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 Bu Fang exhaled deeply. His tense body could finally relax.

He untied the velvet rope that bound his hair, letting his hair cascade freely as he shook his head.

"Congratulations on accomplishing the prescribed quota for the opening day and also finishing the dishes set by the system. Starting level up now." In his mind, the system's serious voice rose, which felt like heavenly music to his ears.

He could finally level up. Bu Fang sighed with great relief. He stroked his head, and his normally indifferent face couldn't help but twitch.

However, this time, his power increase from leveling up might not clear. His level increase this time merely serves as a guarantee to his entrance to the Divine Soul Realm.

Bu Fang sent his mind to see the system panel.

Host: Bu Fang

True Energy Cultivation Base: Grade 10 (One-step soul ladder at Divine Soul Realm)

Cooking Talent: 5-Star

Skills: Level 2 Meteor Knife Skill (100/100), Level 2 Big Dipper Carving Technique (100/100), Level 1 Knife Skill - Overlord Thirteen Blades (10/13), Gourmet Array (2/6), Four Symbols Fire Control Skill (1/4)

Items: Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife (God of Cooking's set), Black Turtle Constellation Wok (God of Cooking's set), Vermillion Robe (God of Cooking's set).

God of Cooking's Overall Rating: Intermediate Chef (Improving in Cooking Talent will enable more skillful cooking skills. A bigger world of cooking is open for you. You can start making functional cooking ingredients)

System Rank: Level 20, 10-Star (True energy conversion ratio: 100%)

System Rewards: Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine recipe, Fragment of God of Cooking's set (2/5)

Bu Fang observed his system panel. As his level increased, more and more skills were being unlocked.

His fundamental knife skill had reached the peak level, and he had learned the tenth blade of the Overlord Thirteen Blades, which was a really intimidating skill.

The Gourmet Array also unlocked a new formation.

Bu Fang received the Four Symbols Fire Control Skill as the system reward for accomplishing cooking battles.

After he had defeated the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony, the system rewarded Bu Fang something that he found very interesting. However, he didn't have time to study it yet.

Just like Bu Fang had assumed, his competence didn't gain much after his level had increased.

However, it was only his true energy cultivation base. As it had just broken through, he needed to prepare the dishes set by the system if he wanted to advance it further. Successfully completing the dishes would give him another chance to break through.

It could be envisioned that as Bu Fang got stronger, the required dishes to complete would naturally become more difficult.

However, it was this pressure that spurred on Bu Fang to continue his cooking journey.

"Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine? Sounds quite... high-end and classy." Bu Fang squinted as he couldn't help but mutter to himself.

After the Ice Jade Heart Urn Wine and the Frost Blaze Path-understanding Brew, finally, some other wine had appeared. It made Bu Fang's mind restless.

Speaking of liquor, Bu Fang really liked wine, especially the good kind.

Anyway, from the name of this wine, it shouldn't be easy to make.

Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine... Would it need the water from the Yellow Spring to make the wine?

During the time when Bu Fang prepared the Taotie's Heart soup, he had exchanged with the system to get the Yellow Spring Grass and the Flower of Helplessness. Bu Fang had an intuition that the two ingredients were definitely related to the Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine if he wanted to make it.

Exhaling gently, Bu Fang tried to suppress his excitement and joy and continued to check what benefits he had acquired from this level-up.

Four Symbols Fire Control Skill?

This one also sounded high-end and classy. Was it a fire control technique?

As soon as Bu Fang's mind flickered, a large flow of information was poured into his head, filling his body.

Bu Fang closed his eyes and began to learn how to use the Four Symbols Fire Control Skill.

"The Four Symbols Fire Control Skill is a flame controlling technique. It can strengthen the connection between the Host and the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. You can use it while cooking, which can help you reach the pinnacle of heat control." The system's voice spoke, introducing the Four Symbols Fire Control Skill to Bu Fang.

According to the system, Bu Fang would need time to master this skill.

Bu Fang parted his lips. Immediately, a cluster of gold and red Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame flew out, dancing on his fingers.

The fiery flame burned, twisting even the air.

After his Ten Thousand Bestial Flame received a bloom of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame from the Valley of Gluttony, it obtained the appearance that it has today.

The temperature was fierce and high. However, the two different mysterious flames hadn't completely fused with each other.

Bu Fang frowned as he rubbed his chin, watching the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. His mental force was channeled into his five fingers, and the flames on his fingers began to tremble.

Bu Fang's spirit sea expanded outward, and at the center of it, there was a bright divine golden dragon, which was the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's Spirit.

A dragon's roar reverberated, and Bu Fang's entire body was shaken. A moment later, a flow of dragon power coursed through his body and entered that flame.

The mysterious Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame immediately spun, sending sparks all around. The golden and red flames began to blend together and fuse, turning into a dark gold flame.

It was a brand-new type of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

The dragon roar echoed. Immediately, the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame turned into a fiery dragon, twirling around in the air.

