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 Chu Changsheng's body was punctured with many holes, which were still leaking blood. There was a giant hole straight through his heart, and his internal organs were all ruptured.

The vitality that once filled his body had dissipated. Now, there was only an aura of death surrounding his body.

Anyone who had witnessed such a sight shivered involuntarily.

Liu Jiali thought to himself that it was not a matter of medicinal cuisine. Even if they got their hands on heavenly medicine, it would still prove extremely difficult to revive Chu Changsheng.

At that moment, the difficulty level of reviving Chu Changsheng was similar to reviving a dead man.

It was not a matter of curing his wounds. It was a competition against Death to take back a life!

Liu Jiali took several steps back. His face grimaced as he had never thought that Bu Fang would give him such a difficult riddle.

This riddle deprived him of all hope. He didn't have the knowledge nor the competence to revive Chu Changsheng.

Even if he had a divine elixir right in front of him, he didn't have the ability to use it.

Through the projection formation, everybody could see Liu Jiali's bleak and helpless face. Immediately, they felt grieved. No one had ever thought that Great Elder Chu Changsheng would encounter such a predicament.

Who had raised his evil hands against the Great Elder?

Yan Cheng's mouth curved as he became more interested in what was unfolding before his eyes.

The guard standing by Yan Cheng leaned forward and whispered to him," Commander Yan, do you need me to erase Chu Changsheng's last wisp of vitality?"

Yan Cheng smoothed his sleek hair. Glancing at that guard, he said, "You dare to make a move in front of the eyes of tens of thousands of people here? Even if you do, can you be certain that you will destroy his vitality?"

The guard was silent, hesitation evident on his face.

"Do you see that giant snake that swallowed Chu Changsheng? I couldn't see too clearly, but I'm sure that without that beast, Chu Changsheng's vitality would have long scattered. If that giant snake wanted to kill you, you wouldn't even have time to bat your eyes."

The guard was frightened by his words. He checked out Flowery, then gulped before saying, "Commander, is that... Is that the Netherworld creature that destroyed the Holy Saint's clone?"

"Shut your mouth. Don't talk." Yan Cheng's mouth twitched as he shook his head.

"The Netherworld creatures have Nether energy, a black air surrounding their bodies... The beautiful lady standing by that giant snake is one, but that snake isn't."

The guard peeked then took a step back, saying nothing more.

Yan Cheng then continued to focus on the projection formation.


"If I can revive him, you'll admit defeat? I'll be the winner of the Chef's Challenge automatically?" Bu Fang furrowed his brows as he asked Liu Jiali.

Liu Jiali gave him a slight nod, his face earnest.

"Although I've studied medicinal cuisine thoroughly, I'm just a chef. I'm not a doctor. I cannot bring back people who are dead. To revive Elder Chu, it is an impossible task for me."

Liu Jiali paused, then added, "I can't, but if you can, I will admit defeat. It does not matter to me..."

"Okay, deal." Bu Fang turned to Liu Jiali, giving a slight nod.


A moment later, Bu Fang no longer paid Liu Jiali any heed. He pulled up the sleeve of his Vermillion Robe, revealing his white arm.

That arm had a black and white bandage around it, which actually contained the Black Taotie and the White Taotie.

Bu Fang's mental energy flooded the bandage as he attempted to make a hand seal. The flow of energy seemed to revive the lifeless fabric band, which proceeded to twirl upward into the air.

Boom! Boom!

The bandage whipped the air, as though it wanted to shatter it.


The souls of the Black Taotie and the White Taotie emerged, roaring and screaming fervently.

Then, with his mind, Bu Fang willed the bandage to coil around Chu Changsheng's body.

The bandage became longer and longer. Shortly after, it had encased Chu Changsheng like a mummy, wrapping him up entirely from head to toe.


The bandages forced Chu Changsheng upright, which caused him to stand up on the ground.

The bandage on Bu Fang's arm was now gone, which revealed his black and white arm underneath. It was covered in dense patterns of two similar lines-one black and the other white. The two lines twisted haphazardly, entangling with each other throughout the entire length of his arm.

Bu Fang seemed used to it.

His arm shook once, and a green smoke emanated from it, twirling outwards. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok then emerged in his hand, landing on the stove.

Everybody backed off, leaving the stage for Bu Fang.

People were curious as to how or what method Bu Fang would use to revive Chu Changsheng. How would he snatch back a life from the hands of Death itself?

Portions of spirit herbs flew out of Bu Fang's system dimensional bag, hovering above the stove. As soon as those spirit herbs appeared, the thick scent of medicine began to flood the place.


Many people had to take in a deep breath. They were all surprised and awestruck by this sight.

"A blade of Yellow Spring Grass, three petals of Flower of Helplessness, Utmost Life-taking Purple Willow... They're all top Divine Soul Realm spirit herbs! If they aren't prepared well, they will become a potent poison!"

Having read many books on the subject, Liu Jiali had broad knowledge and was adept at recognizing such spirit herbs.

Each spirit herb had a uniquely rich scent and was extremely magnificent. However, the more beautiful the spirit herbs were, the stronger its medicinal or poisonous effects were.

Even if it was medicine, it was still made of poison! With this many herbs combined, the effect of the toxins would definitely accumulate!

Was Bu Fang saving a life, or ending it?

If these pinnacle spirit herbs became poison, just a tiny bit of it was enough to kill an Almighty!


With Bu Fang's cultivation base, how was it possible for him to harvest so many precious spirit herbs?

