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 "That direction?" Mo Ye frowned, looking at Mo Cha skeptically as if he didn't believe him.

Because that place was in the opposite direction of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, and it was somewhat coincidental... He thought that he shouldn't trust Mo Cha.

"Big Boss Mo Ye, trust me. This time, if I can't find the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, I will... I will pluck out all of my feathers!" Mo Cha shouted, staking his all.

That fierce?

Mo Sa toyed with his metal rings while sitting on the ground. He was surprised, looking at Mo Cha. It looked like Mo Cha was very confident in his gut feeling this time.

Mo Ye seemed to be affected. He gave the other a slight nod.

"Okay, I will trust you this time. In the direction you said, where is the exact location?" Mo Ye asked.

"Hahaha... Let's go! My senses will be much stronger when we're near to the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, so... Mo Ye, Big Boss, you have to believe me!" said Mo Cha. The black wings on his back shook once. Immediately, he turned into a pitch-black string of light, shooting away.

Mo Ye clasped his hands as his long robe billowed in the wind. The tips of his feet were placed on the void. His body broke the air, zooming after the other.

Mo Sa rubbed his head. Then, he punched the ground. His body leaped up, heading in that direction. The flesh on Mo Sa's wounds wiggled. Shortly after, the bleeding holes were healed at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.


Heavenly Secret Holy Land

The entire Heavenly Secret Holy Land was filled with sorrow. Granny Mo was dead. She died resisting those formidable devils.

Shadows walked out of the formation. They were desperately looking at the figure of Granny Mo lying still and silent on the ground.

They were all mournful as they kneeled on the ground, facing Granny Mo. Some were sobbing, while some were crying silently.

The entire Heavenly Secret Holy Land was covered in sadness and grief. The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign wore a white robe. His handsome face had a tinge of grief. Mo Liuli was in the same generation as him.

At that time, Mo Liuji was peerlessly magnificent, and so many men had fallen for her. That year, Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign also loved Mo Liuli. However, he didn't succeed. She had rejected him. And now... He was still here while Mo Liuli had already gone.

Something utterly sorrowful filled the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign's heart, making him exhale deeply. He walked over to Mo Liuli's body, looking at her calm and peaceful face.

His furrowed brows relaxed as his two hands made hand seals quickly. The formations were cast, rising in the air. Then, the formations gathered, becoming a coffin formation.

The entire coffin was made of formations that were moving, releasing mysterious energy. After the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign had finished casting the coffin, his body trembled and his face paled.

He raised his hand. Granny Mo's body immediately floated, slowly falling into the formation coffin.

Boom! Boom!

After a dull thud, the coffin lid closed, enclosing Granny Mo's body inside.

"Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign... What are you doing? Granny Mo is our Heavenly Secret Holy Land's member. You can't take her body away like this!" exclaimed a sect-founder level existence of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land. His eyes reddened instantly, staring at the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign.

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign placed one hand behind his back, while his other hand rose and lifted the formation coffin. He indifferently cocked his head to one side, giving that sect-founder level existence who had just yelled at him a sidelong glance. That look caused that sect-founder level man to feel cold.

That sect-founder level existence felt his body being tied by the formation, as though he had just fallen into a crack on an ice mountain.

"You got the face to talk to me? I'll keep Mo Liuli's body... When your Heavenly Secret Holy Land's Saint Sovereign is back, tell him to find me... When Mo Liuli needed him, where was he?" the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign said coldly.

That sect-founder level expert didn't dare to speak more and retreated.

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign looked at the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign and snorted. He came to take revenge for his Rising Sun Holy Land's sect-founder level existence, who was killed tragically. However, the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign hadn't sealed those three devils successfully, which had enraged him. He wanted to talk to the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign.

All of a sudden, both the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign's and the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign's minds were shaken.

The entire Heavenly Secret Holy Land shook once. In the next moment, a long, drawn-out sound came from the main hall of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land.

Hum... Hum... Hum...

It was the sound of the bugle horn. The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign held the formation coffin. His eyes shrank, and his face became stern.

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign cursed under his breath, clenching his fists. "Damn!"

"The Heaven Pass Tribulation opens... We should go now to the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass," said the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign with a sigh.

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign was very unwilling.

"If we go to Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass, what will we do with those three devils? Without us... who can stop them? That Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign who had intruded into the Endless Sea?" The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign tightened his fists, growling.

However, unexpectedly, the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign looked calm without a bit of worry on his face. "Don't worry. Those three devils had distorted the Great Path's Principle to sneak into the continent because of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. Why would Granny Mo not be able to know their purpose? She stayed in the Heavenly Secret Holy Land to release the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk's aura to lure out those three devils. She had seized time for the one who keeps the real Heavenly Star Catcher Disk," answered the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign.

After a moment's pause, he added, "If I'm not wrong..." His eyes twinkled. He couldn't help but remember the Valley of Gluttony. He had bumped into Granny Mo in that place, and no doubt that she had deduced and planned something.

This time, the Heavenly Secret Saintess was chosen to control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. And now, as she wasn't in the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, it was highly likely that she had gone to the Valley of Gluttony.

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign sighed deeply. He turned to see Granny Mo's coffin. This woman... She always had so many plans and schemes.

The Taotie Restaurant in the Valley of Gluttony... that restaurant was the safest place besides the other big holy lands.

Since the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk was there, the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign could ease his mind. No matter what, that dog...

