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 Earth Prison, Netherworld

Above the Yellow Spring River, there was a bloody mist.

Nether King Er Ha clasped his hands, walking casually with style, his mouth sucking a Spicy Strip.

He stepped on the blood water of the Yellow Spring River. Each step of his caused the water to splash.

All of a sudden, inside the Yellow Spring River, a giant shadow stormed up into the sky, opened its mouth and roared at the Nether King. The blood water flowed down the beast's scales, making it more ferocious.

The waves caused Nether King Er Ha's strands of hair to flutter. Holding the Spicy Strip in his mouth, he looked at the giant beast, wrinkling his nose.

A moment later, Nether King Er Ha released a formidable aura. His aura congealed, condensing a shadow behind him.

As soon as the phantom emerged, the sky of the Netherworld had dark clouds rolling and surging.

The giant beast was startled. It fell back into the Yellow Spring River. The water surface calmed down.

"What a mischievous kid..." Nether King Er Ha mumbled. He continued to walk through the waves. Shortly after, he got through the blood mist, reaching the other side of the river.

His body glided away as his feet stepped on the water, his excited eyes looking at a further distance.

There, Bu Fang was holding a shining Spicy Strip in his hand.

The Nether King hissed and violently rushed, directly falling by Bu Fang and Nethery. He flipped his hair confidently as he did so.


An ear-piercing dragon roar reverberated. Its tremendous pressure permeated the air.

The rapid current of the Yellow Spring River seemed to calm and slow down under such pressure...

Nether King Er Ha was stunned when he heard the dragon roar. He turned around to check and was startled.

He only had Spicy Strips in his eyes, so he didn't notice why Bu Fang and Nethery were running. He didn't expect that just by turning his head around, he would see a giant beast.

"Blood Illuminating Dragon?! Young men these days... are so fearless!"

Nether King Er Ha twitched his mouth. A moment later, he received the Spicy Strip in Bu Fang's hand, then ran alongside the latter. His long legs running at his fastest speed.

Bu Fang and Nethery were dumbstruck, wearing a baffled face.

What was that? What did Nether King Er Ha mean? He got the Spicy Strip, but he didn't want to work? He wanted to be a freeloader?

Bu Fang raised his brows and looked at Nether King Er Ha. In a skeptical voice, he said, "Didn't you say that if we get in trouble, I'll use the Spicy Strip to summon you?"

"Yes, I did. This king came right away, right?" Nether King Er Ha took out a Spicy Strip and put it in the corner of his mouth, glancing at Bu Fang.

"What did you come here for? Running with us?"

"You, young man... Having this king running with you isn't easy, you know. You should appreciate me..." Nether King Er Ha shook his hair, and one of his hands covered half of his face, speaking sadly.

Bu Fang turned around and saw that the Blood Illuminating Dragon was closing in on them. Then, he turned to the other side, emotionlessly looking at Nether King Er Ha.

"What do we need you here for..."


The dragon roar arose. Then, waves of heat torrentially slapped their backs!


Nether King Er Ha's eyes narrowed. He reached out his hands, grabbing Bu Fang and Nethery by their shoulders. Instantly, they leaped up from the ground.

The horrible, fiery red flame reached the ground. Instantly, the heat melted the ground into burning lava.

Looking at the Nether King and the other two in the sky, the Blood Illuminating Dragon's eyes moved. A moment later, the dragon opened its mouth, roaring furiously. One could see so many densely packed sharp teeth in its mouth, which could numb one's scalp.

The big mouth opened, biting at Nether King Er Ha.

"Provoking the Blood Illuminating Dragon... You two young people have big guts. This Blood Illuminating Dragon has thick skin and meat. It's tough and stinky. Everybody would have a headache dealing with it!"

Nether King Er Ha's body was like a swallow. He grabbed both Bu Fang and Nethery, floating in the air.

He shook the horrible bite of the Blood Illuminating Dragon off. The tip of his foot was placed on the Blood Illuminating Dragon's head.

His foot gently stamped.

Instantly, waves of air rippled, expanding everywhere.

The Blood Illuminating Dragon's giant body was trampled and sent to the ground. The lava ground blasted, splashing scorching lava everywhere.

However, the moment the Blood Illuminating Dragon fell, its narrow, full-of-spikes tail swept up.

