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 Fierce Sun Peak, Rising Sun Holy Land

Boom! Boom!

Following a sonic boom, the entire Fierce Sun Peak tremored.

All the disciples of the Rising Sun Holy Land were shaken to their cores. They lifted their heads, looking at that mountain, their faces full of grief.

They were enveloped in a feeling of deep sorrow as their entire holy land was plunged into an atmosphere of anger and anguish.

A warship of the Rising Sun Holy Land heading to the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass was destroyed!

A warship from the Wavering Light Holy Land soon found the Rising Sun Holy Land's wrecked warship. They immediately transmitted the information back to Rising Sun Holy Land.

The entire ship was dented and showered in puddles of blood. Its hull was filled with horrible claw-scratches that ripped and tore the metallic body of the ship apart.

All the disciples on the ship and the sect master level existence were gone. All that was left behind were multitudes of broken, torn bodies. They were brutally torn apart and turned into masses of unrecognizable flesh.

And, Yang Jingtian, the sect master level existence, was left with only his head. His eyes were wide open in indignation and unwillingness.

They could not find the other parts of his body anywhere. His soul was also annihilated as well.

Everybody felt a mix of sorrow and fury.

From the traces of battle left behind, they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the Netherworld creatures' doing. The Nether energy left behind at the scene was so thick it made people quiver in rage!

When the news finally reached the populace of the Rising Sun Holy Land, the entire place was shrouded in sorrow.

They were killed before they could even reach the battlefield.

The Netherworld creatures had destroyed the warship way before it even reached the Heaven Pass. And, more importantly, no one knew how it had happened!

It was utter humiliation-a disgrace that they couldn't bear!

The Rising Sun Holy Land's Saint Sovereign spent countless sleepless nights crying due to this incident. After all, Yang Jingtian was the Saint Sovereign's brother. Naturally, it was a given that his brother would agonize over his death!

The news of the downfall of the warship not only brought sorrow to the Rising Sun Holy Land, but also shook the entire Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Everyone now felt the urge to take action and counterattack.

The Heaven Pass Tribulation had not even arrived, yet experts from the Netherworld had already sneaked into the continent and commenced their slaughter.

As the Netherworld creatures treated all the living beings on the continent as food, the fate of those dead experts was clear.

The entire Royal Court became furious.


An intensely murderous uproar reverberated in the Rising Sun Holy Land. Their murderous intent soared up into the heavens!


Heavenly Secret Holy Land

The entire landscape of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land was covered in thick fog and clouds. Mountain ranges ran for miles along the horizon. The mountain flanks were sprinkled in numerous humble-looking houses.

The doors opened with a squeak. The Heavenly Secret Holy Land's disciples walked out of their houses.

Wearing pure white robes, they had mastered various deducing skills and practiced the Heavenly Secret Technique.

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land held a superb yet aloof position within the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. It was partly due to its mysterious nature, but mainly it was because the Heavenly Secret Holy Saint was the strongest among the other holy lands' Holy Saints.

All in all, no one dared to provoke the Heavenly Secret Holy Land.

The entire Heavenly Secret Holy Land was filled with an atmosphere of peace and prosperity.

Amidst the drizzle of rain, an old woman tore open the void, slowly walking out. Her staff hammered on the mossy stone-paved path as she sauntered.

The knocking sounds lingered in the air.

The stone path meandered gently. Everything was peaceful and tranquil.

A breeze gently blew on the old woman's hair. The old woman's face looked older than before. After several steps, she stood still.

Lifting her head, she looked up at the drizzling sky.

Despite it being a light drizzle, a cluster of black clouds gradually approached, swallowing up the sky.

The cluster of black clouds brought with it terrifying Nether energy, as if it was a devil wanting to devour people.

The hazy fog and smaller clouds were completely engulfed by the dark clouds.

The old woman's face darkened. Both of her hands grabbed onto the staff as she stood staring at the dark clouds.

