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 Tens of thousands of starlight beams descended from the sky, shining on Granny Mo's radiant form.

Rays of light flashed as spots of starlight hovered around her like dancing spirits, fluttering around and through her flowing hair. Altogether, they made Granny Mo look like a peerless fairy descending to this world.

Her exquisite hand held a long mace, which had transformed from her staff. Pieces of wood that were once on the stick had broken off to reveal its golden form underneath, which was laced with mysterious patterns.

It was the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's God Slaying weapon, the God Slaying Mace.

Mo Cha had more than ten clones surrounding her, and all of them held a trident with menacing aura. Every time they waved it, Nether energy would shoot out, releasing a sonic boom that shook the air.

However, upon facing Granny Mo's God Slaying Mace, Mo Cha's pores burst open. His black eyes widened instantly.


One of Mo Cha's clones could not resist Granny Mo's attack. It was smashed to pieces, scattering in the air.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The mysterious lines coiled around the God Slaying Mace. Each time it swung, another of Mo Cha's clones would be destroyed. That domineering power enraged Mo Cha.

The metal rings on the overbearing Mo Sa's horns vibrated.

He was roaring and howling, throwing a punch forward. The punch compressed the air beneath it, which exploded into a sonic boom and leaving a vacuum in its wake!

The star protection ring descended, shielding Granny Mo from that punch. As the energy rippled in the ring, its power dispersed around it.

Mo Sa's body leaned forward on the star protection ring, furiously pounding his fists on it. The ring shook vigorously under the constant stream of punches. It seemed ready to shatter at any moment!

"Evil creature!"

Like a birdsong echoing in an empty valley, the God Slaying Mace swung out.

It tore straight through the void.


Mo Sa's punch and the God-Slaying Mace collided. Mo Sa was blasted straight to the ground from above as if he was struck by lightning. Dust scattered around him where he landed.

On the ground, the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's disciples hurriedly ran away to hide. And, of course, the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's existences at the Half Step Divine Spirit Realm and the Divine Spirit Realm showed up promptly with their divine flames!

Mo Sa got up from the ground. He had a sizzling wound on his body where he was struck.

Mo Sa became infuriated. Both of his fists pounded on the ground, and he sprung up into the air. His muscles expanded, and his originally three-meter tall body immediately turned into a giant of four or five meters.

His eyes were now filled with boiling rage. The giant's body was dark blue with pieces of broken stone armor hanging on his body.

"Rip everything apart!" Mo Sa let out a thunderous roar. His eyes locked onto the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's disciples.


The giant glided through the air. He opened his mouth to reveal sharp fangs, charging straight at those disciples.

His mouth drooled, and his frenzied face looked as if he wanted to swallow all of those holy land's disciples in one big gulp!

Granny Mo floated in the air like a fairy. Her eyes moved, and her brows furrowed.

She gently exhaled, then said, "Everybody step back. Retreat to the Heavenly Secret Main Hall."

All the disciples were frightened. They frantically retreated just as Granny Mo had told them to, backing off to a small house in the middle of the holy land.

Granny Mo raised one hand. A jet of energy emerged, and the compass formation in her hand began to move.

Waving her hand, the compass slowly fell.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

It enveloped all the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's disciples, including the Half Step Divine Spirit Realm and the sect founder level existences!

"How horrible! My food!" Mo Sa was enraged. His body sprung forward, and his fist pounded on the star protection ring.

However, he could not even shake that formation. In fact, he was even forced backward by the recoil, falling on the ground.


Sonic booms reverberated through the air.

Mo Cha flew at breakneck speed as his other clones accelerated through in the air as well, approaching Granny Mo.

Tens of thousands of Nether energy wisps slowly diffused out of them.

They congregated into a giant devil, which looked gruesome and ferocious. It raised its palm, patting down on Granny Mo.

Granny Mo eyed it, her face unchanging.

