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 The sounds of heartbeat reverberated through the entire Valley of Gluttony.

At this moment, everybody couldn't help but lift their heads, stopping everything they were doing as they looked in the direction of the Jade Scale Restaurant.

They saw light beams that shot up high up into the sky and flowers that bloomed everywhere on the ground.

The loud sound of heartbeats echoed in their ears, which made their blood boil as if it wanted to pour out from their skin.

Their hearts also jumped as they heard the beating of the heart. Some sat down cross-legged, beginning to pant as spirit energy entered their body.

It was the moment the extraordinary dish was ready to be served...

Many people in the Valley of Gluttony had never seen such a special worldly phenomenon.

Many people kneeled down on the spot as they placed their hands together. Facing the direction where the phenomenon occurred, they clasped their hands together as they prayed with a pious expression on their faces.

The figure of Mo Liuji on the tree branch swayed. He had almost fallen off the branch.

His eyes were open wide as the bamboo flask in his hands fell. However, he didn't feel heartache even when his wine spilled onto the ground.

A dish could create such a worldly phenomenon?

Such a thing could happen?!

The Taotie's Heart was indeed worthy of its name. No wonder it could revive someone who was dead and ignite the divine flame of a Half Step Divine Spirit Realm expert!

The dish that could create such a special phenomenon was enough to stir people's hearts and arouse their greed.


Ring! Ring!

Everybody was stunned as they looked at the Jade Scale Restaurant.

The entire restaurant glowed marvelously with a bright radiance. Countless light beams shot out from it, shooting in the sky. They seemed to be able to part the clouds that were floating in the sky.

The fragrance became thick mist as it lingered around. It seemed as though the surroundings became a fairyland.

The sounds of a bronze bell echoed in the void and in people's ears, sounding like a magnificent performance.

Flowers, which were filled with energy, bloomed in the air. Every time a flower bloomed, the radiance became even more shiny and splendid.

Petals fell and flew out from those blooming flowers. They lingered around the Jade Scale Restaurant, which made it extremely eye-catching.

The flowers in the void bloomed as faint ringing lingered in the air.

A dish could create such a spectacular phenomenon... Something like this could actually happen?


As flowers bloomed everywhere, the roaring of beasts filled the sky.

A moment later, everybody's eyes were dazzled.

A savage spirit beast arose with a brilliant halo. It opened its mouth and released an enraged roar.

It faced the sky, roaring and bellowing.

Everybody was shaken. The pressure coming from the heavens was really mighty, and that spirit beast dared to shout at the sky. This beast was really too bold!

Liu Jiali was shaken twice. He was actually scared.

He could never imagine that Bu Fang actually interacted with that thing!

He had read so many books and scriptures, which granted him broad knowledge. He understood clearly the meaning of that phenomenon.

It meant a peerless elixir was about to be born!

Once a genuine, peerless elixir was created, it would create this worldly phenomenon, which would shield the Heaven's Might for it.

Although Liu Jiali had read so many books, he didn't f*cking understand... How could a dish possess the same effects as an elixir?

However, there was no doubt that Bu Fang's food had the same effects as an elixir.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain that phenomenon.

Actually, this phenomenon was a little too weak. When a true precious elixir was born, the phenomenon it created could cover several hundred miles. The entire region would be able to see it.

After the elixir was born, the heavens would send down Lightning Punishment in order to refine the mature elixir, helping it to develop a step further.

However, although the phenomenon this time didn't reach such a level, it was enough to shock people.

Bu Fang stood upright. Inside the phenomenon, flowers bloomed, and a resplendent light moved around. It shrouded his body.

That feeling made him comfortable and refreshed, just like he had been cleansed by the power of heaven and earth. His body hungrily absorbed the energy from the phenomenon, which made his body glow with a brilliant radiance.

His body was rapidly growing stronger...

At this moment, Bu Fang's body quickly broke though the Divine Physique Echelon Realm. He became even stronger than ordinary Divine Soul Realm experts.

His Divine Physique Echelon Realm's foundation was really formidable.

The system increased his cultivation base by increasing his true energy. At most, it could make Bu Fang's body as strong as what he should be in his current realm. However, Bu Fang could train and develop his body on his own.

Although it was hard to strengthen the body, it was a path Bu Fang could take.

Bu Fang's eyes were bright as he became extremely excited. He screamed, and his mental energy started to fluctuate.

In his spirit sea, a golden dragon emerged. Its eyes shot out brilliant light, as though it could tear everything apart.

The dragon roar reverberated unceasingly.

Bu Fang stood under the might of the dragon, but his expression didn't change at all.

In his seething spirit sea, he stood like a lonely small boat that would be swept over by the waves.

However, he stood firm and showed off his might to the Divine Dragon!

A moment later, his spirit sea calmed down. The Golden Dragon became quiet, and there was a brilliant light in its eyes.

At this moment, Bu Fang's connection with the spirit of the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife became much closer...

Bu Fang gently exhaled. His mind returned to his body.

Opening his eyes, the dragon roar was still in his mouth.

The black hue of the ancient-style Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife faded away. It shone a dazzling gold. The knife spirit had awakened. From now on, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife would never be covered in dust again!

Bu Fang grabbed the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. A terrifying dragon bone covered the entire back of the blade. The blade looked as if it was molded out of gold, and one could clearly see their reflection on the blade...

A dragon's body occupied the knife handle. The open mouth of the dragon appeared where the blade jutted out.

Bu Fang's index finger pressed down on the back of the knife. Holding the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, there was a look of fascination in his eyes...

His hand shook slightly. Instantly, the gold blade emitted dazzling light.

As the radiance bloomed on the knife, the void trembled.

In front of Bu Fang, a big heart was throbbing.