Liu Jiali took a breath of cold air. Be it the Yellow Spring Grass or the Flower of Helplessness, it was extremely rare and precious, not to mention the fact that they weren't seen anywhere on the Hidden Dragon Continent.

For example, the Yellow Spring Grass was a spirit herb that grew only in the Netherworld. Liu Jiali had only read about it in books.

Legends said that the Netherworld had a blood-red river, in which corpses floated and resentful souls journeyed. That river was called Yellow Spring, and its water was viciously toxic. A slight touch of the river could melt a person's flesh and bones.

The Yellow Spring Grass was the spirit herb that grew by the Yellow Spring.

That sort of thing... How did Bu Fang get it?

Liu Jiali was bewildered. He turned around, his eyes falling on Nethery as he contemplated.

Right... That woman was a Netherworld creature. Perhaps she had given Bu Fang the Yellow Spring Grass...

However, with only the Yellow Spring Grass, there was no way he could save Chu Changsheng.

What exactly did Bu Fang want to do?!

In fact, at that moment, both Nethery and the Nether King were also astonished.

They, too, could not figure out how Bu Fang got the spirit herb called Yellow Spring Grass. Nether King gawked in astonishment.

"The Yellow Spring Grass grows by the Yellow Spring. It's one of the old fogy Yellow Spring Great Sage's precious items... How could that young man get it? Did that lazy dog give it to him? No... That dog hates water. Why would it run to the Yellow Spring?"

Nethery's twinkling, black eyes gazed at Bu Fang.

She knew Bu Fang had a secret. And now, from what she could tell, it was a really big secret. This made her interest grow even more. Naturally, her interest in the Dragon Blood Rice was just as large.

That blade of Yellow Spring Grass was of the lowest quality among the Yellow Spring Grass species. However, no matter what, it was still a blade of Yellow Spring Grass with extreme medicinal efficacy.

Of course, no one had given Bu Fang those spirit herbs. Bu Fang had exchanged for them with the system.

To exchange for those spirit herbs, Bu Fang felt like he was bleeding terribly. Parting his lips, Bu Fang's eyes focused.

Instantly, the Mysterious Earth and Heaven Flame emerged. Under Bu Fang's formidable control of his mental energy, it covered the spirit herbs in a blink of an eye.

The terrifying heat burst forth, and the spirit herbs began to melt at an observable speed. Shortly after, they became drops of fluid.

Bu Fang forcefully blended them together, turning them into a silvery color. The mass of fluid continually surged and changed shape throughout the whole process.

Afterward, Bu Fang transferred the substance into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Immediately, the temperature inside the wok rocketed, and the liquid began to bubble and boil.

Chop. Chop. Chop. Chop.

Bu Fang held a thin and long spirit ginseng in his hand. His Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife chopped fast, turning the ginseng into slices and sending them straight into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, where they bobbed on the liquid.

The thick medicinal properties slowly seeped into the dish. A hazy color shrouded the entire wok.

Bubble. Bubble.

Everybody could hear the boiling sounds of the liquid inside the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Gradually, the steam from the wok turned silver.

People felt as though the air had suddenly turned really chilly.

A moment later, Bu Fang's hand shook once. A jet of light appeared, and the roaring of a certain beast echoed faintly.

Ba-dum... Ba-dum...

Sounds of heartbeat reverberated in the air.

Everyone's faces changed dramatically upon hearing that sound. Some clutched their hearts, turning extremely pale.

Flowery's Tri-Fower Snake Eyes darted around as she flicked her tongue.

Nether King Er Ha rolled his eyes.

Liu Jiali dropped his jaw. He couldn't be more astounded.

"That's... That's... the Taotie's Heart?!" Liu Jiali was suddenly enlightened. Everything up to that point finally pieced itself together.

The Taotie's Heart was the heart of an ancient beast, and it can revive people from death!

Bu Fang was willing to give up the Taotie's Heart just to save a man's life... Did the cooking battle really matter to Bu Fang that much?

As Liu Jiali watched Bu Fang, various complicated emotions bubbled up within him.

As the image was projected, the people who had just barely gotten ahold of themselves after seeing the Yellow Spring Grass were shocked again by the sight of the Taotie's Heart.

An actual Taotie's Heart! A heart from an ancient divine beast!

Even if it was damaged, it was still extremely precious. And Bu Fang was willingly giving up this precious treasure to save someone.

Yan Cheng's pupils dilated as his eyes widened in shock.


The armrest of his chair was crushed.

A terrifying aura emitted from him in an instant, which frightened the surrounding audience who were drowning in excitement.

"The Taotie's Heart..."

Yan Cheng's eyes carried a tinge of excitement as he spoke.

How could they waste such a treasure on that trashy insect?

If he could obtain that Taotie's Heart and break the shackle that had troubled him for a very long time, his Divine Altar would be ignited, and he would be able to step into the Divine Spirit Realm!

That Taotie's Heart was really useful to him!

Facing such an enticement, Yan Cheng couldn't maintain his calm composure. He shot up, his aura surging and rolling. His guards promptly appeared around him.

"Why are you wasting a precious thing like the Taotie's Heart on a lowly ant like that? Owner Bu, how about giving it to me? I will remember you well!" Yan Cheng's eyes bulged. His face carried a twisted smile!

In the next instant, he grabbed the longbow from his shoulder. Jade talismans hovered around him as his horrible true energy rippled, expanding endlessly.

In just that split second, the entire Jade Scale Restaurant's atmosphere became much more intense.