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 Chapter 81: This Black Dog Is Really Arrogant!

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

"Who?! Who's there?!"

When Hun Qianyun heard the extremely haughty voice, the spirit fire within his eye sockets suddenly swelled up and his aura became even more terrifying. He scanned his surroundings to find the owner of the voice.

However, he was completely unable to find anyone who had the confidence to say those words among those present. The customers within the store were all cowering before his glare. That mysterious person was definitely not hiding among them.

Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows together with a gloomy expression on his face. The ground littered with the chicken soup was emanating hot air. The hot air was naturally dissipated as the cold wind blew, accompanied by the rich fragrance of the chicken soup.

"Killing intent toward the host has been detected. Protection mode activated."

A mechanical voice rang out as a gigantic white figure swiftly rushed out of the store and landed next to Bu Fang with a loud noise. Whitey stood straight while giving off a red light with its mechanical eyes.

"A puppet?!" Hun Qianyun could not find the owner of the voice, so he gave up on searching. He was slightly surprised when his eyes shifted toward Whitey who appeared next to Bu Fang.

Even though Hun Qianyun had heard of the the store's deeds, he had never really put in the effort to find out more. He only knew that the store was very powerful and could repel the seventh grade Battle-Saint, Xiao Meng. However, he did not know the source of its strength. From the looks of it... could this puppet be the reason?

Blacky slowly approached while striding like a cat. When it realized Whitey was standing next to Bu Fang, it rolled its eyes and stopped moving.

"You killed my customer and ruined my dish... Unforgivable!" Bu Fang took a deep breath. His eyes focused onto Hun Qianyun and became somewhat cold.

"Hmph! What an arrogant tone... This old man shall test the capability of this store of yours today!" Hun Qianyun sneered as he took a step back. As he waved his withered arm, the gigantic simulacrum of the King of Hell suddenly moved.

As the black mist surged, the simulacrum raised its hand and a black spear appeared once more. Black mist was encircling the spear while the energy violently fluctuated.

With a loud tearing sound, the simulacrum of the King of Hell forcefully threw the spear. It rapidly headed toward Bu Fang's position while whistling through the air. It was as if the air was being torn apart.

Whitey's mechanical eyes were flashing as its figure moved in front of Bu Fang. It raised up its gigantic mechanical arms and threw a punch toward the black spear flying toward them.

A powerful explosion rang out and a squall was instantly created. The entire alleyway seemed to be enveloped by the black mist. Within an instant, the alleyway was completely engulfed.

The customers staying within Bu Fang's store were all startled by the terrifying noise. However, the surprising thing was that the black smoke unexpectedly did not drift into the store. It was as if the smoke was isolated by a layer of protective membrane.

Hun Qianyun sneered as he watched from a distance. Even a seventh grade Battle-Saint would suffer if they tried to receive the attack of the King of Hell's Void Spear head-on. What could a mere puppet do?


Within the black smoke, only two sources of red light could be seen. Suddenly, they turned into a cold purple color. A gust appeared and completely dispersed the black smoke.

Once the black smoke completely dissipated, the scene of the aftermath was revealed. When Hun Qianyun saw the scene, he was extremely shocked and the spirit fire within his eyes wildly palpitated.

Whitey's entire body was releasing a metallic luster, and its mechanical eyes had turned into a cold purple color. Both of its arms were crossed in front of its body, which seemed to have blocked the King of Hell's Void Spear from before. There was actually no trace of damage on Whitey at all.

Bu Fang was indifferently standing behind Whitey. He was expressionless as he looked at Hun Qianyun without any signs of worry or fear on his face.

"Combat mode activated!" Whitey's mechanical voice became even colder. Its purple eyes seemed to be overflowing with killing intent.

With a humming sound, purple-eyed Whitey's figure shot out in an instant. Its speed was almost impossible to be captured by the naked eye. A stifling feeling suddenly assailed toward Hun Qianyun.

Hun Qianyun angrily snorted as he held out his withered hand. Borrowing the power of the simulacrum of the King of Hell behind him, he controlled the black energy to encircle his body and sent a palm strike toward Whitey.

As the two of them collided together, an intense energy shockwave leaked out and cracks appeared on the walls of the alleyway, as if they were going to collapse from the energy collision.

