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 Mo Ye suddenly froze. He narrowed his eyes at the restaurant not far from him.

The gazes of the onlookers had also shifted to that area, where motes of white light had gathered in the air and formed a mysterious array.

The array spun fast, releasing thick waves of mysterious energy as it did. Gusts of wind arose, and like a long dragon, they blew past the ground, sweeping up rocks and sand.

Four figures slowly walked out from the small sandstorm.

The gusts of wind eventually dispersed, and the four figures became clearer.

Bu Fang's hair was not held up by the velvet rope. Instead, it hung down, so the rushing winds caused it to flutter about.

Nethery's long black hair cascaded down to her waist. Her beautiful, slender legs swayed captivatingly, and her breathing drew the gazes of so many onlookers.

The third person looked strange. Although he was handsome and charming, with a flawless face and a woman-like skin to boot, he was sucking on a Spicy Strip. As he did so, his nostrils flared, giving the impression that he was enjoying himself a lot.

He was Nether King Er Ha, the Spicy Strip lover.

The last figure belonged to Lord Dog. As soon as the plump dog's paws touched the ground, he yawned loudly. After that, he began to stride towards the restaurant like a cat, his butt swaying every time he moved.

This journey had exhausted Lord Dog. Right now, all he wanted to do was lie down and have a good nap. Of course, if he could have a dish of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs before going to sleep, that would be even better.

Lord Dog strode at a fast pace. Although walking like a cat made him seem slow, before the onlookers could blink their eyes, the dog had already entered the restaurant.

When Lord Dog entered the restaurant, his drowsy gaze shifted to the Path-Understanding Tree, and his eyes widened instantly.

This was because someone else was already underneath the Path-Understanding Tree, occupying his spot.

The little girl, Flowery, was bloodied all over. She hugged the Path-Understanding Tree tightly as she cried. Her face was filled with tears, and her nose was running. She appeared so pitiful.

Lord Dog was bewildered. What had happened?

The dog naturally knew who Flowery was. This little Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python girl usually sat beside him every time to cultivate.

Since Lord Dog had gotten used to her presence, he did not give the girl any attitude. Even when the little girl stroked his fur, all he did was twitch his nose in response.

Now, however, the little girl looked so pitiful. Not only did she have her own blood all over her, but she was hugging the Path-Understanding Tree and crying her heart out. Just how aggrieved was she?

Walking like a cat, Lord Dog strode forward to check on the little girl.

It was at this point that the little girl seemed to sense Lord Dog's aura. She stopped crying and opened her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes to gaze at him.

Tears lingered in her little eyes, making her appear even more pitiful.

Flowery's mouth trembled, and her body shivered. Suddenly, she burst into tears again.

As the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, she had never once endured such humiliation. That man had beaten her so badly that almost all her snake scales had peeled off.

Feeling terrible, Flowery wished to cry some more.

She could do nothing more than cry at this point. When she saw Lord Dog, she burst into tears and hurled herself at him. Her little hands grasped the plump dog's legs and hugged them. She laid there and continued crying.

Lord Dog was stunned.

As though he had understood what transpired, Lord Dog remained quiet. His mouth twitched momentarily, but that was it.

This little girl was still a baby. In its infancy, the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python was no different from a child.

Lord Dog's ears fell, and his nose twitched some more.

Whoever dared to beat up the little girl did it so harshly that it made her shed this much tears... If he did not beat that person up, he would not be doing the little girl justice.

Lord Dog patted Flowery with his dainty paw for a moment. Then, it strode out of the restaurant like a cat.

At this point, Flowery stopped crying. She shakily crawled and got up. Without sparing a glance at her bloodied and ragged gold dress, she hurried after the dog.


Bu Fang furrowed his brows when he felt the intense pressure in the air.

The area surrounding the restaurant had been ruined. It had changed so much during the time he had been away.

Bu Fang turned to see Whitey in its God Slaying mode with the War God Stick in its grasp.

Behind Whitey was the Heavenly Secret Saintess. Her white dress and veil were dyed red with her blood. A radiant star compass hovered above her head.

In an area far away from them, Chu Changsheng could be seen shakily climbing out of a pile of rubble. Crushed rocks and sand rolled down his body as he crawled to his feet.

His body had shrunk, and he panted in exhaustion.

His white hair and face were covered with dust. As soon as he climbed out of the rubble, he spotted Bu Fang, and the corners of his lips curled up into a smile.

Then, he slumped back down on the ground, breathing heavily.

Owner Bu was back now. Anyway, he was quite tired already.

Moreover, without the boost from the Heavenly Secret Saintess' Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, he could not face off against that extraordinarily strong demon.

Chu Changsheng was sure that he could not defeat that guy. Right after the guy swallowed the divine souls of his two fellows, his aura grew to an unprecedented and terrifying level.

He had a feeling that that demon was about to break through from the Two-mark Heavenly Ethereal Realm to the Three-mark Heavenly Ethereal Realm.

That was akin to having three divine flames at the Divine Spirit Realm.

This sort of existence was a peak one in the sect master level. As Chu Changsheng had only just entered the Divine Spirit Realm, it was not surprising that he couldn't win against that sort of enemy.

In the Divine Spirit Realm, the experts with one to three divine flames belonged to the sect master level. The gap in their powers depended on the number of divine flames they possessed.

Although Chu Changsheng could now be considered a very strong existence at the sect master level, it was a pity that he was still weak in front of that demon.

Those who had four to eight divine flames were existences like the Saint Sovereigns of the holy lands.

Igniting a divine flame was really difficult because it required the accumulation of an enormous amount of mental force. Hence, if one had just a divine flame more than their opponent, the gap between their power would be akin to the gap between heaven and earth.

