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 Far from them, the terrifying auras approached like the fiery sun. The blazing light in the sky seemed to tear through the darkness.

Among them was a figure with energy arrays swirling around his body.

The entire surroundings were vibrating as the experts dashed toward the devils, shouting angrily as they did so.

An eye opened at Mo Ye's glabella. It rippled light rings of energy as if it could see through everything.

He glanced in the distance and saw the approaching experts. His face turned grim.

His body slightly swayed like a leaf, flying toward Mo Sa, grabbing his giant body with a single hand.

Mo Cha also soared from the ground, floating in the air by Mo Ye. A horrible wound had appeared on his back, his flesh and blood were wiggling within it.

However, because of the divine energy of the God Slaying Mace, Mo Cha's recovery power was ineffective. His wound couldn't recover at its usual speed.

"Damn that stinking hag!" Mo Cha wiped away the black blood on his mouth. He looked enraged.

"Don't cause any more trouble. The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk isn't here. We should move. The reinforcements from the other holy lands are here. I sense the terrifying auras of several Divine Spirit Realm experts," said Mo Ye.

"Yeah? They really came quickly!" said Mo Cha casually. He stretched out his long tongue, licking around his mouth.

Mo Ye cast Mo Cha a sidelong look. "Or was it you two that were too slow?"

Boom! Boom!

Far away, a golden figure flew forward. His immense aura shook the area.

The Nine Rings of Fiery Sun floated in the air.

That was the martial art of the Rising Sun Holy Land. Without a doubt, they were the reinforcements from the Rising Sun Holy Land.

Furthermore, that figure wasn't an ordinary existence from the Rising Sun Holy Land. He was an expert at the Saint Sovereign's level.

Radiance bloomed from his body, parting the darkness.

The Saint Sovereign's cultivation base was even stronger than Granny Mo's. The three devils of Mo Ye's team weren't foolish enough to stay and confront that person!

Although they had gotten past the Great Path's Principle to get to the Hidden Dragon Continent, with the assistance from the High Priest, they understood that if they went too far, they would eventually be suppressed by the Great Path nonetheless.

"We should retreat first," said Mo Ye.

Mo Sa and Mo Cha didn't say anything. They both agreed with him.

The three devils leaped up into the sky, attempting to flee. However, soon after, the three devils narrowed their eyes.

A giant array was descending from the sky, trapping the three devils.

The immense pressure burst out, surrounding the three in an intimidating heaviness.

"Do you think that our Hidden Dragon Royal Court is your backyard garden where you can come and go as you please?" A faint voice said. A moment later, a figure slowly descended from the sky.

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign's black hair fluttered in the air, his eyes were deep and profound. He had hand seals concealing his energy.

Far from him, the Nine Rings of Fiery Sun dashed even closer. The intimidating aura expanded, and it seemed to burn the air all around him.

"Filthy animals! Pay me back my brother's life!" The Saint Sovereign of Rising Sun Holy Ground roared indignantly.

Mo Ye looked at the scene. The corners of his mouth rose, revealing a cold sneer.

His opened eye immediately shot out beams of light, sending out shockwaves that shook the void and ripped it apart.

A moment later, they stepped into the tear, disappearing.

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign was shocked. His eyes shrank.

Under the influence of his array, the three devils could still tear the void and leave so freely?

Damn it!

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign punched the array in the void. The Nine Rings of Fiery Sun came, shattering it!

"How could they escape?! Didn't you say that with your array, they would definitely die here?!"

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign's rage had reached its peak.

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign shot him a cold glance. Then, his body flew forward, heading toward Granny Mo.

Among the ruins, Granny Mo had blood all over her body as she laid on the ground.

Her peerlessly beautiful face had clumps of blood, which made her look pitiful. Her face was extremely pale.

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign landed beside her. His face wore a complicated expression as he looked at the beauty in front of him.

"Liuli..." The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign was shocked, looking at Granny Mo.

That familiar appearance and her exquisite form... He remembered them all.

Granny Mo wore a calm face. Her hair fanned out on the ground as she blankly looked at the starry sky.

Although she had watched the starry night every night, seeing them move, she had never had a moment like this when she could just simply admire the sky.

It was a completely different emotion.

Nether energy coiled around her body, which was continually nibbling on her remaining vitality.

"I'm here to save you," the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign said. He stepped forward. When he raised his hand, the array expanded.

However, he became desperate.

Because no matter what he did, he could not eradicate the Nether energy on Granny Mo's body.

"No need. I've lived for so long. I'm tired. It's time for me to rest." Granny Mo tried to sit up, crossing her legs at her spot.

Her beautiful face began to age quickly the more she moved. A moment later, her hair had turned completely white.

She had exploded her divine flames and Divine Altar. There wasn't much vitality left in her.

Her body became covered in many age spots. From a peerless beauty, she had turned into a withering, dying old woman in just a blink of an eye.

When the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's disciples saw Granny Mo, who was about to die, they all felt bottomless grief.

Some had tears rolling down their faces, while others cried loudly.

The mournful air filled the place.

The Rising Sun Saint Sovereign landed shortly after. He was a middle-aged man, and his face looked proper and masculine.

He remained silent, sighing and watching Granny Mo as her vitality drained.

