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 Pieces of torn clothes scattered through the air, fluttering and landing on the ground.

The sounds of muffled laughter echoed in the restaurant. When people saw those naked holy land disciples, they couldn't hide their smiles. Moreover, their smiles carried significant meaning behind them.

Chu Changsheng leaned against the door frame. His long waiter robes billowed in the wind, which looked a little comical.

The holy land disciples crawled up from the floor as they saw red. They had never experienced such humiliation in their lives. They were stripped naked!

The feeling of being naked sent them into an embarrassment, which in turn churned the anger within their hearts. Their fury was about to erupt from within them!

So infuriating!

The boorish disciple turned around and stood up, staring daggers at Chu Changsheng. His lips trembled with rage as his lungs felt like they were going to burst from his anger.

So, the Valley of Gluttony's people were all this arrogant!

Previously, since they were disciples from the Heavenly Pivot Holy Land, they were treated with utmost respect and admiration!

This damn fellow!

"Do you want to die? You dare to look down on us and our Heavenly Pivot Holy Land?!"

That disciple wasn't a fool. He said those words in a repressed voice. Even though he dared to talk boastfully, he did not dare to antagonize Chu Changsheng directly.

That pretty-faced young man, ah no... That clothes stripping maniac looked as if he didn't have a single bit of power. However, his cultivation was utterly extraordinary. He was a sort of immeasurable existence!

He was sure that he couldn't defeat Chu Changsheng. However, since the latter had only stripped them of their clothes, it seemed that that person was somewhat afraid of the Heavenly Pivot Holy Land!

If that young man was afraid, then it meant that he still had significant backing from his holy land.

Thus, the uncouth disciple stared at Chu Changsheng, trying to threaten and unnerve him ever so slightly.

The other holy land disciples got to their feet. They all looked on with fear.

Far from them, the other disciples from other holy lands gathered. When they saw the group of naked people, they couldn't help but laugh and tease nonchalantly.

Their teasing laughter made the Heavenly Pivot Holy Land's disciples more and more enraged.

"Oh, so you think that I, Clothes Stripping Chu, didn't dare to kill you?" Chu Changsheng asked calmly. "I did tell you, I am Chu Changsheng..."

Chu Changsheng's idle countenance had vanished. He threw those disciples a cold and unfeeling look.

The blood drained from the rude disciple's face. After a moment, he seemed to recall something, and his body shivered involuntarily.

"You... You are Chu Changsheng?! The former Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony?!" The disciple's lips trembled as he spoke. "You..."

"Get lost. Unless your Master comes here himself... don't try to act cool in front of me," Chu Changsheng curled his lips. Then, he waved his arm.


The muscles on his arm grew tremendously. A moment later, they became ten times bigger!

His arm swept across the air, creating hissing gusts of wind.

The naked disciples were blown backward, and their bodies could not stop quivering in fear.

"Line up. No cutting in line." Looking at the frantic disciples running away into the distance, Chu Changsheng raised the corners of his mouth, glumly stroking his white hair as he spoke indifferently.

The restaurant's business resumed. Everything else went on in an orderly fashion.

The other holy land disciples took in a breath of cold air. However, they didn't dare to do anything.


Heavenly Secret Holy Land

The buildings and houses there were like blooming flowers.

The place was meanderingly hidden and covered in a thick fog.

After a squeaking noise, an ancient house's door was pushed open. An old woman holding a staff strolled out of the house.

"The Heavenly Star Catcher Disk has been moving more restlessly... The Heaven Pass Tribulation is coming soon. I wonder if the Celestial Saintess could completely control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk before that happens..." The old woman supported herself with the walking stick, walking slowly.

Her stick knocked rhythmically on the blue stone tiles with a clear, crisp noise.

From a distance, an easy-going figure tottered toward her.

Mo Liuji's shirt was opened at his chest. He was walking happily with several bamboo tubes hung on his body. While he moved, those bamboo tubes clanged against each other, creating clear and pleasant sounds.

Mo Liuji's face was red, and he reeked of alcohol.

"Granny Mo! I'm back!"

