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 Valley of Gluttony

Thump-thump. Thump-thump.

Chu Changsheng's heart suddenly beat faster. An immense energy emerged from his heart, which instantly moved around his body, making him feel full of energy.

His heart had fused with the Taotie's Heart with tremendous potential power. If Chu Changsheng could utilize that inherent power, his cultivation base and power would reach an extremely extraordinary realm. At least, it wasn't a problem to ignite the divine flame.

However, at this moment, Chu Changsheng's face was so grim. His heart raced as he was restless and frightened. A terrifying pressure was suppressing him.

Chu Changsheng turned to look at the entrance to the Valley of Gluttony. The terrifying aura came from there, and the sky over there had turned black, rolling and surging.

Heavenly Secret Saintess halted. She turned to look at the dark clouds far from them, her eyes getting deeper.

Mo Liuji furrowed his brows. He gulped down a swig of wine, his eyes turning severe and ruthless.

Whoever they were... Not good! This murderous intention, this horrible aura...

This time, a great calamity would happen to the Valley of Gluttony!


Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Mo Sa's body, which was like a small mountain, was marching. Under each of his step, the ground shook fiercely as if it was about to shatter.

The houses in the villages around the Valley of Gluttony shook hard, and they looked like they were about to collapse.

Mo Cha laughed evilly. The wings on his back opened and flapped, swirling up a storm and causing the rocks and sand to fly.

His eyes were so excited. As he looked at the Gluttony God City, his eyes became even brighter!

"Muahahaha... I sense... the aura of the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk," Mo Cha said, smiling.

Mo Ye was meticulous, clasping his hands. The two vertical eyes on his forehead were closed. He hovered in the sky, slowly drifting away.

The surrounding villages had become ruins shortly along their way.

Behind them, thick and dark clouds rolled. The darkness came over as if it wanted to devour everything.

The villagers were very panic-stricken, trying to run away.

The three devils looked so gruesome and ferocious. They didn't look like humans. They were like the devils in legends.

The devils were running. Who wouldn't be scared?!

Mo Sa grinned wider. He continued to stomp and trod, breaking the ground

He looked so high.

"Food... Everyone here is food." Mo Sa's mouth watered as he gazed at the villagers running around helter-skelter.

"Too bad, these food don't have high power. Not worth for Mo Sa to eat them." Mo Sa caressed two horns on his head. The metal rings on the horn clanged on each other, emitting "ding dang" sounds.

The creatures from the Ruin Prison considered the Hidden Dragon Continent's living beings their food. However, they also had a standard for the food, such as which food was suitable for which sort of existences. At Mo Sa's level, his food wasn't the ordinary people on this continent.

It should be the competent experts.

As they were the Ruin Prison's experts, of course, they wanted to eat the Hidden Dragon Continent's experts.

It was the rule. Only the experts' blood and flesh could make them happy and satisfied.

To those horror-struck, the Valley of Gluttony's villagers who were running wild, Mo Cha and Mo Ye didn't even bat an eye.

Their eyes were busy watching the imposing, lively Gluttony God City. From the city, they could sense the energy of countless experts. Moreover, the aura of the Hidden Dragon Continent was shining there.

It was their target, indeed.

"Smells good! This city... smells so good!"

The Gluttony God City was a city of food, so of course, the aromas would be very thick. As Mo Sa took in the aromas, he was so moved.

The good smell of the food shook his senses, making him drool.

The Glutton God City's guards on the city wall saw the three devils approaching. Their hands holding the lance and arrows were shaking.

Those three devils... looked so ferocious! They simply looked like the demons crawling out of the deep and dark abysses, bringing endless fear with them.

Some guards felt their legs turn jelly-like. They slumped, shaking, as their eyes filled with fright. However, being the guards, they must protect the frontline of the city.

Mo Sa walked forward, laughing evilly. His mouth opened wide, his saliva splashing around. He raised his fist, punching at the Gluttony God City.

The small-mountain-sized punch hit the city wall.


The Gluttony God City's protection array instantly covered the entire city.

However, this array couldn't endure Mo Sa's punch. It squeaked and cracked and caved in grumblingly!

The fear in the guards' eyes thickened. No one had expected that the Gluttony God City's array couldn't even bear a strike!

Mo Sa wielded another punch. His punch had made even the air crackle as it couldn't bear the pressure.

The strong city wall boomed and exploded under the attack, sending crushed stones everywhere.

The guards who wanted to resist were traumatized, slumping on the ground. They didn't even have the guts to stand up against Mo Sa's aura.

That devil was so formidable!

Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!

Mo Sa roared as his hand swept over. All the guards were smashed into a mess of flesh. Their bodies were all blasted apart.

The ruthless Mo Sa had crushed everything.

The citizens in Gluttony God City crazily ran away. They headed toward the Gluttony God's Building's Square, where the protection array and their new Valley Master were.

