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 Chu Changsheng thought that all the credit and reputation that he had built up over his whole life had been wiped out after these few hours.

He had never thought that one day, many people would come to admire and ogle at him like this...

That's right, they were ogling him. Groups of middle-aged women swarmed, looking at him with brilliant eyes. Chu Changsheng felt his entire body tighten.

That bunch of middle-aged women ran their eyes across his body, giving him goosebumps. When their eyes glanced on his lower abdomen, Chu Changsheng felt like a cold wind had swept over. It gave him a faint touch of sadness.

Mu Cheng arrived, wearing a garish red dress with a deep opening on her chest, which revealed her seemingly bottomless cleavage. Walking with a pair of exquisite crystal heels, she was full of charm and was almost too beautiful to behold.

Many chefs from the Phoenix Pavilion followed behind Mu Cheng. When they saw Chu Changsheng, they were taken aback.

Mu Cheng covered her plump red lips, laughing uncontrollably.

"Oh, my dear Great Elder... You look even more handsome while holding that board." Mu Cheng smiled, her eyes becoming crescents as she giggled.

Chu Changsheng only stared at her expressionlessly.

Tease me again, and I'll hit you!

Mu Cheng smiled. After stepping inside the restaurant, she looked for Owner Bu. However, it was unlikely that she would be able to find him. Today was the opening day of the Taotie Restaurant, so Bu Fang would have definitely remained in the kitchen for the entire day.

Wenren Shang stood and guffawed in front of Chu Changsheng. Chu Changsheng almost kicked him away.

Nether King Er Ha shrouded himself in a black robe, stealthily arriving. His appearance and the way he sneaked around the restaurant were similar to that of a petty thief.

This act of avoiding attention as much as possible was the most authentic portrayal of Nether King Er Ha at that moment.

"Yo, Little Chu, you look really fancy." Nether King Er Ha's eyes brightened when he saw Chu Changsheng with his signboard.

Chu Changsheng was already dead inside. He didn't even want to move his neck.

Silhouettes of people congregated from every direction. Seeing the relentless flow of people, Chu Changsheng's eyes brightened.

He didn't think that there would be such an enormous influx of people coming into the restaurant. Looking at those approaching people, he couldn't help but take a deep breath of cold air.

Even if it was the opening day of a special grade chef's restaurant, it was really hard to reach this level of popularity.

This was because of the harsh competition present along the long street of the Gluttony God City, which meant that every chef had their own specialty.

For example, if the customer liked noodles, they could go to the Noodle King Restaurant. If they loved soups, they could visit the Phoenix High Pavilion. Different restaurants had different famous specialties that attracted different types of diners.

Although each individual restaurant was popular in its own right, it would be really hard to receive such a big volume of customers.

Despite being new, Bu Fang's restaurant had already become this popular, which astonished not only Chu Changsheng, but Bu Fang himself.

How should he say this... This popularity was far beyond his expectations.

Anyway, despite being embarrassed, Chu Changsheng was simultaneously finding out the reason for this popularity. He was so bored that he could only ponder about this question as he had nothing else to do.

Shortly after, he understood the matter.

It was mostly because of Bu Fang's fame.

Bu Fang had knocked down the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony through cooking battles, and those battles had brought him immense fame, which had boosted the popularity of Bu Fang's restaurant.

Add to that the various other things that Bu Fang did, such as the instance when he had fought the Black and the White Taoties, and when he had cooked the Taotie's heart in the Jade Scale Restaurant to revive the Great Elder Chu Changsheng...

Wait a minute...

At that moment, in the Valley of Gluttony, the most famous chef was none other than Bu Fang.

Such fame would surely have a massive effect on attracting many diners. In fact, the current situation was a testament to that fact.

Plus, with Chu Changsheng's great sacrifice, many middle-aged aunties were also attracted to the restaurant. It was no wonder that the restaurant's business was fiery hot.

As soon as the diners entered Bu Fang's restaurant, Bu Fang was confident in converting them to his loyal customers.

With his cooking talent, Bu Fang could cook food that could blast open Chu Changsheng's clothes, and there was no doubt that the others would be conquered as well. No matter what, Chu Changsheng used to be the Great Elder and a famous gourmet judge, so any food that had received his praise was bound to attract people all around.

The Taotie Restaurant became hot and bustling.

As soon as the diners entered the restaurant, their surging mind calmed down a lot.

Everybody was walking back and forth in the restaurant, eagerly waiting for their food.

After a while, the rich fragrance of food would permeate from the kitchen, and their dishes would be brought to their table.

Everybody was eating happily, their lips glossy with sauce and oil.

They were astonished. Compared to other chefs' food, Bu Fang's food had some special flavor that made people unable to help but continue eating.

The more they ate, the more they wanted to eat... It was perhaps the effect of delicacies.

After some people finished their dishes, they wanted to order more. However, it wasn't allowed. The rule of the Taotie Restaurant was that each person could order only one dish.

Thus, people were flowing in and out continuously.

Bu Fang was busy in the scorching hot kitchen. The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife sliced endlessly, scattering ingredients everywhere.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The flames seared mercilessly, and the air was full of thick, flavorful aroma.

Sweat beaded Bu Fang's forehead as orders came in relentlessly. Cooking continuously, Bu Fang eventually began to feel tired. Stir-frying, swinging the pan, managing the scorching heat of the dragon flame, he did it rhythmically. After all those steps, the tantalizing and piping-hot food was then emptied onto the plates.

