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 "Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign, long time no see. How are you doing?"

The old woman held her staff, standing at her spot. She lifted her face, which was wrinkled and senile, having been through the various hardships of life.

Floating in the sky, the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign's entire body radiated light, making him look like a deity descending to the world. Wisps of bright light from the formation twirled around him. The formation's sonorous booming released turbulent energy fluctuations.

"Granny Mo... You've grown old." The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign looked as delicate as a piece of jade, no different from a young man in his twenties.

His eyes were gleaming as he looked down at the old woman, who was lifting her head to face him. With a gleam filled with complexity, he couldn't help but talk to her.

"Time ages people. Throughout hundreds of years, flowers bloom and wither. Isn't it natural to get old?" Holding her staff, Granny Mo answered indifferently.

The next moment, she no longer faced the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign. She was shakily walking toward the Valley of Gluttony.

The formation around the Saint Sovereign slowly became silent. Its energy dispersed, and the radiance faded.

The Saint Sovereign stepped down, appearing by Granny Mo.

The sleek, black hair of his cascaded down his back. It reached his waist, fanning out in the wind as he walked beside Granny Mo.

Granny Mo gave a cold laugh. Holding her staff, she continued to move forward.

They entered the Valley of Gluttony.

The Saint Sovereign clasped his hands together. He and Granny Mo had a skeptical look on their faces.

"It's been years since I've visited the Valley of Gluttony. The last time we came here, the valley was still prosperous. You and I were here to show off our peerless magnificence," said Granny Mo.

Saint Sovereign nodded. Back then, the Valley of Gluttony was extremely powerful. It suppressed many holy lands and was famous for its military might. During that time, the Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony was the sort of supreme, unrivaled existence. His glory dimmed the light of the Holy Saints.

The Valley of Gluttony at that time had attracted countless experts. The fabulous, powerful experts of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court gathered there, talking and discussing, creating a small community.

That era was a nostalgic and memorable point in time.

However, after so many years, the Valley of Gluttony had gradually become desolate. The various sorts of peerless existences had all gone to become the overlords of different regions.

They had become existences like the Saint Sovereigns, Granny Mo, or Amethyst Elder, who was at the level of a sect master.

"The Valley of Gluttony has changed greatly. However, we can still recognize some old places. The Sunset Lake's still there, but the Flower Admiring Pavilion is gone." The Saint Sovereign walked over to the Sunset Lake, clasping his hands together. A gentle breeze swept, brushing past his face like a soft hand.

Small ripples expanded over the lake, as far as the eye could see.

A long time ago, there was a big pavilion above the lake named the Flower Admiring Pavilion. Countless geniuses had gathered there, drinking tea and talking as they exchanged their favorite cultivation techniques.

At that time, Granny Mo was so pretty that her beauty could even subdue the flowers. She used to be the Saintess of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land, who was too beautiful to behold.

Unfortunately, time was a merciless butcher knife.

Saint Sovereign turned to see the unimaginably old Granny Mo and sighed.

However, the last bit of worry in his heart vanished the moment Granny Mo gave him a smile.

That little thought of his scattered with the wind.

"Granny Mo, you're visiting the Valley of Gluttony for good food?" Saint Sovereign looked at Granny Mo, asking her with a smile.

They walked along the Sunset Lake, strolling leisurely.

Granny Mo supported her waist with one hand, her back humped. She smiled, shaking her head as she walked with her staff.

"Granny Mo, did you manage to deduce something?" Saint Sovereign squinted his eyes, asking solemnly.

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land was famous for their detailed calculations and deductions of the matters in the world...

Granny Mo was the mighty existence at the sect-founder level of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land. Naturally, she wouldn't come to the Valley of Gluttony for nothing.

After all, the Valley of Gluttony had declined over the years. It was no longer an influential force like it used to be.

"Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign is right. I'm here to taste the good food...That year, the reputation of the Valley of Gluttony's good food was renowned in the Hidden Dragon Continent. Until now, I still cannot forget those delicacies. I don't have much time left. I want to go to the Valley of Gluttony to recall those good moments I used to enjoy," said Granny Mo.

