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 Bu Fang and Nethery looked straight.

The air surrounding them had such thick energy that it was almost materialized into drops of liquid.

Bu Fang raised his hand and touched the hovering dew in the air. Immediately, they dispersed, turning back into thick spirit energy and scattering.

Taking in a gentle breath, the faint smell of medicinal herbs flooded their stomachs.

This place was like an herb garden, but it wasn't actually like an herb garden. Because, compared to the neat and standardized herb garden, this place was utterly disordered.

This place was indeed where the Yellow Spring Grass grew. Blades of grass were everywhere in this riverbank. Their leaves slowly swayed, shook, and even waved.

"Move forward. We need to find a one leaf Yellow Spring Grass near the source of the river," said Bu Fang. Then, he strode forward.

Nethery was a little bewildered as she didn't think that the Yellow Spring Grass here didn't meet Bu Fang's requirement.

Looking at Bu Fang, who was pacing ahead of her, Nethery felt helpless as she followed him.

The two of them marched along the riverbank, heading to the deeper area.

All of a sudden, their ears were filled with a piercing and rumbling noise. A moment later, a torrential steam slapped their faces.

The two of them were standing on a hill. On their left, the Yellow Spring River's waver surged. The blood water continually seethed, rolling upward from the foot of the hill, becoming a waterfall from the endless source of the river.

The grumbling noise was actually caused by the Yellow Spring River's water flying up from the river pond.

However, it wouldn't catch Bu Fang's and Nethery's eyes with only that. Mainly, there were so many types of spirit herbs growing downhill.

The thick scent of medicinal spirit herbs permeated, rolling and invading the air.

That area had the Yellow Spring Grass and many types of magical spirit herbs. Some even had flowers, whose pollen grains fluttered in the air. Some had newly bloomed flowers and buds, while others had dangling threads with so many fulgent spirit fruits.

The area was packed with colorful spirit herbs, which had mesmerized Bu Fang and Nethery.

However, they didn't dare to act rashly. In the center of the blood water river pond sat a spirit beast as big as a small mountain.

It seemed to be a giant lizard-dragon spirit beast with horns on the head and a gruesome appearance. It was crouching, sleeping, each breath of it stirring the blood water ponds.

That giant dragon had a blood-hued skin, and the light reflected on its shining blood scales could make people shudder.

The water pond gurgled, boiling. Some transparent resentful souls were wandering above the water surface.

"This... This place is the Yellow Spring River's source, isn't it?" asked Bu Fang.

"No... The Yellow Spring River's source is right in that blood pond, under that blood dragon's butt. That blood dragon... isn't something we can provoke. We just need to pick a one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass then we'll run away. I hope that big fellow won't wake up. I didn't expect to see the Blood Illuminating Dragon here, right at the entrance to the Yellow Spring River's source," said Nethery with an emotionless face and cold eyes.

After a moment's pause, she added, "The Blood Illuminating Dragon... is a genuine ancient spirit beast at the same level of existence as a pureblood Taotie..."

Bu Fang shivered inwardly. A beast with the same level as a pureblood Taotie was really imposing and awesome.

Bu Fang raked his eye across the area. As soon as he saw a one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass, he would take it and immediately run away.

However, after his eyes scanned the place, he was surprised as he realized that while this valley had many Yellow Spring Grass, the one-leaf grass was extremely rare.

Bu Fang searched for a long time. Finally, his keen eyes spotted a waving, lively one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass in the gap between the rocks under the Blood Illuminating Dragon's butt.

However, Nethery thought that Bu Fang was insane.

Once that Blood Illuminating Dragon was awakened, Bu Fang would be in fatal danger. With the Blood Illuminating Dragon's power, it could swallow him within one bite, leaving nothing behind.

However, when Bu Fang wanted to do something, he would do it immediately. And so, Bu Fang took a step forward and fell freely from the cliff.

His figure dashed toward that area.

The moment he was about to touch the ground, the tip of his foot dipped once, then his entire body sprang, making a beautiful curve before landing on the ground.

The waving spirit herbs around him released a spirit energy that made Bu Fang's heart restless. Those spirit herbs had high values in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Anyway, Bu Fang's target was a one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass. No matter how attractive the other herbs were, he wouldn't be distracted.

He flipped his Vermillion Robe. The robe flipped once, fluttering.

Bu Fang's body moved agilely and swiftly like a lightning strike, charging toward that one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass.

Boom! Boom!

The Blood Illuminating Dragon was really massive. As he had just observed the beast at a height in front of the valley, without comparing it to any object, Bu Fang thought it wasn't really big. However, now that he was near, Bu Fang lifted his head and felt like facing an enormous, imposing mountain.

The Blood Illuminating Dragon laid on its belly. Its mouth partly opened, letting sticky saliva trickle down. As the Blood Illuminating Dragon breathed, it would cause strong gusts of wind, which Bu Fang couldn't even stand firm against.

However, Bu Fang's body swayed for a while, then darted toward the Blood Illuminating Dragon's belly. A moment later, he saw his target-a one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass.

That Yellow Spring Grass was growing in difficulty between the rocks. Without keen observation, it wouldn't be discovered.

Bu Fang walked carefully, his face expressionless.

On the hill, Nethery held her breath. She was so afraid that Bu Fang would wake up the Blood Illuminating Dragon. If that were to happen, they would become that Blood Illuminating Dragon's turd, which would fertilize the spirit herbs in this entire valley.