This further proved how formidable the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was, seeing as it could boost the cultivation levels of the user's allies by a whole realm.

Mo Ye hovered in the sky. The cut on his face had long since healed, and the scar left behind had vanished.

The recovery speed he possessed at his cultivation level was beyond the imagination of the people present.

The Divine Spirit Realm was astounding, and its experts were impressive and out of the ordinary.

The Heavenly Ethereal Realm was equal to the Divine Spirit Realm, of course, and it was just as impressive and out of the ordinary.

Mo Ye had Shrimpy in his grasp. The shrimp rolled its eyes and blew bubbles from its mouth.

The longer Mo Ye looked at it, the angrier he became. He had been wounded by this little shrimp, who was now pretending to be cute.

Absolutely unforgivable.

He intended to squeeze it to death, but something unexpected had occurred before he could do so.

The sudden appearance of that suspicious array had surprised him. Not only that, but the people who walked out of it had surprised him even more.

However, the surprise had now worn off, and Mo Ye's focus was back on Shrimpy. He exerted more force into his hand, intent on squeezing the shrimp to death.

In the Gluttony Square, Great White leaned against the wall. His eyes bulged, and his teeth gritted in rage.

That damn bastard wanted to squeeze Shrimp Ancestor to death!

The Shrimp Ancestor had gone inland, and some trash had bullied him!

That year, when Shrimp Ancestor was still in the Endless Sea, he was an overlord of an entire region. Whenever the Black Dragon King saw him, all he felt for him was respect.

Who would have known that the great Shrimp Ancestor was now a little shrimp? To top it off, he was currently pretending to be cute. And, worse, it was in a sticky situation. Someone was attempting to squeeze it to death!

Great White had tears in his eyes, feeling sorry for Shrimp Ancestor!

Bu Fang's gazed shifted to Mo Ye. He squinted his eyes and spotted Shrimpy being held tight in Mo Ye's grip.

Shrimpy was being squeezed so hard that its eyes were now bulging.

What was that fellow doing?! How could he treat Shrimpy like that?

Shrimpy, this little fellow, had followed him for a long time. Although Bu Fang only used it as a seasoning, he still considered it very important.

Hence, it was only natural that he would not allow that person to treat the shrimp in that manner.

Bu Fang made a step forward and shouted, "Let go of little Shrimpy!"

His indifferent voice rang out, reverberating throughout the surrounding.

Everybody who heard it was bewildered. The atmosphere turned awkward.

Whitey's eyes glowed, and then it used the War God Stick to smash the ground.


Suddenly, it thrust the stick at Mo Ye, who was hovering in the sky.

Mo Ye turned to face Whitey's attack, looking cold but calm. He disappeared instantly and reappeared right in front of the soaring War God Stick.

His feet gently landed on the stick. Under the crushing weight, the stick's trajectory changed, and it headed back to the ground.

Whitey caught the War God Stick shakily.

"Insect, I will deal with you later," Mo Ye said.

The two vertical eyes on his forehead glowed, and a beam of light was fired from it.

Nethery frowned. Nether King Er Ha, who was sucking on a Spicy Strip, looked interested.

"It's the Demon Eye Clan in Ruin Prison. How could a member of the Demon Eye Clan be in the Hidden Dragon Continent?" Nether King Er Ha curiously asked.

He glanced up at the sky, and he could feel the existence of the Great Path's Principle.

Logically, this man from the Demon Eye Clan should not be here in this continent. No matter what, since the Heaven Pass hadn't been broken, the Great Path still existed.

Mo Ye's gaze shifted from Whitey to someone else. This time, he was looking at Bu Fang.

The kid had just said something so embarrassing to him.

His demon eye could clearly see Bu Fang's aura.

Divine Soul Realm with a one-step soul ladder? Such a piece of thrash dared to yell at him?

"What are you? I'll crush this shrimp. What can you do to me?" Mo Ye sneered coldly. He had made up his mind already, so he was not really alarmed.

Not only did he want to destroy the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, but he also wanted to erase this city from the Hidden Dragon Continent. Everybody here had to die.

Mo Cha and Mo Sa were dead. They had been killed in this city of foodies. Hence, he wished the entire city to die with them!

Mo Ye's eyes were icy cold. He could not help frowning at Bu Fang.

The kid had no expression of fear while facing him. An insect at the Divine Soul Realm was unafraid of him? Were his prestige and cultivation level just there to serve as decor?

Rage began to surge in his heart. Then, he raised a finger.


Nether energy gathered at the tip of that finger, then it was fired at Bu Fang.

The beam of Nether energy was as thin as a thread.

Whitey suddenly appeared in front of Bu Fang and shielded him. It swung the War God Stick at the energy beam in an attempt to parry it.

After the collision, Whitey staggered several steps backward. The War God Stick was emitting wisps of cyan smoke.

"Want to stop me? Let me see how many strikes you can take from me, puppet." Mo Ye sneered. His finger flicked, and beams of Nether energy shot out from it.

The beams illuminated Nethery's face.

Nether King Er Ha sighed with the Spicy Strip still in his mouth. "The people from the Ruin Prison are always brutal like this."

"Bu Fang young man, give this king five Spicy Strips, then I will help you deal with that evil but handsome fellow."

Bu Fang frowned. He let out a breath and turned to the Nether King.


However, before Bu Fang could finish saying "okay," a majestic voice interrupted him.

Lord Dog gracefully strode forward as though he was a cat, causing his body fat to jiggle. The bloodied Flowery followed the dog from behind.

"Leave that fellow to Lord Dog. If I can't beat him until he cries, then Lord Dog will abstain from Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs for three days."