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 Ancient Jade Mountain, Ancient Jade Holy Land

A sudden energy blasted about in a majestic and imposing palace.

The Holy Saint's handsome face was filled with anger. His eyes were glowing brightly, and his aura was surging alarmingly.

Tens of thousands of jets of light flashed about on a rotating array. Suddenly, some of the jets of light in the rotating array exploded.

"Yan Cheng was killed, and my clone was destroyed! Valley of Gluttony... have they eaten the heart of a bear or the liver of a leopard?!"

The Holy Saint's expression turned cold and resentful. The breaths he exhaled contained his true energy, making him resemble a breathing dragon. When he opened his mouth, heavenly roars thundered out of it.

His cultivation base was matchless.

"The Heaven Pass Tribulation is close. I must prepare carefully. I should not let those filthy insects trouble my mind." The Holy Saint's bright blonde hair fluttered. A moment later, the array around him began to move again.

Although he was angry, he was better off restraining the flame in his heart.

The Hidden Dragon Royal Court's Heaven Pass Tribulation was what the Holy Saint was focused on.

Heaven Pass Tribulation... a shower of blood was right in front of one's eyes.

The Heaven Pass Tribulation was the most important event in the entire Royal Court, and even on the entire Hidden Dragon Continent.

Every time a Heaven Pass Tribulation arrived, countless experts would die. Even if they were extremely strong experts at the sect master level, they would still meet their end in the Heaven Pass Tribulation.

Hence, the Holy Saint did not dare to be negligent. He could do no more than bury his grudge against the Valley of Gluttony into his heart.

One day, he would pay them in kind, which would get him his respect back. Expelling those things was a must.


Taotie Restaurant

When the pleasant aroma permeating the restaurant seeped into the nostrils of its occupants, the expressions on their faces changed.

The aroma of this dish was different from the dishes Bu Fang had cooked before. It seemed to contain more spirit.

Normal people would find it difficult to spot this change. They were different, anyway.

The people currently in the restaurant had perceived the aromas exuded by the dishes Bu Fang made daily. Hence, they were familiar with the aromas of his dishes.

If there was a change in the aromas, no matter how small the change was, they would still spot it.

"It's a little different. How do I explain this? It has a little more spirit?" Chu Changsheng said, leaning against his backrest, with his white hair cascading downward.

The others nodded in agreement while eating their meals.

A long time later, a figure slowly emerged from the kitchen.

Everyone turned to look.

Bu Fang's sleeves were pulled up, revealing his arms. He was carrying a fancy blue-and-white porcelain plate, where a glowing dish was placed on it.

Everyone present became curious, and their eyes lit up.

Chu Changsheng got up from his seat and walked up to Bu Fang in excitement.

Bu Fang was a chef who had defeated the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony. As such, his dishes were desired by many.

Bu Fang gently placed the blue-and-white porcelain tray on the table, then he exhaled. His forehead was filled with beads of sweat.

This dish had been prepared using mental force, making it completely different from the dishes he had cooked with his true energy.

The difficulty of cooking with true energy was not really high. However, when cooking, mental energy provided its user with better control over the ingredients, something which true energy did not have.

The roasted goose looked lifelike. It was golden and crunchy, and its aroma was fragrant.

The goose had a raised head as if it wanted to fly. Beads of golden oil sparkled atop the meat.

"What dish is this?" Chu Changsheng asked. He clasped his hands as he moved even closer to observe the dish, causing his hair to cascade downward. His expression was one of extreme curiosity.

Bu Fang's face turned a little rosy.

"This dish, just call it God Transforming Roasted Goose," he replied after thinking for a short while.

He had made a dish out of the big goose using his mental force. Each slice of meat was crispy and fragrant. It was as though every bit of energy in the bird had turned into a fragrance juice, which now resided within the meat.

That was why he had chosen to call it God Transforming Roasted Goose.

"Can I try it?" Chu Changsheng asked with a smile. After becoming a handsome young man once more, he became even more elegant and charming.

"Sure." Bu Fang nodded.

Upon obtaining Bu Fang's consent, Chu Changsheng smiled happily. He seemed to glow in his excitement, unable to express his feelings with words.

He picked up a pair of chopsticks and tapped them once on the table before reaching out...

He grabbed a crunchy slice of roasted goose meat with his chopsticks and couldn't help noticing how eye-catching it looked.

With his chopsticks, he raised the slice of meat and examined it underneath the rays of sunlight permeating the restaurant. He could see sparkling drops of oil running down the meat.

Really beautiful...

Chu Changsheng complimented in his heart. He dipped the slice of goose meat into the sauce Bu Fang had prepared.

As soon as the meat entered the rich brown sauce, its aroma thickened.

The sauce was really thick. When he raised his chopsticks, a trail of sauce as thin as a thread was raised up with the meat.


Chu Changsheng swallowed his saliva. He had been completely captivated by the slice of meat.

Its color and smell were excellent, so its taste would probably be just as excellent.

These three features of Bu Fang's God Transforming Roasted Goose could be said to have reached their pinnacles. Every feature of the goose meat, including its appearance and aroma, was completely mouthwatering.


The slice of goose meat, which had been smeared in sauce, finally entered his mouth.