As soon as Bu Fang picked that one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass, the immense spirit energy slapped his face.

Bu Fang didn't hesitate. His hand flipped, and the Yellow Spring Grass was collected.

All of a sudden...

The moment he put the Yellow Spring Grass away, the giant body of the Blood Illuminating Dragon slightly moved.

That slight movement shook the entire ground.

Anyway, lucky for him, the Blood Illuminating Dragon had just rolled a little and continued to snore.

Bu Fang slowly crawled away from underneath the Blood Illuminating Dragon's belly, dashing back to Nethery.

"Let's go... We should leave," said Bu Fang.

Looking at Owner Bu's face, which didn't seem to have changed, Nethery couldn't hide her surprise. This Owner Bu's frame of mind was really good.

Facing the Blood Illuminating Dragon, he showed no fear.

Before Bu Fang and Nethery left the hill, the former eyed the Blood Illuminating Dragon a little more.

That giant-headed beast was a divine beast. He wondered how its meat would taste like. If he got a chance, he would love to try it.

The two of them left the area, sprinting away.

They didn't dare to delay because Bu Fang didn't know how long his Blood Marble Wok Fish could last.

When the two reached the entrance, they gawked.

Because, further away from them, the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings looked so damaged. Their stone bodies had so many cracks.

They were shakily standing, their scarlet eyes gazing at each other.

The Blood Marble Wok had only one piece of fish, which looked so soft and wet, making people drool.

It looked like those two had fought for that last piece of fish meat.

One of the Stone Statue Ghost Kings decided to play rock-paper-scissors to decide, but the other wasn't happy since he had lost all the games. He hadn't had a chance to eat a piece of fish meat.

Looking at the other Stone Statue Ghost King with his oily mouth, he was so indignant.

It was the last piece of fish meat. That Stone Statue Ghost King thought that he would go insane if he lost another game.

Thus, he didn't agree to play another rock-paper-scissors game. He took action directly.

The two Stone Statue Ghost Kings went at each other again. The surroundings were broken, looking like ruins.

Only the Blood Marble Wok Fish was intact.

Bu Fang and Nethery gawked and dropped their jaws. They didn't know what had happened.

How did the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings become so damaged?

The two Stone Statue Ghost Kings were rolling their eyes and showing their fangs. Then, they raised their tridents, attacking each other.

Crackle! Crackle!

The two were pierced through. Broken, they collapsed into piles of stones on the ground.

However, the Stone Statue Ghost Kings' souls floated up and continued their fight. Eventually, they tore each other apart.

Seeing things happened in a flash, Bu Fang was dumbstruck.

"Run!" Nethery's eyes shrank, yelling.

Her body accelerated instantly. In just a wink, she zoomed toward a far distance.


A thundering dragon roar echoed, which seemed to reach the entire Earth Prison of the Netherworld. Even the ground was shaking.

Terrifying gusts of winds arose. The stones were shot, and spirit herbs were destroyed.

At the other end of the hill, a giant, blood-colored creature flew up, soaring into the sky because of the two broken Stone Statue Ghost Kings.

Bu Fang and Nethery's faces changed instantly.

They didn't think that they would have taken the leaf smoothly, but the two dumb Stone Statue Ghost Kings killing each other because of a dish... had awakened the sleeping Blood Illuminating Dragon.

It wasn't easy to deal with that Blood Illuminating Dragon!

The yellow eyes that were like the big lanterns locked onto Bu Fang and Nethery. Its mouth opened, roaring and hissing!

"Intruders... Die!"

The massive wings flapped once, and the air roared and shattered. A moment later, the Blood Illuminating Dragon's body soared, heading straight toward Bu Fang and Nethery.


Meanwhile, in a majestic white palace that was completely made from real white bones, a spooky sound reverberated deeply. The bones still had some flames dancing inside.

Inside the great hall, at the center, Lord Dog was chatting with someone covered in immense blood mist.

Suddenly, Lord Dog's brows twitched once.

The Yellow Spring Great Sage, who was sitting on the throne, was also shaken. A moment later, he was enraged.

"Lord Dog... I'm glad that you came back. I wish to talk to you more, but, unfortunately... some people don't have eyes. They have provoked the Blood Illuminating Dragon I placed at the river source of the Yellow Spring River... I need to go there now," said the Yellow Spring Great Sage.

However, a moment later, Lord Dog also stood up. His fat body shook.

Lord Dog wore an awkward face, slightly raising his snout toward the Yellow Spring Great Sage. His raised his paw, tearing the void, and left in an instant.

The Yellow Spring Great Sage was bewildered, seeing Lord Dog leaving without a word.

A moment later, the blood mist surged.

"That damn mangy dog! He plotted against me! I'm pissed off!"

It seemed like he understood something. His thundering voice echoed from the white bone palace.


Facing the Blood Illuminating Dragon's terrifying pressure, Bu Fang eventually chose to summon Nether King Er Ha.

His hand shook once, and the Spicy Strip flew into the sky.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Yellow Spring River...

Nether King Er Ha's nose wrinkled. His teeth cut through the Spicy Strip in his mouth, his eyes lighting up!

"Spicy Strips! A Spicy Strip is calling His Highness!"

A moment later, he soared up into the sky, flying fast toward the Yellow Spring River. After reaching it, he stepped and glided over like a dragonfly flying above the water surface, heading to the other side.

He was running toward his beloved Spicy Strips!