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign turned around, clasping his hands together. Although he looked calm, his eyes were filled with sorrow.

"Liuli, ease your mind and rest. I will avenge you."


Valley of Gluttony

The Heavenly Secret Saintess was sitting inside a restaurant, slowly eating. All of a sudden, her hand holding the cup trembled, spilling wine over the table.

"What's this heavy feeling in my heart? What happened?"

The Heavenly Secret Saintess looked bewildered. Her eyes seemed to have the starry sky moving within them. She hurriedly made hand seals and began to deduce.

When she had finished, her heart was shrouded in endless sadness.

The result of her deduction made her stunned speechless at her spot.

"Granny Mo... is gone?"

The Granny Mo who had always treated her as her real granddaughter was gone?

Tears lingered in the Heavenly Secret Saintess' beautiful eyes as sadness flooded her heart. She stood up immediately as she wanted to return to the Heavenly Secret Holy Land at once.

However, after several steps, she saw a lazy figure leaning against the door frame. With a bamboo tube of wine in his hand and his swollen nose, he stood in her way.

"Mo Liuji... What do you want? I want to return to our holy land." The Heavenly Secret Saintess' voice was cold as she gave him a frosty look.

However, Mo Liuji didn't budge. It was beyond her expectations.

He looked at the Saintess sadly and said, "Saintess Your Highness, you say Granny Mo is gone?"

Mo Liuji was upset. He raised the tube and drank to ease his heart.

"If that's the case, then I can't let you leave the Valley of Gluttony... Granny Mo had asked me to keep you here. Only Owner Bu can help you control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. Your Highness, Granny Mo's last wish was to see you control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. I can't let you go." Mo Liuji said solemnly.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess was dumbfounded. She took several steps back, slumping back on her chair.


Earth Prison, Netherworld

The pit-black sky drove a formidable pressure into people's hearts.

As the ground shook, fierce noises boomed and echoed.

Bu Fang's face was emotionless. The place where his foot had stepped on suddenly cracked and exploded, sending pieces of broken rocks everywhere.


A moment later, the ground underneath Bu Fang's feet cracked open. A giant spirit beast with a four-petal mouth opened its mouth, charging straight for Bu Fang.

Its thick, sharp teeth made people shudder.

Nethery's black eyes sparkled. She lifted her exquisite hand that had Nether energy wound around it.

"The dangers of the Earth Prison of the Netherworld come from those brutal beasts. You have no idea when they will run to you and attack you. They are really fierce and aggressive..." said Nethery.

Suddenly, she was bewildered. Her hand that was about to attack froze in its position.

A sonorous dragon roar resounded through the air. The dragon's might shot out with extremely high heat.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame sparkled, turning into a fire dragon as it twirled around Bu Fang.

The golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand, growing bigger. Bu Fang placed it over his shoulder.

The brutal beast that had opened its mouth to attack him couldn't budge due to the intimidation of the dragon.

Then, the blade slashed.

The spirit beast was halved instantly, blood splashing all around.

"Is this the danger you're talking about?" Bu Fang carried his kitchen knife, lifting his head to look at Nethery from a distance, his face unchanged.

Nethery's red lips convulsed. She faintly snorted, cocking her head to one side.

"Eh? This spirit beast's meat texture doesn't look bad." Bu Fang's eyes flashed, his gaze falling on the spirit beast that was now two halves of meat on the ground.

A moment later, his kitchen knife shrank. He spun it in his hand for a while, making the blade glisten. Then, he slashed ferociously.

Two pieces of the white and tender spirit beast's meat flew up, then hovered above Bu Fang's palm.

A flame wound around Bu Fang's arm. Then, it twirled and bound the spirit beast's meat.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The heat rose instantly. The flame turned into a dragon, coursing throughout the spirit beast's meat. Tiny bits of spirit energy seeped into the meat.

The tough-looking spirit beast's meat was softened gradually.

Bu Fang's eyes brightened.

From his system dimensional bag, jars of seasoning appeared. He used his thought to will the jars, and the spices sprinkled appropriately on the meat.

Shortly after, the two pieces of spirit beast's meat were roasted, releasing a thick aroma...

"Want to eat?" Bu Fang looked at Nethery.

Nethery looked at him with an emotionless face. She then turned to the beast that was halved, and her mouth couldn't help but quiver.

Although this Earth Prison spirit beast wasn't really strong, no matter what, it was at least a five-step soul ladder Divine Soul Realm existence. Why was it a piece of roasted meat now?

"Yeah..." Nethery thought for a bit and decided that she should at least taste the meat. After all, the fragrance was really mouthwatering and thick in the air.

And so, each of them held a piece of meat, eating and walking toward the Yellow Spring River.

"Do we look too high profile like this?" Bu Fang cocked his head to one side, talking to Nethery. His mouth was covered in oily juice.

"Were you planning to be low-key? It's okay... As long as we got the Nether King His Highness here, we can afford to be a little showy."

Nethery bit down on the meat. The golden oily meat juice oozed from it, and the steam that emanated from the meat assailed her nostrils with a captivating aroma.

Splash! Splash!

All of a sudden, the loud sounds of coursing and crashing water rang in their ears. Large waves of water crashed in their faces.

In front of Bu Fang and Nethery was a massive, blood-colored river!

They had finally arrived at the Yellow Spring River.