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 After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Bu Fang walked out of his room and went down the stairs. Whitey stood idle in the same place, as usual. Ever since it devoured Yan Cheng's God Slaying Bow, it had been in a daze, as though it was evolving.

Bu fang wondered how much Whitey's battle prowess would increase after the evolution. No matter what, it should wake up much stronger than before.

After rubbing Whitey's belly lightly, Bu Fang entered the kitchen. As soon as he walked in, a ray of golden light shot toward him at high speed and landed on his shoulder.

After landing, Shrimpy rolled its eyes and blew bubbles from its mouth.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled upward as he glanced at Shrimpy. He then rubbed its head before beginning his morning practice.

Sizzle. Sizzle. Sizzle.

Soon, the kitchen was filled with steam, and a pleasant aroma filled the air.

After a short while, Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen, carrying dishes in his hand.

Lord Dog was sleeping underneath the Path-understanding Tree, but when Bu Fang came out of the kitchen, his nose shivered, and his eyes flew open. With incredible speed, the plump dog shot toward a table and sat down, his tongue hanging out in excitement.

Flowery had been sitting beside the Path-understanding tree in meditation, but when Lord Dog shot out from underneath it, she was startled awake. She opened her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes in puzzlement.

Suddenly, her nose twitched, and before she realized what had happened, she had also streaked to the table and sat down, waiting.

Nethery came out of her Netherworld Ship and stretched her elegant body in a graceful manner. She looked around in surprise and spotted Flowery.

Her slender legs jerked, and in only a moment, she was also sitting at the same table, waiting as the others were. Her long, straight black hair cascaded downward, making her look calm.

"Blacky, here is your Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. Nethery, here is your Dragon Blood Rice," Bu Fang said, placing down two dishes on the table, then pushed them toward their respective owners.

The plump dog and the Netherworld woman grabbed their plates and dug in immediately.

Flowery turned her head from side to side in shock, watching the two eat like they were insane. She could not help swallowing before shifting her gaze to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was a little surprised. He had forgotten about Flowery, the little girl.

He patted Flowery's head briefly, then returned to the kitchen.

Moments later, a pleasant aroma wafted out of the kitchen-another dish was finished.

Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen with another dish in hand. When he reached the table, he placed the dish down and pushed it toward Flowery.

The hazy steam emitted by the dish made Flowery squint. Her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes blinked rapidly before shifting to the porcelain bowl in front of her.

That porcelain bowl didn't have much in it. She could only see a round deep-fried bun, which was golden in color.

What kind of bun was this? Why does it look so cute?

"Oyster Pancake. It's really delicious and suitable for you," Bu Fang said, then rubbed Flowery's head briefly.

Flowery was a little surprised, but the feeling did not last long. Without fear of getting burned, she grabbed the piping-hot Oyster Pancake and shoved it into her mouth.

When she opened her mouth wide, two sharp, cat-like fangs were revealed.


As soon as she bit down, the thick aroma of the Oyster Pancake, which was closely followed by the ivory-white soup within the bun, exploded in her mouth.

Flowery's nostrils enlarged, and the little girl shivered. Smells so good...

Nom. Nom.

So delicious!

Flowery was deeply immersed in the dish. This was her first time eating an Oyster Pancake, yet the dish had completely captivated her already.

It took the little girl only moments to finish the pancake, and she could not help sucking the last drops of oily juice from her fingers after she was done.

As soon as she was done, she blinked her eyes innocently at Bu Fang. Her eyes seemed to contain a question: Another dish, please?

However, Bu Fang had his rules. There would be no extra servings.

Lord Dog and Nethery were used to Bu Fang's mean rule. Although they always wanted more servings, Bu Fang did not bat an eye to their silent pleas.

Hence, Bu Fang was not the least bit affected by Flowery's big, watery eyes.

He rubbed her head and shook his index finger in front of her, signifying his refusal.

She could only eat once a day.