The God Slaying Mace struck toward the palm, sending gold light everywhere as it pierced a giant hole through it.

Buzz! Buzz!

Mo Cha's clones flew to Granny Mo, hovering above the star protection ring. The tridents landed blow after blow on the ring endlessly.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Starlight began to disperse. It seemed the star protection ring was about to shatter!


Underneath, the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's disciples took in a breath of cold air.

How could that devil be so terrifyingly powerful? Even Granny Mo's star protection ring is about to be shattered?!

Back on the ground, Mo Sa was outraged. He pounded on the ground and used the propelling force to leap up into the sky, brutally clinging onto the protection ring.

He raised his head and headbutted the ring forcefully. Then, he opened his mouth, biting down hard.

The star protection ring twinkled. Its energy gradually scattered, and the ring dimmed.

Granny Mo's eyes focused on the two devils, lightly exhaling.


Eventually, the star protection ring exploded!

Mo Sa's face looked maniacal, laughing as his big palm flew straight at Granny Mo.

"Food! Food! Kakaka!"

Everybody felt their heart squeeze as they watched Granny Mo uneasily.

Granny Mo remained calm. The Divine Altar sparkled above her head as her divine flame burned.

"Even if I, Mo Liuli, die today, I will bring you down with me!"

Now that the star protection ring had shattered, Granny Mo knew she couldn't escape her fate.

If that was the case, there was only one option left-kill them!


Granny Mo grabbed the God Slaying Mace and charged straight at Mo Sa and Mo Cha!


"System... If I want to find the Yellow Spring Grass and the Flower of Helplessness, I would have to go to the Netherworld. Do you have any way of taking me there?" Bu Fang leaned against the stove, asking the system.

Shortly after, the system's serious voice spoke. "The system's Teleport Array. With it, you can go to the edges of the world if you wanted to."

Bu Fang knew the system's teleport formation well. After all, every time he went somewhere far away, he used that teleport formation. It wasn't bad.

"Can it allow me to go to the Netherworld, too?" Bu Fang was curious.

The system didn't answer Bu Fang as it considered it to be a question with an obvious answer.

Bu Fang confirmed the fact and felt encouraged.

If he could find the Yellow Spring Grass and the Flower of Helplessness, he could begin preparing the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

According to the system's appraisal, the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine had to be much better than the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine and Frost Blast Path-understanding Brew.

Thus, Bu Fang was excited and looked forward to going to the Netherworld.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin, putting away his glass. Then, he strode out of the kitchen and went into the restaurant.

Lord Dog was lying under the Path-understanding Tree, snoring loudly.

Of course, Bu Fang could not go to the Netherworld alone. No matter what, Lord Dog and the Netherworld woman were familiar with that place. If Bu Fang had them with him, it would be a far easier task navigating the place.

Also, Bu Fang understood that the Netherworld was more dangerous than the Hidden Dragon Continent.

"Host, please pay attention. With your cultivation base, you have only three days to visit the Netherworld. After three days, the system will forcefully bring you back here," the system said to Bu Fang solemnly.

After all, Bu Fang was just an expert with a One-step Soul Stair at Divine Soul Realm. In the Hidden Dragon Continent, this competence was nothing, let alone in the lands of the Netherworld.

Compared to the Hidden Dragon Continent, the Netherworld was far more perilous.

Bu Fang patted Lord Dog's head and knocked on the Netherworld Ship.

Lord Dog, who was busy snoring, immediately opened up his drowsy eyes. He looked at Bu Fang skeptically.

What did the young man wake up Lord Dog at midnight for? Did he want to cook Lord Dog some Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs?

Nethery slowly crawled out of the Netherworld Ship. She eyed Bu Fang suspiciously.

Facing one person and one dog, Bu Fang was a little embarrassed. However, thinking about it, for the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, he decided to open his mouth and say it.

"I want to go to the Netherworld..."


Lord Dog and Nethery were baffled.