Seeing Granny Mo holding her staff and standing outside of the house, his eyes brightened. He rattled the bamboo tube in his hand before bursting out laughing.

Granny Mo looked at Mo Liuji indifferently. A cold snort escaped her nostrils.

Once Mo Liuji was near, Granny Mo lifted her staff up, and a mysterious jet of energy shot out straight at him.

After getting hit, Mo Liuji screeched in pain. The bamboo tube of wine in his hand fell and spilled on the ground.

"You little brat! I asked you to bring the Saintess's heart demon back. What have you done? Is the heart demon in the wine?! Are you a pig?!"

Granny Mo reprimanded Mo Liuji relentlessly while her hand continued waving in anger. Every time she lowered her hand, Mo Liuji screamed out.

Although Mo Liuji was strong, he couldn't avoid her attacks.

Those endless banging sounds gave Mo Liuji a twinge in his balls.

"The Celestial Saintess is at the critical stage of controlling the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk. If she can't eliminate her heart's demon, it would affect her significantly. And if she fails to control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk as a result, you will have to bear the consequences, you little brat!"

Listening to her scolding, the cunning Mo Liuji felt aggrieved.

He, too, wanted to bring the demon in the Saintess' heart back, but... he just couldn't defeat him!

Not only was he unable to beat him, but he couldn't successfully deceive him, either.

Should he be blamed for failing? He was also desperate! He wanted to bring that demon back, but he... he just couldn't do it.

"Granny Mo! Listen to me... Ah, easy, don't hit my face!" Mo Liuji screeched pitifully.

"Tell Granny the situation right now, or I'll break your legs. You're still drinking! Why don't you drink until you're dead?" Granny Mo snorted and finally put her staff down.

Mo Liuji carefully put all of his bamboo tubes down on the ground. Then, he told Granny Mo all the details of the Valley of Gluttony's situation.

He told her how Bu Fang had obtained the Taotie's Heart and drove away Amethyst Elder's clone and Bi Liantian. He also told her how the black dog cut the giant, and how the Nether King destroyed the Holy Saint. He even mentioned the time when Bu Fang used the Taotie's Heart to revive Chu Changsheng, which also boosted the latter to enter the Half-step Divine Spirit Realm.

Granny Mo listened to his story carefully. The more she listened, the sterner her face became.

When Mo Liuji was done talking, he looked at Granny Mo with anticipation. It wasn't likely that he could bring the Saintess' heart demon back whenever he wanted.

Granny Mo sighed. Holding the staff, she shakily moved several steps. Her face displayed a variety of emotions.

"So, you said that the demon had Netherworld creatures protecting him? If those Netherworld creatures can live among the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's people, they are probably not the creatures from the Netherworld Ruin Prison," Granny Mo muttered with a frown on her face.

She seemed to know the Netherworld very well. Holding her staff, she looked at the endless mountain range over the horizon.

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land was shrouded in a drizzle. Slowly, the clouds rolled and drifted away.

"According to your description, that Netherworld creature isn't at the level of a Great Ethereal Realm Creature. Is that a Heavenly Ethereal one?" mumbled the old woman.

Mo Liuji's ears twitched. Was the Heavenly Ethereal Realm the realm higher than the Great Ethereal Realm?

Was it a Heavenly Ethereal Realm Netherworld creature that had covered the sky and looked at them as if they were the mere cooking ingredients?

The old woman glanced at Mo Liuji. Her staff suddenly knocked on the ground.

Boom! Boom!

Mo Liuji's mind was taken aback as he felt his body being tied down by an intimidating force. In his eyes, the entire sky changed as well. The stars in the sky were moving fast...

His gaze became fascinated.

"It's Granny Mo's... Heavenly Secret Technique!" Mo Liuji gasped, taking in a breath of cold air. He saw the entire world become a starry space.

The old woman made mysterious hand seals with her palms. Every hand seal she projected would enter the void and stir up the stars.

Boom! Boom!

Terrifying Sanskrit chanting sounds and deity music surrounded them simultaneously.

The old woman began her deduction...

Mo Liuji's eyes shrank as the black velvet sky shattered, as though it was smashed broken by an invisible palm.