Flowery felt so aggrieved.

After rubbing her hair, Bu Fang stood up to return to the kitchen. However, he had only taken two steps forward when he felt a pair of small hands clutch his thighs. He turned around and saw Flowery looking up at him with an even bigger and wetter pair of eyes.

Since Flowery was still a baby Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, she could not speak. However, her big and clear water-like eyes seemed enough to convey whatever she wished to say.

Bu Fang rubbed Flowery's head again and shook his head sideways.

Flowery lowered her head and dispiritedly walked back toward Lord Dog. Then, she leaned on the plump dog and cried silently.

It was at this point that Chu Changsheng came down the stairs. The rays of sunlight permeating the restaurant illuminated his gorgeous face.

His white hair was really eye-catching. All in all, the younger Chu Changsheng was incredibly handsome.

"Change into your waiter uniform," Bu Fang said, handing Chu Changsheng a uniform prepared by the system.

The corners of Chu Changsheng's mouth curled upward into a smile. He took the uniform and went back upstairs to change.

When he finally came back down, he looked even more handsome.

Bu Fang looked at Chu Changsheng and asked, "Today is the opening day of our Taotie Restaurant. Our target is one thousand customers. Can we do that?"

One thousand customers?

Chu Changsheng was bewildered. He looked at Bu Fang with an odd expression. Their restaurant was located in the Gluttony God City, a land where the best food in the Hidden Dragon Continent can be obtained.

This city played host to many restaurants, along with a lot of good food. Why would people leave those restaurants and come to theirs to eat?

Attracting over a thousand customers... was going to be a little difficult.

Chu Changsheng shook his head sideways and solemnly replied, "We can't."

Bu Fang's expression did not change. He was not surprised at Chu Changsheng's answer. It was as though he had expected this sort of response.

Chu Changsheng's straight brows scrunched upward, and his breaths deepened.

What did Owner Bu plan to do? Why do I feel like something untoward is about to happen?

Bu Fang raised one hand and placed it on Chu Changsheng's chest, then the corners of his lips rose.

All the hair on Chu Changsheng's body stood on end.

Owner Bu, what was he planning?! This gesture?! Did he...


Bu Fang's exerted some force into his hand, pushing Chu Changsheng toward the gate of the restaurant.

"Today, your task is to stay here and attract customers," said Bu Fang after pushing Chu Changsheng to the gate. Then, he turned around and went back inside, leaving the man standing awkwardly at the entrance.

After a short while, Bu Fang returned, holding a big signboard, which he promptly passed to Chu Changsheng.

"What's this for?" Chu Changsheng rolled his eyes.

"Hold this," Bu Fang expressionlessly replied.

Chu Changsheng shivered. A soldier was allowed to die, but he could not afford to disgrace himself! His jaw quivered.

"Do your best. We are counting on you."

Bu Fang took a step back and clasped his hands together, gazing at Chu Changsheng expressionlessly.

After that, he returned to his kitchen.

Chu Changsheng's handsome face reddened with embarrassment. He raised his head, trying desperately to hold back his tears.

What was written on the signboard made his nose shiver.

"Grand-opening with a great discount! Discount for everyone!"

"Highly recommended by Chu Changsheng, the former Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony! The best restaurant in the Valley of Gluttony opens today!"

"When the former Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony tasted a delicacy, he froze on the spot, for it completely conquered him! His shirt and pants exploded because of the top-quality food!"

Chu Changsheng felt as though he had been lured into a wolf's den.

He used to be the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony, but today, he was working a very shameful job!


That Owner Bu deceived him. He said I would only work as a waiter.

As the rays of the early morning sun shone down, people bustled down the long street of the Gluttony God City. The restaurants, as well as the street hawkers, had opened for business.

Chu Changsheng's appearance, together with the signboard, was indeed eye-catching, and this attracted the attention of a lot of people.

