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 The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign looked like a piece of rich jade. His thick, black hair cascaded down his face with two locks of hair fluttering in front of his forehead, blocking out a part of his handsome face. Despite this, he still looked very eye-catching.

However, what he had said puzzled Bu Fang.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. He could feel the terrifying murderous intent from the other. That murderous aura carried nothing but hostility.

With the expansion of Bu Fang's spirit sea, he became more sensitive in sensing energy and emotions.

He had no good intentions? He came knocking on his door at midnight and even brought along his malicious intent?

Bu Fang arched his brows, assessing the young man in front of him.

"Do I know you?" asked Bu Fang seriously.

Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign raised the corners of his mouth, revealing a charming smile as he answered, "Perhaps you don't know me, but I know you. I..."


A loud bang echoed through the air. The Saint Sovereign was stupefied. A wind blew over his face, raising the two locks of hair on his forehead.

That kid... How dare he!

Looking at the closed gate of the restaurant, the Saint Sovereign's mouth convulsed.

Did someone just close a door in his face?

He hadn't even finished talking! Were all young men these days so impolite like that? The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign restrained his anger.

He knocked on the door once again, and a squeaking sound arose.

The restaurant's doors opened one more time. Bu Fang's emotionless face appeared in front of the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign again.

"What's the matter?" asked Bu Fang.

"Why did you close the door? I haven't finished talking!" The Saint Sovereign was outraged. He suppressed the urge to palm Bu Fang to death.

"You said you know me, but I don't know you, so why would I want to chat with you at all?" Bu Fang talked with a stoic face.

The way Bu Fang treated his actions as they were to be expected stirred up anger within the Saint Sovereign's heart.

"Alright then... I'm here to taste your cooking..."


As soon as he said that, the restaurant's door closed again, banging loudly.

The hair on the Saint Sovereign's forehead fluttered once more.


The Saint Sovereign's eyes widened as his true energy coiled like a dragon in his nostrils.

He said he was here to eat. So why did Bu Fang close the door? Why was he denied at the entrance?!

That kid... really did not give anyone face.

The Saint Sovereign's face darkened immediately.

"Why did you close the door?! You have a restaurant to do business, don't you?" Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign asked coldly.

His voice made its way inside the restaurant.

A long moment of silence followed.

Then, Bu Fang's voice projected nonchalantly from inside. "If you want to eat, please come again during our restaurant's business hours. We don't welcome guests when we're closed."

Come to the restaurant during business hours?

It was just a restaurant... From where did it get such a disorderly, messy rule?

"You know where I come from, don't you?! If I wanted to level your restaurant, I could do so with a single hand." The Saint Sovereign took a step back, his face dark.

Around his body, jets of radiance from various formations rose, sparkling.

"You're too noisy. You can try all you want," Bu Fang said casually, his voice carrying a tinge of discontent.

Of course, Bu Fang would feel this way toward annoying troublemakers. Any customer who had visited the Taotie Restaurant before knew the restaurant's rules clearly.

That man was surely a new customer. It was okay if he didn't know the rules, but he proceeded to threaten Bu Fang after he had told him the rules.

Where did this stupid guy come from?!


Granny Mo staggered as she held her walking stick, watching the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign from a distance away.

Granny Mo placed her hand on her shoulder, her face revealing a subtle smile.

He was courting death... The most interesting thing she noticed was the feedback she had gotten from her deduction. It was enough to prove that that restaurant, or at the very least, the owner behind that restaurant was utterly extraordinary. It was a given that that extraordinary person's realm was beyond her own.

It was possible that he could even reach the realm of a holy land Sacred Lord.

Granny Mo smiled. However, as much as she would have liked to watch the fun, she could not let the Saint Sovereign suffer there. That was no place for a Saint Sovereign to die.

If he wanted to die, he should die at the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass. It possessed the sort of existence that suited a Saint Sovereign.


The spirit talismans revolved around the Saint Sovereign's body, emitting terrifying and malicious energy.

Inside the restaurant, Bu Fang rubbed his head as he sauntered toward the kitchen. He disappeared shortly after.

Nethery's beautiful eyes lazily glanced at the entrance.

This time, the enemy was not weak. However, he was still asking to die.

Leveling this restaurant... It sounded just like a fantasy story.

Chu Changsheng was no longer resting. He had his eyes opened wide, solemnly watching the gate. The Saint Sovereign had exerted such immense pressure that his pores were opened and his true energy surged.

This time, the enemy was utterly intimidating.

Lord Dog raised his paw and scratched his nose. Then, it laid back down and continued to snore. Regarding that Saint Sovereign, he didn't even bat an eye.

