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 The strong rattling of the wind could not blow away the heat of popularity in front of the Taotie Restaurant.

Without a doubt, the long queue of people had triggered everyone's curiosity.

Chu Changsheng was holding a board that had embarrassing advertising words scrawled over it, causing him to feel gloomy and a bit sad.

From afar, some shadows were dashing forward.

Those were the holy land disciples, and the experts of the Valley of Gluttony were familiar with them. Since the various holy lands had teleportation formations that connected directly to the Valley of Gluttony, those disciples would often visit here to enjoy the good food.

Also, the Valley of Gluttony's main source of income relied on those holy land disciples.

After shoving and pushing through the queue for a while, many people were enraged, but they didn't dare to say anything.

Having experienced several horrible battles, the holy land's experts had received big losses in the Valley of Gluttony. However, even until now, those experts were still a force to be reckoned with, according to the Valley of Gluttony's experts.

Thus, although they all saw those arrogant disciples swaggering around, they could only keep their complaints. The people who were displaced from their positions in the line were naturally furious, but they didn't dare to react.

This, in turn, encouraged the arrogant holy land disciples. At first, they were a little apprehensive. However, when they saw that the Valley of Gluttony's people were pushovers, they happily resumed their rude behavior.

Their normally restrained nature was unleashed.

The holy lands would always be the holy lands. They created a mess of things regardless of the outcome!

The aromas of the various delicacies flew out of the restaurant, lingering in people's nostrils. The disciples' eyes brightened. They could not wait to head directly to the restaurant.

They saw Chu Changsheng first.

Chu Changsheng's charming appearance made many female disciples' eyes brighten with delight.

Regarding beautiful things, everyone had no choice but to admire it.

However, the male disciples did not admire the good-looking Chu Changsheng. Seeing their female peers being enchanted by that sissy was enough to send them into a fury.

It was already an arduous task to convince this group of female disciples to come to the Valley of Gluttony on a date with them. Not only did they fail to generate any chemistry between them, but to think that they were easily enticed by a young white-faced man holding a sign... Such a situation would make just about anyone fly into a frenzy.

"You're just a pretty-faced sissy, so keep standing there!" A male disciple coldly scanned Chu Changsheng, spitefully spitting out the words.

He was not able to determine Chu Changsheng's cultivation base. However, since he was a young and handsome boy, he figured that he wouldn't be strong at all.

Without the Netherworld creatures, the Valley of Gluttony would have been destroyed long ago. Thus, besides the Netherworld creatures, those disciples didn't really care about any other creatures or things.

Chu Changsheng raised his chin, his smooth and shining face seemed to glisten youthfully in the light.

The corners of his mouth curled into a charming yet evil smile. It made the holy land male disciples turn frigid and the female disciples blush.

Those male disciples swore as they entered the restaurant.

As soon as they got into the restaurant, the atmosphere overwhelmed them.

The aroma that filled the place overwhelmed their senses. Even their cells were crying out for a taste.

Smells so good!

The holy land disciples exclaimed in admiration. A moment later, their eyes beamed brightly.

"Brother, look. There's only one person at that table!" A female disciple pointed at a table far away.

Sitting on that table was a man with his shirt open, revealing his chest. He was chomping away excitedly, his mouth glossy with oil. While stuffing fragrant food into his mouth, he was also drinking wine from a bamboo tube. His carefree expression looked very at ease.

Watching him eat increased those people's appetites.

All the other tables in the restaurant were full. There was only that table left, which was occupied by a single person.

Those holy land disciples' eyes brightened up as they walked toward that table.

"Sir, can you let us use this table?" A disciple took the long sword on his back, raising it above the table and pointing it at the man in front of him.

Wenren Shang was caught by surprise, lifting his head up to reveal some egg fried rice scattered across his face. The delicious aroma of the rice gradually emanated throughout the area. Combined with his dumbstruck face, he looked somewhat cute.

"Why should I give you my table? Can't you see that I'm still eating?" Wenren Shang said after pouring swigs of wine into his mouth.

He recognized that they were some holy land's disciples. He didn't expect Owner Bu's restaurant to be under attack by the holy land's disciples that fast.

Thus, he pondered. Since he also had a restaurant himself, he knew how hard it was to serve those holy land troublemakers.

Ouyang Chenfeng and the others were also sitting in the restaurant. Their faces darkened, wearing a cold countenance.

They were waiting to watch how Owner Bu would deal with those holy land disciples who were being a headache.


"This elder here has told you to get lost, so scram! Why are you still babbling that much?" A crude-looking disciple slammed his palm on the table, screaming and roaring.

After Wenren Shang had taken swigs from his bamboo flask, he placed it back on the table. Thus, after the man slammed on the tabletop, the tube fell over, spilling wine onto the table.

The rich fragrance of the wine permeated through the air. Wenren Shang's eyes immediately turned cold.

You may hit me, but you can't touch my wine!

The restaurant had quietened down instantly. Many people's eyes fell on those holy land disciples.

People held their breaths. They also had a throbbing headache after seeing those disciples.

"Nethery, serve the food." A nonchalant voice rose from the kitchen. A display window opened by the kitchen, and a dish slid out.

Nethery glided over, her face indifferent. She picked up the food and served the one who had ordered it.

The latter thanked her with a smile.

The air in the restaurant resumed, becoming boisterous yet again.

The holy land disciples looked around. When they saw the other diners' expressions, they smirked once again.

Indeed, these chickens from the Valley of Gluttony didn't dare to resist.


Seeing that Wenren Shang had not moved yet, the disciple was immediately enraged. His aura shot up as he slammed the table one more time.