A dog hair had almost slapped him dead. That existence was truly a taboo one! If those three devils dared to attack the Valley of Gluttony, their consequences would be tragic. The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign knew that the dog in the Taotie Restaurant was different from the other three devils.

"Are you telling the truth?" asked the Rising Sun Saint Sovereign.

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign just glanced at him. He didn't mind the other, walking casually.

The void shattered. He held one hand behind his back while the other hand supported the coffin, entering the void crack.

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign's mouth twitched once. His cold eyes gazed at the direction where the three demons had gone. Eventually, he tore a void fissure, leaving. The Heaven Pass Tribulation was now open, so they must rush to the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass.


Splash. Splash.

The Netherworld Ship drifted on the Yellow Spring River. Slowly, it broke the river water. The river water rose at it was parted.

The air was filled with a hazy bloody mist, which was like a fog that obscured people's vision. As Bu Fang had reached the Divine Soul Realm, his vision could reach several miles away. However, on this Yellow Spring River, it was limited to several meters.

Bu Fang stood at the front deck. The breeze brushed past him. The Yellow Spring River had blood-red water, but it didn't smell like blood. However, it was very cold.

At the opposite riverbank, the Yellow Spring Grass grew, which was Bu Fang's target. It wasn't the source of the river, but it wasn't really far from the source, either. After they reached the riverbank, they could move further toward the source. Since that place was a prohibited area, no creature could approach it.

Previously, Lord Dog had advised them that they could pick up the Yellow Spring Grass at the source of the Yellow Spring River, but they should never come near the source of the Yellow Spring River.

Bu Fang didn't know why, but this Yellow Spring River looked very mysterious to him. He understood that the source of the river would be extremely extraordinary. With his current level, he couldn't go near enough to explore.


All of a sudden...

In the hazy blood mist, dots of light emerged not far from the Netherworld Ship. Bu Fang and Nethery were bewildered. They watched with rapt attention.

As the Netherworld Ship got nearer, Bu Fang gradually saw the object within those light dots-a blooming white lotus. It looked pure and clear, completely without evil.

Although it grew in the bloody Yellow Spring River, it was white and clear. There was no tinge of another color or blood.

"Host, pay attention. Divine-grade cooking ingredient detected: Senseless Lotus. Your level isn't sufficient. You can't pick it."

When Bu Fang looked at the bright, shining white lotus, his mind seemed to be lured in, sinking in it. However, the serious voice of the system in Bu Fang's head had scared him. He was unknowingly enchanted by that white lotus.

Senseless Lotus? Bu Fang furrowed his brows. A divine-grade cooking ingredient...

Since it was an ingredient that could make the system alert Bu Fang, it was absolutely not ordinary.

Turning around to check, Nethery's black eyes were also locked onto that white lotus too. She looked absent-minded, so no doubt that she was also enchanted. However, without the system's reminder, she wouldn't be able to regain her senses.

Bu Fang raised his hand, patting Nethery's face. Her smooth face made Bu Fang's brows furrow.

After getting slapped, Nethery was awakened. She shivered instantly.

"Senseless Lotus?! We encountered the Senseless Lotus!" Nethery gasped for her breath, her eyes frightened.

The Senseless Lotus was a divine herb, a divine-grade spirit herb that drifted around the Yellow Spring River. Rumors said that no one could get out of the Yellow Spring River alive once they saw that spirit herb.

"Can we take it?" Bu Fang's emotionless face eyed the Senseless Lotus. He had an urge to pluck it. With this kind of high-level cooking ingredient, any dish would be absolutely delicious.

However, thinking about it, he decided to give up. The system had reminded him not to touch it, and also, Lord Dog had advised them not to touch anything except for the Yellow Spring Grass. Thus, Bu Fang didn't want to court death himself.

"We can't touch the Senseless Lotus. Those who wanted to pluck the Senseless Lotus are all dead... It's a spirit herb full of calamities!" Nethery said, then added, "Anyway, the Senseless Lotus can eradicate any kind of curse..."

Nethery's eyes brightened. Being the Netherworld woman, she was exiled to the long stream of space in the Hidden Dragon Continent. Since she was cursed, she had a desire for spirit herbs that could wash away the curse. Unfortunately, her skill level was too weak.

The Netherworld Ship continued to move past the Senseless Lotus. That divine herb continued to release a dazzling light in the hazy blood mist. It was like the song of the sirens that lured people to death, like a moth being attracted to a flame.

Passing the Senseless Lotus, the Netherworld Ship accelerated.

Splash. Splash.

The waves rose high. Shortly, the swaying riverbank became clearer since the blood mist had thinned out.

"Over there! That's the Yellow Spring Grass!" Nethery raised her slender, porcelain-like arm, pointing at the spirit grass on the riverbank that was releasing light dots.

Those spirit grass lived by the riverbank and took in the bloody Yellow Spring water to nurture themselves. After receiving the nutrients from the blood-colored water river, they became cold and dark green...

Some of those spirit grass had one leaf, while the others had two or three leaves. The one-leaf Yellow Spring Grass grew more abundantly since it needed one thousand years to grow one leaf...

Bu Fang's eyes turned excited instantly. It was the real Yellow Spring Grass!

Rumble! Rumble!

However, right when Bu Fang and Nethery became so excited, the Yellow Spring River surged. A moment later, the river water rose, splashing and blasting.

A giant figure stormed out of the river. The blood water splashed and pitter-pattered like heavy rain.