Since Chu Changsheng was busy attracting the customers by the gate, Nethery had to serve the tables in the restaurant.

However, Nethery could do it with ease as she was used to it. Whenever a plate was pushed through the display window, she would bring it to the table it belonged to.

Everything was carried out systematically.

On the long street of the Valley of Gluttony, a group of people was sauntering.

Those people wore gorgeous robes that were radiating faint light. It was apparent that the robes were not made of ordinary materials but silk or threads from some high-grade spirit beast.

Their sleeves fluttered in the wind. There were both men and women in that group.

They were walking along the street, smoothly coming to the broad avenue of the Gluttony God City.

When the holy lands settled their disputes with the Valley of Gluttony, since then, the disciples of those holy lands were attracted by the delicacies, and they couldn't help their excited hearts. That was why hurried to visit the Valley of Gluttony for the gourmet food.

The Valley of Gluttony was the holy lands' disciples' most favorite place. Not because of anything else, but the Valley of Gluttony was a good place to play and pick up girls.

The place had good food and the beautiful Sunset Lake. Although the lake wasn't as magnificent as the one in their respective holy lands, it was enough for them.

The beautiful female and handsome male disciples walked in pairs, touring around the Valley of Gluttony. They enjoyed the good food there and the night wind by the Setting Sun Lake. Occasionally, some male disciples would take his female partner to the small forest by the lake to do something... embarrassing.

This, in turn, also boosted the hospitality industry in the Valley of Gluttony.

While walking along the long street of the Gluttony God City, the disciples took in the food aromas that filled the air. They all had a pleased look on their faces.

It had been a long time since they had had a chance to breathe in air that was full of such fragrances.

"It's not easy, though. Although the Valley of Gluttony had gone against the holy lands and were attacked, it's surprising that they still remain standing and are even prospering. Except for the Valley of Gluttony, I guess the only other force that could do that would be in the Endless Sea." A male disciple shouldered a long sword elegantly while talking to his group of peers.

"I heard that the Valley of Gluttony has some legendary Netherworld creatures. Because of those Netherworld creatures, the others couldn't take down the Valley of Gluttony, even after such a long time. Many big shots of the holy lands were killed here," explained an enchanting female disciple. Her body swayed as she spoke.

Those disciples wore long blue robes with sky patterns, and they all had a sharp, long sword insignia in front of their chest. Apparently, they were from the Heavenly Pivot Holy Land.

The Heavenly Pivot Holy Land's experts were good at using the long sword, just like Xiao Yue, who was a disciple of that holy land.

Xiao Yue had excelled in his swordsmanship. However, after he had returned to the Heavenly Pivot Holy Land, he was banned from visiting the Valley of Gluttony. It was a measure that the holy land's elder had implemented to protect him.

After all, back then, when the Valley of Gluttony was under turmoil and calamity, it was a perilous land that even brought death to the Almighty experts that went there. Even the existences at the Half Step Divine Spirit Realm expert were killed.

Those kinds of frightening battles had scared the upper echelon experts of the holy lands out of their wits.

Therefore, because of the horrible nature of the battles, they had decided to conceal such information. That was why only some disciples knew about the extraordinarily fierce battles that took place in the Valley of Gluttony.

Many others didn't know the scale of those battles.

Those disciples were very familiar with the Valley of Gluttony as they had visited many restaurants. Thus, they were happily discussing and entering their favorite restaurants.

"Brother, look! That restaurant's really lively!" said a Heavenly Pivot Holy Land's disciple in surprise.

The group of disciples looked over as he said that, seeing a long line of people like a dragon.

It was a restaurant they had never seen before.

Many disciples were surprised. To be able to open a restaurant in the Gluttony God City, this restaurant surely had an interesting background. Furthermore, it looked so popular. Did one of the chefs from the top ten of the Tablet of Gluttony open a new restaurant?

They exchanged excited looks before hurriedly walking over there.

Chu Changsheng wore a glum face as he stood in front of the gate. He was still holding the signboard, feeling ever so dead inside.

From afar, many disciples from the holy lands were approaching the restaurant.

To the citizens of the Valley of Gluttony, those holy land's disciples weren't polite at all. Because in those disciples' minds, there was no such thing called "forming a line or queuing."

When the Valley of Gluttony was at its peak, they didn't bother to queue, so why would they even bother now that the Valley was on its last breath? For them to be able to come to this place, it was already considered giving them face.

Their terrifying auras emitted through the air as they marched down the street with smirks on their faces.

When the diners of the Valley of Gluttony saw them, they furrowed their brows, trying to suppress their anger while backing off.

"The Valley of Gluttony's our backyard. I heard that they have a new Valley Master. Unfortunately, it's a little girl who still drinks milk...The Valley of Gluttony is completely in shambles," said a disciple smugly.

"Even if the Valley of Gluttony has deteriorated, as long as the chefs' skills didn't decline, it's alright. We're here to eat, after all. We don't care about other things," said another disciple in a haughty voice.

That group of people excitedly headed toward the restaurant. Immediately, they caused a flurry.

Chu Changsheng's glum eyes became alert as he glanced at those disciples heading toward him.

Looking at those arrogant holy land disciples, Chu Changsheng couldn't help but twist his lips in dismay. He had suppressed his anger for long enough.