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 Two crescent moons hung in the sky, emanating chilling bright light. The moonlight was like a flimsy silk curtain dangling in the air, covering the entire place in a silvery hue.

Bu Fang stood at the entrance, preparing to close the Taotie Restaurant's doors. Then, he saw Mo Liuji standing with a girl covered in a thin silk dress not far from his door.

Even though that lady was wearing a veil, Bu Fang thought that she seemed familiar. He felt as though he had seen her somewhere before. That feeling of familiarity made Bu Fang widen his eyes to take in the form of the lady clearer.

Mo Liuji curled his lips, heading toward the restaurant.

As the Heavenly Secret Saintess had triggered his urges, his heart now longed for good wine. He had heard that Owner Bu's restaurant had better wine than the one on his bamboo flask. That was why for a wine connoisseur, it was a huge temptation.

Indeed, it would be hard to resist this temptation.

"Hi, Owner Bu... Long time no see. I'm back," said Mo Liuji as he greeted Bu Fang.

Bu Fang leaned against the door, looking at Mo Liuji, who had his shirt open at his chest. He said casually, "Why are you back? I'm not going to that Heavenly Secret something with you. I'm not going to see Granny Mo either."

Granny Mo?

Standing behind Mo Liuji, the Heavenly Secret Saintess was bewildered. She curiously turned to look at Mo Liuji and asked, "Why did Granny Mo want to see Owner Bu?"

Mo Liuji's body went stiff. He turned to the Saintess, saying, "My dear Saintess Your Highness, Granny Mo cares about you. You're our Heavenly Secret Holy Land's treasure. We need to count on you to control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. Of course, we can't let any mishap happen to you. Owner Bu is your heart... well, you know." Mo Liuji's brows rose, revealing a subtle smile after saying that.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess fell silent immediately. She vaguely understood something...

Shaking her head, her eyes fell on Bu Fang, which felt very familiar to the latter.

The Saintess' and Bu Fang's eyes met for a while. They both remained calm.

A moment later, the Heavenly Secret Saintess nodded briefly, turned around, and left.

Mo Liuji was dumbfounded. What about the wine?

The Saintess and wine... Which one was more important?

Mo Liuji counted with his fingers. His wine was more important.

Thus, Mo Liuji turned around, licking his lips and beaming brightly at Bu Fang.

"Owner Bu..."


A loud bang echoed. Mo Liuji immediately shrieked.

He took several steps backward, covering his nose with his hand. Then, he squatted down, dejected.

The door was slammed on his nose, and he thought he had heard something crack.

The pain in his nose made Mo Liuji's tears flow.

He just wanted to drink a glass of wine. Only a glass of wine.

"Our business has ended today. If you want to eat something, come earlier tomorrow... to queue," said Bu Fang in a faint voice.

Mo Liuji was covering his nose, giving it a tender massage. Hearing Bu Fang's voice from within the restaurant, he was astounded.

We are friends, and you want me to come back tomorrow to queue? Owner Bu... You annoying little goblin!

Getting up, Mo Liuji's nose was red and swollen. Tears lingered in the corners of his eyes. He carefully stepped away from the Taotie Restaurant.

He thought that he should just head to Wenren Shang's restaurant. Even if he could not have Owner Bu's wine, he should drink Wenren Shang's bamboo flask wine.

And now, he seemed to understand why the Heavenly Secret Saintess had left before him. She didn't ask Bu Fang to enter the restaurant.

Her Highness seemed to know that Owner Bu would chase them away beforehand.


The Heavenly Secret Saintess found an inn. In the Gluttony God City, what they had the most were restaurants and inns. Of course, the inns themselves also had their own restaurant.

The chefs in the hotels weren't bad. Perhaps they weren't as excellent as the chefs of the restaurants in the Gluttony God City, but they were much better than the chefs in the villages outside the city.

The worst of them was at least a second-grade chef.

Heavenly Secret Saintess found an accomodation not far from Bu Fang's restaurant. When she opened her window, she could even see the light from Owner Bu's restaurant.

The Saintess' eyes focused. Leaning on the window sill, she was caught in a little daze watching the Taotie Restaurant.


Inside the Taotie Restaurant

The light was still on.

Chu Changsheng had returned to his room way beforehand and lazily snored. Ever since he had started his job as a waiter, what he loved to do most was to eat and sleep.

This regular working and resting schedule had gradually made Chu Changsheng's aura steadier. Even his skin was shining with vigor.

At this moment, Chu Changsheng was a peak Almighty at the Half Step Divine Spirit Realm. He had condensed his Divine Altar and was now waiting to ignite his divine flame.

However, to ignite the divine flame, he needed to slowly accumulate more energy. It was not something that could be done by simply putting in a lot of effort.

Thus, he couldn't rush. Every day, Chu Changsheng rested to recover and accumulate his vitality, waiting for the moment to light up his divine flame.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Bu Fang was still practicing his cooking skills.

As his cooking skills increased, Bu Fang increasingly felt the arduousness of embarking on the path to becoming the God of Cooking. This was due to the fact that each recipe had gradually gotten much more difficult than the previous one.

The existence of different cooking methods had excited Bu Fang's spirit.

Practicing his knife skills, training his Four Symbols Fire Control Skill, and cooking using mental force was equally stimulating.

Besides running the restaurant each day, Bu Fang had spent his remaining time to practice those skills.

Although he had the system, Bu Fang understood clearly that without putting in any effort, the system could not help him in anything.

Only through endless practice would he grow and grasp the opportunities available to him.

