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 Riverbank, Yellow Spring River

Bu Fang stood calmly on the riverbank, caressing the Flower of Helplessness in his hand. He didn't expect this lucky turn of events the moment they were about to come back.

Actually, he had planned to come to the Bridge of Helplessness for this Flower of Helplessness. And now, it had saved him some trouble.

At least, he saved a lot of time. No matter what, the system had given him only three days to journey in the Earth Prison. It had been two days already. If he didn't return, the system would force him to come back.

Anyway, it was because the system prioritized his safety.

If he came to the Bridge of Helplessness, nothing ensured that he would return to the Hidden Dragon Continent on time. It would be a headache at that time.

During this trip to the Earth Prison, Bu Fang had seen many things. The Earth Prison and the Hidden Dragon Continent were really different. The former was immensely vast and truly mysterious. There were so many mighty forces, too.

The Hidden Dragon Continent was much weaker than the Earth Prison.

According to the Nether King's explanation, the Earth Prison and the Hidden Dragon Continent weren't on the same-level planes.

The Nether King told Bu Fang that the Earth Prison was really vast, and the Yellow Spring River was just a corner of it. There were so many mysterious, forbidden lands in the Earth Prison. Moreover, very extraordinary existences lived in such forbidden lands.

Whether it was the Senseless Lotus or the bronze palace that had drifted on the Yellow Spring River, they were all full of mysterious auras.

Especially that palace just now. Since it could make both the Nether King and Lord Dog change their expressions, it wasn't ordinary at all.

And why it wasn't ordinary, Bu Fang's level wasn't enough to understand.

"We should come back." Bu Fang sighed. This time, his knowledge had increased.

Since he got the Yellow Spring Grass and the Flower of Helplessness, his mission was completed. He could begin to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine as soon as he returns.

Bu Fang believed that this wine would definitely surpass the previous wine he had made with the aroma that could permeate the entire city.

"System, return." Bu Fang said in his head.

"Starting to return..." The serious voice of the system arose.

A moment later, white dots emerged. Those white dots gathered fast, drawing a mysterious array in the air.

Nether King Er Ha and Lord Dog were curious, looking at the white dots. A man and a dog seemed to have something sparkling deep in their eyes.

As he could quickly draw the array that connects the Hidden Dragon Continent and the Netherworld... Bu Fang's secrets were not simple at all.

The array was completed. Shortly after, it spun in the air, wind rising.

The wind howled, becoming a tornado.

Bu Fang's team entered the array. The tornado covered them. Shortly after, they vanished together with the array.

In the hazy blood fog above the Yellow Spring River, it seemed a pair of eyes was gazing at their disappearing forms.

"You bastard... Acted cool then ran away. It's not easy to pick my Yellow Spring Grass. No matter what you've eaten, I will make you spit it out!"

The blood mist hissed. A moment later, that pair of eyes closed, disappearing.

The Yellow Spring River quieted down.

The bloody water still flowed as dry bones drifted in the current, accompanied by the cries of the wandering remnants of souls...


Valley of Gluttony, Hidden Dragon Continent

Mo Cha halted in the middle of his action. He lifted his head, squinting, looking at the area further away.

Over there, a gold shadow was dashing...

It was a great python, which had golden scales and horns on its head, with a beautiful little girl riding on its back. This bizarre combination had caught Mo Cha's and Mo Sa's eyes as soon as they appeared.

Mo Ye clasped his hands. His clothes slowly billowed in the wind.

He furrowed his brows, looking at the giant gold python crossing the air. He exhaled gently.

"Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python? Just a gourmet city in the Hidden Dragon Continent, and it had such an ancient divine beast?" said Mo Ye casually.

This Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python had only one color. Thus, Mo Ye knew that this python was just an immature, rare spirit beast...

Mo Ye's eyes bulged. The two vertical eyes on his forehead were also moving. His mouth cracked into a greedy curve.

"A spirit beast in its infancy... It should be very delicious!"

Greedy Mo Ye looked at Flowery that was dashing through the air. He emitted his aura instantly.


Chu Changsheng, in his giant form, was slapped away by Mo Sa's hand. He was pounded into the ground, lying in a big, deep dent.

The long street of the Valley of Gluttony instantly turned into ruins.

Flowery took Xiao Ya and stopped by Chu Changsheng. Xiao Ya looked both angry and worried.

After fusing with the Memory Crystal in her glabella, Xiao Ya knew many things. Slowly, she began to shoulder the responsibility of the Valley of Gluttony's Master.

Although Chu Changsheng didn't admit that he was the Valley of Gluttony's Great Elder, in everybody's heart, he was still the Great Elder.

Rumble! Rumble!

Crushed rocks rolled.

Chu Changsheng crawled out of the ruin, panting. His entire body was covered in blood.

Mo Sa was too strong. Although Chu Changsheng had the power to resist a Divine Spirit Realm expert, he was... still very weak.

Chu Changsheng saw Xiao Ya. Instantly, he furrowed his brows together, shouting, "Valley Master... Why are you here? Hurry, get back to the Gluttony Building's Square!"