The void shattered as the tail swept over. Naturally, its massive tail had tremendous power.

The accumulated power of the dragon was really shocking. Even when a Divine Spirit Realm existence was rubbed gently by that tail, they would be smashed, too!

It was a truly formidable existence in the Netherworld!

Bu Fang gently exhaled.

Nether King Er Ha got a headache.

"How did you guys provoke that toy? The Blood Illuminating Dragon stays by the river source of the Yellow Spring River. In any normal circumstance, it won't wake up. This king still remembers the day he went to steal the Reincarnation Fruit. I had almost picked the whole tree, but that dude didn't wake up. If those two stone blockheads hadn't found me, I wouldn't have been blacklisted by that old Yellow Spring moron!"

Bu Fang and Nethery exchanged looks. They didn't know how to explain.

Both of them felt that the actual reason for this Blood Illuminating Dragon provoking thing was not because of a hard-to-find "exotic flower."

"Well, everything went well at the beginning. But, when we left, the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings had a dispute over Bu Fang's food. They attacked each other, then..."

Nethery thought for a moment, worked with her words, then explained.

Nether King Er Ha wore a dumbstruck face. Then, he burst out laughing, his tears almost rolling from his face.

"Those two stony blockheads... fought each other to death? Interesting... No wonder you could bring that damn Blood Illuminating Dragon here... If you move more, I'm afraid you can even invite the Yellow Spring moron to get here."

The Nether King laughed loudly. On the ground, the Blood Illuminating Dragon craned its neck, roaring and bellowing.

In the distance, the void collapsed in just a wink.

A fat, black dog hurriedly got out of the void crack. Walking in a graceful feline gait, the dog tucked his tongue out, and the rolls of fat on his body shook.

Lord Dog walked out of the void. After two feline steps, it appeared by Nether King Er Ha.

The dog's eyes indifferently checked Bu Fang, mumbling, "Bu Fang, young man, didn't you come to pick only a one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass? How could you trigger such a loud shake? Did you steal the Yellow Spring Great Sage's nine-leaf Yellow Spring Grass?"

However, after Lord Dog asked, a giant phantom appeared behind it.

The Blood Illuminating Dragon's giant head looked up, its lantern-sized eyes gawked, its jaw dropping. The thick, sharp teeth in its mouth sent shivers down people's spine.


The dragon's roar echoed with terrifying waves and gusts of wind!

Lord Dog hovered in the air. The rolls of fat on his body shook continuously in this dragon's roar.

Wagging his tail, Lord Dog turned around to look. It then saw the giant head of the Blood Illuminating Dragon.

The Blood Illuminating Dragon opened its mouth, biting, attempting to swallow Lord Dog and the Nether King's team at once.

All of a sudden...

The Blood Illuminating Dragon halted its bite. Its eyes paused, and its entire body froze in midair.

The fat, black dog in front of it suddenly released a terrifying Nether energy, filling the sky.

The grumbling pressure had scared the Blood Illuminating Dragon so much that its scales all fanned out.

"Where did this evil creature come from? Lie down!" Lord Dog's tender but magnetic voice resounded.

A moment later, the Blood Illuminating Dragon's body shook once. It rushed backward. Its wings flapped once, then it flew far away.

Then, it laid down, dropped its head, and stayed put on the ground.

"Well, mangy dog, you still have some prestige." Nether King Er Ha's eyes brightened when he saw the Blood Illuminating Dragon crouching and shivering in front of Lord Dog.

Hearing Nether King Er Ha's teasing words, Lord Dog's mouth twitched once.

"Lord Dog loves Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Ribs the most... You little reptile, if you dare to swagger around, Lord Dog won't be afraid of having more food."

Far from them, the void was torn open once more.

A figure covered in immense radiance walked out of the void crack.

It was the legendary Yellow Spring Great Sage, the expert who controlled the Yellow Spring River!

As soon as this man appeared, the entire heaven and earth seemed to change greatly. The Yellow Spring River's water ran faster.

Nether King Er Ha's mouth twitched as soon as he had a glimpse of the Yellow Spring Great Sage. Instantly, he turned and ran away.

Lord Dog cast the Yellow Spring Great Sage a sidelong glance, then walked away. Shaking his fat legs, he treaded on the void, leaving.

