enraged. This mangy dog really wanted to go to heaven. Not only had he stolen his business, but he had also walked past him without giving him a glance!

Was he, Nether King Er Ha, someone with no status?

Flowery hurriedly followed Lord Dog. She wiped her tears and runny nose. She did not think good of Nether King Er Ha, who was being foul-mouthed to her avenger, Lord Dog.

Hence, she could not help rolling her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes at Nether King Er Ha. It seemed as though she wished to shoo him away with her gaze.

Nether King Er Ha was not happy seeing that look. As he sucked on his Spicy Strip, the corners of his mouth curled up into a disdainful sneer.

Bu Fang had not expected Lord Dog to volunteer. His gaze shifted from Lord Dog to the little girl following behind him. When he saw Flowery covered in blood, his face darkened.

Who had put little Flowery into such a pitiful situation?

Now, Bu Fang was angry. He coldly gazed at Mo Ye, who was hovering in the sky.

That guy?

He had injured both Chu Changsheng and Flowery, and now, he was attempting to squeeze Shrimpy to death...

That fellow was courting death.

"Blacky, beat him until he cries. After that, I will cook you Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs!" Bu Fang coldly said.

Lord Dog paused, the fat on his face jiggling.

Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs? It would be so delicious.

Lord Dog hadn't eaten such a dish in a long time.

In the Light Wind Empire, he had eaten dragon meat several times. Even though they were not meat from high-level dragons, they could still be classified under dragon meat.

"Bu Fang boy, just wait and watch the fun unfold!" The corners of Lord Dog's lips curled upward.

Nether King Er Ha looked at Bu Fang, and then at Lord Dog. His nostrils enlarged as he wasn't happy at all.

"You mangy dog! You have stolen this king's business! Stop right there! We should fight three hundred matches first!"

Nether King Er Ha was so angry that every hair on his body stood on end.

This time, Lord Dog looked at Nether King Er Ha. He pursued his lips as if he was thinking about something.

"Can you beat Lord Dog?"

Nether King Er Ha stiffened instantly. He was more enraged!

Up in the sky, Mo Ye quietly watched the man and the dog exchange words. As he did so, flames of rage rose inside him.

What are they doing?

Who did they think he was? Stealing business? Such humiliation... He, Mo Ye, from the Demon Eye Clan of Ruin Prison, had never endured such humiliation before!

These two... must die!

"You! Shut up!" Mo Ye screamed.

Waves of terrifying Nether energy surged out from Mo Ye, covering the sky. He was unable to stomach the humiliation any longer. He hated the fact that he could not instantly kill those two with just his glare.

However, neither the man nor the dog was afraid of him. On the contrary, they looked up at him with indifference.

"You shut up!"

Mo Ye was dumbstruck. When he finally came to, he felt as though his lungs were going to explode from the rage. This manner of humiliation had increased his rage even further!


He was so mad that he was focused only on the two. Suddenly, he felt something slide down his hand.

Little Shrimpy had used this chance to wriggle out of his grasp, and the moment it did, it turned into a beam of light and escaped.

It escaped pretty fast, too. All everyone could see was a flicker of golden light beaming away from him.

Bu Fang looked down at his shoulder and saw Shrimpy, who had just beaten a hasty retreat. It perched comfortably and began blowing bubbles from its mouth.

He gently rubbed Shrimpy.

Shrimpy's speed had become much faster. It seemed that this little fellow grew more complicated after every passing day.

"Escaped? You will all have to die, after all." Mo Ye coldly gazed at Shrimpy.

"Good! We'll do it this way. We will both take turns beating him up until he cries!" Nether King Er Ha, who was still sucking on his Spicy Strip, bargained with Lord Dog.

His anger had turned into excitement, for he believed he had found a solution that would suit himself and the dog.

Bu Fang expressionlessly watched Little Ha bargain with Lord Dog.

He knew that Little Ha would beat that evil bastard till he cried, and after that, Lord Dog would beat him up some more till he cried again.

This way, Bu Fang would have to incur a loss because he would have to provide two dishes, as compensation for making the bastard cry.

Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs for Lord Dog and Spicy Strips for the Nether King.

It seemed he was trapped.

Bu Fang was stunned by how those two had reached this compromise. This left him speechless.

Lord Dog smiled, then he turned and continued walking forward with cat-like steps.

"Let Lord Dog go first. I will help the little girl vent her anger."

Wagging his tail, Lord dog stepped up into the sky.

Flowery's eyes lit up. Her gaze was fixed on Lord Dog, who was walking across the sky.

After striking a deal with Lord Dog, Nether King Er Ha was no longer enraged. Instead, he rubbed his palms together, looking hopeful.

When Chu Changsheng, who was still lying on the ground, saw Lord Dog walking like a cat in the sky, he burst out laughing.

Without a doubt, that Mo Ye was going to die.

Whitey raised its War God Stick. The ferocious spikes on its body retracted, and it became chubby again. After that, it returned to Bu Fang's side and stood behind him.

Mo Ye's gaze shifted to Lord Dog, and his eyes narrowed.

The two vertical eyes on his forehead began to glow, and Nether energy began to gather around his body.

