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 The warship was swallowed by the dark cluster of clouds. Enveloped in darkness, a terrifying aura lingered in the air.

Inside the dark clouds, a Divine Altar was floating, holding a blooming divine flame. It flickered in the darkness and illuminated the entire warship in an attempt at resisting the darkness.

The metal warship roared. The formations on the ship began revolving quickly, trying to get rid of the dark clouds to escape the darkness.

The one who oversaw this Rising Sun Holy Land warship was a stern-looking middle-aged man. He was an existence at the sect master level. His divine flame was desperately resisting the darkness, giving the warship time to breathe.

However, a figure taller than three meters had just landed on the deck, shaking the entire warship. The metal parts of the warship reverberated ceaselessly under the pressure.

On the warship, the Rising Sun Holy Ground's disciples shrieked and screamed in fear.

The giant had thick black smoke coiling around his body. His face was decorated with ferocious tattoos. His body bulged with a dense layer of muscles, which were covered with thick green veins. It gave the impression that his muscles were repeatedly pulsing.

On his head were two sharp buffalo-like horns, and several rough and big metal rings were pierced through them. They collided with one other, resounding continuously.

The giant had a pair of scarlet eyes. As he parted his lips, pitch-black Nether energy gushed out.


The giant had caught the metal warship with his palms. Deep dents were etched on the ship's metal wall where his hands struck.

His hands sank further into the hull of the boat.

"Evil beast! Get lost!"

Roaring and shouting rose from the warship.

Then, Divine Altars began to appear one by one. However, these altars lacked divine flames.

Several shadows shot out from within the warship. They swung their fists, showing off their martial arts. Above their Divine Altar was a shining star radiating light.

"Kakaka... You are all... food!"

The giant's scarlet eyes widened. As he let out a sneer, he brought another palm to the top of the warship. Nether energy rose from within him, swirling around his body. As his palm swept across the warship, it encountered and began fighting against the Rising Sun Holy Land's Almighty experts, who were exerting their martial arts skills.

On the other side of the ship, the pupils of the sect master level expert shrank.

The aura from his body blossomed to its pinnacle level, and dragon-like wisps of true energy meandered around his body.

He maintained his gaze at the shadow standing on the figurehead of the ship, who was slowly stepping forward.

"The Heaven Pass Tribulation hasn't come yet. How is it possible for you demons to enter the continent?!" asked the sect master level Almighty in awe. It was evident that he was alarmed and chilled to the bone.

The black clouds slowly scattered, transforming into several steps of stairs that were gradually descending.

The man had two vertical eyes on his forehead. With jet-black hair on his head, he leisurely strolled down the black cloud stairs.

"It's merely a Hidden Dragon Continent. If it weren't for the constant protection of the Great Path's Principle, all you pieces of trash would have already been devoured by our Ruin Prison. We would have turned your continent into Shura Hell. And now, with the weakened Great Path's Principle, your doomsday is near..." said that man in a soft voice.

"Muahahaha... Accept your fate and become our food. It's your destiny..." A man with a pair of soot-black wings said, laughing. His narrow tongue stuck out from his mouth, licking his red, sinister-looking lips. He looked at the sect master level existence with excitement.

"Wanton! Shut up, you filthy animal! Today, I, Yang Jingtian of the Rising Sun Holy Land, will kill you all!"

The sect master level existences were addressed as such because their power had reached the peak of the fighting force on the Hidden Dragon Continent. They had ignited the divine flame at the Divine Spirit Realm.

In the eyes of ordinary people, they were gods. Their power could pierce the sky and penetrate the land.

They were gods with a Divine Altar and a burning divine flame!

The divine flames were the foundation of the Divine Spirit Realm. The divine flame referred to the spirit flame, an existence at the said realm. To cultivate and condense a spirit flame, one had to dedicate their entire lives to doing so.

The Hidden Dragon Continent had many Half Step Divine Spirit Realm experts, but not many of them could ignite the divine flame.

Thus, each of the experts who could ignite it at the Divine Spirit Realm was deemed a sect master!

The figure rose up from the ground. Yang Jingtian's eyes shot out tens of thousands of radiant beams as a giant phantom emerged behind him. Each punch that the phantom threw seemed to be able to rip a hole in the skies.

"Rising Sun's Nine Suns Explode the Sky!"

It was the Rising Sun Holy Land's fighting skill, Nine Suns Explode the Sky!

Each punch became as hot and powerful as a fiery sun. When the ring of nine suns appeared, they could crush everything in their path!

"Cooking ingredients should have the awareness of being ingredients... Being pigheaded, it would change your meat quality... You'll leave an unpleasant taste," the man with the two vertical eyes said faintly.

A moment later...

Cold laughter echoed.

The man with a pair of black wings on his back stood on the figurehead. His wings spread, and he soared up into the sky. Black feathers fell, scattering everywhere.

In just a blink, he aimed at the sect master existence and flew straight at him.


A long time later, the black clouds slowly dispersed, revealing a bobbing warship. It was squeaking as it slowly fell from the sky.

Dust and smoke rolled across the platforms. Its formations were all broken.

Three figures stood silently on the black clouds.

The giant had a ferocious face. His mouth full of fangs chewed. Each time his jaw moved, the sound of bones being cracked and snapped could be heard.

"Mo Sa, are you full? If you are, we should get going. There's something more important to do." The man with two vertical eyes on his forehead looked at the giant, speaking indifferently.

"Mo Ye, Boss... Half...Half full." The giant grinned and raised his hand, rubbing his sharp horns.