Yellow Spring Great Sage's eyes seemed to shoot out divine light.

He watched the anxious, shivering Blood Illuminating Dragon crouching on the ground for a while. He was startled. His mind shivered when he turned around and looked further away.

There lay the pieces of the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings on the ground... And a steaming hot Blood Marble Wok Fish.

His two Stone Statue Ghost Kings... were broken?"

The Yellow Spring Great Sage was enraged instantly. The entire space shook hard.

Nether King Er Ha brought Bu Fang and Nethery to the Yellow Spring River's riverbank. The latter summoned her Netherworld Ship, and Bu Fang and Nethery embarked.

The Nether King pushed, and the Netherworld Ship shot out rapidly, heading to the other side of the river.

"You two young fellows go first. This king and Lord Dog will watch the fun. We'll go later..."

Bu Fang and Nethery stood on the ship's deck, speechlessly watching Nether King Er Ha with a Spicy Strip jutting from his mouth, turning and running toward the enraged Yellow Spring Great Sage like a stealthy thief.

The Yellow Spring Great Sage was so angry. He was so angry he had almost gone insane.

His Yellow Spring Grass was stolen! These two stupid Stone Statue Ghost Kings had killed each other because of a delicious wok!

What did they feed these two morons?

The Blood Illuminating Dragon was scared of Lord Dog's prestige, so it was lying on the ground. However, after a while, its breath became steady, and the lantern-sized eyes gradually closed, snoring.

Yellow Spring Great Sage reached the Blood Marble Wok Fish. He watched the boiling soup in the wok and smelled the thick aroma, his mouth twitching once.

He looked at the crushed stones, which used to be his Stone Statue Ghost Kings. He was so furious, but he didn't have a place to vent it out.

His mind flickered once. The air seemed to be shaking. The Yellow Spring Great Sage's hand shook once, sucking something in the void.

A moment later, something changed quickly. Two transparent souls were condensed rapidly. Eventually, they became the dumbfounded souls of the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings.

Looking at the two baffled morons, Yellow Spring Great Sage snorted. Then, he moved his arm one more time. The Nether energy scattered, gathering and raising the crushed stones on the ground. The Stone Statue Ghost Kings' bodies were rebuilt. Their souls returned to their bodies.

The Stone Statue Ghost Kings that had killed each other were revived.

After being revived, the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings began to wrestle one more time.

Their previous competition hadn't ended yet.

Boom! Boom!

These two fools made the Yellow Spring Great Sage so outraged that he felt a twinge in his balls. He thrust his hands forward, grabbing each statue in each hand, hurling them away. The two Stone Statue Ghost Kings were embedded into the ground.

"You two fools killed each other because of a piece of fish meat? I asked you to watch the Yellow Spring Grass, not to trouble me!" Yellow Spring Great Sage pointed at the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings, scolding loudly.

His eyes moved, falling to the fish meat in the stone wok. There was a piece of meat floating there.

His finger moved once. The fish meat floated up from the soup. Bringing with it a thick aroma, it entered the Yellow Spring Great Sage's mouth.


Inside the immense radiance, Yellow Spring Great Sage gasped quietly.

Then, he turned around, beating up the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings.

"You two morons. You've wasted such a delicious dish! You didn't remember me when you got good food! You bastards!"


Far in the sky, the Nether King held a Spicy Strip in his mouth, watching the scene in amusement.

Lord Dog's fat rolls on his face couldn't help but shake once.

After the Yellow Spring Great Sage had beaten up the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings, his rage wasn't vented thoroughly yet. He gave the Blood Illuminating Dragon nearby a good kick in the ass.

The snoring Blood Illuminating Dragon was awakened immediately. It roared, but the Yellow Spring Great Sage gave it another slap on the butt.

"Get lost and sleep! What the hell! Including you, I'm feeding three retards!"

A moment later, Yellow Spring Great Sage lifted his head to look at the Nether King and Lord Dog in the air.

Nether King Er Ha was done watching the show. He laughed, leaving.

Lord Dog turned around. He didn't laugh, but he swayed his dog's butt. When the Yellow Spring Great Sage saw that, his anger skyrocketed.

"You two bastards! Wait for me! If you can take another Yellow Spring Grass from me, I won't be the Great Sage anymore! Argh!"