Bu Fang's fingers waved, and the flame burned even more ferociously in the air. The temperature rocketed, and the surrounding air squeaked as it became hotter and hotter.

Bu Fang's eyes sparkled. His fingers moved fast. Instantly, that flame became lifelike, just like a real divine dragon.

"This Four Symbols Fire Control Skill seemed to be quite easy," Bu Fang thought.

Retrieving the flame, Bu Fang relaxed. The temperature in the kitchen was too high. Bu Fang shook his head, then walked out of the kitchen.

The restaurant's business had finished for the day, so all the diners had already left. Chu Changsheng was lying on a chair, looking a bit miserable.

Chu Changsheng felt that being a waiter was much more exhausting than managing the Valley of Gluttony. Compared to settling piles of documents, he felt that Bu Fang had dragged him into a pit.

With Chu Changsheng's great sacrifice today, of course, there was no mystery as to why they had more than a thousand customers. And, with that, Bu Fang received the extra reward from the system.

It wasn't anything special, though. It was a one-time choosing of a cooking ingredient, which was limited to anything lower than a Divine Soul Realm ingredient.

Bu Fang pulled out a chair beside Chu Changsheng and sat on it.

Chu Changsheng threw Bu Fang a lazy look.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth slightly rose. He gently exhaled and said, "Well done. You do have a bright future. Young man, Boss likes you," said Bu Fang.

Chu Changsheng's face darkened in response.


The Hidden Dragon Royal Court had seven great holy lands, namely, Heavenly Pivot, Wavering Light, Heavenly Secret, Heavenly Spring, Ancient Jade, Mizar, and Alkaid. All of these holy lands were protected by many experts.

Those holy lands were the Hidden Dragon Continent's defenders. Because of them, the forces from the Endless Sea and the Netherworld creatures didn't dare invade the land.

Each holy land had a Saint Sovereign and a Holy Saint.

The Holy Saint was one who had reached the Divine Spirit Realm. It was no doubt that he was stronger than the Saint Sovereign. However, the Holy Saints were silently breaking through their cultivation base because they understood how heavy their responsibility was.

Thus, the one who was actually in charge of each holy land was their respective Saint Sovereign.

The Ancient Jade Holy Land's Saint Sovereign was sitting cross-legged in the big hall. Countless of light beams soared into the sky, twirling around his body.

He lifted his head and opened his eyes, which were like the twinkling stars in the sky.

The Saint Sovereign stood up. He had a nasty expression on his face.


A wave of energy came.

The Saint Sovereign arched his brows, raising his hand. The energy gathered and condensed into a Sound Transmission Jade Talisman.

He brought the jade talisman close to his ears, which gave him a piece of news that turned his face grim.

"The Heaven Pass Tribulation is about to start?!"

His eyes had a gleam of seriousness. "We can't underestimate the Heaven Pass Tribulation. This time, I don't know when I will return from the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass..."

"Anyway, before that... I need to go to the Valley of Gluttony where those clones were destroyed twice."

The Saint Sovereign stood up, clasping his hands together. Numerous formations circled around his body as his hair quietly fluttered upward.

The faint sounds of footsteps echoed. A moment later, he walked out of the great hall.


Heavenly Secret Holy Ground

Mo Liuji ran, then stood in front of a house.

This simple-looking house was where the Saintess stayed and cultivated.

Inside that house, the Saintess was trying to control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk.

Mo Liuji inhaled, his chest swelling up. He hesitated and did not push the door. He thought that if he did that, it would affect the Saintess' deduction and understanding.

Should he push the door or not?

Mo Liuji frowned. A moment later, he turned around, running back to Granny's place.

However, when he got there, Granny Mo had disappeared. She wasn't there...

He didn't know where she had gone.


The news of the Valley of Gluttony insulting the holy land disciples was soon reported to the Royal Court's holy lands.

Those disciples who were stripped naked had returned with indignant faces.

Many people screamed and roared for revenge. However, when they got to know Chu Changsheng's ability and achievements, they fell silent.

After all, the news that Chu Changsheng had killed Yan Cheng, who was at Half Step Divine Spirit Realm, had been spread to all the holy lands.

If they wanted to deal with that Chu Changsheng, they would just be courting death themselves.

Later at night, the two crescent moons hung high in the sky.

Slowly, a shadow walked under the moonlight. That person looked senile with a slight humpback. Holding a staff, the shadow inched forward.

The sounds of the staff knocking on the cyan stones were somewhat scary in the dark night.

Meanwhile, another figure tore through the air, bringing with him a terrifying boom as he appeared outside the Valley of Gluttony.

This figure emitted radiance like a god, with bright rays of light shooting from his body.

The person with the staff looked at the radiant figure in the sky. She gave a dry cough, lifting her head. The wrinkles on her face twitched.

"The Ancient Jade Saint Sovereign... It's been a long time. Are you going to the Valley of Gluttony to enjoy good food, too?"