The man with vertical eyes on his forehead looked at the giant begrudgingly. Then, he turned to the man with the two black wings.

"Mo Cha, the Heaven Pass Tribulation is near. The High Priest has blinded the Great Path's Principle of the Hidden Dragon Continent to allow us to come here and take the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. Since you can sense the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk, you should lead the way."

The man with the black wings whipped his green hair, laughing evilly. "Boss Mo Ye, don't worry. It's just the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. I'm sure it's as easy as flipping my hand around."

"I hope so..." the man replied plainly.

A moment later, the black clouds rolled across the skies carrying the three figures, slowly heading toward the continent.


Time flew past. It had been several days already.

During those days, Bu Fang would see the old woman with a hunchback come to the restaurant happily to eat every single day.

Sometimes, she would find Bu Fang and chat for a little bit.

If Bu Fang had the time, he would answer. If he didn't, he did not bother to talk to her at all.

After several days, Chu Changsheng had gotten used to his new identity as a waiter. He smoothly got the orders and delivered the food without a hitch.

After the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign was scared away, he didn't visit the restaurant a second time. It was not what the old woman had expected to happen.

According to her deduction, the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign was supposed to experience some difficulty before leaving. However, she was wrong this time. He only got slapped once and was scared away.

"Perhaps it's because of the taboo existence... but my Heavenly Secret Technique isn't what it used to be either." The old woman laughed and gulped her fragrant Fish Head Tofu Soup."

The old woman looked at the Fish Head Tofu Soup. Every time she came, she would order it.

Once again, the restaurant's business for the day ended.

Chu Changsheng shook his white hair, pulled out a chair, and sat by the old woman, chatting with her.

After interacting with her for several days, Chu Changsheng realized that the old woman was a little more profound than she appeared to be. It seemed that she could see through everything. Moreover, she had a broad knowledge, and she could explain anything well and thoroughly.

Nethery held a glass of Sour Plum Juice. She was contentedly sitting together with Flowery on the deck of her Netherworld Ship. The two girls, one big and one little, were dangling their beautiful legs, gently sipping their Sour Plum Juice.

The old woman's eyes would check out the two from time to time. Her eyes would not help but twitch.

The old woman naturally knew about Nethery. Hence, she did not pay much attention to the lady. However, the little girl beside her was the one that astonished her.

That little girl's aura was at least that of an existence at the sect master level.

Moreover, that terrifying aura of the spirit beast from the little girl made her almost scream in terror. She had to fill her mouth with a gulp of Fish Head Tofu Soup to suppress the urge.

She was just a little girl... The old woman was astonished.

The people in this restaurant were all so perverse!

Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen. After using a piece of white cloth to dry his hands, he walked over to the old woman.

He nodded to greet her and pulled out a chair, resting.

"Owner Bu's food is so delicious... I think my worst regret is that I've tasted Owner Bu's food only when I'm close to death. I truly regret how late I was," the old woman said with a smile.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin, looking at the old woman. "If you like it, then eat more."

Thinking, Bu Fang added, "Life is short. Just enjoy it while you can..."

Hearing him, the old woman laughed.

Chu Changsheng also teased him.

Under the Path-understanding Tree, Lord Dog snored, cocking its head to one side.

"Owner Bu, my life's been really long. After almost one thousand years, I've had enough fun," the old woman said with a smile.

Bu Fang raised his brows. He hadn't thought that this granny was a one-thousand-year old woman. She could almost become a goblin spirit.

"Life goes on, and enjoyment never ends..." said Bu Fang. "Good food doesn't have a limit, and the joy it can bring to people is equally endless."

"Owner Bu, you make sense. It's a valuable lesson. Thank you for your treat these days..."

The old woman's wrinkled face moved. She grabbed her staff, and shakily stood up.

Bu Fang and Chu Changsheng looked at the old woman.

"I've left home for several days. I should go home soon... otherwise, my home would be gone..."

The old woman paid the crystals for her meal. Then, with one of her hands on her back, she shakily walked to the door.

Her home would be gone?

Chu Changsheng frowned.

"Granny, do you need help?" Chu Changsheng tucked back the silver hair on his forehead as he asked.

"You can't help me. It's my fate that my home would be lost... Anyway, I can give Great Elder Chu some advice."

"I'm not the Great Elder of Valley of Gluttony anymore," said Chu Changsheng seriously.

The old woman smiled and said, "No matter what, stay in this little restaurant. This place is your fated opportunity..."

The old woman's words made Chu Changsheng furrow his brows.

She turned to Bu Fang and said, "Owner Bu, from tomorrow onwards, I can't get to taste your food anymore. My granddaughter will come in my place. When that time comes, I hope you... will treat her well."

Bu Fang was dumbfounded. "Okay."

The old woman's staff touched the floor. She cocked her head to one side, smiling. "Don't bully her."

Bu Fang remained emotionless.

Then, the old woman laughed loudly, leaving the Taotie Restaurant. Her shadow stretched longer and longer under the last beams of the sunset...

"Owner Bu, you can't bully the granny's granddaughter." Chu Changsheng leaned his head forward, saying seriously.

Bu Fang threw a glance at Chu Changsheng. The latter immediately laughed, returning to his room.


Valley of Gluttony's entrance

Two figures slowly appeared.

One was shrouded in a white silk dress, looking like a deity, while the other had his shirt opened at his chest. The latter was continuously pouring wine into his mouth, smacking his lips afterward.

"Valley of Gluttony! Your Mo Liuji is back with the Saintess, Her Highness!"