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 The Stone Statue Ghost Kings were gluttons.

Thus, Nethery suggested that Bu Fang should cook something really delicious to attract them. After that, they would seize the chance when the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings were distracted with the food. They would sneak in to take one leaf of Yellow Spring Grass, then run away.

It had to be said that Nethery's suggestion was a little far-fetched. Since Bu Fang didn't know the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings' taste, it would be difficult for him to cook something that could immerse the statues in the taste.

However, Nethery's idea was the simplest solution the two could think of for now.

"Could we use Spicy Strips to tempt them?" Bu Fang asked.

He thought that the Spicy Strips should be better than the others. It wouldn't be really hard to attract the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings.

Of course, even if it couldn't attract the statues, still, it would attract the Nether King, right?

The Nether King's competence should be much stronger than these two Stone Statue Ghost Kings. When he arrives, he could slap the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings to death. It was simple and effortless, though.

Trapping Little Ha was something Bu Fang found himself becoming more skilled at.

However, Nethery objected to his idea. "If the Nether King His Highness slapped the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings to death, then tomorrow, the entire Earth Prison in Netherworld would be shaken. Yellow Spring Great Sage would chase after the Nether King His Highness without pause until the Yellow Spring River dries up."

It was really that serious... Bu Fang couldn't help but smack his lips.

"The Stone Statue Ghost Kings are the Yellow Spring Great Sage's most favorite toys. If they are killed, hum... the consequence would be much worse than stealing his Yellow Spring Grass and Reincarnation Fruits."

Bu Fang pursed his lips, looking at the two wide-eyed Stone Statue Ghost Kings. He couldn't help but exhale.

This Yellow Spring Great Sage did have a heavy taste. He had such a special feeling toward the two stone statues.

"So, the simplest yet best method is that you cook something. If your food can't attract the Stone Statue Ghost Kings, we have no hope in taking the Yellow Spring Grass. Don't think of using force. Any one of those Stone Statue Ghost Kings would be an invincible existence in the Hidden Dragon Continent. Do you think we can get past them with our power?" Nethery said calmly and coldly.

It seemed they had no other solution but cooking. No matter what, the Stone Statue Ghost Kings were gluttons, so it was the only way to deal with them.

Bu Fang clasped his hands and paced around. He furrowed his brows, then raised his hand and rubbed his chin.

If that was the case, he could only cook something then.

However, Bu Fang was hesitant, thinking about what to cook.

Once the food he cooked couldn't attract those two Stone Statue Ghost Kings, wouldn't his efforts be wasted?

Bu Fang looked around. There were many tufts of Yellow Spring Grass growing here, but their quality wasn't really good and they weren't old enough.

On the ground, there were so many Blood Marble rocks scattered around.

"There are fish in the Yellow Spring River. The Stone Statue Ghost Kings love the fish in there," suggested Nethery.


Bu Fang's eyes brightened instantly.

He strode toward the Yellow Spring River's riverbank. Looking at the rapid flow of the river, Bu Fang frowned.

The blood-red water blocked Bu Fang's vision. As the water wasn't clear, it was hard to see if there were fish swimming around.

So the Yellow Spring River did have fish?

Bu Fang was a little skeptical. The Yellow Spring River's water was as red as blood, not to mention that it was terrifyingly corrosive. How could fish live and grow in there?

And even if there were fish, could they eat such type of fish?

However, recalling when the river blasted and a massive spirit beast jumped up into the sky, Bu Fang did believe that the river did have fish.

"The Yellow Spring River is corrosive not because it's poisonous. It's because the density of Nether energy in the river is too high, which causes the corrosive nature of the water river," Nethery explained to Bu Fang and updated him on the common knowledge.

Bu Fang frowned harder. "If it has a high density of Nether energy, why is the water red instead of black? The Nether energy is black, right?"

"According to legend, a real God died in the Yellow Spring River, and his divine blood had dyed the entire river red. Anyway, no one has ever figured out why the water is red. Do you believe me? Are you the Netherworld's resident, or am I? I said there are fish, so there are fish," Nethery said seriously. She didn't even change her expression.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

Bu Fang walked to the river. He took a fishing rod out of the system dimensional bag, which Bu Fang had made and used to fish in the Sunset Lake.

It was helpful now.

After placing the bait on the hook, Bu Fang sat down cross-legged by the riverbank of the Yellow Spring River, fishing quietly.

The Yellow Spring River's water was really turbulent. His fishing line was slanted a lot.

Time ticked by...

Nethery folded her long, slender legs and sat beside him, feeling a little bored.

However, Bu Fang gradually closed his eyes, as though he was a monk in his meditation. He had turned motionless.

He sat like that for quite a long time.

All of a sudden...

The fishing line in the Yellow Spring River twitched.

Bu Fang's eyes opened immediately. It seemed like there were dots of light in the depths of his eyes.

He stood up. His true energy surged. Using his strength, he abruptly drew the swimming fish in the Yellow Spring River out of the water.


The river water blasted.

Instantly, a blood-colored fish that was as big as half of an adult man appeared.

That fish's eyes looked puzzled, as though it didn't know why it was drawn out of the river.

"I got the fish! Nethery, take it!"

Bu Fang gripped the rod with both hands. When the fish could react, it began to struggle hard.

The strong force made Bu Fang struggle to hold onto the rod.

Nethery stood up, her body dashed out, heading to that fish.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

However, as soon as Nethery moved, the fish's body swelled up. Then, jets of black energy shot in every direction, heading toward Nethery. It seemed like they were trying to pierce through her.

Nethery raised her hand. The Nether energy twirled, preventing those jets of black light.

Her palm pushed forward, and the Nether energy furiously hit the fish's head.


The fish was unconscious, falling on the ground.