Thump. Thump.

The rich meat fragrance emitted dense spirit energy. On top of the heart, there were faint silver lines. They wiggled around, trying to break the void to escape.

"Just a dish, and you want to flip the entire sky?"

Bu Fang held the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, his eyes bright.

He pointed the knife horizontally at the throbbing Taotie's Heart as he spoke with a nonchalant expression on his face.

Thump! Thump!

The deafening heartbeat sounded like it was trying to break the void...

A moment later, Bu Fang stepped out. His Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife slashed right at the big Taotie's Heart.


A faint shadow emerged from the heart, roaring and howling at Bu Fang with savage eyes!

"You dare?!"

The roaring beast materialized, shooting through the vault of the heavens.

In a moment, the sky began to change. The daylight turned into a dark night with thick clusters of black clouds.

Bu Fang's eyes focused. He gripped the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, his face emotionless. He directly slashed as if he didn't hear the roar.


The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, which was slashing through the void, seemed as though it became the sharpest knife in the world.

The knife slashed once, and the Taotie's Heart couldn't resist. The phantom was halved.

The unwilling roaring in the sky slowly faded, and sunlight appeared once again.

The Taotie's Heart slowly separated into two halves. A blue-and-white bowl emerged in Bu Fang's hand, flying away. Bu Fang's mental energy controlled the bowl to receive a drop of pink fluid oozing from the halved heart.

That drop of liquid dripped into the bowl directly and precisely.

The Taotie's Heart didn't throb anymore. Bu Fang caught it.

The silver fluid covered the entire Taotie's Heart. It was the actual dish... Taotie's Heart Soup.

The spirituality of the Taotie's heart was broken by Bu Fang's Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

After the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife recovered, it seemed to finally turn into a part of the God of Cooking's set. It was able to slash through the sky, earth, and even the air!

However, although Bu Fang slashed out only once, his true energy was completely drained.

Indeed, his cultivation base was too low.


Inside the Taotie's Restaurant

Lord Dog's nose wrinkled. It lifted its head, looking in the direction of the Jade Scale Restaurant. The roaring that came from the ninth heaven made the dog's mouth twitch once.

The dog seemed to disdain it. After ignoring it, Lord Dog turned around and continued to snore.


The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife made a banging sound before scattering with a golden radiance.

Bu Fang felt a little tired. His spirit sea calmed down, and it became much larger. Anyway, Bu Fang felt so tired he didn't want to move anymore.

Although he was tired, he didn't show it. His face still looked calm and relaxed.

He grabbed the Taotie's Heart in one hand, while his other hand held the bowl with the pink soup.

He turned to look at the timid Xiao Ya, raising his chin.

"Xiao Ya, come over here. Feed Chu Changsheng everything," Bu Fang said casually.

Xiao Ya was bewildered for a while before rushing toward him.

At the moment, Chu Changsheng was tied up by the Black and White Taotie bandage to completely seal his last wisp of vitality in his body. If that wisp dispersed, there was no medicine that could save him. Bu Fang wouldn't have a solution either.

Xiao Ya took the Taotie's Heart Soup and walked over to Chu Changsheng.

In the distance...

Yan Cheng glared at them, looking like his eyelids were about to tear apart. He was screaming and crying.

He stormed to the second floor one more time. How could he waste the Taotie's Heart to a filthy ant like that?!

This act of wasting the gift from heaven would be punished with lightning!

Bu Fang glanced at Yan Cheng for a while, raising his brows.


Nether King Er Ha appeared out of thin air, looking at Bu Fang awkwardly. "Excuse me. I shouldn't let this guy slip away from me and come up here. I'll make him leave this instant."


Nether King Er Ha threw another fist.

It smashed against Yan Cheng's abdomen one more time.

Yan Cheng's eyes bulged. His bloodshot eyes looked at Nether King Er Ha.

"Why... Why are you hitting the same spot all the time?"


Yan Cheng rolled down the stairs one more time.

At that moment, he finally knew who this handsome man in front of him was.

He was extremely sure that this fellow in front of him was the one who tore the clone of the Holy Saint. The wisp of nether energy, which came from the man, caused goosebumps to appear all over his body.

He was a formidable existence from the Netherworld!

"Great Commander!" Yan Cheng's guards roared and screamed angrily.

They gazed at Nether King Er Ha. Their auras focused, becoming a terrifying current that rushed toward him.

The Ancient Jade Holy Land must not be humiliated.

Light bloomed in the eyes of the guards. A moment later, the jade talismans hovered around them.

However, just as they were about to charge out, an immense aura burst out from the second floor.

Yan Cheng's eyes shrank.

He covered his stomach, lifting his head to look at the second floor. He was in utter disbelief. That familiar aura...

It was Chu Changsheng!

Chu Changsheng came back to life?

Xiao Ya carefully fed Chu Changsheng the meat from the Taotie's Heart.

After Bu Fang had given her a bowl of pink fluid, she also poured it into Chu Changsheng's mouth.

With the help of the black and white bandage, Chu Changsheng's mouth could move naturally. It saved the little girl a lot of trouble.

Eventually, he swallowed it all.

A resplendent light emerged from Chu Changsheng's chest.

Bu Fang clasped his hands as his hair scattered around behind him. His eyes indifferently watched Chu Changsheng, who was hovering in mid-air.

The black and white bandage began to shatter.

Chu Changsheng's heart started to pump once again, and a strong aura came from his body.

Bu Fang took a deep breath before exhaling.

A moment later, he said faintly, "Today, I used the Taotie's Heart to save your life. From now on, you're not the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony. Instead, you are a waiter for my Taotie Restaurant. You will use your life as payment for this meal. It doesn't matter if you accept it or not as you have no right to refuse..."