They walked past many structures that had been renovated.

Not far from them was the luxurious, imposing Gluttony God's Building. Despite it being late at night, lights still shone from within.

The night in the Gluttony God City was well-lit. The aroma of food permeated through the air as endless piping-hot dishes lined the streets.

Although it was already late at night, there were still businesses carrying on.

It was likely that only the Gluttony God City had such a bustling and lively atmosphere at night. Being the capital of gourmet food, it naturally attracted many diners.

The Royal Court's holy land disciples, the experts from the other formidable forces, travelers, or even lonesome swordsmen, were all attracted by the good food available here. They all came to the Valley of Gluttony to satisfy their needs and let their minds immerse in the exuberant atmosphere.

The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign and Granny Mo entered the Gluttony God City, squinting and looking at the bustling city that never slept.

A sweet aroma swirled in the air. The two experts couldn't help but inhale the smell. Their hearts were reminded of the endless memories forged in this city.

They hadn't seen such a scene for several hundreds of years. And now, as it was right in front of them, they suddenly had a feeling of gratitude.

"Granny Mo, I have something else to do, so I'm leaving now. See you later."

Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign clasped his hand together, smiled, and bid farewell to Granny Mo before walking away. It was like he could shrink distance, heading forward. After a split second, he had already disappeared from the latter's sight.

Granny Mo held her staff. She had an odd smile, watching the Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign disappear. She slowly and shakily held her staff, walking ahead.

"Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign... I've deduced. If you are courting death, you will suffer a great calamity."


"The Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, a legendary wine. The winemaking recipe requires the Yellow Spring Grass, which can be found at the source of the Netherworld's Yellow Spring. It also requires the Flower of Helplessness growing by the Bridge of Helplessness in the second layer of Netherworld, the Earth Prison, and finally, the water from the Spring of Life to make a batch of the wine. It is a strong wine full of energy, which can be used in dishes or as a medicine."

The serious voice of the system resounded in Bu Fang's mind as it introduced the recipe and the way to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin, strolling around the restaurant.

Netherworld's Earth Prison?

The Netherworld had an Earth Prison? What place was the Netherworld actually?

Bu Fang was suddenly curious about the Netherworld. However, despite his curiosity, Bu Fang was too lazy to study and research about it. The Netherworld was too far away from him, anyway.

All of a sudden, Bu Fang was stupefied, frowning. "System, will you provide the precious ingredients to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine?"

Bu Fang now had a bad premonition.

The system's reward this time only consisted of the recipe of the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine. It had never mentioned that it would provide the Yellow Spring Grass, the Flower of Helplessness, or the water from the Spring of Life.

Did this mean that... if Bu Fang wanted to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, he must go and find those ingredients himself?

To find those ingredients... would he have to go to the Netherworld?

"The system will not provide the ingredients to make the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine. You must go and find them yourself," the system answered seriously.


The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched once. He had just said that the Netherworld was too far away for him to care about it. Suddenly, it seemed much closer.

Bu Fang rubbed his head, then walked out of the kitchen.

Lord Dog had its eyes closed, lying and snoring under the Path-understanding Tree.

The Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python leaned against Lord Dog, continually breathing in and now, her eyes squinting. Wisps of white energy moved between her mouth and nostrils.

The cold, shiny black Netherworld Ship was anchored next to them silently.

Far from them, Chu Changsheng was lying and relaxing lazily on his chair, his white hair fanning out and cascading.

Bu Fang thought for a while before walking to the Netherworld Ship. As he was likely going to the Netherworld to find the Yellow Spring Grass, the Flower of Helplessness, and the Spring of Life, he should at least know something about it.

It would be difficult for other people to learn about the Netherworld. However, Bu Fang's restaurant had two great seniors from Netherworld that he could extract information from.

Raising his hand and knocking on the ship, he immediately heard the lazy groaning from inside. A moment later, Nethery's cold face could be seen from the Netherworld Ship as she was crawling out.

