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 The Valley of Gluttony

The wind was howling, moving the crushed stones on the road.

The city wall collapsed, making a big hole. Pieces of rocks rolled down, falling on the ground, creating an image of destruction.

In every direction, people had scattered, leaving houses empty. All residents of the Valley of Gluttony were terrified. They hurried to the spacious square of the Gluttony God's Building, seeking shelter.

The Gluttony Square was the safest place in Gluttony God City. And now, it was where people entrusted their hopes and took shelter.

The guards couldn't stop the three devils.

The three came with Nether energy and black clouds filling the sky. Dark clouds covered the sky, towering over everything. The darkness surged in the clouds as if it wanted to devour everything.

The three of Mo Ye's team stood at the entrance of the Gluttony God City, amusedly looking at the little insects seeking shelters.

Mo Sa's mouth cracked, his saliva drooling continuously. He looked so excited. At least... Those were food he could eat.

For example, that white-haired young man or that bare-chest young man who was drinking wine. And lastly, that graceful, exquisite figure like a descended deity Saintess. These three were all rare delicacies to Mo Sa.

Especially that Saintess. She looked so soft and tender, which would taste really nice.

Mo Ye's indifferent eyes studied the Heavenly Secret Saintess. This woman had the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk?

He hoped Mo Cha was right this time. There shouldn't be another mistake...

"Muahahaha... Mo Ye, Big Boss, it's true! I'm not wrong this time. The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk is with that woman!" Mo Cha's wings fluttered. He waved his arms and stomped his feet in the air, looking excited.

All of a sudden...

Mo Cha moved. The wings on his back flapped once as if they wanted to tear through the sky. In just a blink of an eye. He plunged toward the Heavenly Secret Saintess.

The void seemed to be broken. Soon, a massive hole appeared.

"Muahaha... Hand over the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk! " Mo Cha laughed excitedly. His hand turned cyan as his sharp fingernail pointed at the Saintess' glabella.


Mo Liuji's eyes focused. The bamboo tube in his hand was squeezed broken.

The wine splashed. Mo Liuji took action in his rage, standing in front of the Saintess. Then, he aimed at Mo Cha, attacking.

A square stone imperial seal appeared in Mo Liuji's hand. That imperial seal was carved with many mysterious lines, which appeared like a net covering it.

Instantly, the stone seals emitted dazzling lights. Mo Liuji held it high, flinging it at Mo Cha.

The imperial seal crossed through the sky, attacking.

Mo Liuji's face was grave, and he rarely looked like that. His aura was moving unhurriedly, like flowing water.

A white soul stair emerged above his head, the steps appearing one after another. Eventually, the nine steps radiated blazing beams of light, forming a dazzling soul stair that illuminated the place.

Mo Liuji's true energy became extremely formidable in an instant.

He roared and howled.

Granny Mo was dead. The granny who had taken care of him since he was a child to an adult man was dead. It increased the rage in his heart. Although he had always calmed and comforted the Saintess, he was more furious than anyone else.

And now, seeing the murderers, he couldn't suppress his anger anymore.

As he was the most talented young man of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, he could calculate everything in this world, but he couldn't foresee Granny Mo's calamity!

The stone imperial seal floated up, spinning, pressing down on the collapsing void.

Mo Cha disdained this, of course. He disdained the furious Mo Liuji, too.

His target was the Heavenly Secret Saintess. Of course, he wouldn't bat an eye against the other low insects.

As their Big Boss Mo Ye had said, they didn't have much time. They must quickly break the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk or bring it back.

"Get lost!" Mo Cha's wings shook once. Immediately, his feathers dropped, fluttering.

A trident appeared in his hand, which he then wielded, slashing the air to hit that stone imperial seal. With only a single strike, he could blow the terrifying imperial seal back as if it was just trash.

Mo Cha roared. His eyes shot out thick murderous aura.

He was ruthless. Whoever stopped him would receive only one word-kill!

Mo Liuji's eyes shrank, and his heart chilled.

He was worthy of being the devil that killed Granny Mo. His power... was so formidable!

A compass emerged in his palm, covered by so many formations. The formation spun, shielding in front of him.


The trident slashed, pounding and shattering the formations.

Mo Liuji groaned. Blood flowed out of his mouth and nostrils. He was blown backward, falling far on the ground.

Compared to that devil, Mo Liuji, who hadn't reached the Divine Spirit, was a little weaker. He couldn't stop even one strike from the enemy.

Chu Changsheng also saw the scene. He took in a breath of cold air.

He made a step forward, and his clothes blasted apart instantly.

He darted toward Mo Cha.

As he was zooming forward, his body also changed. His thick and big muscles swelled up, which made his slender figure balloon instantly. He became a giant taller than three meters.


Two fists pounded at the same spot. Instantly, they created sonic booms. Chu Changsheng's Divine Altar bloomed with bright light. Wisps of energy dangled like silky, flimsy curtains.

His body moved as if it could break the void. Chu Changsheng's eyes became more focused.

Mo Cha hadn't thought that Chu Changsheng could become a giant in just a blink of an eye. That compressive pounding startled him.

His trident was held horizontally to stop that attack, but he still got hit, his body sent backward.