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign looked at the closed gate. The flames of anger in his heart went straight to the crown of his head.

He gently exhaled, and his eyes focused. His body suddenly floated up, moving backward.

Hovering in the sky, his body bloomed with dazzling radiance, which made him look like a captivating deity.

A round, jade talisman floated by his body. The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign raised his hand, gently flicking it.


When his crystal-like finger touched the jade talisman, the talisman buzzed as strange energy rippled through it.

The jade talisman swayed, floating toward the Taotie Restaurant.

He watched on coldly. As soon as that jade talisman touched the building, it would collapse instantly under the terrifying power of the talisman.

The explosive energy contained in the talisman was extremely powerful. After all, it was the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign's own attack, and he understood its power very well.

The jade talisman swayed and swayed, gradually approaching the restaurant.

However, the restaurant's gate remained closed without any sign of opening. There was no sign that it could open. A moment later, the jade talisman hit the restaurant's gate.

The Saint Sovereign's hair floated as he lifted his hand.

"Explode." His mouth slightly opened with that single word.

Then, the jade talisman sparkled with tens of thousands of light beams...

In the distance, Granny Mo's eyes focused. Did the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign really wanted to blow up that restaurant?

All of a sudden...

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign's pupils shrank. His chest furiously heaved and sank, his eyes gazing at the restaurant's gate from afar.

There, the gate was still closed, without any visible hints of opening.

The jade talisman dimmed and fell on the ground, shattering into pieces.

"What happened?!"

The Saint Sovereign took in a breath of cold air. His jade talisman could not blow up the restaurant's gate?

Squinting his eyes, the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign immediately became vigilant.

Being the Saint Sovereign of a holy land, his eyes were extraordinarily keen.

There were no issues with his talisman, yet it did not even shake that plain-looking restaurant one bit. Why? There had to be a secret behind it.

Recalling that his two clones were destroyed, the Saint Sovereign tightened his frame of mind. It was a Netherworld creature that had destroyed his clones.

"Humph. If there's really a Netherworld creature, I shall uncover the truth today! The Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass Tribulation is coming soon. If the continent has such a formidable existence, there's no way I could ease my mind and go to the Heaven Pass!" The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign said coldly, his voice reverberating and resonating.

The jade talismans of the formation around him twinkled again as they began to move.

He held up his hand, and three jade talismans formed a triangular shape, hovering in front of him.

His eyes focused as he sent a blow from his palm to the jade talismans.


The three jade talismans instantly buzzed, dashing toward the restaurant.

This time, the three jade talismans carried far more terrifying energy. As they traveled through the air, they distorted the space around them.

After the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign launched this attack, he clasped his hands together, slowly descending.

If that attack still did not do a thing, he would retreat immediately. He shouldn't linger any further.

A moment later, his mind flickered, and he noticed Granny Mo walking toward him in the distance. His brows furrowed.

Granny Mo wanted to come here, too? Because of this restaurant as well?


The three jade talismans swayed and darted quickly. Shortly after, they hit the restaurant's gate.


Clear noises sounded.

The energy in the three jade talismans seemed to vanish completely, and they fell on the ground.

It was just like what happened to the previous talisman. Their energy disappeared as if they had no power at all.

The Saint Sovereign took a deep breath.

This restaurant was extraordinary indeed!

He needed to leave!


Inside the restaurant

Under the Path-understanding Tree, Lord Dog opened his drowsy eyes, which seemed to be able to see through the Saint Sovereign.

His mouth twitched once.

Within the kitchen, Bu Fang, who had disappeared previously, showed up again. His tall, slender body slowly emerged.

Bu Fang wore an emotionless face, walking to the Path-understanding Tree. Lord Dog's twitching mouth gradually dropped.

He was bewildered.

After a "swish," Bu Fang raised his hand and plucked a strand of fur.

"Lend me one strand of your fur for me to use..." Bu Fang said plainly.

Lord Dog's nostrils flared as his black face even turned darker.

Lord Dog had already said that his fur does not come freely!

A moment later, Bu Fang held up the strand of fur, flicking it. The strand hovered in the air, gently swaying and flying out of the gate.


The big gate of the restaurant opened.

The dog hair gracefully floated through the gate.


Just as it was flying, dark energy suddenly bloomed from that single strand of fur, transforming into a dark and fat paw of energy.

The paw hissed and boomed, aiming to pat the Saint Sovereign outside the door.

"You tried to show off then run away, so there's no way I could let you do whatever you want..." Bu Fang said casually.


Outside the gate, the pores on the shaken Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign shrank.

He was panic-stricken.

The previously tightly shut restaurant gate had suddenly opened, and out came a fat dog's paw flying straight at him!