Her eyes seemed to want to decipher everything.

Many disciples of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land did not even realize that the dark clouds were approaching as they were practicing their Heavenly Secret Technique.

"What should come really does come... Eventually, the Heavenly Secret Holy Land will have to face this change."

Granny Mo's face turned cold.

Everybody in the Royal Court knew that the Heavenly Secret Holy Land was the most powerful and mysterious force to exist.

However, that was during the time when the Heavenly Secret Holy Saint was still there.

Now, the Heavenly Secret Holy Land had neither its Holy Saint nor its Saint Sovereign. In fact, they were now actually the weakest holy land.

The Heavenly Secret Holy Saint had wanted to allow nature to take its course. The Holy Saint, wanting to perceive the Great Path, refused to be cooped up within the Heavenly Secret Holy Land. Instead, he traveled the world, entering the Endless Sea to find a chance to break through and transcend.

The Heavenly Secret Saint Sovereign had always guarded the Hidden Dragon Pass and resisted the invasion of the Netherworld creatures.

"It's okay. The Saintess Her Highness has already gone to the Valley of Gluttony. She will be safe there."

The old woman's face twitched once. Then, she smiled faintly.

As long as the Saintess brought the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk to the Valley of Gluttony, and as long as the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk existed, the Heavenly Secret inheritance would be safe...

Those devils from the Netherworld could never exterminate the Heavenly Secret Holy Land!

Boom! Boom!

A loud sonic boom echoed like a deafening thunderclap.

All the disciples of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land panicked at the sight of the rolling black clouds. Their eyes all shrank as they shuddered in fear.



Cold laughter echoed through the void.

A moment later, the cluster of black clouds rolled torrentially, tearing apart all the clouds and mist there.

Standing in front of the clouds were the three figures with Nether energy winding around their bodies. The first was a giant and appeared like a demon, the second one had a pair of wings on his back, and the third one had two vertical eyes on his forehead.

There were only three of them on the black clouds, yet they gave people the impression that they were facing an army of tens of thousands of men, inspiring excessive amounts of fear.

The man with vertical eyes was nonchalant. He cocked his head to one side, indifferently looking at the Heavenly Secret Holy Land covered in mist and clouds.

"Mo Cha, is this place the Heavenly Secret Holy Land? Are you sure the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk is here?"

The man with two black wings grinned, stuffing a block of charred meat in his mouth before answering, "Boss Mo Ye, you should trust me and my sixth sense."

"I trust your sixth sense. But... we are facing an entire holy land now. If we make any mistake, you and Mo Sa will possibly die here."

"How about you, boss?" Mo Sa asked skeptically.

The man with vertical eyes glanced at him. "I'm immortal... No one can kill me. Even the Holy Saint can't kill me."

"Boss is the best!" Mo Sa grinned, pounding his chest.

"Alright, if you are sure that it's here, then we should take action... Attack fast, and win fast. Don't give them time to let the other great holy lands besiege us. If that happens, you two won't be able to escape," said Mo Ye casually.

"Okay! Boss, you'll just have to wait and see. This Heavenly Secret Holy Land doesn't even have anyone at the Holy Saint's level. There's no one to threaten us! This time... we can feast again!"

Mo Cha spread his wings. A moment later, the black feathers flew upwards. His body immediately turned into a jet of black light, dashing away from the dark cloud.

As he darted through the air, his body changed dramatically.

Mo Cha's humanoid face turned even more ferocious and savage. His skin also turned scarlet as his chin became like a pointed dagger. A horn jutted from his forehead.


Even the void was torn asunder, exploding!

"Muahahahaha... My food, your Big Boss Mo Cha is here!"

A black trident appeared in Mo Cha's hand. He waved the trident with his hand, sending forth a shockwave of air.

A house of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land was instantly turned into a pile of rubble after that attack!

Pathetic screaming and screeching echoed into the sky.