Mo Sa saw Chu Changsheng's transformation. His eyes brightened up as if he had become energetic instantaneously.

"This meat... definitely delicious!" Mo Sa roared excitedly. His body charged toward Chu Changsheng. His mountain-like fist brutally pounded on him.

Chu Changsheng roared. His body crackled like fried beans. His muscles retracted as his strength accumulated in his fists.

He threw a punch.

Two giants' fists impacted in the air.

The sound of fleshy fists banging into each other made people's hearts jolt once.

Chu Changsheng's eyes narrowed. His heart also shrank. The other's fist gave him an invincible feeling that he had to be fearful of.

He couldn't stop that punch!


Mo Sa's face looked excited. His punch crossed Chu Changsheng's defense, hitting his head directly.

Chu Changsheng's muscular body was sent flying, and he heavily hit the ground like a cannonball. His landing was noisy, and the ground was broken and caved in.

It was enough to show how powerful Mo Sa's fist was.

"Weak chicken!" Mo Sa stepped on the void, drawing back his lips, laughing mockingly and loudly. His hands rubbed his sharp horns. He looked extremely thrilled.

It was rare to bump into a giant man, but too bad, he was too weak.

Mo Sa roared, his voice deafening and piercing.

Both of his fists pounded at the same spot. His body immediately shot up into the sky. Thick Nether energy wound around him.

Flap! Flap!

His body hissed and roared along the way. Then, he landed on the ground with a loud thud.

A wave of air surged from the ground as it cracked continually.

Chu Changsheng thundered and bellowed. He stormed out of the ground. His fists bombarded the air.

The air exploded unceasingly under the attack, turning into explosive air balls.

The air balls furiously hit Mo Sa's body and exploded. However, Mo Sa didn't even back off.

"Are you tickling me?" Mo Sa grinned. His palm immediately patted on Chu Changsheng.

Mo Sa leaped up again. At this moment, he was like an imposing mountain. The three-meter Chu Changsheng became like a dwarf in front of such a colossal figure.

His hand came down like a mountain.

Chu Changsheng raised both of his fists, enduring that palm.

However, Chu Changsheng's legs sank deep into the ground. Green veins bulged on his body, and his eyeballs were about to pop out as his body was slightly bent under this palm.

"Smash you dead... Then eat you!"

A glint flashed in Mo Sa's eyes. Chu Changsheng's body was muscular and vigorous. It would taste nice.

Although Chu Changsheng had only the cultivation base of a Half Step Divine Spirit Realm, his fighting competence is not less than a real Divine Spirit Realm expert.

His body, after being enhanced with the Taotie's Heart, was really powerful. It wasn't difficult for him to challenge an expert at a higher realm.

Unfortunately... Mo Sa's power was too formidable.

Chu Changsheng felt suffocated shortly after.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart raced. He felt like his body was about to be burned.

Far away, Mo Liuji swayed, trying to get up from the ruins. His mouth and nostrils were bleeding. He cut a sorry figure, but his eyes were still keen.

Staggering, he walked toward the Saintess, standing in front of her to shield her.

He gasped for his breath, his body shaking.

Mo Cha's murderous aura gushed. He looked at Mo Liuji, who came to protect the girl one more time. An invisible flame of anger burned inside him.

"You lowly insect... You want to die?! You want to stop me... What do you have to stop me?!"

The trident turned. Mo Cha pushed it, and a terrifying force burst out of it.

The trident roared, stabbing towards the staggering Mo Liuji. It shone with a cold light, and with the sky-filling Nether energy, it was earth-shakingly powerful.

Mo Liuji's eyes gazed at that trident. A moment later, he gritted his teeth and roared. Green veins bulged on his neck.

Formations suddenly glowed underneath his feet, releasing energy.


Thousands of starlight beams twirled around Mo Liuji. A star compass emerged, and Mo Liuji held it in his hand.

"Heavenly Secret Demon Subduing Technique!"

Mo Liuji's hair fluttered messily. His eyes shot out a murderous aura.

Mo Cha rolled his eyes. "That hag's trick! You go die!"


The trident slashed Mo Liuji's starlight column right in front of him.

However, from the sky, the stars continued to fall, bombarding Mo Cha, who was swiftly ducking around.

Mo Cha swayed to avoid many falling stars, but eventually, he got hit. His body fell, sinking into the ground.

The starlight energy around Mo Liuji's body scattered. He spurted out a mouthful of blood, causing him to stagger backward.

He could feel his energy draining fast.

Mo Liuji looked at the dark clouds covering the sky, cursing under his breath. He hated this kind of power-draining battle the most.

Why did he have to die now? He hadn't drunk a swig of Owner Bu's good wine yet. He would die in regret!

Suddenly, a tender hand held his collapsing body, slowly lowering him and making him lie comfortably on the ground.

The flimsy white dress fluttered, brushing Mo Liuji's gory face. Mo Liuji was left dumbfounded.

The endless darkness engulfed the sky above the Valley of Gluttony, gushing.

In the sky, Mo Cha released Nether energy. Holding the trident in his hand, his anger skyrocketed.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess' dress fluttered. Her black, silky hair flew with the wind as she faced the three devils.

From the Gluttony Square, hissing and screaming arose.

A golden shadow broke the sky, dashing through the air.