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 Chapter 83: Levelling up and Unlocking New Functions

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

Host: Bu Fang

True Energy Cultivation Level: Fourth Grade (Has already achieved the ability to manifest true energy outside of the body. As the God of Cooking in the fantasy world, make use of your Battle-Spirit level of true energy to reform ingredients. Work hard, young man.)

Cooking Talents: Yet to be unlocked

Skills: Level One Meteor Cutting Technique (90/100), Level One Big Dipper Carving Technique (0/100)

Tools: Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife (God of Cooking set)

God of Cooking overall rating: Junior Chef (Capable of using true energy to cook and process ingredients. Started learning cutting and carving techniques. The road to becoming the God of Cooking has already opened for you. Work hard, young man.)

System Level: Four Stars (Conversion ratio is at fifty percent. The host is permitted to carry out the capture of ingredients.)

Bu Fang concentrated and examined the system panel that appeared in his mind. As he completed the missions, the system's level eventually advanced to four stars and the conversion ratio reached fifty percent as well.

This would also mean that his levelling speed would increase substantially. However, reaching fifth grade Battle-King would require ten thousand crystals. Since the system's energy conversion ratio was fifty percent, he would need to earn twenty thousand crystals to level up...

Twenty thousand... There was no expression on Bu Fang's face. He was dumbfounded. With the current price of his dishes, how much time would it take for him to achieve a turnover of twenty thousand crystals?

"Forget it, thinking about stuff like this is pointless. I might as well study the newly levelled system."

"System, what is 'The host is permitted to carry out the capture of ingredients' supposed to mean?" When Bu Fang saw the last piece of information, he was quite puzzled and could not help but ask the system.

"Before four stars, the ingredients used by the host are all provided by the system. After four stars, the host can choose to capture the ingredients by himself. The system will set the price of the dishes cooked using ingredients captured by the host," the system solemnly replied.

Eh... Ah? Bu Fang was stunned for a moment. How was a chef with no fighting capability like him supposed to capture ingredients by himself?

"The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife from the God of Cooking set has a suppression effect on most ingredients. I believe the host can do it. Work hard, young man!" the system said.

Bu Fang felt that this was a serious issue that he must thoroughly understand, so he continued to clarify the doubts in his mind. "System, where am I supposed to go to capture ingredients? Around the empire?"

"The system will provide the teleportation function. The host can be sent to the gathering location of ingredients within the Wildlands."

It seemed really formidable by the sound of it, but was there really no problem with sending him to the gathering location of ingredients? Bu Fang was insecure about the entire matter for some reason.

Just when Bu Fang was thinking about these problems, the true energy within his body suddenly started to seethe. His eyes slightly lit up as he knew this was the sign of a breakthrough.

The difference between a third grade Battle-maniac and a fourth grade Battle-Spirit was presence of the true energy vortex within the dantian. This true energy vortex was equivalent to the soul of the true energy. It controls all of the circulation of the true energy within the body, so the fourth grade was called Battle-Spirit.

At that moment, Bu Fang felt a warm feeling continuously emanating from his dantian. The true energy within his body was rapidly gathering in that location and slowly forming a vortex. When Bu Fang inspected the interior of his body, he saw a true energy vortex that resembled the milky way spiraling within his dantian.

There was no expression on Bu Fang's face, but the trace of happiness in his eyes could not be concealed. He held out his hand and waved it in the air. As he exerted his will, a burst of true energy surged out from his true energy vortex. After becoming a Battle-Spirit, Bu Fang became more proficient at controlling true energy.

After playing around with true energy for a while, Bu Fang got used to the changes of the true energy and his joyful mood gradually calmed down as well. Then he directed his attention toward the God of Cooking set.

"System, what about the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife? How do I take it out?" Bu Fang asked.

"The system is currently delivering the item. Please do not urge," the system solemnly replied.

Bu Fang was immediately silenced and he did not know how to respond either. However, a speck of light soon appeared in the space in front of him and started moving around until a mysterious magic array was drawn in the air.

With a humming sound, something seemed to be slowly emerging from the magic array.


