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 Ba-dum! Ba-dum!

The Taotie's Heart pounded fiercely, sending out rippling waves of energy. People could not help but be captivated by the sight of this throbbing heart.

The heart bore a scarlet hue blanketed with a layer of bulging, menacing veins. It possessed six holes, and from each one, terrifying energy surged from within. People could not help but shiver.

Bu Fang supported the Taotie's Heart in one hand as he studied it impassively. The hand he held the heart was the one covered in black and white patterns, and an equally strange energy gushed from it.

To save Chu Changsheng, using ordinary ingredients and methods were out of the question. Only the Taotie's Heart was suitable for this daunting task. Of course, if Bu Fang had an ingredient better than the Taotie's Heart, he would try to cook and taste it at least once.

However, other than the Phoenix Egg in the Cloud Mist Restaurant, which was comparable in quality to Taotie's Heart, Bu Fang did not have a better cooking ingredient.

Even if he could encounter one, he was afraid that Chu Changsheng would have died before then.

Raising the Taotie's Heart in his hand, Bu Fang carefully put it into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Gurgle. Gurgle.

The silver liquid in the wok surged. Several tendrils of liquid emerged from it, reaching out from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in an attempt to grab and pull Taotie's Heart away.

"Behave." Bu Fang's mind flickered. Immediately, his mental energy surged, suppressing the silver liquid.

Rumble! Rumble!

Eventually, the entire Taotie's Heart sank into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. As soon as the Taotie's Heart was fully submerged, Bu Fang's mind and body were shaken. It was like a big club constantly hammering at his brain.

Bu Fang's gaze turned someone hazy as he began to feel a little dizzy.

The Taotie's Heart contained such an enormous volume of energy that it had almost fully absorbed the mental energy he had applied on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Bu Fang groaned as he tried to steady his trembling body. A gleam of seriousness crossed his eyes.

He exhaled deeply. His seething, earth-shattering spirit sea settled down in an instant. He weaved his mental energy into many threads, which coiled around Taotie's Heart, as though they were trying to pull and completely entangle it.

Thump-thump! Thump-thump!

In just a moment, Bu Fang's eardrums were shaken. The heartbeats suddenly grew fierce and booming in his ears.

It was so loud that it could even wake the dead!

Bu Fang felt as though he almost had a nosebleed due to the deafening heartbeats.

It definitely lived up to its reputation of being the heart of an ancient divine beast. Even when the heart was damaged, it still proved to be very powerful.

Bu Fang took a step forward and placed one hand on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. This tightened the connection between him and the wok.

Liu Jiali took several steps back. Taking a deep breath, he continued to observe Bu Fang.

His eyes sparkled. The Taotie's Heart was the heart of an ancient divine beast, the peak grade cooking ingredient. However, not all were worthy enough to prepare it.

The pressure from the ancient Taotie was still contained within that heart, which was enough to shatter a chef's mind, rendering him insane!

Bu Fang's cultivation base wasn't high in the slightest, yet he dared to choose and cook the Taotie's Heart. To Liu Jiali, he was absolutely crazy!

However, seeing Bu Fang gradually calm down, Liu Jiali had a different thought... Perhaps this kid could indeed create a miracle!


First floor, Jade Scale Restaurant

Yan Cheng's entire body emitted a terrifying aura.

It had already suppressed numerous diners in the restaurant, putting them in suffering. Some had even coughed blood under such immense pressure.

Many could not stand the pressure and left the Jade Scale Restaurant, whereas others were looking at him in fright. Yan Cheng actually went and released his utterly intimidating power.

Yan Cheng's eyes were now filled with desire.

He never would have thought that the Taotie's Heart would be so close within his reach!

He had known of Amethyst Elder and Bi Liantian's appearance here in the Valley of Gluttony because of the Taotie's Heart. Back then, when they had both failed, Yan Cheng had assumed that they had lost to some peak existence, which prevented them from seizing the Taotie's Heart.

But now, the Taotie's Heart actually appeared in the hands of a filthy insect at the Divine Physique Echelon Realm.

Perhaps that lowly insect had some sort of intimidating existence who was protecting him.


Facing the enticement of the Taotie's Heart, Yan Cheng couldn't help it!

Call it fate, or call it his good fortune. As long as he got his hands on that Taotie's Heart, his cultivation base could finally make that final crucial step-to ignite the divine flame. The chance to reach the Divine Spirit Realm was right in front of him!

"Owner Bu! I wonder if you're interested in my offer? It's really a big waste to use the Taotie's Heart to save that filthy ant. It's far better to give it to me. I'll be sure to repay you well!" Yan Cheng boomed, his voice carried such a penetrating power that echoed from the first floor to the second with ease, reverberating in people's ears.

Outside the Jade Scale Restaurant, people were filled with indignance. That man had desecrated their Great Elder by calling him a filthy ant! The Great Elder was the God in their hearts-the War God, the pillar of this Valley of Gluttony!

This man dared to insult their Great Elder! Damn him!

Many people angrily balled their fists as they could not wait to storm into the restaurant and have a bloody battle against Yan Cheng.

But, ultimately, they all knew that they weren't even close to being on Yan Cheng's level. In Yan Cheng's hands, they were even weaker than a lowly insect.

