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 Bu Fang's voice was indifferent. It wasn't really loud, but it was enough to astound everybody.

Liu Jiali shuddered. His eyes widened as he looked at Bu Fang, his face filled with disbelief.

What did he just say?!

Bu Fang wanted to recruit the Great Elder to work as his waiter? It... It... It was too arrogant, wasn't it?!

The Great Elder was a supreme being as well as the pillar of the Valley of Gluttony. How could he become a restaurant's waiter?!


The bandage loosened, revealing a body underneath the fabric. The body floated in the air as it was slowly being revealed.

On the first floor and outside the Jade Scale Restaurant, everyone was in an uproar as they saw this scene in the projection array.

It was the Great Elder! The Great Elder... was still alive!

The many wounds on Chu Changsheng's body were visibly healing and mending. His flesh and blood wiggled, filling up the cavities on his skin. Immense vital force emitted, lingering and entwining itself around him.

Chu Changsheng cried out, long and loud. His aura reached its peak instantly.

He slowly opened his eyes. They were gleaming with a dazzling radiance.

Chu Changsheng turned to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang looked at him, indifferent.

Chu Changsheng had heard Bu Fang loud and clear, but he was hesitant...

From now on, he would no longer be the Valley of Gluttony's Great Elder?

Chu Changsheng was entranced. Was today the day that the heavy shackles that he was burdened with would be undone?

Chu Changsheng was silent. He was unable to give Bu Fang a prompt reply.

He could feel a strong, vigorous heart bouncing in his chest. Every time it beat, immense vitality would be transported throughout his entire body, invigorating him.

Such immense power... Chu Changsheng had never experienced it before.

"This feeling... is simply too pleasant." Chu Changsheng raised his arm, lifting the bandage covering his body. He let out a relieved sigh as he looked at his hands.

Chu Changsheng's face became younger. His wrinkles stretched and flattened. He had become a handsome young man.

This young man's face was finely chiseled. His nose curved perfectly. He had bright, lively eyes and fine, sharp brows. His beautiful features would fluster anyone.

Chu Changsheng's youth... had returned to him.

Chu Changsheng's hair, however, was still white. But every single strand of his hair was sleek and shining with luster.

Holding his beard in his hand, Chu Changsheng's eyes flashed like a starry sky.

"You have no right to refuse..." Bu Fang stated coldly, clasping his hand.

His tone of voice was without a tinge of doubt.

Chu Changsheng was taken aback... Was that the young chef he knew? Since when was he so charismatic?

Chu Changsheng would not have refused. Nor could he refuse.

He had already experienced the taste of death. He didn't want to die again.

The shackles of the Valley of Gluttony belonged to the dead Chu Changsheng. As of now, the newborn Chu Changsheng... was the Taotie Restaurant's waiter.

It was as simple as that.

"I give you my word. From now on... I'm your waiter. I am no longer the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony," Chu Changsheng said calmly.

When he said that, his face was calm and natural. His eyes showed no question, only sincerity.

Having shouldered the heavy shackles of the Valley of Gluttony for so many years, he was tired. And since he was tired, perhaps he should just let it go.

"Excellent." The corners of Bu Fang's mouth raised into an arc. Then, he reached out his right arm.


The black and white bandage that covered Chu Changsheng returned to Bu Fang immediately, winding around his arm. It covered his pale white skin once again.

"Thank you, Owner Bu, for saving my life. A bowl of Taotie's Heart Soup, a life for Chu Changsheng."

Chu Changsheng grabbed his beard. A blade of true energy emitted from his finger, and he cut it down.

White hair scattered into the sky.

After shaving, Chu Changsheng became more striking. His shiny chin and sad eyes made people's hearts race.

However, what made the people of the Valley of Gluttony more frightened was that Chu Changsheng had agreed to Bu Fang's request.

The Great Elder was really going to be a restaurant waiter?!

Oh my god!

If this news were to spread out, the entire Valley of Gluttony... No! The entire continent would be turned upside down!

If the other holy lands caught wind of this, they would make another move!


The expression of the masses changed.

Chu Changsheng slowly descended to the ground and bowed respectfully to Bu Fang.

A moment later, Chu Changsheng stood upright, turning around and descending the stairs.

After taking a step, Chu Changsheng's aura rocketed vehemently. The steps of a soul ladder emerged above his head. There were eight steps in total.

After the second step, another step materialized above the eight steps of his soul ladder. The nine-step soul ladder was created.

However, it was far from the end.

With each step Chu Changsheng made, his aura increased rapidly. Shortly, above the nine steps of his soul ladder, a divine altar was formed. The altar illuminated with radiance and was extremely dazzling.

Magnificent light bloomed from his chest. His heart beat deafeningly.

The Taotie's Heart and Chu Changsheng were in perfect resonance.

Standing on the stairs, Chu Changsheng looked at the ground, his lightning-like eyes gazing at Yan Cheng, who was helter-skelter trying to sit upright.

Yan Cheng felt he had puked his bile out. He was filled with fear as he looked at Nether King Er Ha, who was rubbing his fingers not far from him.

"Little Ha, come upstairs. Just leave it to them to settle their differences." Bu Fang's faint voice came from the second floor.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes brightened immediately. His mouth curled malevolently as he looked at Yan Cheng for a while. The latter clutched his abdomen, shuddering.