"Bu Fang, are you looking for me?" Nethery looked at Bu Fang, her face emotionless.

"Yeah, for a heart-to-heart talk," answered Bu Fang. The corners of his mouth rose as he said that.

Nethery arched her brows. Her long, straight, black hair cascaded from the sides of the ship, looking like a beautiful serpent woman who had just crawled out from her lair. Her slender, long legs touched the ground as she stood.


Nethery pulled out a chair and sat down, crossing her legs at her knees. She looked at Bu Fang, her jade-like, exquisite nose snorted.

"Do you know anything about the Yellow Spring Grass? The Flower of Helplessness?" Bu Fang pulled out another chair, sitting opposite Nethery.

Nethery was caught off guard.

"The Yellow Spring Grass grows by the riverbank of the Yellow Spring River. It's a kind of spirit herb that is really poisonous, but it does have medicinal properties. It's a peculiar spirit herb with four leaves. It will grow one more leaf every thousand years. It's really precious. The Hidden Dragon Continent doesn't have this kind of spirit herb."

Nethery paused, looking at Bu Fang.

"Continue talking. Don't pause. After that, I will cook you supper," said Bu Fang.

Nethery looked at Bu Fang with an odd face, as though she understood the situation. Then, she raised her hand. Immediately, dark energy diffused out of her, expanding and covering her and Bu Fang in just a blink of an eye.

Toward the far end of the restaurant, sitting and relaxing in his chair, the corners of Chu Changsheng's mouth convulsed...

How did that woman know he was eavesdropping?

"It's hard to get the Yellow Spring Grass. It grows by the riverbank of the Yellow Spring River. The Yellow Spring River belongs in the area of the Netherworld's Earth Prison. The Bridge of Helplessness is also in the Earth Prison," Nethery explained.

"The Netherworld is divided into three layers. The first layer is called the Ruin Prison, the second layer is the Earth Prison, and the third layer is the Netherworld Prison. Each of these layers is pretty far apart from each other, like from one end of the world to the other. They are connected by the Nether Stairs. However, they don't communicate with each other much since their relationships with each other aren't the greatest.

"The holy lands in the Hidden Dragon Continent always mention the Netherworld creatures. I think they are referring to the Ruin Prison's creatures. The creatures in the Ruin Prison are really brutal. They like killing, and they're really invasive. If the experts from the Ruin Prison attacked the Hidden Dragon Continent's key locations, it would be a terrible, giant massacre," concluded Nethery.

Bu Fang gawked at the explanation, dropping his jaw. It turned out that the Netherworld was really vast.

From the tone of Nethery's voice, she, Lord Dog, and Nether King Er Ha were possibly experts from the Netherworld's Earth Prison.

"Where's the Netherworld Prison?" asked Bu Fang.

"I can't tell you that. The Netherworld Prison is the most mysterious one in the Netherworld, so I don't know..." Nethery said plainly.

A moment later, she waved her hand and dismissed the dark bubble of energy. Her big, black eyes batted, gazing at Bu Fang.

She had told him what she could. And now, it was Bu Fang's turn to fulfill his end of the promise.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin, pondering.

Ruin Prison, Earth Prison, Netherworld Prison...

Three Great Prisons?

Alright. Bu Fang focused on the Yellow Spring River in Earth Prison. He needed the Yellow Spring Grass and the Flower of Helplessness...

He wondered when he should go to Earth Prison.

Bu Fang stood up, raising his hand and gently stroking Nethery's head as the latter's black eyes looked at him.

Bu Fang turned around, walking to the kitchen. If he agreed to cook Nethery supper, he should do so.

However, before Bu Fang even reached his kitchen, someone knocked on their closed gate.

Bu Fang was surprised.

His Taotie Restaurant didn't open at night. Who would knock on the door? Frowning, Bu Fang went to the gate.


The big doors of the gate slowly opened.

At the entrance stood a rich, handsome youngster who looked to be in his twenties. He was smiling gently at Bu Fang.

"Owner Bu, we finally meet. I've traveled thousands of miles just to try your cooking skills... Oh, and also to settle our scores."