Upon hearing the screeching, Mo Cha's face became excited, and the wings on his back flapped even harder.

Granny Mo's faint eyes looked at Mo Cha alongside his terrifying Nether energy. No wonder, he was a Heavenly Ethereal Realm Netherworld creature.

As the Heaven Pass Tribulation approached, the Heavenly Ethereal Realm Netherworld creatures would come, too.

Finally, the Heavenly Secret Holy Land's great change arrived!

"After hundreds of years, this rotten body is finally heating up..." The staff pounded the ground. A moment later, Granny Mo's aura began to surge.

Her terrifying aura swept across the world!

An imposing Divine Altar hovered above the Heavenly Secret Holy Land. On the Divine Altar, two divine flames were flickering, fighting against the darkness!


Valley of Gluttony

Mo Liuji and Heavenly Secret Saintess were sauntering leisurely.

The Valley of Gluttony at night was equally bustling and lively as it is in the day.

The two of them were walking on the long street of the Gluttonous Immortal City. Mo Liuji looked as if he was reminiscing the past.

"Saintess Your Highness, are you surprised? The Valley of Gluttony is still so wealthy and prosperous!" Mo Liuji poured the bamboo flask toward his mouth. However, there wasn't a single drop left.

His face turned sour immediately.

He had finished all the wine he had gotten from Wenren Shang.

It seemed that he had to visit there again.

"Saintess Your Highness, Granny Mo said that the Taotie Restaurant isn't too far from here. You'll go there first. I... I have something else to do. When I'm done, I'll go find you immediately," said Mo Liuji.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess cast Mo Liuji a sidelong glance, as if she understood his intentions.

"Such lousy wine can give you this much enjoyment. It seems you really don't understand about wine at all..."

Mo Liuji was bewildered and became unhappy.

"What lousy wine? Wenren Shang, the famous chef of Valley of Gluttony made this wine. If he and I weren't buddies, he wouldn't even give me a drop!" said Mo Liuji.

Although that Wenren Shanh was a little stingy, his wine was indescribably good.

Heavenly Secret Saintess' eyes had a gleam of disdain.

"You know the Taotie Restaurant, but you don't know that Owner Bu's wine is the best. That year when he opened the jar, the entire city was filled with the wine's aroma. That spectacular scene is what I believe is worth calling good wine."

"Even after such a long time, I still believe Owner Bu's wine is far better."

Hearing the Saintess' words, Mo Liuji was baffled.

"Is it really that magical? I know Owner Bu's food is really delicious, but I didn't know his wine could be that much tastier..."

By the time Mo Liuji left the Valley of Gluttony, the Taotie Restaurant hadn't opened for business yet. Thus, he did not have a chance to try Bu Fang's wine. And now, hearing about it from the Saintess, his heart felt a little restless.

It was his alcoholic obsession that was making him so.

"Do you believe it..." said the Saintess. She clasped her hands together, gliding ahead like a fairy.

"Hehe... Saintess Your Highness, want to make a little bet? If Owner Bu's wine isn't as good as what you said, will you lift your veil so that I can see your face?" Mo Liuji's eyes moved, curiously making his offer.

Heavenly Secret Saintess halted. Her eyes became sharp.

She slowly turned her head, her eyes studying Mo Liuji. It was as if stars were moving in her eyes.

"Then I guess you will never have a chance to see me lift up my veil."

Mo Liuji was stumped. Indeed... She was indeed worthy of being called the Saintess. She was so bold!

How could she be so confident in Owner Bu?

No wonder Owner Bu was the demon of the Saintess' heart. Was it true that... they used to have some untold, old story?!

Mo Liuji became more curious...

He rubbed his chin, his eyes bright.

Shortly after, they came to the front gate of the Taotie Restaurant.

Bu Fang was walking toward the gate, and he was just about to close the doors.

Just then, he saw Mo Liuji with the Heavenly Secret Saintess in a white dress.