Bu Fang thought for a while before adding, "To be precise, I want to visit the Earth Prison in the Netherworld. I want to harvest the Yellow Spring Grass and the Flower of Helplessness."

Lord Dog stared at Bu Fang for a while.

"Yellow Spring Grass? Flower of Helplessness? With your rookie cultivation base?" mumbled Lord Dog.

Nethery nodded in agreement.

"The Earth Prison is more perilous than Ruin Prison. It has a higher-level plane. With your cultivation base, the spirit beast that protects the Yellow Spring Grass can kill you with a single breath."

"How can we know if we don't try?" Bu Fang asked seriously. He had already made up his mind.

"Lord Dog won't go and play the fool with you. I can't throw my face away to help you steal the Yellow Spring Grass whatever..." Blacky said in a gentle, charismatic voice before yawning.

"This sort of stuff... You should call that hilariously stupid Nether King... He's kinda experienced in these matters."

Nethery nodded deeply on one side.

Bu Fang blinked.

Oh right, Nether King Er Ha...

Bu Fang raised the corners of his mouth. Then, he went to the restaurant's gate and opened the doors. A Spicy Strip appeared in his hand.

The thick oily juice rolled from the Spicy Strip, dripping on the ground. Its aroma permeated, slowly wafting into the air.


Far in the distance, under the darkness, a jet of black light came at the speed of light.

Instantly, it appeared right in front of the restaurant. A pair of bright and eager eyes gazed at the handful of Spicy Strips in Bu Fang's hand!

"Bu Fang young man, no wonder you're the young man this king appreciates so much. Are those Spicy Strips for me?!" Nether King Er Ha exclaimed, looking extremely thrilled. He ogled at the Spicy Strips in Bu Fang's hand.

Indeed, as soon as the Spicy Strips appeared, the Nether King would show up.

"Get in, then we'll talk," said Bu Fang. Then, he pulled Nether King Er Ha into the restaurant.

"I'll give you ten Spicy Strips if you accompany me to the Earth Prison in Netherworld." Bu Fang focused on Nether king Er Ha.

The Nether King was bewildered in an instant.

Going to Earth Prison in Netherworld?

He looked at Bu Fang with an awkward face. "Bu Fang young man, what do you want to do in the Netherworld? Take a walk? The Earth Prison doesn't have anything interesting... If you have free time, it'd be much better to make more Spicy Strips."

"Nine strips..." said Bu Fang, his face emotionless.

"Er... There's no meaning in going back to the Netherworld." The Nether King was at a loss.

"Eight strips..." Bu Fang cast him a glance.

Nether King Er Ha looked heartbroken. He clutched his heart, panting as he said, "Don't reduce it any further. Eight strips, deal. This king will go with you..."

Facing the temptation of the Spicy Strips, it was no surprise that the Nether King had eventually yielded.

Bu Fang grinned, giving the Spicy Strips to Nether King Er Ha. Then, looking at Lord Dog and Nethery by the Path-understanding Tree, he said, "So, we'll get going now."

Everyone else in the room was caught off guard.

They would depart now?

Dots of white light emerged out of nowhere, congregating quickly in the air. Then, they began to create a formation.

The light dots gathered fast. Shortly after, the formation emerged.

This formation was much more mysterious than the previous one. The energy waves rippled more terrifyingly and fiercely than any other.

The Nether King and the others watched in awe. They were curious where those light dots had come from.

However, although they were curious, they didn't ask a word. They just looked at Bu Fang and followed him, entering the formation.

"Alright, Lord Dog will accompany you to the Netherworld, but I won't help you steal the Yellow Spring Grass."

The moment the formation moved, Lord Dog ascertained that fact once more, his rolls of fat shaking as he said that.

A moment later, fierce winds roared in the restaurant as light bloomed with utmost brightness. With a shrill sound, the howling wind disappeared, and the group vanished.