"Wow! Hey, handsome, you resemble our former Great Elder! Okay, we'll eat at your restaurant today."

A middle-aged woman, who had her hands on her waist, was also attracted, and her eyes lit up when she saw Chu Changsheng.

Some people who passed by were attracted by the message on the signboard. Eventually, they decided to enter the restaurant.

Chu Changsheng didn't know whether he should smile or cry.

He had always considered Bu Fang to be a very serious man. However, he never thought that Bu Fang would have something like this up his sleeves.

Although they said that the wine aroma wouldn't be afraid of the long alley, which was true, it still needed time to grow. If the time wasn't long enough, no matter how good the wine aroma was, no one would get in there to try.

However, if one was to do a little promotion for his restaurant by claiming that it was "highly recommended by the Valley of Gluttony's Great Elder," it would naturally make people excited.

This was what the Taotie Restaurant was doing today.

The entrance, where they had set up the net to catch the bird, was now burning.

Mu Cheng's Phoenix Pavilion was on the opposite side of the street. Many people were on their way to her restaurant to eat, but when they saw the Taotie Restaurant's open gate, some of them decided to go over there instead and check it out.

As long as they step inside the restaurant, everything else would easily fall into place.

Bu Fang was that confident. He was sure that his best dishes would make the customers reluctant to leave the restaurant. After eating one meal, they would want to order more.

Mu Cheng's long hair fluttered as she walked to the balcony of her second floor. Her bosom jiggled as she leaned against the window. She picked up a cup of hot tea and sipped it.

As she leaned on the window sill, her gaze shifted to the Taotie Restaurant.

She suddenly spat out the tea in her mouth.

What was going on down there?!

The man holding a signboard at the gate... Why did he look so familiar?

Mu Cheng had also watched Liu Jaili's match, so she knew that Great Elder Chu Changsheng had been revived from death.

A moment later, she had figured it out. She burst out laughing, and her bosom jiggled continuously.

"Of course, he's Owner Bu. This is so amusing!"

If she did not go there to support them, it would look like she did not give them face.

Mu Cheng returned to her room and changed into a beautiful dress. Then, she led several people toward the Taotie Restaurant, which was just opposite her own restaurant.

Many people had rushed over when they saw that Bu Fang's Taotie Restaurant had opened for business.

Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng also came along with his apprentices. The group pushed their way through the crowd, heading to the front.

Wenren Shang happened to be walking down the street at that point. He was drinking wine from his bamboo flask, and as he walked, he kept swaying from side to side. Then, he turned his head and saw a man standing in front of a restaurant. That man quickly raised the signboard he was holding to cover his face.

"Good morning, Great Elder," Wen Renshang greeted and staggered toward the restaurant.

Chu Changsheng, who was now speechless, slowly lowered the board.

Oh crap. He had covered his face, yet he was recognized! How?!

Many people knew who Chu Changsheng was. They had watched the battle in the Jade Scale Restaurant, so they recognized the younger version of Chu Changsheng, and they admired him a lot.

Hence, since Chu Changsheng was the person welcoming guests to this restaurant, they gave him face and came over.

Seeing so many people sincerely greet him, Chu Changsheng was stupefied.

He dropped the board as a gentle wind blew by. His crystal-clear eyes and fluttering white hair attracted a lot of people, and their eyes could not help but brighten.

Moreover, the customers who had entered the restaurant... were attracted by Owner Bu's cooking skills.


The Valley of Gluttony was famous now.

It was now considered outstanding in all the holy lands of the Royal Court. The Valley's name was not strange to many disciples. Now, it was akin to a thunderclap in their ears.

The Royal Court's holy lands had so many disciples. Since the holy lands had loosened their restrictions on the Valley of Gluttony, their disciples were now allowed to go over there to eat and have fun.

The teleportation array in the Valley of Gluttony glowed as people walk out of it.

After walking out of the formation, they soared into the air and flew toward the streets of the Gluttony God City.