A moment later, Nether King Er Ha swiftly ran upstairs.

Passing by Chu Changsheng, the Nether King raised his brow, looking at Chu Changsheng skeptically.

"Not bad. You can kill him then. His Highness has left it especially for you. It'll be such a shame if you are unable to beat him to death," said Nether King Er Ha with a smile. Then, he walked past Chu Changsheng, stopping beside Bu Fang. Rubbing his hands, his face was filled with anticipation.

Chu Changsheng's eyes moved, falling on Yan Cheng.

The divine altar above his head bloomed with radiance. With just the Taotie's Heart, his cultivation base rose to the Half Step Divine Spirit Realm.

Although he hadn't ignited the Divine Flame, with the Taotie's Heart, Chu Changsheng would soon ignite it to achieve the sect master level.

Anyway, even though he could attain the power of a sect master, Chu Changsheng knew... he could only be a waiter.

But before that, he had some business to settle.

"As Owner Bu has kindly allowed me to finish you, I shan't disappoint him with a lackluster debut..." said Chu Changsheng as he descended the stairs step by step.

With each step, the stairs started to crumble, scattering fragments everywhere. However, Chu Changsheng continued to steadily make his descent.

Shortly, he arrived at the first floor.

Yan Cheng got up on his feet. He wiped the trickle of blood from his mouth. His pupils constricted.

"You think you've become invincible just because you've been revived? You've just materialized the divine altar. What right do you have to yell in front of me?" Yan Cheng roared mightily.

Slowly, he clutched his longbow as he prepared to attack.

"I have killed you once, and I can always do it again..."

"I'm no longer the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony, but the grudge between us needs to be resolved..." said Chu Changsheng.

The handsome face that reflected radiance had stunned many people.

Oh, this was definitely not their Great Elder!

Mo Liuji stood and watched this from a distance. His jaw dropped.

He had never imagined that the Taotie's Heart was actually so powerful.


It was more apt to say that the Taotie's Heart's efficacy had become more significant after Bu Fang had cooked it. The raw heart would only be able to keep Chu Changsheng alive.

It was really difficult to rejuvenate his youth and escalate his fighting power.

Mo Liuji looked at Chu Changsheng, who have had dozens of years taken off him. He had become a young man who was even more handsome than himself.

The corners of Mo Liuji's mouth convulsed.

The Heavenly Star Chart emerged in his hand. He felt a surge and began to analyze the chart.

He had a strange feeling that Chu Changsheng's fate would change greatly at this moment.


The chart vibrated as millions of light beams shot out from it.

Mo Liuji was dizzy. Blood streamed from his nostrils. He fell from the tree branch, landing head-first on the ground.

It was out of his sphere of deduction again...

Bloody terrifying.

This Bu Fang was definitely worthy of being the Saintess' heart demon. It seems that he would be unable to bring the man back.

He crawled up from the ground, wiping his bloodied nose. Looking at Bu Fang with complicated eyes for a while, he leaned back against the tree.

After watching this spectacle, he decided to return to the Heavenly Secret Holy Land.

He needed to report to Granny Mo on Bu Fang's matter. He couldn't bring the Saintess' heart demon back there, which was too bad...

He had no way out, and he was devastated.

He could neither defeat nor deceive Bu Fang to bring him back.

If he stayed here any longer, he was afraid that he would never leave. There were so many temptations in this place. So much delicious food. Such a paradise!


Shockwaves from a sonic boom rippled out from the Jade Scale Restaurant.

In front of Yan Cheng were guards exerting their imposing presence, shielding Yan Cheng with rays of light from their eyes.

Chu Changsheng clasped his hand, slowly striding forward. Each step he took shook the ground.

"Activate the Heavenly Lock Array! Slash Chu Changsheng!" screamed Yan Cheng. He rubbed his abdomen, trying to soothe his pain as he stared daggers at Chu Changsheng.

By the entrance of the second floor, Bu Fang and the others stood there to watch the fight below.

Yan Cheng lifted his head to stare at Bu Fang, his face filled with rage...

Owner Bu... That damn Owner Bu!

"Kill him!"

Heavenly Lock Array, activated!

The guards' steps looked illusory. A moment later, a Phantom Spirit emerged above each of their heads. Those Phantom Spirits gathered and became a figure of a demon.

The Demonic Phantom held a rumbling jet-black chain.

The demon goggled at Chu Changsheng, rage seething from its eyes.

A moment later, the guards dashed forward, screaming with killing intent.

The horrible gusts of wind swept over, blowing up Chu Changsheng's hair.

Chu Changsheng's eyes were still indifferent. He clasped his hands, his face emotionless.

His divine altar became even more dazzling.

Rumble! Rumble!

The chain swept horizontally across the air. It crushed the walls of the first floor as it aimed right at Chu Changsheng.


A deafening blast echoed...

At that moment, everything seemed to become quiet.

The guards stood dumbstruck then took a deep breath of cold air.

In front of them, Chu Changsheng had risen his hand and caught that icy-cold, black chain. His handsome face slowly rose together with his chin.

Purr! Purr!

As everyone looked on, Chu Changsheng's arm that grabbed the chain suddenly enlarged. It became terrifyingly big with swelling, rock-hard muscles.

He squeezed, smashing that chain in an instant!

He then raised his fist and aimed it at the Demonic Phantom!