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 High waves furiously rose on the Yellow Spring River.

It seemed the Yellow Spring Great Sage's anger had boiled up the entire Yellow Spring River. The river water rose loudly.

The Netherworld Ship sailed across the waves, breaking past the blood river water, moving fast.

Bu Fang and Nethery stood on the Netherworld Ship's deck. The wind howled, blowing their hair.

In the distance, the blood mist approached. The Netherworld Ship became a black dot moving fast, penetrating the blood mist.

Rumble! Rumble!

The river water hit the ship, shaking it.

Lord Dog and the Nether King caught up with them shortly, falling on the deck. Nether King Er Ha flipped his hair. Covering one side of his face, he leaned against the deck, laughing continuously.

He felt happy watching the Yellow Spring Great Sage teach those two stony morons a lesson.

Because of those two stony morons, he had eaten bitter fruits. Whenever he snuck in there to steal the Reincarnation Fruits, he was always caught, and in turn, the Yellow Spring Great Sage had chased after him to kick his butt. With that pathetic appearance, he had become a laughingstock in the entire Earth Prison.

And now, since the two stony blockheads got beaten up, the Nether King was secretly happy.

When Lord Dog landed on the Netherworld Ship, he glanced indifferently at Bu Fang as he asked, "Did you get the Yellow Spring Grass?"

Bu Fang gave him a slight nod. Although they were busted, they got a one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass. At least, they didn't bear a loss on this trip.

"Only a single piece of one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass?" Lord Dog's charismatic voice continued asking.


Bu Fang frowned, looking at Lord Dog. Didn't that lazy dog say he could only take one? Did he change his mind now?

"Are you stupid or what?! Since you were busted, why didn't you take more? It would make your journey to the Earth Prison more worthwhile!"

Bu Fang's face didn't change. Looking at the dog, he was speechless.

Nether King Er Ha came closer to him, still sucking a Spicy Strip. "I agree with the mangy dog. You got busted anyway, so you should have taken all the spirit herbs at the source of the river... You should have uprooted the Reincarnation Fruit Tree. I'm telling you... The Reincarnation Fruit is the true delicacy in this world..."

Bu Fang looked at the one person and one dog that were inciting him to steal more, his mouth convulsing.

What kind of grudge did these two hold against the Yellow Spring Great Sage? They were so ruthless!

Especially Nether King Er Ha, as the man was talking with an excited face. He looked like he was the one doing this affair...

Nethery's mouth twitched once, feeling sorry for the Yellow Spring Great Sage for a second.

The Netherworld Ship moved across the Yellow Spring River, moving through the blood mist.

All of a sudden...

A shadow emerged in the blood mist ahead of them.

That shadow swayed slightly, moving neither fast nor slow. However, it approached the Netherworld Ship fast. It brought with it a shivering chill.

An indistinct sound of the flute lingered above the entire Yellow Spring River.

Bu Fang was astonished. He immediately turned around to watch. Then, he saw a small boat slowly emerge from the blood fog.

The small boat was made of some jet-black material. An old man wearing a bamboo hat and a straw raincoat was on it.

The old man sat cross-legged on the front part of the boat. He was holding a small white bone flute. As his mouth blew the flute, the slow melody sounded from it, hovering around.

His flute seemed to have a special enticement that made people physically and mentally attracted to the melody, making them entirely immerse in it.

At this moment, Bu Fang felt like he was sinking into the sounds of the bone flute.

As the bone flute echoed, so many images flew past his eyes, which came deeply from his memory.

It was his memory when he was on Earth, in the Light Wind Empire, and even in the Pill Palace... So many pieces of his memories flashed past quickly, blurring his vision instantly.


A dog bark sounded all of a sudden, causing Bu Fang's memory visions to shatter. He was so frightened as if he had just been fished out of the water river.

His entire body was soaked with sweat.

Bu Fang panted. His eyes were full of disbelief.

He looked at Lord Dog for a while. He found the lazy dog lying on the ground, seemingly looking at him with a smile. The dog's nose wrinkled, as though he was mumbling something.

Nether King Er Ha sat aside, folding his legs. He was still sucking the Spicy Strip.

Nethery was awakened by that dog bark too. However, she looked much better than Bu Fang.

"That's the Soul Fisherman of the Yellow Spring River. That old man fishes souls... then guides them to the Bridge of Helplessness. There, the souls' memories will be washed. He will assist them in reincarnating," explained Nether King Er Ha, licking his Spicy Strip.

Bu Fang was astonished. His eyes lit up all of a sudden.

"Guiding the souls to the Bridge of Helplessness? That Bridge of Helplessness has the Flower of Helplessness?" asked Bu Fang.

Nether King Er Ha was bewildered. "Bu Fang young man, you want the Flower of Helplessness? Honestly... The Flower of Helplessness tastes awful. It's both sour and bitter. It's really disgusting."

Bu Fang was speechless. This fellow... How did he happen to taste the flower?

"It's not easy to take the Flower of Helplessness... Get on the old man's boat, and he will take you to the Bridge of Helplessness. The Flower of Helplessness isn't as valuable as the Yellow Spring Grass. It's not a big deal to take it," said the Nether King.

Although he said things lightly, Bu Fang had an urge to hit him.

That old man was an immeasurable existence. He had just used his flute, and Bu Fang's memory had almost been washed away.

Once his memory was cleared, he would become dumb. Then, being the God of Cooking would just be empty talk. He was already scared just thinking about it.

