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 The squeaking sound was crisp and clear.

It sounded like an ancient, distant sound. It echoed, lingering in the air.

Gurgle... Gurgle...

Muddy yellow liquor in the bamboo flasks gushed out, flowing on the ground.

Mo Liuji grabbed the bamboo flask with one hand. He was speechless with his mouth agape. He was bewildered as he watched the figure slowly approach him from a distance.

It was as if a fairy had descended upon this world.

Her white gauze dress billowed and fluttered in the wind. Her sleek and long black hair cascaded, reaching her waist. Her hair swayed along with the movements of her body. Spots of light energy scattered everywhere.

Mo Liuji smacked his lips together. He hurriedly raised his hand and poured wine from the bamboo flask into his mouth. He cocked his head, looking at the dainty, fairy-like woman.

After drinking, he licked his lips and wiped his face, walking toward the Saintess.

"Saintess, Your Highness, you're done?" Mo Liuji squinted his eyes, asking with a smile.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess' aura could guide and stir the stars in the sky. Upon seeing such a sight, Mo Liuji couldn't help but shiver inwardly.

The feeling he had just now, did she... Did the Saintess fuse completely with the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk?!

Her white dress billowed. Specks of beautiful divine energy twirled around her body.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess' indifferent eyes cast a glance at Mo Liuji. She recognized him. He was very famous in the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, mainly due to his unrestrained and unconventional personality.

Anyway, why was he in front of her at this moment? She had never met him before, hadn't she?

"Why are you here?" asked the Saintess calmly.

Her voice was like an oriole song that echoed thousands of times, reverberating in the empty valley.

The moment that soft and pleasant voice graced Mo Liuji's ears, his entire body trembled. He gulped his saliva in anticipation.

"I... Granny Mo asked me to stay here and wait for you. As soon as you're done with your seclusive cultivation, I will take you to meet your de... Ah no, to the Valley of Gluttony," Mo Liuji said, his eyes wide.

His tongue had almost slipped. He seized the chance to slap himself then turned back around, changing the topic.

The Heavenly Secret Saintess was filled with questions.

Go to the Valley of Gluttony? Why would she want to go to the Valley of Gluttony?

Granny Mo didn't allow her to visit the Valley of Gluttony, did she? Why did she change her mind all of a sudden?

"Pardon my curiosity, Saintess, Your Highness, but have you successfully controlled the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk?" Mo Liuji's asked with bright eyes.

"Not yet. The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk is too complicated. How could it be controlled so easily like that?" Heavenly Secret Saintess shook her head.

Heavenly Star Catcher Disk...

The Heavenly Secret Saintess sighed gently. Countless light beams sparkled within her eyes like numerous stars in the universe.


The following morning, the scorching sun crawled up into the sky, blooming with shimmering light. The warm sunlight shot from the sky as it enveloped the world.

The restaurant's doors opened...

Chu Changsheng's handsome face emerged from behind the door, his white hair fluttering in the wind. He shook his head, then swayed back and pulled out a chair, lying down by the gate.

He bathed comfortably in the warm sunlight.

Sometimes, Chu Changsheng sincerely thought that it was not all that bad to be a mere waiter. At least, compared to the past, he felt much happier. He no longer felt tense or anxious anymore.

Bu Fang slowly walked out of the kitchen, bringing with him steaming, aromatic food.

He placed the plates on the table. Lord Dog and Nethery began to gorge themselves with food.

Flowery, the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, basically stayed in the restaurant for the most part. The only exception was nighttime when she would return to be with Xiao Ya. Other than that, most of the time, she would stay in the restaurant.

Outside the restaurant, the flow of customers was slowly getting bigger. Shortly after, they began to enter the restaurant.

Bu Fang thus began his daily business.

Being a waiter, it was the first time Chu Changsheng experienced serving food.

However, currently, he was not Chu Changsheng the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony, but Chu Changsheng the waiter. He didn't feel shy or embarrassed. At the very least, he acted naturally when he served the food.

Outside the restaurant, a figure slowly approached.

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign wore an extremely stern face as he walked to the front gate of the restaurant. Looking at the unattractive, little building, he could not help but exhale.

Although it was small, this restaurant's business wasn't bad at all. People were going in and out continuously.

The Saint Sovereign clasped his hands together and entered the restaurant. He found a table and sat down quietly.

The Saint Sovereign scanned his surroundings. His eyes shrank. This restaurant was indeed unlike any he had seen. He could feel that his own aura was somewhat being suppressed.

The divine flames in his head were flickering.

The Saint Sovereign moved his eyes, looking further away.

At that moment, the Saint Sovereign felt like the pores of his entire being were about to burst.

It was because he saw a dog. Without a doubt, it was a fat, black dog!

Last night, he was slapped by a single strand of dog fur, which had turned into a dog's paw. Although it gently patted, he ended up not having even a bit of strength left to parry it!

His face could still feel the burning pain of embarrassment. The feeling of being slapped was something he could never forget.

Also, he could never forget a paw with such a formidable aura.

And now, he saw a dog in the restaurant. A black dog. A black dog with black fur.

The Saint Sovereign's heart raced as he became more and more frightened.

He finally saw the owner of that piece of fur!

However, it had only made him sink further into despair. He couldn't even gauge the power of that damn dog!

"Good morning. What would you like to order? The menu's behind you." Chu Changsheng glided to his table, standing by Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign.

Saint Sovereign lifted his head, checking out Chu Changsheng. With his cultivation base, Saint Sovereign could evaluate Chu Changsheng easily.