Although Xiao Ya was the Valley Master, her cultivation base was so weak that she couldn't bear even a single attack.

Any person here could effortlessly eliminate Xiao Ya. Thus, seeing her, Chu Changsheng was enraged instantly.

"Right, right. Not bad... This city is worthy of being the city of good food. It has an infant Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python. Facing this kind of delicacy, people can't control themselves."

Mo Ye stuck out his tongue, licking his lips. Mo Sa and Mo Cha acted the same. It was really beneficial for them to eat a divine beast.

This journey, until this moment, was really valuable.

They could get the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk and eat a Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python at the same time... Not only could they accomplish their task and satisfy their gluttonous desire, but their power could also increase.

No matter what, that divine beast... was a really great tonic!

"Can't help it!" Mo Sa's saliva dropped on the ground. His sturdy body stomped the ground, aiming at Flowery to attack her.

The others' faces changed since they all felt a formidable aura slap their faces.

Mo Sa's aura had almost shattered the void. His big fists swung, hitting Flowery.

Flowery fell onto the ground. Her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes turned savage.

Those people wanted to eat her? Unforgivable! When Bu Fang saw her, he didn't think about eating her. Those three had considered her their food!

Flowery was enraged. The python's tail swiped, almost like it was annihilating everything. At that moment, the air exploded.


The python's tail and Mo Sa's palm collided with each other.

The tail carried a formidable force that Mo Sa couldn't stop. He was whipped, flying away, pathetically rolling on the ground.

Flowery's scales fanned. A moment later, her energy rose.

The snake's tail whipped one more time, breaking through the air.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Mo Sa rolled on the ground unceasingly. He didn't dare to let the python's tail whip him one more time. Otherwise, his body would be smashed!

Although that Seven-Colored Sky Devouring Python was still an infant, its fighting competence was strangely formidable and frightening.

"Mo Cha, you should take the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk first. I will deal with that Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python."

Mo Cha was holding his trident, excitedly preparing for his attack, but Mo Ye had stopped him.

Mo Ye was excited as he looked at Flowery. He wanted to take action himself this time.

Of course, the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was very important. Mo Cha should get it first. With Mo Cha's power, it wouldn't really be difficult to take that Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

Those lowly insects couldn't stop him.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess' eyes were deep and profound. Although people couldn't see her veiled face, they could feel her sparks of anger.

Mo Ye lured Flowery away.

Mo Sa stood up from the ground. He was enraged as he was so embarrassed. He rubbed the metal chains on his horns, bellowing. His eyes turned to Chu Changsheng's group, launching his attack one more time.

Rumble! Rumble!

He galloped, locking onto Chu Changsheng's body. Swinging his big fists, he entangled with Chu Changsheng one more time.

Chu Changsheng wasn't equal to Mo Sa. He was struck, backing off and coughing blood continuously.

Light bloomed radiantly on Chu Changsheng's chest. A flow of vitality moved, healing his wounds.

Mo Cha held the trident. The black wings on his back flashed as he rapidly headed toward the Heavenly Secret Saintess.

Mo Liuji had soon lost his fighting capacity. With blood trickling down the corners of his mouth, he laid on the ground, looking blankly at the sky.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess' white dress fluttered. A moment later, light bloomed dazzlingly at her glabella. Her slender, white fingers rose, and a metal star compass emerged on her palm.

"You want the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk? If you got the power... come take it," the Heavenly Secret Saintess said coldly.

As she spoke, her mental force flooded into the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

Tens of thousands of mechanisms inside the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk moved. A moment later, it floated up.


It released a terrifying energy, covering the entire area. A revolving great star array shrouded everything.

A big starlight beam shot from the sky, covering the Heavenly Secret Saintess' body, making her more divine.

Her eyes seemed to have tens of thousands of moving stars...

She raised her exquisite hand, wielding the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. A beam of starlight shot from it, shining on Chu Changsheng's body.

Chu Changsheng was shaken instantly, and his face changed.


Chu Changsheng's white hair fluttered. His aura rose instantly, and surprisingly, his power had been raised to a whole new level!


Facing Mo Sa's incoming punch, Chu Changsheng threw his fist.

The two fists impacted in the air, making a sound that made people shiver in fright.

Crackle! Crackle!

It seemed like the bones in their fists were also broken!

Mo Sa took a step back while Chu Changsheng backed off three steps...

Feeling the light covering his body and boosting his realm, Chu Changsheng's eyes showed his respect, admiration, and excitement.

He looked at the Heavenly Secret Saintess in the distance, inwardly exclaiming in admiration.

She was indeed worthy of being called the Heavenly Secret Saintess. Her methods were really capable.

Roaring angrily, Chu Changsheng became fearless, fighting against Mo Sa.

Xiao Ya discreetly aided Mo Liuji's staggering form, supporting him to walk slowly. Soon, they had reached Bu Fang's restaurant.

Xiao Ya worriedly knocked on the door. Instantly, the restaurant's closed doors were opened.

Xiao Ya lifted her head in surprise. In front of her was a fat iron puppet.