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 Yan Cheng had never thought that his three arrows would be shot in vain...

At his level of archery, it would be impossible to miss his target. Unless the opponent could stop the arrows, not a single arrow from him would be wasted.

Because when the arrow aimed, it would create an auric field, which was actually a magnetic field that would lock onto the target's body and mind. It would make the target feel immense pressure, binding them in their location.

Yan Cheng was very confident in his arrows. It was the reason why the Ancient Jade Holy Land had bestowed the God Slaying Bow to him.

The Ancient Jade Holy Land didn't have many God Slaying weapons. However, every one of them was intimidating and extremely precious. Their God Slaying weapons were precious because of their superior quality, not because there were so many.

It was different from the other holy lands where there were so many God Slaying weapons. This was because the blacksmiths just needed to add some divine materials to the forging materials to create one.

In Yan Cheng's eyes, those sort of God Slaying weapons were all trash. The God Slaying Bow in his hands was more precious than five other ordinary God Slaying weapons.

Armed with the Life Talisman Arrow, no expert under the Divine Spirit Realm could stop him!

However, he couldn't figure out why Chu Changsheng could avoid the binding of his arrows and even grab his head.


The ground vibrated before exploding loudly.

Yan Cheng found his head in a blur, his ears ringing. Being grabbed by the head and pounded ruthlessly toward the ground, he felt as if the pores all over his body exploded.

"Get lost!"


Terrifying waves of air blasted out. Yan Cheng rested his foot against Chu Changsheng's body, using this force to soar up into the sky.

At that moment, he looked like a mess. His head was covered in debris and dust.

His eyes were filled with rage. He drew the God Slaying Bow again, releasing a flurry of arrows in an instant.

These arrows weren't silent. They were bursting and roaring.

The air boomed and blasted. The fiery-red arrows in the sky flooded toward Chu Changsheng.

This scene looked familiar...

Yan Cheng had used this move earlier to kill Chu Changsheng.

And now... He used this attack again. However, his arrows had become much stronger.

Tens of thousands of arrows seemed to become a rising tide, washing down from the sky. It looked like a giant dragon, roaring and pounding toward Chu Changsheng.

Chu Changsheng's red eyes twinkled. His body was pushed a step backward.


He parted his lips, roaring like a wild beast. Chu Changsheng's rage increased continuously.

The red arrows hit Chu Changsheng's body, clanging against it as if it was made of metal. Chu Changsheng's chest rumbled and buzzed unceasingly.

However, Chu Changsheng didn't use his hand to block the arrows. He just thrust his chest out, boldly receiving the attack.

"Come on! Kill me! If you don't kill me, you'll die!!" Chu Changsheng roared crazily.

He trod on the ground, causing it to burst apart instantly. Step by step, Chu Changsheng advanced forward.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Tens of thousands of arrows filled the air, shooting from every direction. The entire Jade Scale Restaurant was shot full of holes.

Liu Jiali was dumbfounded, his mouth trembling.

His Jade Scale Restaurant... It had to be reconstructed.

Nether King Er Ha stood in front of Bu Fang. He casually waved his hand, and a jet of Nether energy formed a barrier, securing everybody inside.

"Tsk tsk tsk... That young man gives this king a familiar feeling. Now he should visit the Netherworld. His fighting method is similar to the Giant Titans of the Netherworld. However... compared to those Titans, he's a little weaker," Nether King Er Ha said, rubbing his smooth chin.

Giant Titans? What were those?

Bu Fang was skeptical, looking at Nether King Er Ha for a while. He knew the Nether King came from the Netherworld, and he was really interested in this so-called "Netherworld."

However, the present Bu Fang wasn't suitable to visit the Netherworld. Furthermore, the Hidden Dragon Continent was still full of mysteries to him. How could he run off to the Netherworld without thoroughly researching the Hidden Dragon Continent first?

Anyway, with his current level of cultivation, he was too weak to go to the Netherworld.


Chu Changsheng was getting closer with every step.

Within the void, Yan Cheng was somewhat panic-stricken.

How could his countless arrows not kill that bastard Chu Changsheng?!

Damn! How could this bastard have such thick skin? Why had his body become so resilient?

Just a mere Taotie's Heart... had this sort of effect?!

"Are you helping me scratch my itch?'" Chu Changsheng opened his mouth, bellowing. A moment later, he pounded both of his fists onto the ground.

Boom! Boom!

The ground caved in.

Chu Changsheng leaped from the ground, roaring like a savage beast.

Suddenly, a huge hand grabbed Yan Cheng's hand.

Yan Cheng widened his eyes. It seemed like his eyelids were going to tear apart.

"Damn it!"

"Shut up!"

Chu Changsheng's bloodshot eyes rolled. He swung his giant hand.


Yan Cheng felt that his head was about to be blown away. Fortunately, he had a peak Divine Spirit Realm body, which was enough to resist this attack.


The entire Jade Scale Restaurant got blasted, and it collapsed completely.

The demon-like Chu Changsheng grabbed Yan Cheng, pulling him out of the ruin. Then, holding him single-handedly, he slammed him against the ground.

The ground immediately cracked.

Yan Cheng was bellowing. Likewise, Chu Changsheng was also roaring.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

However, behind Yan Cheng's screaming was actually a screech of pain.

Chu Changsheng raised his hand. The crushed stones on the ground floated up, gathered, and orbited in the shape of a dragon.

Yan Cheng's body was blasted away by this wave of rocks.

Some people saw Yan Cheng's face.