Sometimes, not being strong enough would also make one desperate.

All they could do now was to place their faith in Owner Bu. They hoped that he would stand firm and not hand over the heart to Yan Cheng.

A strange light emitted from Yan Cheng's eyes. He was holding the black longbow in his hand, and the jade talismans hovering around him were glowing and sparkling.

There were too many talismans to count. As they all hovered together, they let out a strange energy.

Surrounding Yan Cheng, his twelve guards had taken up their positions around him. As they released their energy simultaneously, a giant spectral phantom rose above their heads.

The phantom held a halberd in its hand, hissing and roaring at the second floor.

"Owner Bu... Do you accept?!"

Even after a long time, he still hadn't received Bu Fang's answer.

Yan Cheng was enraged, and his eyes focused. He boomed his question toward the second floor once again. His voice blasted like a thunderclap inside the restaurant.

On the second floor, Liu Jiali's face reddened. He was utterly outraged as he clenched his fists. Bu Fang furrowed his brows, slowly closing his eyes. His spirit sea was surging. Numerous threads of his mental energy were winding around the Taotie's Heart.

At that moment, he could not spare even the slightest bit of attention to Yan Cheng. Thus, he could only just ignore him.

However, after getting an inch, Yan Cheng wanted to make it a foot. He continually roared and bellowed.

In fact, beneath his brutish behavior, Yan Cheng concealed his probing intentions. Although he had his eyes on the Taotie's Heart, he was still somewhat vigilant because of the existence of the Netherworld creature that had destroyed the Holy Saint's clone.

He was trying to see if that Netherworld creature was on the second floor too. Slowly, he blended energy into his voice, trying to use it to achieve that purpose.

Despite hearing so much noise, Bu Fang remained motionless. Yan Cheng's smile grew wider...

He raised his hand, drawing back the bowstring of his longbow. The dull buzz of the bowstring began radiating out of it.

"Owner Bu, I guess you don't know this, but I'm the one who caused Chu Changsheng's wounds. If I want him to die, he will die! Even if you use the Taotie's Heart to save him, it'll only be a big waste... It's better to give it to me!"

Rumble! Rumble!

Yan Cheng's voice reverberated throughout the entire second floor.

Liu Jiali's eyes turned bloodshot. That fellow was going overboard with the bullying! He looked into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok where the Taotie's Heart bobbed within. Bu Fang had to succeed in reviving the Great Elder!

He must not let that man continue swagger about!

Meanwhile, Bu Fang furrowed his brows even more now, his mind surging. At that moment, the temperature of the entire floor soared.

Xiao Ya hugged Flowery tightly, her eyes full of worry.

Nethery was leaning against the wall off the side, her face indifferent as usual. As for Nether King Er Ha, he stayed shrouded in his black robe, twiddling his thumbs. He seemed uninterested in what was going on around him.


Suddenly, Yan Cheng took a step forward.

The entire Jade Scale Restaurant was shaken. People felt a chill run down their spine.

"Since Owner Bu does not want to answer me, I shall head upstairs to get the answer myself!" Yan Cheng spoke with a smile. He suddenly burst out laughing as he leaped. His body basically flew as he was inches from landing on the second floor.

Having shut his eyes all this while, Bu Fang suddenly opened them. His eyes were unimaginably profound, as though they contained seething and surging waves within. The terrifying mental energy made Bu Fang's entire head throb with dizziness.

"Get lost!" bellowed Bu Fang. His sharp gaze falling on the staircase.

Everyone's face changed. At that point, Yan Cheng's face turned cold and sinister.

"I gave you face, but you dare treat me this way... You're going to die!"


The bowstring in Yan Cheng's hand was pulled to the absolute limit. A moment later, he released his grip, and a black arrow immediately traversed the air, darting toward Bu Fang's head.

That arrow was inaudible with a speed that ordinary eyes couldn't perceive. People held their breaths, shivering.

Bu Fang's eyes were crystal clear. His hair flew upwards as the velvet rope tying his hair burst and snapped off.


When the black arrow was around an inch away from Bu Fang's head, it halted in mid-air, unable to proceed any further.

Bu Fang's body was surrounded in a mental energy so dense that it had materialized into a tangible substance, stopping the arrow in its tracks. It could not budge even an inch.

Yan Cheng took even more steps as he approached the second floor.

His eyes lit up like bright torches. Upon witnessing that scene, he was caught by surprise.

"You're certainly worthy of being known as Owner Bu. You do have tricks up your sleeve! But in my eyes, you and Chu Changsheng are one and the same. Both of you are just lowly insects!"


Yan Cheng drew his bowstring one more time. A moment later, tens of thousands of black arrows were shot from his longbow, darting toward Bu Fang rapidly.

It was the same attack that had seized Chu Changsheng's vitality, leaving him just a wisp of breath.

And now, that attack had shown up once again!

Xiao Ya's eyes were filled with rage. However, Bu Fang's face was indifferent. He slowly closed his eyes and channeled his mental energy to the Taotie's Heart once again.

He spoke nonchalantly, "Little Ha, it's time for you to make a move. I'll give you five Spicy Strips for your trouble. Don't kill him. Keep his life for Chu Changsheng's sake...

"I want him to know the feeling called... despair."