There were no free meals in this world. That was why if he wanted to make his cooking skills better, he needed to practice even more.

Boom! Boom!

A dark gold flame emerged on Bu Fang's palm. It was the mysterious Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame after being completely fused together.

With high heat and intelligence, it moved through Bu Fang's palm. Sometimes, as Bu Fang willed it, it would become a roaring fire dragon, raising claws and baring its fangs.

After practicing the Four Symbols Fire Control skill for a while, Bu Fang exhaled gently. He had finished his practice session for the day.

He took out an Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine from the cold cabinet, pouring a glass for himself.

Leaning against the kitchen counter, Bu Fang gulped down the chilly Ice Heart Jade Um Wine. As the wine ran down his throat to his stomach, the cool and refreshing feeling expanded throughout his body, making him exhale comfortably.

It seemed his tiredness was swept away by the wine as well.

Rubbing his glass of wine, Bu Fang sank into his thoughts.

The Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine was the first wine Bu Fang had made using the nine-fermentation method. As his competence increased, he used more precious ingredients to make this wine. And now, the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine tasted much better day after day.

However, Bu Fang no longer felt the amazing feeling he did when he drank the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine for the first time.

His mind flickered as he thought about the recent reward he had received-the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

That system had described this wine with high praise. It was much better than the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine and the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew.

It was a wine that could move Bu Fang's heart.

Bu Fang could be seen as a wine enthusiast. As such, naturally, he had an unbearable urge to taste the good wine.

Placing down his glass, Bu Fang looked pensive.

"Seems like I should find a chance to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine," said Bu Fang as he rubbed his chin.

However, the ingredients to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine were all in the Netherworld...

Going to the Netherworld... Bu Fang squinted, hesitating.


Heavenly Secret Holy Land

The thick, dark clouds rolled, covering everything in its path.

The darkness had descended, driving people into disarray.

However, a Divine Altar had appeared in the sky. On the Divine Altar, two divine flames were flickering, blooming the pinnacle of their radiance as they sliced through the darkness.

In the void, Mo Cha's skin had turned entirely scarlet. The black wings on his black flapped as he held a black trident, which contained surging energy.

"Divine Spirit Realm granny... Too old to eat. What a shame!" exclaimed Mo Cha. His scarlet eyes had a gleam of regret. But then, after being regretful for a while, his eyes turned to the crowd of Heavenly Secret Holy Land disciples underneath.

He grinned.

"But there are so many soft and tender little fellows down there... Looks like I can have my fill today."

"Filthy animals! You dare swagger in the Heavenly Secret Holy Land. I will make sure you never leave this place alive!"

Granny Mo held up her staff, hovering proudly in the sky. Although her body was old, her spirit burned brightly. The Divine Altar above her head had the Divine Flames shooting their energy up into the sky.

The entire space was enveloped in her aura.

"You stinky grandma! You're about to die. Don't try to act cool!" Mo Cha shouted coldly. A moment later, his wings flapped once. Immediately, he became a jet of black lights, which darted forward.

The trident stabbed ahead of him. The air was torn apart as he pierced through it!

"Muahahahaha! This piece of space is so flimsy! Old grandma! Die!" Mo Cha laughed loudly, his eyes burning a fiery red.


Granny Mo was still hovering proudly. The trident reached and stopped several inches in front of her, frozen in place.

Sharp energy began gushing continuously.

Granny Mo made her signature orchid-finger gesture. Her eyes focused as starlight fell around her, blooming with incandescence. Then, they proceeded forward fiercely.

Mo Cha's body was blown backward.

However, Mo Cha still let out a chilling laugh as he was being sent backward, making people shudder.

A moment later, his body split into numerous clones in the air. His clones simultaneously opened their mouths, his voice reverberating throughout the entire area.


Mo Cha's clones moved, dashing in a dense pack toward Granny Mo!

"Mo Sa, go and join him. Attack fast and win fast!" Mo Ye, the man with two vertical eyes, spoke.

After he finished speaking, Mo Sa roared and stormed out from behind him. His giant body was like a mountain, crushing and barging relentlessly.

The metal rings on his horns clanged against each other noisily.

He had the power to level mountains!

As he launched a punch forward, his veiny muscles on his arms bulged.

He fiercely pounded on Granny Mo's star protection ring.


Beams of starlight bloomed. Mo Cha struck endlessly with his trident while Mo Sa, the beast, pounded relentlessly.

The star protection ring couldn't bear it any longer.

Granny Mo's eyes remained indifferent. The divine flames flickered above her Divine Altar.

"You two animals have the guts to invade our Heavenly Secret Holy Land. Since you like it so much, stay here then."

From Granny Mo's mouth, mysterious sounds arose. Her entire body bloomed with light, which reached up into the sky. It broke through the darkness, resonating with the stars above.

Twinkling starlight fell, twirling around Granny Mo's body.

"Heavenly Secret Demon Subduing Technique."


Granny Mo's staff transformed instantly into a long mace. Her old, wrinkled skin slowly stretched and whitened. Slowly, her form straightened, becoming beautiful.

Her long, black hair fanned as she regained her youthful look.

Thick vitality rose and coiled around Granny Mo.

"Younger! Tastier!" Mo Sa's eyes stared, his mouth forming a big grin.

Mo Cha also drooled.

In the twinkling starlight, her hair cascaded down her back. Her entire body glowed under the starlight.

Granny Mo's gaze was cold and unforgiving. Her exquisite hand lifted the long mace and swung it toward the two Netherworld creatures.