"You got good luck. You fished a relatively weaker fish. If you caught a Heavenly Ethereal Realm spirit beast... you would cry," said Nethery.

Bu Fang looked at her. The corners of his mouth twitched. His hands moved and pulled the fish forward.

He covered his palm with his true energy before catching the fish, and his hands were actually not corroded.

Indeed, it was like what Nethery had told him. Although the water river had a high density of Nether energy and was corrosive, the creatures living in there and the cooking ingredients weren't poisonous.

It saved Bu Fang a lot of trouble.

Bu Fang took out the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and prepared the fish right away.

In the Yellow Spring River, this fish was a low-level spirit beast. Bu Fang could prepare it easily.

Nethery was right. In case a Heavenly Ethereal Realm spirit beast jumped out of the Yellow Spring River, the two of them would be eaten up.

The Heavenly Ethereal Realm was similar to an existence with a divine flame at the Divine Spirit Realm. As for the Great Ethereal Realm, it was equal in power to the Almighty Realm existences.

In the Netherworld, the Heavenly Ethereal Realm was divided into nine ascensions, which were correspondent to the divine flames in the Divine Spirit Realm.

If it were a Heavenly Ethereal Realm creature, with their current level, Bu Fang and Nethery would be handed over here.

He opened the fish belly to get rid of its internal organs, then washed it with the spirit spring water. Afterwards, that fish's meat had a somewhat pleasant scent.

Bu Fang was surprised. Although it was the lowest-level spirit beast, the fish's meat was unexpectedly good.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife moved and finished processing the fish.

Nethery stayed aside, watching excitedly. Actually, watching Bu Fang cook was a sort of enjoyment.

What dish would Bu Fang cook today?

Nethery couldn't figure it out. However, it didn't stop her from using her respectful eyes to behold Bu Fang cooking.

After Bu Fang processed the fish, he stood up, heading toward a big block of Blood Marble.

Bu Fang moved a Blood Marble rock, which looked a little scary with blood filaments on it.

Exhaling, Bu Fang took several steps back, then raised his hand. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife shot out light and turned bigger, which Bu Fang put on his shoulder.

He slashed at the Blood Marble. A moment later, it was broken, and splinters were sent everywhere.

Nethery gawked, dropping her jaw.

Shortly, a Blood Marble wok appeared. As Bu Fang had treated it meticulously, the wok surface was shiny and smooth.

However, it made Nethery skeptical. Bu Fang had a wok, didn't he? Why would he want to make another one?

"Today's dish is called Blood Marble Wok Fish... cooked using the Blood Marble wok." Bu Fang glanced at Nethery, who was wearing a puzzled face, explaining faintly.


Black smoke arose, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared.

Bu Fang took a step back. Opening his mouth, he spat out a cluster of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. The flame got under the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, burning fiercely.

He then poured the cooking ingredients into the wok and started to cook soup stock.

While making the soup stock, Bu Fang prepared the fish meat.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife shrank. His hand folded slightly, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun, sending out a knife radiance.

A moment later, the golden knife light shot out, sparkling like a meteor.

His knife skill was as fast as lightning that Nethery felt a little dizzy watching him.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife streaked past the fish. A piece of long and thick fish meat with the skin was cut off, flying up. It looked really impressive.

Gurgle. Gurgle. Gurgle.

Hot steam rose and rolled furiously.

The soup stock was now finished. Bu Fang scooped it out to use later.

The cut cooking ingredients were placed into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. The hot wok stirred. He added oil and a bit of Abyssal Chili Sauce, which thickened the aroma of the food.

After that, he took the wok out of the fire and poured the ingredients into the Blood Marble wok, then added the soup stock. Bu Fang spurted out a cluster of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame underneath the marble wok, making it boil.

And now, Bu Fang began to treat the fish meat.

Adding and boiling half a wok of oil, Bu Fang used the chopsticks to grab the fish meat, dipping it into the boiling oil.

White bubbles came. The fish meat spun and expanded. Bu Fang took it out, putting it into the marble wok.

The fresh and soft fish meat became elastic after a quick deep-fry. Being stewed in the marble wok, the aroma continually seeped into the fish meat.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife disappeared. Bu Fang had finished his dish this time, Blood Marble Wok Fish.

Nethery gulped her saliva. The fragrance that had filled the air made her mouth water.

It smelled so good.

Nethery felt that her mouth and nostrils were filled with fish aroma.

Holding the Blood Marble Wok Fish, Bu Fang noticed the salivating Nethery. He couldn't help but twitch his mouth.

"It's for the Stone Statue Ghost Kings. If you want to eat, I'll cook it for you when we get back to the restaurant," said Bu Fang.

When he made the Blood Marble wok, he had made several of them, so they would have one more dish after they return.

Nethery looked deflated. She nodded gently because she knew that this Blood Marble Wok Fish would determine whether they could attract the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings and get the one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass.

"Not true... There are two Stone Statue Ghost Kings, so you should cook two portions, shouldn't you? If you cook only one portion and it is really good, will they fight each other for that dish?" Nethery was perplexed.

However, Bu Fang had carried the marble wok to the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings.

The thick aroma wafted.

Boom! Boom!

The two Stone Statue Ghost Kings immediately moved, and crushed stones rolled from them. Their eyes shifted, falling on the Blood Marble Wok Fish on his hands.

"Smells good!" A pressing, ear-piercing voice arose.

A moment later, the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings stepped away from their spots.

Bu Fang's eyes sparkled. He quickly put the marble wok down.

In the distance, Nethery sprinted forward. Bu Fang stomped, following right behind Nethery, who turned into a jet of black light. They zoomed toward the area that the two Stone Statue Ghost Kings were guarding.