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 The War God Stick had turned big and rough, and the hot-red line on it had become clear.

The War God Stick was brutally swung down from the sky. Mo Cha's pupils shrank at the sight of the incoming attack.

Nether energy surged out of his body, trying to negate the incoming attack. However, the War God Stick had become so big, and it was filled with tremendous power. If Mo Cha were to be struck by that attack, the outcome would be tragic!

Hence, he decided to dodge it. His surging Nether energy obliterated the energy used by the War God Stick to lock onto its target. Unfortunately, he was a moment too late.


The War God Stick ruthlessly struck home. The ground trembled, and a third crack appeared on it and rapidly began to elongate.

Mo Cha was unable to dodge, so the War God Stick smashed into his lower half.

His body was not as strong as Mo Sa's, so after getting struck by the War God Stick, it was crushed.

From below, he could be seen careening through the sky, leaving behind fleshy bits in his wake.

Black blood gushed out as Mo Cha screamed.

Whitey stood on Shrimpy. In a split second, they crossed the sky and arrived beside the flying Mo Cha. The War God Stick's length drastically reduced, then Whitey grabbed it firmly.

The stick did not have a single speck of dust nor a drop of blood on it. It was completely clean.

Half of Mo Cha's body had been crushed. He looked so terrible, yet his eyes were filled with rage!

"You damn chunk of iron! I will definitely smash you into bits!" Mo Cha thundered. He moved his arms, and the trident flew towards his hand.

However, before he could grab it, Whitey used the stick to smash it away. It fell to the ground immediately.

Mo Cha trembled. He became scared in an instant.

Whitey, who was standing atop Shrimpy, remained silent. However, cold, murderous aura began to surge out from it. This aura was what had made Mo Cha tremble that much.


Whitey's eyes gleamed.

The War God Stick suddenly elongated once more, forcefully smashing into Mo Cha.

That attack blew him away, and he coughed out mouthfuls of blood as he careened through the air once again.

Whitey's War God Stick was a weapon that was made out of multiple consumed God Slaying weapons. Hence, it had a restraining effect on Netherworld creatures.

If it weren't for the War God Stick, Mo Cha's body would not have been smashed that easily!

Meanwhile, in the distance...

Chu Changsheng's body seemed to burn as waves of terrifying energy surged from him.

He was more enraged now. With each punch, Chu Changsheng pushed Mo Sa several steps backward. Mo Sa, who had two marks on his face, also roared.

They clashed with each other once more. Their battle was still filled with brutal punches.

Waves of sand surged into the sky, and the ground was shattered.

Chu Changsheng's chest glowed fiercely, as though it sought to burn even the darkness.

Chu Changsheng was much smaller than his opponent, but this had no impact on him as he was able to suppress Mo Sa.

He leaped up high, balling his hand into fists. Then, he dove downward-fists first.

Mo Sa raised his arms to parry. However, the punch sent him into the ground.

The ground was once again shattered in an instant.


Mo Sa's big hands reached out from the rubble and grabbed Chu Changsheng's head. Mo Sa, who had two sharp horns sticking out of his forehead, emerged and tried to headbutt Chu Changsheng.

Their battle was, indeed, the most savage and cruel form of combat!

Chu Changsheng grabbed both horns in midair and smashed his feet on Mo Sa's head.

Mo Sa was hurt, but his eyes had turned fiery-red!

Chu Changsheng's body began to burn like a flame.

The flames soared upward and formed the phantom of a gigantic spirit beast, which was meandering around Chu Changsheng.

That phantom roared like thunder, and this scared Mo Sa so much that he stopped.

Chu Changsheng seized the chance and punched Mo Sa in the head once more, forcing the latter back onto the ground.

Chu Changsheng's white hair fluttered in the rushing wind as he roared loudly. The aura emanating from his body increased without stopping.

Above the nine-step soul stair, a Divine Altar emerged, causing intense pressure in the sky.

The flames surging from his body coalesced into a divine flame. The flame flickered, waiting for Chu Changsheng's guide to come to the Divine Altar.

As long as Chu Changsheng could ignite the divine flame on his Divine Altar, his cultivation base would increase one more time, reaching an extraordinarily terrifying level!

It would be enough to crush Mo Sa completely!

With the essence of the Taotie's Heart, Chu Changsheng's cultivation base kept increasing and increasing. The flame burning around him had coalesced into a phantom of the Taotie, the great spirit beast. The divine flame above his head, however, burned much calmer, making it seem as though it was about to go out.

Mo Sa crawled up from the ground, and black blood trickled down his mouth.

"Igniting the divine flame? You wish to ignite the divine flame in front of me?!" Mo Sa rolled his eyes. He suddenly pounded his fists on the ground and leaped up into the air.

In a flash, he had appeared right in front of Chu Changsheng.


A hot-red iron stick swung downward, blowing Mo Sa away.

Mo Sa crashed into the ground. He roared as he grabbed the War God Stick and pushed it away!


A golden radiance flashed by. Whitey, who was still atop Shrimpy, caught the War God Stick.

Since Chu Changsheng was now advancing, Whitey had to deal with two opponents at the same time.

With the boosts from the Heavenly Secret Saintess' Heavenly Star Catcher Disk and the golden Shrimpy, Whitey's fighting capability had increased by an immense amount. The poor state that Mo Cha was currently in was proof of that.

Mo Sa was shaken when he saw Mo Cha's current state.

This was the first time he had seen Mo Cha in such a terrible condition.

