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 The pitch-black vertical eye on Mo Ye's forehead had projected a curtain-like black light. It was powerful beyond expectation, enough to frighten everyone watching.

Whitey reacted on time, but it blew the War God Stick away.

The starlight protection from the Heavenly Secret Saintess' Heavenly Star Catcher Disk could not endure that attack, and it was instantly shattered. After it was shattered, it turned into motes of light and vanished.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess instantly went pale before coughing out blood, which dyed her veil red.

She had not been able to control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk perfectly, and after it was shattered by that powerful attack, she was affected by the backlash. This left her bleeding and exhausted.

The people who thought that the Valley of Gluttony would win had gone quiet.

They didn't know what to say. Some of them could not even cheer because their words had gotten stuck in their throats. They gaped in embarrassment and fright.

After devouring Mo Sa's and Mo Cha's souls, Mo ye's aura became more formidable. Thick clouds swirled above him, exerting an utterly terrifying pressure to those below.

The pressure made some spectators unable to breathe properly.

Mo Ye clasped his hands behind him, and the corners of his lips curled. Both vertical eyes on his forehead were now open.

One of them was pitch-black and bottomless, and it had great suction power.

The other eye had white halos circling around it, which was capable of captivating the souls of people. This eye was very formidable.

This demon was much stronger than Mo Sa and Mo Cha. He had beaten up the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, making her cry. It was enough to prove how mighty he was.

Without boosts from the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, Chu Changsheng's aura and Whitey's aura dropped fast. Their cultivation levels had dropped by one whole realm.

This showed how powerful the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was.

Only those who had experienced its power, which had the ability to boost someone's cultivation by a realm, would understand how impressive it was.

Chu Changsheng's muscles bulged, and strands of his fluttering white hair poked the air as though they were swords.


The Heavenly Secret Saintess had gotten hurt in the blink of an eye. This caused Chu Changsheng to roar.

Facing a demon like Mo Ye caused Chu Changsheng's muscles to tremble in fright!


Chu Changsheng roared and pound both fists into the ground. The ground shattered, and in a moment, everyone could see a six-meter giant standing in the crater.

A suffocating aura shot out from Chu Changsheng's body.

As the situation was desperate, he resorted to the divine flame, entering the immortal Divine Spirit Realm.

Chu Changsheng felt much stronger. However, the energy from the Taotie's heart would not grow in a short time. This was because Chu Changsheng's body had absorbed it to the upper limit.

Mo Ye hovered in the sky with an indifferent expression on his face. It was as though he was not worried about facing someone who had beaten Mo Sa to death.

While looking at Chu Changsheng, who now resembled a beast, Mo Ye slowly raised his arm.

The arm was filled with lines, and numerous amounts of energy currents gathered around it.

Chu Changsheng roared. He clasped his hands together and swung them toward Mo Ye. His roars caused the space to tremble.



The attack generated a loud explosion, but it did not strike its target.

Before the attack reached, black energy rushed in front of Mo Ye and formed a shield, which negated Chu Changsheng's attack.

"You do not have the boost from the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk anymore, yet you want to attack?" Mo Ye indifferently asked.

Chu Changsheng's pupils shrank, but he roared nonetheless. His true energy surged, and he punched outward again.


The black energy shield negated the attack again. Mo Ye did not even need to move an inch.

Chu Changsheng was completely enraged at this point. He kept swinging his fists, trying to break the shield.

However, he failed again and again. No matter how many times he swung his fist, the shield remained standing.

"Too weak! Weak chicken!"

Mo Ye shook his head sideways slowly, then he gently exhaled. He raised a hand, and Nether energy began to gather atop it. In mere moments, the condensed energy shot outward.


The Nether energy attack struck Chu Changsheng squarely.

Chu Changsheng's pupils dilated. He could not stand it and was sent careening through the sky.

Mo Ye's hovering body disappeared in a flash. When he reappeared, he was right behind Chu Changsheng. He kicked Chu Changsheng, and blood splashed down from the sky!

Mo Ye's leg was as sharp as a knife, tearing into Chu Changsheng's rigid muscles.

Chu Changsheng was sent flying to the ground.

The ground, which was already wrecked, was blown apart once again.

Everyone watching heaved in breaths of cold air when they saw this. Was this not akin to instant-kill?!

Mo Ye remained in the sky, and his long robe fluttered about. He hovered above the area where Chu Changsheng had fallen.

Nether energy condensed into a black ball of energy above his palm. Once it was fully condensed, he tossed the energy ball.

That ball energy struck its target in the rubble and exploded!!

Huge gusts of wind carrying mighty amounts of pressure blew by. It seemed capable of destroying the entire long street.

So many buildings were wrecked by the attack. However, Bu Fang's Taotie Restaurant was not one of them. It remained untouched, standing there without any damage.

Inside the restaurant, Flowery was still sobbing while hugging the Path-Understanding Tree. She was really upset.

"And, now, it's your turn."

After dealing with Chu Changsheng, Mo Ye nonchalantly turned around. The wind caused his hair to flutter, unveiling the tiny horn underneath.

Whitey was still atop the golden Shrimpy. Its mechanical eyes did not convey any emotion.

A suction force emerged from its leaf-like hand, and the War God Stick instantly flew back into his grasp. Whitey's metal wings spread open with buzzing noises.