The table was wobbling from the impact.

The disciple released his aura. A one-step soul ladder emerged above his head. He was an existence at the Divine Soul Realm.

This sort of cultivation was already the peak existence among this group of holy land disciples. It was also the power these disciples counted on.

Another bam echoed through the air.

The entire restaurant became dead silent once again.

Those disciples had gotten used to being haughty. As they were restrained by the upper echelons of their holy land and stayed there for a long period of time, this time, when they got out, they were like wild horses without reins.

However... this place wasn't their sanctuary...

The stir-frying sounds in the kitchen halted.

Everybody held their breaths. A moment later, faint footsteps were heard.

They couldn't help but turn to check the kitchen.

Inside that darkness, a tall, slender body emerged. Eventually, he appeared, leaning against the door frame.

Bu Fang looked at those holy land disciples indifferently, and they could not help but stare back at him as well.

"You are the owner of this restaurant, right? I'm the disciple from the Spirit Sword Hall of the Heavenly Pivot Holy Land. You'll give us a table right now. We want to check your cooking skills right this instant. You should take pride in the fact that the experts of our Heavenly Pivot Holy Land have actually come here to eat in your restaurant," spat the rude disciple.

Meanwhile, the other disciples could sense something strange in the air. They pulled on that man's clothes to make him notice and think twice about his words.

However, it was no use. That boorish disciple had total confidence in his holy land and status.

Bu Fang nonchalantly scanned the group of people. Then, he exhaled.

These people were disciples from the Heavenly Pivot Holy Land? What a bunch of fools...

"Chu Changsheng, drop that board. Strip these fellows and throw them out... Causing a disturbance is prohibited in this restaurant," Bu Fang said bluntly. Then, he turned around and returned to his kitchen.

In the kitchen, Whitey's eyes shot out bright light. However, as it was in the critical stage of its evolution, it did not budge.

Nether King Er Ha parted his cloak, his face excited as he exclaimed, "Bu Fang young man, this king can do that too! This king's stripping finger is invincible!"

However, as soon as he said that...


The board was dropped outside the restaurant.

Chu Changsheng shook his white hair, striding into the restaurant.

He was wearing his waiter's uniform. His eyes moved, and his gaze fell on those disciples.

The holy land disciples were bewildered. However, the female disciples all had sparkling eyes.

That man was so handsome!

"Strip and throw them out? Yeah, sure. Suits your style, Owner Bu..." Chu Changsheng twisted his neck. Slowly, his mouth cracked into a vague smile.

In the restaurant, the others watched this scene, softly laughing at what's to come.

Wenren Shang wasn't angry anymore. He leaned against his chair, crossing his legs by the knees as he took a swig from the bamboo tube.

They laughed at those disciples because they had just courted death themselves!

The Valley of Gluttony was no longer the place where holy land disciples could raise a storm anymore.

"You... You pretty boy! I've hated you since I first saw you! How dare you seduce my junior!" Once the uncouth disciple saw Chu Changsheng standing out once again, he was sent into a fury.

His terrifying aura gushed forth as he drew his long sword. The sword was drawn out of its sheath with a sharp shrill. The disciple readied his sword and charged toward Chu Changsheng, bent on slashing him apart.

That disciple was hot-tempered. If someone said something that he didn't agree with, he would kill them in an instant.

Chu Changsheng's eyes turned cold in an instant.

He clapped his hands together, slowing raising his wrists. That holy land disciple was filled with fear when the former clamped down on the sword with only two fingers.

The long sword hissed and buzzed with energy, but it would not budge.


The rest of the disciples took in a deep cold breath!

This young pretty-faced man had seemed unassuming, but he was actually insanely powerful?!

He actually stopped the attack of the Spirit Sword Hall's disciple with only two fingers?

"I seduce people with my own ability. What do you have to blame me for?" Chu Changsheng said naturally, his handsome face beaming brightly as he swept his gaze over the female disciples.

Those female disciples felt like they had a little hammer pounding away at their hearts.

Crackle! Crackle!

Chu Changsheng's fingers exerted a bit of force, shattering the long sword in a split second.

That rude disciple was now filled with cold sweat.


Chu Changsheng raised his hand. Half of that disciple's clothes were immediately torn apart...

Chu Changsheng felt a little embarrassed. He was not skillful enough to strip his opponent's clothes completely in one fell swoop.

But, anyway, if he wasn't skillful enough... then he had to practice even harder.


After a brief ripping sound, this time, pieces of clothes fluttered and scattered in the air.

A man was completely stripped, running out of the Taotie Restaurant while trying to cover his private parts, his face filled in horror. Then, he tripped and fell flat on his face outside the restaurant.

The people queuing outside gasped.

The other disciples were tense. However, all they could see was a shadow darting toward them. A moment later, they were sent up into the air.

Their clothes were completely removed, which made them feel really cold.

"Oh, pick me, pick me!" A female disciple looked with bright eyes, her face blushing. She balled up her small fists, jumping up and down at her spot.

Chu Changsheng was baffled by her actions. Nevertheless, he showed no mercy and dashed straight for her clothes.

After a loud ripping sound, that female disciple spun three hundred and sixty degrees before falling down with fascinated eyes.

She only got her lingerie left...

Everybody was speechless...

Clapping his hands, Chu Changsheng's heart felt much lighter and comfortable.

He leaned against the restaurant's door frame, looking at those holy land disciples get up from the floor while trying to cover their bodies frantically.

The corners of his mouth rose, saying, "I am Chu Changsheng, the waiter of the Taotie Restaurant. You can call me Clothes Stripping Chu."