"Move! Let's take care of that heap of steel!" Mo Cha snarled. He leaped up high and landed on Mo Sa's shoulder.

Both demons charged at the same time.

Wielding the War God Stick, Whitey also charged towards the approaching opponents. Their battle was an intense one, and sonic booms resounded continuously.

The divine flame burned brightly as it slowly ascended the Divine Altar.

Mysterious formations glowed on the Divine Altar. They coalesced pretty fast and soon filled the entire Divine Altar.

A guiding force attracted Chu Changsheng's divine flame as it flew toward the Divine Altar. Shortly after, it landed on the Divine Altar.


Divine energy shot outward. Chu Changsheng's eyes opened suddenly, and a low hiss escaped his lips.

His aura rocketed immensely, and in the blink of an eye, he broke the shackles on his body.

His three-meter body began to grow. In a short while, he had reached a gigantic height of six meters.

This made him look even more ferocious!

The divine nature in the Taotie's Heart had been destroyed by Bu Fang, so what Chu Changsheng had received was the power of the Taotie's Heart, which made him invincible.


His breakthrough was complete. The divine flame burned, illuminating the Divine Altar. His nine-step soul stair dissolved in motes of energy, which fueled the divine flame.

Chu Changsheng's fighting prowess had skyrocketed.

He turned around and saw Whitey battling Mo Sa.

His body broke through space as he moved, and in an instant, he had grabbed Mo Sa's head, which he pounded into the ground.


The ground was blasted open!

Mo Sa was pinned, and Chu Changsheng's massive fists continuously walloped him.

Mo Sa sought to wriggle free, but he soon realized that Chu Changsheng had become so strong. He was unable to avoid his attacks!

Chu Changsheng's fists struck Mo Sa's head, and his sharp horns were broken.

When everyone in the Gluttony Square saw how savage Chu Changsheng had become, they could not help shuddering.

Their Great Elder... How had he managed to transform into this gigantic humanoid beast?

Too frightening! Too violent!


Chu Changsheng swung his fist again, and finally, Mo Sa's head was smashed in.

However, the now headless Mo Sa still managed to push Chu Changsheng away with a punch.

The headless body swayed, trying to get to its feet. Its muscles bulged, and it charged toward Chu Changsheng.

Chu Changsheng's white hair fluttered about like steel needles, which were intent on piercing a hole in space.

He heaved in a deep breath and raised his fist.

An uncountable number of true energy wisps surged toward the fist and coalesced into a Taotie phantom.

Chu Changsheng roared. His thunder-like roar was so loud that it seemed capable of shattering mountains.

"Taotie Punch!"

That punch generated endless afterimages before transforming into a roaring Taotie.

Space shattered, and the air turned hollow!

The attack blew Mo Sa's body apart completely!

In the distance, Whitey's War God Stick swung once more.

Mo Cha's pupils dilated, and then, the remaining half of his body exploded.

Both demons had been killed!

When the bodies of both demons exploded, they turned into wisps of Nether energy and vanished.

Chu Changsheng's body was more than six meters tall, but the man himself was now gasping for breath.

Whitey, who was still standing atop Shrimpy, held the War God Stick tightly. The two metal wings behind it spread open, and a buzzing sound rang out.

Boom! Boom!

After a loud explosion, the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, whose body was riddled with wounds, crashed to the ground.

Its golden scales had been peeled away, leaving behind gaping wounds.

Swoosh. Swoosh.

The Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python transformed back into Flowery. As soon as the transformation was complete, the little girl, who had begun to cry, ran toward Xiao Ya.

The divine beast Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python had been beaten, causing it to burst into tears.

Flowery ran into the Taotie Restaurant. Her gaze shifted to the Path-understanding Tree, and she ran to hug it tightly, after which she continued to cry.

Mo Ye did not chase after her. However, his eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Mo Sa and Mo Cha had been killed?

Boom! Boom!

Two wisps of black smoke arose from Mo Sa's and Mo Cha's bodies-these were their divine souls!

The two divine souls both had expressions of reluctance on their faces as they headed toward Mo Ye. As long as their souls were intact, they would have a chance to be revived.

With their divine souls intact, it would not be hard for them to resurrect at the Heavenly Ethereal Realm.

However, the relief of both divine souls, Mo Sa and Mo Cha, soon turned to fright.

Mo Ye hovered in the sky with an arrogant expression. The two vertical eyes on his forehead flew open.

One of them was so black that it seemed bottomless. It was somewhat captivating.

A suction force surged from that eye, and Mo Cha and Mo Sa were sucked into it.

"You insects. You actually killed Mo Sa and Mo Cha. I underestimated you!"

The two vertical eyes began to spin.

One eye was pitch-black, while the other had halos that rippled. Both looked mysterious and profound.

Suddenly, Mo Ye turned around.

The black vertical eyes shot out some energy that resembled a black, silk curtain.

He had moved too fast.

Chu Changsheng was unable to react on time.

Whitey had reacted, but it was only able to grip the War God Stick properly. The black curtain pushed back the War God Stick, however.

It continued on its trajectory, heading toward the Heavenly Secret Saintess.


A crackling sound rang out. The Heavenly Secret Saintess' face turned pale. Her white veil was dyed red with her blood.

The protection ring of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk had been shattered, and the starlight energy boosts on Chu Changsheng and Whitey instantly disappeared.

"Without the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk boosting you two, what else can you do?" Mo Ye, who was hovering in the air, smiled coldly.

A wave of Nethery energy surged into the sky, blanketing it completely.