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 Chu Changsheng's muscles enlarging all of a sudden made his body extremely bizarre.

His appearance changed. His bulging muscles stretched his glossy skin, and his once fair skin instantaneously turned into a shade of reddish-brown.

The giant chain of the Demonic Phantom swept across the air menacingly, but Chu Changsheng grabbed it with his bare hands.

Chu Changsheng wore a calm face, his white hair cascading. His young, handsome face revealed a cold smile, and his eyelashes shivered as he exhaled.


His fist clenched, and the chain was immediately shattered.

Chu Changsheng's eyes were shining brightly. Above his head, the nine-step soul ladder emitted radiance. A divine altar hovered above the soul ladder, rippling energy.

He stomped the ground. The ground immediately shattered with a loud rumble, scattering rock fragments everywhere.

Chu Changsheng swung his large fist, breaking through the void instantly.

Yan Cheng's guards shut their eyes in reaction to the force.

Looking at that giant man, fear shone in their eyes.

Chu Changsheng's eyes shot murderous aura everywhere. All of them had come here with the intention of insulting the people of the Valley of Gluttony. After today, he would no longer be the Great Elder. Thus, what he could do now was to clear some obstacles for the Valley of Gluttony.

Those who threatened the Valley of Gluttony must die!

Chu Changsheng cried and roared. His white hair rose up as if it wanted to drill through the sky.

His long and loud cry shook the entire world.

Rumble! Rumble!

Chu Changsheng's other hand rose. His muscles moved, and in an instant, his arm expanded with rock-hard and sturdy-looking muscles.

His skin stretched with radiance, then turned reddish-brown.

The Demonic Phantom also parted its mouth, roaring and shouting. It drew an energy sword from its waist, slashing down at Chu Changsheng.

The energy sword roared and hissed. It whistled as it tore through the air, making the air seem like it was going to shatter.


Chu Changsheng raised his hand, single-handedly catching the sword.

His eyes were keen and bright. His mouth opened, letting out a loud roar. He squeezed down on the sword, and dense cracks started to streak across its surface...

Yan Cheng rolled his eyes.

How could Chu Changsheng's body become so terrifying?!

It was the Demonic Phantom conjured by the secret technique of his Ancient Jade Holy Land, which was supposed to rival even the Almighty Realm existences!

However, it seemed their Demonic Phantom was subdued by Chu Changsheng now!

Yan Cheng grimaced. He couldn't believe it. The Taotie's Heart could revive Chu Changsheng, fine! But how could it increase Chu Changsheng's fighting power by so much?

Did this boost have a side effect? How could this kind of superficial ascension rival him?!

"I command you! Kill him!" Yan Cheng shouted.

"Yes, sir!" The guards pulled themselves together, shouting. Each of the four jade talismans around them exploded!


Dense energy was once again channeled into the Demonic Phantom. Its figure seemed to become more solid.

The broken energy sword was restored.

Chu Changsheng's white hair fluttered like a long sword tearing through the void.

His nostrils fumed with energy, as though he was a dragon. Then, his torso shook.

Terrifying muscles spread throughout Chu Changsheng's body.

All of a sudden, Chu Changsheng's body grew taller. He became a giant who stood at more than two meters.

That giant's head still had Chu Changsheng's delicate and handsome face, and his body was still a body of a young man.

It was really bizarre, making people feel strange.

What kind of monster did the Great Elder just transform into?

Everybody's hearts shook. This was beyond their imagination...

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The enlarged Chu Changsheng became more savage.

He exerted more force onto the long sword as he accelerated through the air, stabbing the energy sword into the Demonic Phantom's body.


The giant Demonic Phantom was sliced in half by its own energy sword!

Wisps of energy scattered...

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Inside the Jade Scale Restaurant, everything was in a state of chaos. Sand and rocks circled the room as the building shook. Eventually, the roof was torn apart.

Liu Jiali felt hurt seeing that. His mouth convulsed, and he was actually more frightened.

Bu Fang's group stood on the second floor. Even though the second floor was about to collapse soon, they still watched the fight indifferently.


The Demonic Phantom shattered, turning into thousands of energy wisps.

Afterward, Chu Changsheng descended on the ground. The ground shook as if it had just received a savage, brutal beast landing from the sky.

The guards' faces stiffened.

"Die!" They shouted, wielding their long swords as they dashed forward...

However, after several steps, the guards ran backward. Fear was evident on their faces.

They couldn't help but run away...

If they didn't, they would perish instantly!

Chu Changsheng, whose upper body had grown bigger, had completely turned into a ferocious beast. His giant arm swept over, and the guards were blasted away.

Blood splattered, and the sky was filled with their scattered remains.

What a terrifying force!

Chu Changsheng's eyes focused. They didn't even move. It was as if this bloodshed didn't faze him.

A guard, who was armed with a lance, retracted his arm. He threw the lance at Chu Changsheng's waist.

With a loud snap, the long lance was broken by his muscles...

The guard shivered, his face painted with fear. He retreated, bursting with energy.

However, Chu Changsheng's swelling arm rose and pounded fiercely.


The guard was instantly sent into the earth, sinking deeply. A deep hole had now formed in the ground.

On the second floor, Liu Jiali goggled, his jaw dropping after witnessing such a scene.

Oh, damn. Was that still the Great Elder he knew?

