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 Several miles outside the Jade Scale Restaurant, a man was sitting on a large branch of an old but luxuriant tree, his bare feet swinging back and forth. His shirt was open at his chest, which revealed his white skin underneath.

Holding a bamboo flask of wine, he sipped from it continuously as he watched from afar.

"Great Commander Yan of the Ancient Jade Holy Land... Yet another person who was blinded by greed. Everybody knows how precious Taotie's Heart is. There's no doubt that Amethyst Elder and Bi Liantian wouldn't just ignore it... So why is it that up until now, they have not shown their faces?"

Mo Liuji took another swig of wine, smacking his lips before adding, "Because they're scared..."

He whipped his long hair and exhaled, filling the air with the smell of alcohol. His face was dyed red.

He raised his hand, which had true energy winding around it like a silk thread. A moment later, a dazzling star compass emerged.

The starlight on the star compass was luminous. Thousands of brilliant beams connected at various points, creating mysterious routes that were illuminated by a magnificent radiance.

"Yan Cheng... I'll give you a reading for free... You'll face certain doom, more specifically, you will be beaten to death..."

Symbols flashed in Mo Liuji's eyes and disappeared shortly after. He immediately gulped down another swig of wine and laughed.

The Ancient Jade Holy Land's Great Commander would be beaten to death. That in itself was exciting enough.


"Bu Fang young man, can I trust those words?! Five Spicy Strips for me just this once?"

Nether King Er Ha's body, which was shrouded under the black robe, trembled in excitement. His face brightened up as he said excitedly, "You promise that you won't pay on credit?!"

Bu Fang's eyes were deep and profound. The mental energy around his body had almost materialized once more as the terrifying aura began to emit again.

"No credit. Once the deed is done, I will make you Spicy Strips," Bu Fang said casually.

Upon hearing his words, the Nether King's aura immediately skyrocketed. He burst out laughing as his black robe was blasted open, revealing his suave and handsome figure.

"Owner Bu, this king really appreciates you. What a good-looking and sensible young man! Hahaha!"

The next moment, Nether King Er Ha stepped forward. He stood right in front of Bu Fang and grinned as his figure shielded the latter from the numerous arrows flying toward him.

Yan Cheng's eyes were cold. The murderous aura emitted from him became thicker and thicker as the void was shaken to its core. Radiance coursed along his black longbow, looking like it was ready to exceed its limit.


One of the black arrows became a long stream of darkness. It changed its trajectory and flew straight at the Nether King.

"What kind of dog or cat are you? How dare you stand in my way?! Get lost!" Yan Cheng shouted imposingly.

His thundering voice boomed throughout the entire second floor of the Jade Scale Restaurant.

Nether King Er Ha stopped laughing immediately. He looked at Yan Cheng in outrage, thinking, "What did he just say?! He said that I'm some cat or dog?"

Which feature of this king was even remotely similar to that gluttonous and lazy dog?

That young man clearly wasn't raised well. Better to have his head lopped off. That would sober him up!

Nether King Er Ha covered half of his face with his hand. The other half of his face showed an evil but charming smile, his eyes staring down at his opponent.

It was as if his eyes had the power to control the flying arrows, stopping them mid-flight.

The black arrow revolved terrifyingly in place, as though it wanted to drill a deep hole right in the void.

Nether King Er Ha parted his lips, gently blowing.

Immediately, that black arrow boomed and flew backward, hitting the other arrows behind it.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sounds of arrows colliding echoed throughout the room. All the arrows were blown away, sending sparks everywhere.

"You've got skills... But do you think it ends here?"

Yan Cheng narrowed his eyes as he saw the Nether King take action. His aura surged, and his true energy pulsed torrentially like an unyielding dragon. He raised his hand, and the buzzing sounds reverberated.

His hand waved.

Yan Cheng's eyes bloomed with beams of light.

The arrows that were pushed back began to spin in the air. A moment later, they all aimed at Nether King Er Ha again.

The multiple black arrows in the void shot toward Nether King Er Ha.

That sight gave a hair-raising feeling, which made Liu Jiali feel like he was thrown into an ice chamber.

His eyes were filled with disbelief. He could clearly sense the intimidating energy from each individual arrow.

A single arrow had enough power to pierce through him with ease. He could not resist one, let alone a whole mass of them like that!

There was no doubt that the Great Elder Chu Changsheng was killed with such an attack. The wide holes on his body were definitely caused by those black arrows.

It was simply frightening!

This fellow... Who was he?!

With fear in his eyes, he turned to look at Bu Fang. However, upon looking at Bu Fang, he felt unusually calm.

It was all because Bu Fang was incredibly composed in that instant. There was not a hint of worry nor fear on his face at all. His eyes remained closed as his mental energy gushed forth.

The bubbling sounds of boiling liquid arose from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. The thick spirit energy and fragrance began to twirl and linger in the air.

It was the aroma of the Taotie's Heart being cooked...

That aroma of meat carried with it an extreme rich flavor. Its smell was so alluring that people could not help but be immersed in its dense aroma. The smell could be detected from ten miles and beyond, shrouding the entire long street of the Gluttony God City in its fragrance.

Mo Liuji took a swig from his bamboo flask. He took in a deep breath of the meat aroma in the air, which made him relax in enjoyment.

"Drink the wine and take in the smell. It's really, really good!"

Naturally, Yan Cheng inhaled the fragrance of Taotie's Heart as well. His eyes immediately turned bloodshot.

He must not dilly-dally any further!