"You're just a dog, yet you dare to act cool in front of me?" Mo Ye raised his hands, and Nether energy rapidly condensed in front of them. He then added, "You are just a fat and meaty dog. I think you will taste delicious."

Suddenly, he vanished with a 'swish.'

There was no disturbance in the air after he vanished.

He reappeared right in front of Lord Dog. He brought with him an immense pressure and gusts of rushing wind.

The rushing winds caused Lord Dog's body fats to jiggle rapidly.

His palms, on which Nether energy had condensed, swung at Lord Dog's head.

The terrifying aura caused by the attack made the spectators suck in breaths of cold air. The dark clouds behind Mo Ye swirled rapidly.

This made Mo Ye resemble a peerless great devil.

Many people in the Gluttony Building's Square shivered.

That Mo Ye was too terrifying.



A dainty dog paw was raised, and it patted the incoming palms.

Mo Ye's pupils dilated. The condensed Nether energy in his hands had vanished.

He was frightened, all the pores on his body seemed to open up.

His vertical eyes gleamed. His figure flickered, trying to dodge the incoming paw.

In less than a blink of an eye, Mo Ye appeared several miles away from the dog. However, a low thud echoed as the paw still landed on his head.

What the hell?!

Mo Ye's head leaned to one side. Dumbstruck, he didn't know how the paw had been able to hit him.


Mo Ye rocketed down to the ground like a cannonball.

Chu Changsheng was still lying on the ground. He turned his head to one side and saw Mo Ye crash in an area not too far off.

The ground shattered, and crushed rocks were sent flying. The crash raised gusts of strong wind.


A flying rock hit Chu Changsheng's face.

This made him somewhat embarrassed.

Suddenly, the newly-created rubble exploded, and Mo Ye became a beam of black light, zooming back up to the sky.

His face was filled with rage. He had never thought that a black dog would smash him to the ground with his paw.

His vertical eyes glowed brightly with energy as he tried to see through Lord Dog.

What he saw, however, was the dog, who was standing far away, raising its paw once more.


A low boom echoed.

The dog's paw had landed on his head once more.

Mo Ye spat out a mouthful of black blood, and his body plummeted back down to the ground like a cannonball fired from the sky.

Chu Changsheng, who was still on the ground, had just brushed away the rock that had struck his face earlier, but only moments later, another flying rock struck his face.

Chu Changsheng suddenly felt that he could not love his life anymore. He brushed the new rock away and turned to his side. These people won't even let someone lie down on the ground in peace!


The new rubbled exploded, and Mo Ye forcefully emerged from within.

However, before he could steady himself, the dainty dog paw patted his head once more.

This made Mo Ye so angry, he felt like vomiting even more blood.

Shameless! These people could not even let others catch their breath, could they?


Crushed rocks flew in every direction.

A big rock careened through the air and struck Chu Changsheng's butt. This caused his face to become unsightly.

This time, Mo Ye did not attempt to fly back into the sky. He slowly crawled out of the new pile of rubble.

Blood dripped from his mouth. He looked somewhat depressed.

He had been unable to see through the black dog, and the dog did not emit any type of terrifying aura.

Was all this just his misconception?

He spat another mouthful of black blood.

Mo Ye's vertical eyes glowed brightly, and his face filled with anger.

"You, fat dog! Go and die!"


An insane amount of Nether energy coalesced in front of the vertical eyes, and the space around him distorted.

The two vertical eyes on the foreheads of experts from the Demon Eye Clan could unleash their strongest attacks!

Beams of white light shot out from the eyes towards Lord Dog.

Mo Ye sneered in disdain. He gazed intensely at Lord Dog, who was hovering in the sky, expecting to see it burst into pieces of meat when the light beams struck it!

No one could resist these light beams of his!

However, his face soon turned stiff.

He watched the fat dog casually raise a paw and gently tap the beams of light, and the beams were smashed to smithereens.

Eventually, the beams of light were reduced to dispersing motes of energy.

Oh, it was really gentle!

Why had the Demon Eye's light, which had worked everywhere he had used it so far, been stopped by a dog right now?!

He must have fired fake Demon Eye's light beams!

Lord Dog indifferently gazed at Mo Ye, whose jaw had dropped in astonishment. A manly voice echoed out. "You... Do you want to cry?"

Mo Ye's face stiffened.

Cry? Cry your sister! He was a mighty figure. It was he who-


Mo Ye's mind had yet to finish its thoughts before the dog paw pounded him back to the ground.

The ground quaked hard, and a deep crater was formed.

Chu Changsheng remained lying on the ground. However, when he felt the ground tremor so badly, he hurriedly stood up and ran away.

Although he had not died in battle, he was afraid that this fat's dog's paw could send him to his death.

"Do you feel like crying now?" Lord Dog asked again.

The rising clouds of dust dispersed.

Mo Ya crawled out of this rubble. His body was drenched in blood, and he was shivering hard.

He raised his head, and his vertical eyes were wide open.

As he gazed at Lord Dog, he seemed to recall something. When a memory returned to him, expressions of horror and alarm appeared on his face.

This black dog... so powerful.

Mo Ye shakily raised a finger at Lord Dog. That finger was shaking really hard. This dog now reminded him of an almighty existence.

"You... You are... that dog... from the Earth Prison?!"