The wings flapped once.

Riding atop Shrimpy, Whitey suddenly moved like a beam of light. This speed was enough to increase the air pressure.

The War God Stick was swung, carrying with it a formidable aura. The attack was aimed at Mo Ye, who was standing at a distance.

With his hands clasped behind him, Mo Ye chuckled in amusement. He indifferently watched Whitey's attack approach him.

This heap of steel is quite interesting.


Suddenly, Mo Ye's pupils shrank.

His black energy shield had been smashed apart by the War God Stick!

It did not stop there, however. It kept flying towards him.


Mo Ye stretched his hand out and stopped the War God Stick.

Time seemed to freeze at that point.

Three figures were standing still in the sky, and the onlookers were unable to do more than hold their breaths.

Whitey belonged to Owner Bu. It was the iron puppet kept in his restaurant. Many people in the Valley of Gluttony recognized it, and some of them had even witnessed Whitey's growth.

When Whitey had first arrived in the Valley of Gluttony, it wasn't that strong. But now, Whitey's prowess had gone beyond the understanding of many.

Hence, most of the people were curious to see how strong Whitey had become. After all, it evolved every time it ate the God Slaying weapons belonging to the holy land experts.

Had Owner Bu specially tasked the iron puppet to go against experts from the holy lands?

Did they plan to devour every holy land?

Since the War God Stick had been grabbed, it could move no further. The black dots in Whitey's mechanical eyes moved, and the War God Stick was sent backward.

After escaping Mo Ye's grasp, the War God Stick returned to Whitey. Whitey grabbed it and thrust it at Mo Ye's chest.

Mo Ye streaked across the sky, but the War God Stick followed and stayed locked onto him.

The situation seemed intense.

Mo Ye raised a hand, pointing at the incoming stick. Suddenly, the stick was sent careening backward!


Whitey's metal wings spread open, and with a flap, it soared through the sky with Shrimpy. Whitey caught the War God Stick, spun three hundred and sixty degrees in the air, and swung it at Mo Ye again.

Flap! Flap!

The void was smashed, and a hole was now visible in it.

However, Mo Ya vanished. In just a split second, three Mo Ye's appeared in the sky.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The three Mo Yes took action at the same time. They were so fast that Whitey couldn't react in time. Whitey was struck and blown away, crashing back down to the ground.

It flapped its wings once, breaking its fall. It landed on the ground heavily.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Whitey folded its metal wings and began to run across the ruined earth.

In the sky, Mo Ye's vertical eye began shooting out black energy curtains.

These curtains struck the ground, trying to kill Whitey who was running across it!

Shrimpy could be seen in the sky, spinning. Suddenly, its body shrank back to its small form.

Like a gold shuttle, its movement speed caused space to rupture. It reached its destination in less time than it took to blink.


Mo Ye's pupils dilated, and he suddenly stopped his attacks.

Whitey stabbed the War God Stick into the ground and looked up.

Mo Ye's clones, which had remained in the sky, had vanished, leaving behind his real body.

His eyes were wide with disbelief.

Mo Ye raised a hand and touched his face. There was a cut there. Just before, he had heard a small "swish," which was followed by his black blood, dripping from the wound.

"You... You dare to hurt me?"

Mo Ye raised his hand and saw the bloodstain. He looked up and saw the little golden shrimp hovering in the air.

"You want to die!"

Mo Ye had flown into a rage, and his killing intent skyrocketed! In anger, the energy surging out from him grew more terrifying.

Suddenly, a black-and-white light shot out of the vertical eyes on his forehead.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The light beams moved so fast that it reached Shrimpy in only a split second.

Shrimpy was panic-stricken. It turned into a jet of gold light and vanished.

It was really fast. The onlookers could only see beams of gold light zoom through the air. Mo Ye's energy attack had failed to hit it!

No single wisp of energy could hit Shrimpy.

Although the energy attack failed to hit its target, it had struck the ground below, reducing it to rubble. It was as though something unseen had plowed the ground completely.

The already damaged earth had been damaged some more

Whitey, with the War God Stick in its grasp, stood in front of the weakened Heavenly Secret Saintess, shielding her.

It spun the War God Stick with both hands in front of her, like a gigantic windmill.

The beams of terrifying energy exploded upon collision.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The attacks were deflected by Whitey's spinning War God Stick. Although none of the energy attacks managed to hit Whitey, it was still forced backward every time an attack struck the staff.


Waves of surging Nether energy in the sky suddenly dispersed.

Mo Ye moved so fast that he almost seemed to be teleporting. A moment later, he grabbed little Shrimpy, who had been speeding through the air.

Shrimpy had been captured. It rolled its eyes and blew bubbles from its mouth, all in an attempt to look innocent.

"A tiny shrimp dared to hurt me..."

Mo Ye coldly looked at the shrimp, who was pretending to be cute. The wound on his face had healed, leaving behind a scar. However, his anger had not yet been quelled.

He exerted force into the hand that was holding Shrimpy, trying to squeeze it to death.

Suddenly, his body involuntarily shivered.

The spectators watched on as though in a daze.

White motes of light emerged from a restaurant close by, and the motes quickly coalesced into a mysterious array.

Gusts of strong wind howled.

A moment later, four figures slowly appeared from within the crazy gusts of wind.