A moment later, the sky brightened up. It was still raining hazily, like nothing had happened at all.

However, far from him, the old woman had fallen on the ground, vomiting blood. Her face turned ashen.

It was apparent to Mo Liuji that the deduction had backfired!

Mo Liuji was frightened. Despite Granny Mo's profound cultivation base, she still received such feedback while using the Heavenly Secret Technique!

Walking forward, Mo Liuji supported Granny Mo up from the ground.

"Granny Mo..."

"Shut up... Listen, you go and wait until the Saintess finishes her secluded cultivation session. Bring her to the Valley of Gluttony. I deduced the Saintess' heart demon and saw a sliver of the future... Only that demon could save our Heavenly Secret Holy Land!"

Granny Mo's aura became ragged, but her eyes remained resolute.

Mo Liuji was scared. His lips trembled as he said frantically, "Granny, what are you talking about? I don't understand! I don't understand at all!"

Granny Mo looked at Mo Liuji. She was so angry that she almost cursed in his face.

This brat was actually a pig!

She reached out her hand to grab her staff and hit it on Mo Liuji's head.

"Got it?" said Granny Mo furiously, coughing out another mouthful of blood right after.

Mo Liuji immediately got a big swelling lump on his head. His face was emotionless when he finally answered, "Got it."

"Good... I'm okay. The Heaven Pass Tribulation will come soon. The Heaven Pass Tribulation this time... will be a great disaster to the Royal Court! Our Heavenly Secret Holy Land will suffer from a big calamity. You must bring the Saintess to see her demon. Only the demon of her heart can save her and help her completely control the Heavenly Star Catcher Disk!" Granny Mo continued.

Mo Liuji nodded earnestly.

"Move. I'm okay. You should go and wake Her Highness now."

Mo Liuji was a little hesitant and said, "Granny Mo... our Heavenly Secret Holy Land has the Saint Sovereign here. Why would we have a calamity?"

"Stop talking and move!" Granny Mo stared at Mo Liuji. Her staff hovered threateningly above his head.

Mo Liuji could only turn around and run away.

The old woman steadied herself. She made the hand seals once more, trying in vain to see that piece of the future one more time.


Heavenly Spring Holy Land

Amethyst Elder slowly opened his eyes.

Purple energy coursed around his body, and his aura began to grow steadily.

He stood up, parting his lips. The immense energy surged up and exited his mouth.

He had a tinge of regret in his heart, which made him exhale helplessly.

In the end, he still hadn't broken through. Without the Taotie's Heart, it was extremely difficult for him to reach the next realm.

The more Divine Flames ignited on the Divine Altar of a Divine Spirit Realm expert, the stronger he would become. However, it wasn't a simple task to light up a Divine Flame.

"The Valley of Gluttony... that damn dog spoiling my business... It should be a Netherworld creature at the Heavenly Ethereal Realm. How dare it provoke me? When I'm back from the Hidden Dragon Heaven Pass, I will cook and eat dog meat!"

Amethyst Elder's eyes were cold as his purple hair fluttered in the wind. A moment later, he stepped forward. The tightly closed gate opened with a loud boom.


Taotie Restaurant, Valley of Gluttony

Lord Dog was snoring under the Path-understanding Tree. All of a sudden, his nose felt itchy, and he couldn't help but open his drowsy eyes and yawn.

Who had just mentioned Lord Dog?!

Leaning against Lord Dog's body, Flowery still had her eyes closed. Energy swirled around her body, and it seemed like she was about to break through.

"This little girl... You dare take advantage of Lord Dog? Alright, on the account of Bu Fang, I shall let you take advantage of me, as long as you don't disturb my sleep," mumbled Lord Dog, then laid down. He drifted off back to sleep.

Time flew, and it was getting dark.

The first day of the Taotie Restaurant finally ended.

At the moment, Bu Fang was keeping the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. All of a sudden, the serious voice of the system echoed in his head.

As soon as the system's voice arose, Bu Fang was dazed. After a while, he furrowed his brows, then revealed a happy expression. He couldn't help but exhale deeply.