He must end the fight decisively this instant, or the Taotie's Heart would be boiled beyond repair!

His mind flickered for a moment, and the black arrows in the air buzzed.


The arrows broke through the air, shooting through the air toward Nether King Er Ha rapidly.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Everybody gasped. The young man did not even dodge the black arrows. His body was pierced time and time again by them.

In just a blink of an eye, that young man's body swayed and twisted as he became like a hedgehog with dense spikes.

The world seemed to fall silent at that moment.

"Truly, you were just rubbish..." Yan Cheng had a smirk on his face, his eyes filled with disdain.

He thought that that man would be very powerful. But in reality, he could not even block this one attack of his.

"That was boring," said Yan Cheng.

His cultivation base had reached the Half Step Divine Spirit Realm. Although this cultivation base was not the pinnacle in the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, he did not have many rivals at this level.

He could be deemed the top under the Sect Master.

Any Almighty Realm expert was just like an insect in his hands. He just needed to wave his hand to subdue or kill them!

Xiao Ya watched the entire scene with deep anxiety. She hugged Flowery's python's body tight.

Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes moved. It lowered its head, licking Xiao Ya's head.

Nethery leaned against the wall with her long legs crossed at the ankles. She didn't look worried at all.

After all, he was the Nether King. If he were to be killed so easily, what use would such a Nether King serve?

All of a sudden...

Yan Cheng's eyes moved.

He realized that the hedgehog-like body began to move.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The black arrows helplessly fell on the ground with clear metallic sounds, revealing a figure standing in that spot without any visible damage.

That figure cocked his head. He was holding a black arrow between his teeth. Nether King Er Ha indifferently looked at Yan Cheng, spitting. The arrow fell on the ground.

"You, young man... You're vicious. You wanted to stab this king and turn him into a hedgehog. For someone with such evil intentions, I usually solve it with a clenched fist..." said Nether King Er Ha.

Then, he disappeared. A moment later, he reappeared right in front of Yan Cheng.


A single fist brutally walloped Yan Cheng's abdomen.

Yan Cheng's back arched backward. His eyes were filled with disbelief as his eyeballs bulged out of their sockets.

"Anyway... That young man Bu Fang asked me to keep your life. With this king's word of honor, I shall spare you from several punches..."

Yan Cheng's face had turned purple. He clutched his abdomen, staggering backward before slumping on the ground.

He panted heavily, his eyes frightened.


Yan Cheng gritted his teeth, lifting his head. His eyes looked as if they were actually going to spit flames.

However, as soon as he lifted his head, his pupils contracted.

Because there was a finger placed at his glabella.

It flicked.

A terrifying force bloomed and burst at his glabella.


Yan Cheng slid from the second floor, his buttocks hitting each step of the stairs the whole way down.

How humiliating! How shameful it was!

At this moment, Yan Cheng completely blew up. He jumped up, crying out indignantly.

He grabbed the black longbow and rapidly pulled the bowstring. A jade talisman hovering around him exploded.


The shattered jade talisman released its energy, which then gathered at the black bow, taking the form of an arrow.

Gold light bloomed at the tip of the arrow, swirling around the arrowhead like a small whirlpool.


The long arrow hissed and roared menacingly. The void seemed to crack as the arrow sliced through it intimidatingly and threateningly.

"Die! Die! Die!"

Yan Cheng was immensely furious. He had never been humiliated like that before. Being the Great Commander of the Ancient Jade Holy Land, the other holy lands had to solemnly greet him whenever he visited. Yet, right now, not only was he struck, but he was made to descend the stairs with his butt!

Nether King Er Ha covered his face with one hand. His nostrils snorted coldly.

He raised his hand, parting his fingers, and grabbed that arrow with ease.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The light arrow was struggling, trying desperately to escape the Nether King's grip. With a light squeeze, the arrow snapped into two and shattered.

A moment later, Nether King Er Ha stomped. The entire second floor trembled.

He appeared in front of Yan Cheng again, their faces an inch away from each other.

Yan Cheng's eyes widened.


Without a single word, Nether King Er Ha sent another punch flying into Yan Cheng's abdomen.

Yan Cheng's mouth opened wide. He could taste the bitter bile rising up his throat.

What was going on? Why did he get hit in the same spot?!

"I really hate it when people shoot me with arrows. It bothers me so much every time. We can always just use our fists to settle the problem. There's no need for such elegant toys..."


After saying that, Nether King Er Ha launched another punch at the same spot.

Yan Cheng could feel all of his internal organs pushed from their original spots.

He was an Almighty expert at the Half Step Divine Spirit Realm. Yet, his tenacious body had almost expelled his bile after just two punches...


Not far from them...

Bu Fang's long hair floated in mid-air. His eyes opened all of a sudden.

His Vermillion Robe fluttered as he slowly got up.

He placed one hand on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and patted it with the other hand.


Immediately, the frantic heartbeat echoed. The rich meat fragrance flooded the entire area as a scarlet heart slowly floated up from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The heart was billowing with immense steam, which made people inhale a breath of cold air.

The cooking ingredients flew out one more time as Bu Fang shoved all of them into the Taotie's Heart. Then, he put it back to the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Shortly after, the heart began to slowly absorb the silver fluid in the wok.

People held their breaths.

They felt that a strange phenomenon was happening around that Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Flowers of every kind bloomed, and the sounds of the evening drum and morning bell echoed. The phantom of a spirit beast roared toward the sky.

Medicinal cuisine, complete!