His face was bruised and swollen, and blood trickled from his mouth. His clothes were dirty, looking like rags hanging off his body. He was an utter mess.

However, he still gripped the God Slaying Bow in his hand. With sharp eyes, he was looking for a chance to counterattack, a way to kill Chu Changsheng in one fell swoop.

To get around Chu Changsheng's intimidating body of a cultivator, Yan Cheng naturally had his own method of fighting. For example, he would use the God Slaying Bow to attack the weak and vulnerable spots.

These so-called vulnerable spots were the mouth, ears, eyes, and nose... which had weak protection.

As long as he could touch one of these spots, he could continue to expand the wound, destroying Chu Changsheng altogether!

At that point, he would be able to kill with one attack. He could still put holes in Chu Changsheng's body!

Stepping on the void, Yan Cheng steadied his body and raised the God Slaying Bow.

The fiery-red light arrows were shot, ruthlessly hissing and tearing through the void toward Chu Changsheng.

However, Chu Changsheng was on all fours, moving as fast as lightning. Each arrow exploded against the ground, but none of them had pierced through his body.


Chu Changsheng suddenly sprung from the ground. A moment later, his giant hand pounded fiercely on Yan Cheng's head. Yan Cheng was shot toward the ground like a cannonball.

The giant body fell from the sky and landed. Instantly, the ground caved in. Yan Cheng lay at the bottom of the hole, crying out in pain.

Boom! Boom!

Shockwaves swept through, crushing the broken rocks and stone.

Chu Changsheng's white hair reflected beams of light under the sunlight, making him look really fierce.


Yan Cheng was flung, landing a distance away.

There was a vicious expression on his face. One of his legs had been mashed into mincemeat, and his broken bone was distinctly exposed.

"I will definitely kill you!" Yan Cheng's anger had reached its pinnacle. He pounded his own chest. Immediately, he coughed out the blood from his heart.

The heart's blood hovered in front of him. Shortly after, it formed a blood arrow, and he notched it on his God Slaying Bow.

Then, he released the God Slaying Bow. The arrow hissed and roared, darting as fast as lightning.

A thick blood mist followed it.

Chu Changsheng furrowed his brows as he sensed danger. This sense of danger tensed his entire body.


Chu Changsheng's scarlet pupils constricted.

A moment later...

The blood arrow, covered with blood mist, pierced through his body.


The giant Chu Changsheng took a few steps backward, each of his steps crushing the debris under his feet.

A huge, gaping cavity appeared on Chu Changsheng's chest.

Blood gushed from the hole, flowing down his skin.

Chu Changsheng stooped to check his chest. This bleeding hole in his chest surprised him.

This Yan Cheng still had some tricks up his sleeve. Chu Changsheng's body at this moment was practically immune to any weapon. Yet, Yan Cheng's arrow could still pierce his body!

He was no doubt the Great Commander of the Ancient Jade Holy Land, an existence at the Half Step Divine Spirit Realm.

It's such a pity, though...

In the sky, Yan Cheng burst out laughing. He coughed out blood as he guffawed like a madman.

As long as he could hurt that monster, he would have a way to kill him!

However, shortly after... Yan Cheng wasn't laughing anymore.

His laughter ceased as his body went stiff in the void.

The surroundings became extremely quiet, besides the sound of blood running and flesh growing.

The wound he had shot through Chu Changsheng's body was closing, and the flesh was growing as he watched on...

What the hell?!

How could they fight then?!

Yan Cheng wanted to curse so badly at that moment.

The corners of Chu Changsheng's mouth rose as he touched his healed wound. The muscles on his entire body bulged like dragons.

"You... can't hurt me," Chu Changsheng's husky voice echoed.

Yan Cheng had almost gone crazy.

The Taotie's Heart... This Taotie's Heart again. Besides its swelling vitality, what else could heal Chu Changsheng's wound so quickly?!

Damn! If only he didn't have the Taotie's Heart!

Yan Cheng's face became ferocious. Blood was still running from his leg as he turned around, gazing at Bu Fang who was hovering in mid-air.

His eyes... were full of murderous intentions.

"You damn brat... If I, Yan Cheng, do not die today... I will kill you another time..."


Yan Cheng hadn't finished his words.

Suddenly, a massive leaf-like palm above his head pounded down. Yan Cheng was blown into the ground once more time.

Everybody was stunned.

Bu Fang was slightly shocked.

He looked at Whitey hovering in the sky with open metal wings. The corner of his mouth couldn't help but twitch.

Yan Cheng felt awkward. He hadn't finished talking, but he had been slapped into the ground again.

Whitey didn't hurt him much. However, it was so humiliating.

Chu Changsheng looked at Whitey with confusion in his eyes. Whitey's ash-white eyes moved and met his.

"God Slaying Weapon... Kill!" Whitey's cold robotic voice echoed in the air.

Bu Fang patted his forehead. He finally knew why Whitey attacked. It was because of the God Slaying Bow in Yan Cheng's hands.

It was a God Slaying weapon, which was a delicacy to Whitey.

"You want his God Slaying Bow? Very well... From now on, I'm a waiter of Owner Bu's restaurant. We are a team after all! Okay, today, I will just kill this person. You'll get the God Slaying Bow!"

Chu Changsheng curled his lips, smiling.

A moment later, he stomped his feet on the ground. The ground shook, dispersing crushed rocks everywhere.

In the sky, Whitey's ash-white eyes moved. The red-hot War God Stick appeared in its hands.

With a swing, tens of thousands of stick apparitions struck toward the ground.