Hun Qianyun's expression suddenly changed. If they continued fighting with this level of power, the soldiers patrolling within the imperial city as well as experts would be alerted. He needed to finish things quickly!

"Hurry up and finish off the owner! I'll stall the puppet!" As an old-timer, Hun Qianyun naturally knew about capturing the ringleader first to capture the bandits. The puppet was obviously trying to protect Bu Fang. Once Bu Fang was dead, the puppet would lose its protection target and stop moving.

The six Battle-Kings standing behind Hun Qianyun understood his intentions as well.

The King of Hell's simulacrum was heading toward Bu Fang step by step. As the gigantic simulacrum moved, the alleyway was almost bursting from the seams.

Bu Fang indifferently watched as the simulacrum approached. He patted Ouyang Xiaoyi's head and made her hide inside the store. With the store's protection, she should be safe.

"Is this brat seeking death? Why is he not running away even though he's facing the King of Hell's simulacrum controlled by us?" one of the Battle-Kings controlling the magic array said in surprise.

"He's probably so frightened his legs went weak and he has no strength to run away! Once the King of Hell's Soul Rending Array is activated, it's equivalent to a seventh grade Battle-Saint!" another Battle-King said with a chortle.

"Why isn't that brat pissing himself in fear yet? How could a third grade thrash like him withstand the intimidation aura of a Battle-Saint?"


Bu Fang completely ignored the mocking words of the Battle-Kings. The so-called intimidation aura of a Battle-Saint was completely ineffective to him. Thanks to the existence of the system, he was completely unaffected by any intimidation aura and he was completely unworried about his own safety.

Blacky slowly approached while striding like a cat, as it gracefully and refinedly stopped between Bu Fang and the King of Hell's simulacrum.

As Blacky raised its head and looked at the gigantic simulacrum of the King of Hell formed with black energy, a trace of disdain flashed in its eyes.

"Shoo shoo shoo... Where did this big black dog come from! Get out of here!" A Battle-King speechlessly looked at the dog sitting between Bu Fang and them. He was utterly dumbfounded as he hurriedly tried to chase Blacky away.

They could not feel even a trace of spirit energy on this dog and its appearance was quite ordinary as well. It looked just like a commonplace dog. It was no wonder this Battle-King was unable to recognize it.

"You idiot... Are you talking to this lord dog?" Blacky haughtily raised its head as a gentle and masculine voice filled with mockery rang out.

The six Battle-Kings were stunned... Their thoughts went into disarray for a moment.

"What the! Is this dog really... speaking?!"

"You idiot... Did you just tell this lord dog to get lost? Are you tired of living? Do you really think you can heckle this lord dog just because you have this King of Hell knockoff?" Blacky continued and said.

"This big black dog that became intelligent is really arrogant!" The six Battle-Kings were immediately riled up. A mere dog actually dared to act arrogantly in front of them. It was simply too unforgivable.

"Damn dog! If I don't cook you up today, I'll follow your surname!" A bad-tempered Battle-King was unable to bear it any longer. He angrily shouted and immediately created a black spear with the King of Hell's simulacrum.

The spear was sent piercing toward Blacky with a whistling sound.

"You actually dare to call this knockoff the King of Hell's Void Spear? Its power is no better than an embroidery needle... Even this lord dog wouldn't use it for scratching an itch," Blacky said as it rolled its eyes.

As the black spear brutally collided with Blacky's head, Blacky's ears slightly flapped and the spear immediately broke into pieces. It turned into black energy and dispersed into the air.

The bodies of the six Battle-Kings froze. What happened just now? Were they seeing things...?

"Even though it isn't that damned old man from the underworld, this lord dog still hates this thing. Since you bothered this lord dog's nap, all of you... shall die," Blacky indifferently said as it stretched out an exquisite and cute paw. The paw slowly flew toward the King of Hell's simulacrum.

Bu Fang slightly raised his eyebrows. From his point of view, during the moment Blacky extended his paw, it instantly expanded into a gigantic paw that covered the sky.

Blacky glanced at the King of Hell's simulacrum underneath the paw and disdainfully snorted, then the paw gently descended.