The meat's soft but crunchy texture stimulated his oral cavity, and its thick aroma exploded in his mouth.

The amazing feeling it had on his taste buds caused his eyes to widen.

The changing taste of the sauce permeated every inch of his mouth, stimulating his tongue and taste buds. The spicy sauce had Bu Fang's special style, and many would find it pleasant and enjoyable.

Although Chu Changsheng had garnered a lot of experiences so far, he always felt exhilarated when eating Bu Fang's dishes.

The spicy sauce boosted the taste of the already delicious gourmet roasted goose.

"Fat, but not greasy. The sauce is a little spicy, which is beautiful anyway. And, during the cooking process, the control of heat has reached a level we cannot comprehend. This dish is enough to completely captivate anyone."

As he chewed, Chu Changsheng narrowed his eyes, feeling emotional.


His clothes soon exploded, revealing the smooth, white skin of a young man.

Everyone present was dumbstruck. Only God knew why this younger version of the Great Elder had not foregone his habit of blowing up his clothes.

Whenever he ate a good dish, his clothes would always blow up. No one else did this but him.

However, more people now paid attention to his exploding clothing. This was because Chu Changsheng had become extremely handsome.

Looking at the shirtless Chu Changsheng, an idea suddenly popped into Bu Fang's mind. If he were to let Chu Changsheng blow up his shirt in front of the restaurant, perhaps they would attract a lot of customers over.

It now seemed like it would be really easy to accomplish that mission, which required him to attract a thousand customers at his restaurant's opening day.

Chomp. Chomp.

After Chu Changsheng had finished eating the slice of goose meat, the others jerked out of their reveries and rushed to grab chopsticks. The aroma that filled the restaurant had long since been stimulating their taste buds.

Bu Fang also took a slice of meat. He wanted to taste the first dish he had cooked solely with his mental force.

He helped himself to a slice of God Transforming Roasted Goose, and his aura began to change.

This sudden change made the eyes of the others to widen.

Chu Changsheng, who was really sensitive to energy, could instantly tell that Bu Fang's aura was changing.

It must be a breakthrough from the shackles of Divine Physique Echelon Realm to the Divine Soul Realm! It was where he was supposed to form a soul ladder!

Was Bu Fang finally about to break through?

With all Bu Fang had accumulated so far, once he had entered the Divine Soul Realm, he would be able to condense more steps for his soul ladder.

The true energy in Bu Fang's body began to rotate before heading towards his head. The streams of true energy came to a stop at his glabella. Bu Fang's soul entered his inner world and began to condense the steps of his soul ladder.

As it was the first time he was ever condensed his soul ladder, and he could create three or even four steps if he was strong enough.

His power would rocket instantly.

This was what happened whenever Sacred Sons or Maidens of the holy lands, who have been nurtured and trained, had their breakthroughs.

It was akin to a fish leaping over the mythical Dragon Gate to become a dragon. Not many could become an Almighty with one step. However, this was something the innately talented Saint Son and Saintess could achieve.

Hazy rays of light shimmered above Bu Fang's head.

Suddenly, radiant streams of light quickly gathered above his head, forming one soul ladder step.

The step was milky-white. This was the purest and simplest form of the soul ladder.

Bu Fang's aura was rising fast. His power seemed to have reached an incredible level.

He gently exhaled before sitting down. Then, his aura began to change.

Chu Changsheng looked at Bu Fang with an odd expression on his face.

A one-step soul ladder?

Was Bu Fang's breakthrough done already? His enormous foundation could only create one step during his breakthrough to the Divine Soul Realm?

Chu Changsheg found this quite strange.

Bu Fang opened his eyes. A one-step soul ladder was glowing radiantly above his head.

Bu Fang did not really care about this as he understood why he had gotten only one step. He had just successfully completed the System's Divine Soul Realm's assessment, which enabled his breakthrough to the Divine Soul Realm.

If he sought to advance even further, he needed to complete more of the system's missions.

Bu Fang knew that after successfully completing each mission, his cultivation base would increase immensely.

Perhaps, he could even become a mighty expert after his next breakthrough.

Bu Fang reined in his aura.

He turned around and saw that the God Transforming Roasted Goose, which he had placed on the table, was finished.

Nether King Er Ha sat with a contented expression on his face.

Nethery's lips were pouted in satisfaction.

Flowery was licking her lips.

Xiao Ya held a slice of goose meat with her chopsticks while her other hand held a glass of Sour Plum Juice. It seemed as though she was currently living her best life.

Bu Fang rubbed his temple, then asked them to leave.

The sky had darkened, and a moon now hung up high in the sky.

After chasing the others away, Bu Fang closed the Taotie Restaurant's gates with a bang. He then led Chu Changsheng up the stairs and showed him to his room.

Afterward, Bu Fang returned to the kitchen to clean up and carefully put his tools away.

The restaurant was now completely silent.

Early the next morning, warm rays of sunlight shone in through the window, lighting up Bu Fang's face. This made him comfortably warm, and at the same time, it also woke him up.

Bu Fang got up and stretched. After that, he sauntered into the bathroom to wash his face.

Today was the Taotie Restaurant's first day of business.

Bu Fang was eager to see if he could attract one thousand customers as the system had stipulated.

This challenge made him feel a little excited.