Standing by the Valley Master, they could ease the franticness in their hearts.

"I got it. This city is the city of gourmet food on the Hidden Dragon Continent. This city gathers all the top chefs of the Hidden Dragon Continent. No wonder the air here is filled with aromas that could intoxicate people."

Mo Cha's wings moved behind his back. He took in a deep breath, feeling refreshed.

A moment later, the three of them entered the city.

The scene where the citizens were running around to hide was caught in their eyes. However, they just laughed.

To those fragile people, they didn't even want to take action.

Mo Ye hovered in the front, clasping his hands. He looked extremely aloof.

All of a sudden, his line of sight moved like the lightning strike, falling on a long street where three people were standing in silence.

A young, white-haired man.

A young man with his shirt open at his chest, drinking wine.

And a young woman with a veil that covered her face. Her temperament was aloof like a deity that descended into this world.

They didn't run away. Facing their pressure and might, they didn't run nor hide.

"Eh? The aura from that woman... is so familiar."

Mo Cha flapped his black wings. Cocking his head to one side, he squinted at the Heavenly Secret Saintess. Then, his eyes bulged, the corners of his mouth rising.

"You! Yeah, it's you! The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk... is with that woman!" exclaimed Mo Cha.

Mo Ye's eyes became extremely sharp. The air around him stagnated.

His tremendous aura made Chu Changsheng's and Mo Liuji's legs shiver. It was a sign that they couldn't bear the pressure. However, the two of them were trying hard to resist.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess's eyes were so cold. She raised her slender and beautiful fingers and made seals. A moment later, a light blue star compass emerged on her palm.

She gazed at Mo Ye and the others, deducing rapidly.

The star compass moved faster and faster. Eventually, it rattled and blasted...

"It's you! You killed Granny Mo! You're the murderers who killed Granny Mo!" the Heavenly Secret Saintess shouted coldly!


The Heavenly Secret Saintess's aura immediately surged, diffusing.

The waves of air rolled, reaching the sky.

Mo Liuji was shaken. He stared at the other three. They were the murderers who had killed Granny Mo?!


Chu Changsheng's white hair fluttered. He exhaled deeply before saying, "Although I'm not the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony anymore... Seeing people vandalizing the Valley of Gluttony, I'm not happy, so I will take action if I have to!"

A moment later, his aura completely changed.

Steps from a soul ladder rose above his head. A Divine Altar bloomed with bright light.


Earth Prison, Netherworld

The Blood Marble Wok Fish Bu Fang had placed on the ground released a thick aroma.

After putting it down, Bu Fang didn't hesitate, turning around and running directly after Nethery toward the area the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings were watching.

The two Stone Statue Ghost Kings moved.

Their stony noses wrinkled for a while. A moment later, their scarlet eyes glowed.

The two Stone Statue Ghost Kings exchanged looks. Then, small wings grew on their back. The little wings fluttered, bringing their bodies toward the Blood Marble Wok Fish.

Their attention was stuck to the Blood Marble Wok Fish. They didn't realize Bu Fang and Nethery had stormed into the area they had to protect.

In that piping-hot Blood Marble Wok Fish, the elastic fish meat was dancing.

The fish skin was black, which emphasized the white fish meat and the color of the chili soup stock. Moreover, this food was releasing an enticing aroma.

The two Stone Statue Ghost Kings went to the wok.

As the Blood Marble wok was heated up, it had become more scarlet and transparent. The blood-colored lines on it seemed to be alive.

The Stone Statue Ghost Kings' nose scrunched up. Then, they grinned, and a rumbling sound came out. They immediately showed their excited, gluttonous faces.

Their bodies shrank, becoming two small stone people. Grabbing their exquisite, little tridents, they surrounded the marble pot.

The Stone Statue Ghost Kings' sharp gazes shot out of their eyes.

In the end, they decided to use the rock-paper-scissors game to decide who could eat and who couldn't.

The Stone Statue Ghost King who won could take a piece of meat.

After a piece of elastic fish meat was put into the Stone Statue Ghost King's mouth, his eyes immediately brightened. He nodded continuously, waving his hands in joy.

The other Stone Statue Ghost King swallowed his saliva. He became restless, raving to ask for another rock-paper-scissors game.

However, he lost this game again.

As he lost, he could only watch the other pick up another aromatic fish meat, putting it into his mouth...

Seizing the time while the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings were still playing the game to get the fish meat, Bu Fang and Nethery had entered the area where the Yellow Spring Grass grew near the source of the river.


The Yellow Spring Grass grew by the riverbank, swaying in the wind.

The spirit energy was really thick in the air, which made people inhale and exhale the immense spirit energy as they breathe.

Bu Fang and Nethery stopped. They observed the area packed with Yellow Spring Grass and exchanged looks.