Not just him... All the people around who knew the Great Elder looked as if they had seen a ghost.

This sort of power and this utterly brutal fighting method... It couldn't have been the former Great Elder!

Bu Fang clasped his hands, unfazed by the shockwaves from the battle. He stood there as his hair and the Vermillion Robe fluttered in the wind.

The sight of the savage Chu Changsheng made his eyes sparkle with a sharp light.

At this moment, Chu Changsheng's heart was actually the Taotie's Heart. Though it was broken, the Taotie's will within that heart had already been cut by Bu Fang. What Chu Changsheng had inherited was the power of the Taotie's Heart.

Through the process of assimilating that power, Chu Changsheng would gradually become more savage and powerful. He could even transform into a Taotie!

No matter what, even if he were to become an actual Taotie, Chu Changsheng would still be a waiter of his restaurant.

Chu Changsheng did not have the liberty of betrayal.

Of course, Bu Fang also believed that Chu Changsheng wouldn't betray him.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The thick scent of blood filled the air as the surroundings were painted red.

Nether King Er Ha clicked his tongue, looking at the absolutely brutal Chu Changsheng. His eyes sparkled.

Nethery didn't even bat her eyes.

Xiao Ya was hugging Flowery, who had transformed into her human form, her eyes filled with fear.

The Grandpa Chu now... was so ominous and scary!


Chu Changsheng lifted his head. His white hair fanned out, and his eyes narrowed as he exhaled deeply.

He had blood all over his body, which made him look even more ruthless.

His bulging muscles gave him a look of a wild beast.

Yan Cheng was completely dumbstruck. With stunned eyes, he watched as Chu Changsheng smashed all of his guards into a pulp of crushed meat. He swayed, shivering unceasingly.

Yan Cheng was so furious.

They were his close guards! His subordinates!

If his subordinates were all killed, his power in the Ancient Jade Holy Land would be reduced greatly.

Yan Cheng's position in the Yan family would reduce greatly, too!

"You... Damn! If I killed you once, then I can kill you again!"

Yan Cheng's wrath had reached its peak.

He raised his black longbow, and the talismans around him broke apart. A nine-step soul ladder emerged above his head, shining brightly. At the top of the soul ladder was a Divine Altar.

A dazzling star above the Divine Altar released energy, emitting lights that looked like silk curtains.

Those silk curtains wound around Yan Cheng's body, making his aura rise unceasingly.

Shortly, he transformed into a being as daunting as a mountain.

Chu Changsheng turned to look at Yan Cheng and coldly said, "You killed me once... I'm alive now. If I let you kill me the second time, I will lose my face, won't I? So... this time, you'll die!"

Chu Changsheng pounded on the ground with both fists. His body shot up into the sky while his lower body enlarged rapidly. His legs stretched and grew bigger, and his muscles bulged like dragons.

Boom! Boom!

Chu Changsheng suddenly turned into a three-meter savage giant!

The bones on his back protruded, looking so fearfully fierce.

Yan Cheng leaped up as well. Under the starlight, he floated gracefully as if he was an immortal.

"Chu Changsheng... you're a demon now. I, Yan Cheng, shall slaughter the demon today!"

After saying that, the symbols around Yan Cheng's body blasted, shooting out seven-colored lights.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Jets of light wound around the black longbow, recovering the silent bow in an instant. Flaming traces appeared on it as well.

The bow vibrated.

"Ancient Jade God Slaying Bow! Killing gods and slaughtering demons... Today, Chu Changsheng, you will die!" Yan Cheng said indifferently, as if he was an emotionless executor from the heavens.


Taotie Restaurant


Whitey's initially quiet body shook all of a sudden. Instantly, its ash-white eyes twinkled, and thick savage spikes slowly jutted from its body.

"God Slaying Weapon detected... Kill!"


The ground shook. The Path-understanding Tree was shaken, with several leaves dropping.

The leaves fell on Lord Dog's nose, making it itchy. Lord Dog had to open his eyes and timely saw the savage Whitey pushing the restaurant's door open.

"This silly lump of iron... Why can't you keep it low while walking? You've disturbed Lord Dog's nap..."

Lord Dog yawned then adjusted his body. The rolls of fat on his body shook rhythmically as he continued to snore.


Chu Changsheng's originally handsome and delicate face was now ferocious. His back was raised, and his face had bulging veins. He looked so brutal and gruesome as his silver hair fanned behind him. His voice became hoarse as well.

Yan Cheng indifferently looked at Chu Changsheng, who had become like a demon. His eyes were aloof with a gleam of disdain.

He pulled his longbow. Buzzing noises reverberated everywhere.

A moment later... Fiery-red arrows emerged on the bow.

"God Slaying Arrows! Die!"

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

His grip loosened.

In just a wink, the sky flashed.

Three arrows aligned in a triangular array, shooting toward the monstrous Chu Changsheng.

Yan Cheng looked at Chu Changsheng, his eyes gradually revealing madness...

He wanted to see Chu Changsheng's blood splashing through the sky again.

All of a sudden...

His eyes focused. In just a split second, his pupils shrank.

Because he found that Chu Changsheng's body slowly faded...

His God Slaying Arrows twisted and smashed the fading shadow.


After a moment, Yan Cheng felt something cover his head.

A massive hand grabbed him, brutally shoving his head into the ground.

The ground shattered instantly. Crushed rocks and stones were sent everywhere!