Bu Fang was staring at the magic array. Suddenly, a deafening cry of a dragon sounded out, startling him, and rocked his eardrums.

Within the magic array, a pitch-black kitchen knife slowly emerged and was floating in the air. A small golden dragon was bellowing while encircling the kitchen knife. The dragon's cry came from the mouth of the divine dragon's simulacrum.

An intimidating aura instantly enveloped the store. Bu Fang's body and mind felt heavy, as if he was facing a towering mountain. It was almost difficult to breathe.

Outside of the store, Blacky was having a small rest when it suddenly opened its eyes. Its expression was grave and extremely alert as it looked into the store.

However, it seemed to have thought of something. With a roll of its eyes, it lay down and went back to sleep.

The golden divine dragon's simulacrum swiftly flew out and instantly bit Bu Fang's wrist. Bu Fang felt a slight pain at his wrist and a drop of bright red blood flowed out from the wound. The drop of blood was then enveloped by the divine dragon's simulacrum and slowly flew toward the kitchen knife.

Lastly, Bu Fang's blood was swallowed by the kitchen knife. The pressure that was like a towering mountain instantly dissipated and the divine dragon's simulacrum disappeared as well.

On the wrist that was bitten, a simplified version of the divine dragon's image appeared. Bu Fang's mind seemed to have formed a link with the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. With a single thought, he would be able to store the kitchen knife within the image on his wrist.

"The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife (God of Cooking set) has been delivered. Would the host please accept the delivery," the system simply said.

Bu Fang's eyes became focused as he grabbed hold of the plain and unadorned Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife floating in the air. A harmonious feeling suddenly spread from the depth of his heart. With a flick of his finger and a snap of his wrist, Bu Fang easily performed a extremely magnificent knife flip.

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth widened into a smile as he held the kitchen knife. As expected of the God of Cooking set, it was easy to use.

At first, Bu Fang assumed that the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife would be a very gaudy kitchen knife made from golden dragon bones. He did not expect its actual appearance to in fact be an unassuming stainless steel kitchen knife.

"Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife: A part of the God of Cooking set. It is made from the bones of the golden divine dragon and possesses the intimidating aura of the divine dragon. The aura has a suppression effect against all spirit beasts and has an execution effect on all spirit beasts under seventh grade. The host can change the form of the kitchen knife by expending half of your true energy. The kitchen knife has an spirit energy boost effect when processing ingredients, and prevents the loss of an ingredient's spirit energy," the system said.

"It can change its form as well?" Bu Fang was slightly surprised. "It's part of the God of Cooking set after all. It's extraordinary as expected. I shouldn't regard this kitchen knife the same way I regard other kitchen knives."

Furthermore, Bu Fang suddenly thought, "The system is allowing me to head toward the Wildlands to capture the ingredients. The biggest reason should have something to do with obtaining the God of Cooking set."

With this Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife around, he could execute any spirit beast under seventh grade. Even with his fighting capability, he was invincible while facing any spirit beast under seventh grade as long as he was holding this kitchen knife.

"After the system levelled up to four stars, I managed to gather four fragments of the God of Cooking set and obtained the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife... Right after, I was permitted to capture ingredients by myself. What a coincidence that everything perfectly fell into place." Bu Fang chuckled.

Personally capturing ingredients was an essential training for a chef. Only by having an in-depth understanding of the ingredients, would a chef be able to invest more emotions into the ingredients and cook even more delicious dishes.

Bu Fang had always understood that the system was only there to assist him. It only opened the door leading to the path of becoming the God of Cooking. In order to become the God of Cooking standing at the summit of the fantasy world's food chain... Bu Fang still needed to continue working hard. Practicing his cutting and carving techniques were all for the sake of that goal.

After clearing his mind, Bu Fang became expressionless once more. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was rapidly spinning on his palm. Then, as his eyes became focused and exerted his will, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife transformed into a wisp of green smoke and flowed into the mark on his wrist.

"I'll try out the dishes unlocked by the system first. Red braised meat... The red braised meat provided by the system should be unusual," Bu Fang muttered after storing the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.