Immediately, he took in a deep breath, his eyes shrinking into their sockets.

This man's existence was at the peak of the Divine Soul Realm with a stable Divine Altar. The young man in front of him could even reach the Half Step Divine Spirit Realm!

That sort of existence... was a waiter in this restaurant?! Not to mention that besides this Half Step Divine Spirit Realm waiter, there was an unknowingly formidable dog...

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign had initially planned to visit the restaurant and eat for a while. However, that thought had vanished instantly. He was scared indeed.

Leaning against the Path-understanding Tree, Lord Dog seemed to sense someone eyeing him. He opened his drowsy eyes, slowly turning to see the Saint Sovereign.

The gaze from his lazy eyes made the Saint Sovereign's body tense up.


Without a word, the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign jolted up from his table and turned around, heading toward the door to leave.

What was there to eat when a strand of dog hair had almost killed him? And now, that same black dog was looking at him. He bet he could not even hold his chopstick steadily.

The stronger he was, the clearer it was to him how terrifying that black dog was!

Chu Changsheng was dumbfounded after seeing the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign hurriedly leaving.

After the Saint Sovereign left, an old woman shakily walked into the restaurant. She ordered her food, then waited silently in her seat.

Her senile face had a faint smile as she looked around to assess the place.

She saw the Path-understanding Tree, the Netherworld Ship in the tree's shade, and a fat, black dog lying by the ship.

The more she explored, the bigger the smile on her face became.

"Good... Indeed, very good..." The old woman smiled like a radiant flower as she said that.

Her food soon arrived. A piping-hot, fragrant dish was placed in front of her.

"Enjoy your meal," Chu Changsheng said pleasantly with a smile.

The old woman looked at Chu Changsheng, squinting.

"The Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony is now this restaurant's waiter... Isn't it like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut?" said the old woman.

The corners of Chu Changsheng's mouth maintained his smile. His delicate, handsome face looked even happier.

"No, it's good to be a waiter."

Then, Chu Changsheng turned around and left.

The old woman shook her head. She then shakily picked up her spoon to scoop the fragrant food, putting in her mouth.


The old woman's nonchalant face changed immediately. It now carried a visage of utter amazement. She could not help but wolf down spoonful after spoonful of the dish.

Before she knew it, she had finished all the food on her porcelain plate.

Dropping her porcelain spoon, the old woman exhaled.

It had been so many years since she last tasted such a delicacy. It had such a pleasant and nostalgic taste that made people reminisce about their past.

That sumptuous dish brought the old woman back to the time when she was in the Flower Admiring Pavilion, chatting with the others.

At that time, they had enjoyed the delicacies while talking about cultivating methods and martial arts. It was a time one could not help but long for.

A figure slowly sauntered out of the kitchen.

Bu Fang's tall and slender body slowly emerged.

When the old woman saw Bu Fang, her eyes narrowed. She then waved at him.

"Young man, please come here," the old woman said.

Bu Fang was surprised. He turned around, glancing at the old woman. He seemed a little skeptical.

However, he still walked toward her. Pulling out a chair, he sat down properly in front of the old woman.

Their eyes met.


An imposingly majestic warship slowly traveled. It crushed and made the void squeak along the way.

That warship appeared to be made of precious, natural materials. Its metal body shimmered with a cold metallic sheen. The two sides of the warship had mysterious drawings and patterns of some arrays.

On top of it, a flag was fluttering in the wind. That flag had a word written in an ornate style.

"Rising Sun."

There was no doubt that this warship belonged to one of the seven great holy lands of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court-the Rising Sun's warship.

The warship traveled slowly, flying toward the horizon.

It surmounted layers of clouds, crossing tens of thousands of miles of mountains and rivers...

In the holy lands, there weren't too many, yet also not too little of such warships. Each of the holy lands had around four or five warships as they were the fundamental, powerful weapons required to conquer the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass.

Once the arrays on the ships were activated, they could create energy artillery strong enough to damage the Great Ethereal Realm Netherworld creatures.

The warship traveled slowly.

All of a sudden...

The entity with sect-founder level, who oversaw the warship, suddenly opened his eyes. His gaze seemed like a sharp sword that had been shot out, trying to slice open the sky.

In front of the warship, black clouds blanketed the sky, rolling across it.



Bone-chilling laughter started to emanate from the dark clouds.

Compared to the colossal clouds, the fierce warship was just like an ant.

The black clouds advanced, forming some kind of giant bestial mouth, swallowing the warship.


Inside the warship, a formidable aura shot out.

A Divine Altar floated up, sending radiance in every direction. This Divine Altar had a fiery divine flame, which lighted up the dark clouds.

An imposing, muscular body flashed. He clasped his hands together as he stood majestically on the warship's deck.

"Netherworld creatures! You dare ambush us on our way to the Heaven Pass?! Do you want to die?" The striking man shouted solemnly and sonorously.

However, the terrifying cold laughter continued to echo.

The warship trembled.


From the black clouds, a giant body fell and pounded the top of the warship. The entire warship shook.

The sect master level expert's eyes shrank.

A shadow with two shiny black wings appeared, perching on the figurehead.

Another one with two opened eyes on its forehead slowly drifted out from the black clouds.

Three other shadows blocked the four sides of the warship, smiling wickedly.

The expert felt a shiver run down his spine.

"The Heaven Pass Tribulation hasn't even started yet! You... How did you devils get through the Heaven Pass to the Hidden Dragon Continent?!"