And now, the Nether King suggested that he should get on the Soul Fisherman's small boat...

Wasn't that looking for death?

"If you don't want to get on that boat, you can talk to him to barter for the Flower of Helplessness. That old man came from the Bridge of Helplessness, he should have a flower in his hand. Although it tastes horrible, it's a good way to supplement energy," continued the Nether King. Then, he didn't mind Bu Fang anymore. He resumed sucking and sliding the Spicy Strip in and out of his mouth.

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes, thinking that it wasn't such a bad idea after all. He would talk to that old Soul Fisherman to barter for the Flower of Helplessness.

"Be careful. The Soul Fisherman... is very frightening," said Nethery cautiously.

Bu Fang nodded slightly.

A moment later, the small boat approached them.

Nethery controlled the Netherworld Ship to stop.

Bu Fang stood at the front deck, watching the little boat slowly come to a halt.

The old Soul Fisherman lifted off his bamboo hat, revealing his white hair and bony, weathered face. He stopped playing his bone flute and asked in an aged voice, "What do you mean by stopping my Reborn Boat, cursed Netherworld Ship?"

Bu Fang's eyes swept across the old man and the bone flute in his hand. He found that the bone flute in the old man's hand was made of finger bones, which looked awe-inspiring and scary.

"Old-timer, I wonder if you have the Flower of Helplessness with you? I'm in urgent need of that flower. I want to barter for it," Bu Fang said with an emotionless face.

Hearing Bu Fang, the old man suddenly laughed. His bony appearance looked somewhat dark and sinister while laughing.

"This old man and his little boat guide the souls wandering around the Yellow Spring River. They will clean their sins at the Bridge of Helplessness, then come to the Reincarnation Well to be reborn... Young fellow, if you want to barter for it, use your soul," said the Soul Fisherman.

After the old man said that, he opened his hand, and a flickering purple flower emerged.

That flower looked similar to a morning glory flower. However, it was dark purple, and the stamen and pistil were wiggling continuously.

It was the Flower of Helplessness, one of the most important ingredients to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

Bu Fang's journey to the Earth Prison this time was to find those two ingredients. And now, seeing the Flower of Helplessness, of course, he wouldn't let it go.

"You want my soul?" Bu Fang furrowed his brows. His eyes looking at the old man gradually turned cold.

The old man smiled. However, his smile was really hair-rising, making people shudder.

"Young fellow... Do you want this flower or not?" The Soul Fisherman grinned, his voice was full of enticement, attempting to lure people.

It was the Soul Fisherman's trick to entice people. If the other couldn't endure it, his soul would become a good meal for the Soul Fisherman.

Nether King Er Ha and Lord Dog gave Bu Fang a glance. However, they didn't say anything.

Bu Fang's eyes blurred.

However, his spirit sea was seething with high waves. In the dark corner of his spirit sea, some huge forms appeared.

The Gold Dragon floated, meandering above his spirit sea. Opening its mouth, the dragon let out a roar that was soul-subduing.

Bu Fang got his sound mind back in just a blink of an eye.

The Soul Fisherman's enticement lost its effect.

"Exchange, your sister..." Bu Fang said with an expressionless face, facing the Soul Fisherman's alluring question.

The Soul Fisherman's smile froze on his face.

"Lord Dog is in a hurry, so don't mess around too much. Just grab the Flower of Helplessness..."

Right when the Soul Fisherman was about to launch his attack, a dog's paw emerged from the Netherworld Ship.

The dog's paw aimed at the Soul Fisherman, snatching the flower from his hand.

The moment the Soul Fisherman saw the dog's paw, his face changed dramatically. A moment later, he determinedly left the Flower of Helplessness, his Reborn Boat running away rapidly.

That mangy dog again...

It was just a Flower of Helplessness! Why would the mangy dog raise its paw?

Bu Fang raised his hand. Immediately, the Flower of Helplessness fell into it. This flower had good quality. Although it wasn't the best, he was satisfied.

Lord Dog's paw became a strand of flying dog hair, returning to its body. He yawned, adjusted his position and continued to snore.

Lord Dog didn't use its paw before Bu Fang escaped the Soul Fisherman's enticement. It seemed the dog wanted Bu Fang to train his mind.

Bu Fang turned to look at Lord Dog, the corners of his mouth twitching.

The Netherworld Ship continued to move forward rapidly. Soon, it would escape the blood mist.

However, the moment it was about to get rid of the blood mist, an image appeared in the mist, which was familiar to Bu Fang and Nethery. It made them goggle.

A black ship was tugging a bronze palace, drifting in the middle of the Yellow Spring River.

On the Netherworld Ship, Lord Dog's fur arose, and his drowsy dog eyes opened wide.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes bulged as he was sucking his Spicy Strip. He had almost choked on it.

One man and one dog leaned against the Netherworld Ship's deck, watching the black ship pulling the bronze palace away.

Bu Fang's eyes looked further away. He felt a mysterious aura from that palace.

However, the palace appeared quickly and disappeared at the same speed.

The Netherworld Ship quickly left the blood mist. After that, they didn't see that palace anymore.

Lord Dog resumed its lazy position, lying on its belly.

Nether King Er Ha continued to suck his Spicy Strip. It looked like the previous fright had never happened.

The blood mist disappeared as the Netherworld Ship approached the riverbank.

Three people and one dog finally got out of the Yellow Spring River and arrived at the shore.